Praise the Lord and Pass the Corona

It’s nice that between Trump and the Almighty will rote the the faithful and to hell with the CDC. From WaPo:

“The Trump administration with no advance notice removed warnings contained in guidance for the reopening of houses of worship that singing in choirs can spread the coronavirus.

Last Friday, the administration released pandemic guidance for faith communities after weeks of debate flared between the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those guidelines posted on the CDC website included recommendations that religious communities “consider suspending or at least decreasing use of choir/musical ensembles and congregant singing, chanting, or reciting during services or other programming, if appropriate within the faith tradition.”

It added: “The act of singing may contribute to transmission of Covid-19, possibly through emission of aerosols.”

By Saturday, that version was replaced by updated guidance that no longer includes any reference to choirs or congregant singing and the risk for spreading virus. The altered guidance also deleted a reference to “shared cups” among items, including hymnals and worship rugs, that should not be shared. The updated guidelines also added language that said the guidance “is not intended to infringe on rights protected by the First Amendment.”

Two White House officials said the first version posted by the CDC was not approved by the White House. Once West Wing officials saw it, they asked the CDC to post a different cleared document without the choir references and other parts.

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about policy discussions, said there have long been concerns within the White House that there were too many restrictions on choirs. A CDC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the guideline change also said the updated Saturday guidance was approved by the White House.

I better tell my sister that it’s ok to go back to choir practice – if she trusts the FUCKING ORANGE IDIOT in the White House.


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  1. deja vu all over again

    history, you keep repeating yourself and we keep not learning

  2. politico:


    The battle between Donald Trump and Twitter reignited Friday after the social media giant ran a warning label on a tweet by the president.
    The social media giant said that the president’s tweet — which addressed protests in Minneapolis and said that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” — violated the company’s policies on “glorifying  violence.”
    The company also barred individuals from retweeting Trump’s post but only after it had been shared more than 23,000 times.
    “We’ve taken action in the interest of preventing others from being inspired to commit violent acts, but have kept the tweets on Twitter because it is important that the public still be able to see the tweet given its relevance to ongoing matters of public importance,” the company said in a post.
    Trump’s tweet came after protesters took to the streets in Minnesota to voice their anger against the recent killing of a man by local law enforcement. In a tweet, Twitter said it violated the company’s policies “based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence, and the risk it could inspire similar actions today.”

    Jacob Pederson of the St. Paul PD is outed as the individual who smashed the windows at AutoZone. Police are posing as protesters burning buildings to portray a false narrative. This happened in 2015 and it’s happening again. #BlackLivesMatter


    #GeorgeFloyd #MinneapolisUprising

  4. CNN News crew arrested during live broadcast.  Seems the MN troopers and police do not like people of color.  And, the idiots were too stupid to make sure the camera was off before doing it.

  5. Here’s a weird one – from WaPo:

    A CNN crew was arrested early Friday while reporting on the protests in Minnesota. CNN said in a statement that the three journalists were arrested “for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves – a clear violation of their First Amendment rights.”

    The Mnps PD should be proceeding very carefully. CNN reporters are arrested and the policemen  who killed George Floyd are not. I wonder how this plays out in the media?  
    And finally Twitter Sends a hearty FU to SFB and his executive order targeting it and other social platforms by flagging his 1:00 a.m. tweet recalling the “When the looting starts the shooting starts” threat from decades ago. 

  6. that arrest was made by state troopers, not mpd.  the gov who oversees troopers has taken responsibility and has apologized according to cnn.

  7. It’s up to ya he media to CONTINUALLY air information about how it spreads among choirs…and loud talkers. Yeah, tRump is a spreader.

  8. Looks like the Minnie Nipple PD is circling the wagons.  Shame on all of them.   Time for some house cleaning there.  
    George Floyd. Say his name.
    BTW, double the the in the first line. 

  9. Maybe congregants can just hum the doxology.   Or, if weather is good, have class outside.   Stand faaaar apart, circling the church building, alternate facing in and out, and sing.  

