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  1. perhaps twitter (and facebook) should beat him at his own game and temporarily shutdown ostensibly for maintenance “to review and rectify” his complaint of them.   take away the toddlers favorite toy for awhile and see where it gets him. 

    cnet vis msn:

    President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order on Thursday about social media, according to tweets by several White House reporters on Wednesday. The expected move comes after Twitter fact-checked Trump’s mail-in ballot tweets for containing “potentially misleading misinformation.”
    No other official details about what the executive order will contain have been released, but the Washington Post reported late Wednesday it will be a wide-ranging order that will direct federal regulators to rethink Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act from 1996, which provides online platforms with vital protection from liability for content posted by their users.
    The order would instruct the Commerce Department to ask the Federal Communications Commission to call a rulemaking proceeding to reconsider the law’s purview, the Post reported. It would also reportedly give the Federal Trade Commission responsibility for investigating complaints of political bias to determine whether tech companies’ content-moderation policies conflict with their pledges for neutrality.

  2. about the above ad from Lincoln project:

    May 28, 2020-The Lincoln Project’s latest ad released today shows that U.S. Senate Majority Leader and senior senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, made tens of millions of dollars since he was first elected to office. Meanwhile, Kentucky ranks 40th in job opportunity in the nation, 45th in education, and 43rd in health care.
    “I’m a conservative lawyer of the type that McConnell has prided himself for putting on the bench. But precisely because I’m a conservative lawyer, I believe most fundamentally in the Constitution and the rule of law,” said Lincoln Project co-Founder George Conway. “When he fixed the impeachment trial by blocking evidence of Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, McConnell violated and abased the solemn oaths he took as a United States Senator. Add in the fact that, as our ad shows, he’s managed to do much better for himself than for the people of Kentucky, and it becomes a no-brainer: McConnell has to go.”
    The Lincoln Project is a group of prominent republicans working to defeat the re-election of Donald J. Trump and those who support him.

  3. My guess is that the cop who murdered George Floyd was a tRumper. My guess is that the 3 who allowed it to happen, and who are also responsible, are probably tRumpers, too.   The only reason SFB has ever helped anyone of color is because a famous-for-no-reason Kardashian asked him to help.   At least she used her fame for good, I’ll give her that. 
    It’s 100,000 now.  Where will the number wheel stop?   

  4. Yertle, the Kentucky-fried turtle, knows no shame.   None of the tRumpers have a working moral compass.

  5. Patd

    beat me to the idea of a temporary Twitter shut down.  Pick days when he has nothing obvious scheduled.  To make it worse, do some form of