  10. the hill:

    Gov. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) on Friday apologized to CNN president Jeff Zucker after reporter Omar Jimenez and his camera crew were arrested in Minneapolis, with the governor promising a prompt release of the news organization’s employees.
    CNN’s John Berman reported the conversation on “New Day” about one hour after the arrest, sharing that Walz “deeply apologizes” for the arrest and is working to have the CNN crew released immediately.
    The crew was later released.
    Walz, who took office in 2019, also reportedly described the arrests as “unacceptable” in his conversation with Zucker.

  11. 2 years ago, russkies were fomenting in MN so maybe they never left.

    excerpt from old report by mn spokesman-reporter

    Prior to a sanctioned Black Lives Matter political rally at the State Capitol, Russian trolls took to social media to divert potential ralliers to the 4th Police Precinct. However, Black Lives Matter had not organized anything at the police department.

  12. Gee….  why am I not surprised that guidelines were changed.  I don’t get why anyone would go back into a packed church…  let alone singing in a choir.  
    Tomorrow…  the priest at Rick’s church is holding a short mass and communion out side on the church’s lawn.  Rick says…  “hell…  I ain’t going!…  too many tea partiers have infiltrated my childhood church.”

  13. Just went to my doctor for my semi annual oil and fluid check and was talking with him about coronavirus, CDC guidelines being changed etc. My doctor is a right wing Republican, and he is pissed about all the changes that are coming out of the White House to CDC guidance and agrees with me that CDC stature on the world stage has been dramatically lowerEd by the trump administration.

  14. By the way, the doc said look for the memorial day Covid case and death spike in the next week.

  15. Here’s a thread topic for any day of the week.   tRump throws reality out of the window and spouts nonsense for folks to fight about…for instance, singing in choir.
    Just remember that he only knows how to win by dividing attention and loyalties.  He is a Sith; dark and evil.  That is what he is and that is how he should be dealt with to his end. 
    He has committed mass murder by lying and by silencing others; by doing nothing with the Defense Production Act for weeks to get PPE and ventilators produced; by not wearing a mask, and cowing others into going maskless; by pushing for early opening and close contact when the science says this is dangerous. 
    He has destroyed the good name of the United States of America by being Pooh-tin’s lapdog, breaking treaties and weakening alliances. 
    He has used his office to enrich himself and his cronies.  
    He does this all by spewing a whirlwind of incongruent thoughts fore the sole purpose of distraction.  
    The bastard’s tongue should rot and fall out of his fat head.   
    tRump, We know what you are and we are coming for you in November.  If we have to pry your tiny hands from door jam in the WH, so be it.  You will be no more.  We are focused on that, ALWAYS, because we can actually handle multiple lines of information/BS.

  16. Jamie – I was lucky enough to hear/see the original cast of “Wicked.”   Goose bumps.   Hard to believe the sounds that some humans can make.  
    I am some song from Les Mis…I’ve never seen it, as I don’t like serious drama in my musicals. 

  17. BiD

    Les Miserables is an amazing & powerful musical.  I saw it first in DC more than 30 years ago in it’s last out of town tryout before going to Broadway.  Then had to wait for 30 years to see it on the screen.  Which song did you get?  


  18. Saw the Le Mis touring production @ 29 years ago in the Mosque in Richmond. What a wonderful production. 

  19. i only saw one show on Broadway, but got to sit behind Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.  They were both very nice and gracious to all their well-wishers, and had a blast at the show.

  20. So, first they murder a guy, then they arrest a news crew- do they train cops in Minnesota, or just give them a gun and a badge and a kick in the ass?

  21. The only training that really seems to sink in with cops is:

    “Always empty your clip into a perceived threat”
    …they never get that one wrong.

  22. Did the looters wear face masks when they pilfered that Target?  They’re required by store policy.

  23. wapo:

    Val Demings, a Democrat, represents Florida’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
    As a former woman in blue, let me begin with my brothers and sisters in blue: What in the hell are you doing?

  24. i wonder if the Target looters were as disappointed as me that Target is out of sidewalk chalk and dish detergent for sensitive skin?🤔
    (^Friday bonus looting joke)

  25. Check out Luke Combs’ follow-up hit “What Are The Symptoms of Gout? (Asking For A Friend)”

  26. Do you see how the parenthetical sub-title has a double meaning?  Ostensibly, he is seeking medical advice to share with an acquaintance, but alternatively, he is looking for companionship, as alcohol has ruined all of his relationships.
    What a poet that Luke Combs is!

  27. This has been a whirlwind of a week.  Anyone remember what was happening two weeks ago?  How about ten days ago?  SFB is twirling faster and faster.  Things done in that should not have been done in include WHO connections and the “WH Coronavirus task force” (quotes because it was a television production).  The big question is which IG will be fired tonight?

  28. Yep, like so many of those country music poets. If you can work dogs, trucks, beer, broken hearts, god and the good ol’ USA into a song and you just may have a country music hit.  

  29. Pogo – swirling is good too.  Like in toilet swirly.  I was thinking of a whirly-gig twirling around and around.  Another would be whirling dervish, but not as good.  The entire act is to create absolute destruction.  I cannot believe SFB has the intelligence to do all this.  However, he is surrounded by white supremacists who do have the planning to destroy America.

  30. BB- What the would needs is a tRump filter.  (Calling it a tRump BS filter would be redundant.).  It’s just noise and distraction.  The filter would be to listen and  to watch everyone else for the truth.   Just keep a list of SFB’s words and actions for future prosecution.    Document, document, document.   If his mouth is moving, he’s trying to distract and/or divide folks. 

  31. Jamie – Sorry, I don’t remember the song, as I was really disappointed that I got one from Les Mis.

  32. For D Day, may I suggest asking those who refuse to wear a mask why their grandfathers served and died in WWII,  yet they can’t do a simple thing like wear a mask?   Cadet Bonespurs followers are the lamest generation.  

  33. I find the graffiti in Minneapolis that reads “Beware The New World Order,” to be highly suspect.   The real protestors, those protesting police brutality and the murder of George Floyd, didn’t write that one.   Russian-Republican rabble-rousers have their prints all over it.    

  34. Almost 9 minutes, in his stomach, with knees in his back and on his neck.  Almost 3 of those minutes with knees in his back and on his neck after he had lost consciousness.  George Floyd was murdered.   How can they also charge manslaughter with a 3rd degree murder charge?    There was intent to harm.     Joe Biden on PBS News Hour now.

  35. One More Day is one where all the characters express what will happen when the great fight takes place on the barricades.  

    One of the most interest performance was the one for the 2013 Oscars where the whole cast echoes their roles and ends with the anthem of Do You Hear the People Sing.  It deserved every second of the standing ovation.

    One of my favorites is the one that deals with PTSD following the deaths on the barricades:  Empty Chairs and Empty Tables.  


  36. I don’t know what Mike Freeman thinks, but I suspect that the Murder 3 charge comes about because the cop didn’t use a firearm or baton. The manslaughter charge is the fallback offered for a quick pleaa agreement or to give the petite jury a lesser felony in the event that there are one or two members who are soft on cops. It’s a bit of a tactical move. 
    A plea & conviction for manslaughter will undoubtedly be accepted as the best deal. Some, especially the young and brown, will likely consider it a wrist slap. With the torching of the 3d precinct, the Mpls police have to have gotten a non-articulate message that the people who pay them also hate their guts. They hold their positions on sufferance, and surely ought to understand by now that they are no match for a ten thousand or more angry citizens. I think only about 5 or 6 % of the cops actually live in the city. As a result, there is little empathy on the force for city people, and many (most) of the citizenry feel like they’re living in occupied territory. 
    My view is that the Mpls police force has been terrible for 120 years. It may have to be replaced, neighborhood by neighborhood, to change the culture.

  37. bbronc, no doubt about it, as rick wilson’s book says, everything trump touches dies.


  38. Old Man
    Ohio and Michigan have a lot of experience with urban farms.  Cleveland has several   Now they are making money and employ lots of people but they started out with grants etc. that may be a good place to look.

  39. X – Thank you for the explanation.
    Couldn’t they also turn malls into living spaces, including for the farmers?  Zero commute. 

  40. PBS showing a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore right now.  Ain’t nobody throwing their beret in the air in on La Salle today.   

  41. Old Man, howdy. FYI use the share button on you tube vids and paste that link here to automatically display. Using url in your browser usually doesn’t work. 

  42. Craig… if you’re not watching CNN… you should be.  Protesters are trying to storm CNN headquarters in Atlanta.  Very weird scene.

  43. OM, our local (dying if not dead) mall has 3 (of 5) empty anchors. Sears, Elder (Older) Beerman dept store and home store are empty spaces. Unfortunately urban doesn’t fit East Bumfuck, and here in the middle of tRump cuntry (sp?) they wouldn’t consider having a Mall Farm or Mega Urban Farm. Shit, it would be a miracle to get to 25% of shoppers (you choose the store) to wear a mask. So I go out very early on Saturday morning and get the shopping done and get the fuck out of the places before the potentially infectious idiots pour into them.

  44. I feel like something is different this time. Maybe because the murder of George Floyd knocked a pandemic off the front page.  Maybe because black folks also suffer more from everything that Covid exposed.  Lack of healthcare; low wages/under-employment/economic vulnerability; food deserts that lead to poor diet and an increase in type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Anyway, maybe I’m hopeful for no reason, but it feels different.  Like votes will fix things at all levels, instead of instilling power for someone new to abuse.    Like we all might refuse to stand for the anthem if there were still sports (aside from car racing, where the racists congregate, anyway).  George Floyd had kids and a grandchild.  He wasn’t treated like a human being. He was murdered.  I believe that I heard it referred to as “official oppression” once, in an incident where a woman was raped by an on-duty police officer.  Police officers all need to be retrained and reminded they are there to protect and serve.    

  45. Oh, nice.  The police fired “pepper bullets” at the news crew in Louisville.  tRump must be loving the assault on the free press.   

  46. THUGS. ~~
    America’s on fire again. Where’s SFB?  On Twitter again?  Isn’t that where the leaders are? 

  47. Pogo
    That seems to be where DeBlasio is. People are comparing his hiding to Mayor John Lindsay in 68 and not favorably as That NY mayor was out walking the streets.
    On twitter they are talking about Minneapolis police and fire deserting part of that city and turning it over to the rioters.
    Exrep, as the problems expand out how far are you from all the problems?
    Craig, I see DC is also going crazy, hope you are safe too.

  48. Continue about 2 miles E on E. Lake St in Mpls until you come to a bridge across the Mississippi River to Marshal Avenue in St. Paul.  Go a half mile and turn left toward University Ave – that’s about a mile. Turn right on University Avenue and go about a mile to the 1st damage in St. Paul. Continue for about 2 miles spotting scattered damage. In another mile and a half you can get on MN 63 So. in about 4 miles you turn off right toward my place. I’m now a half mile west and a half mile south. The nearest commercial street is Robert, at 1/4 mile. There were several demonstrations on Thursday along Robert, all peaceful but noisy.
    A clergyman friend of ours, who is a pastor not far from Precinct 5 in Mpls, emailed me : Minneapolis Police told a close colleague of mine that three of the first people who were arrested in Minneapolis in connection with the burning and looting are skinheads from Michigan — super-bigoted racists.  When asked why they were rioting, they admitted they were trying to incite Blacks to destroy their own communities!

  49. Ooops. I missed remarking on the 567th anniversary of Constantinople becoming Istanbul : May 29, 1453.

  50. repeating for emphasis from XR’s friend about the outsiders:

    skinheads from Michigan — super-bigoted racists.  When asked why they were rioting, they admitted they were trying to incite Blacks to destroy their own communities!


    sounds straight out of old game plan and manifesto of the aryan bros & other white supremacist literature 

  51. meant to post this last week on discussion about IMpotus rigging the vote or cancelling the election

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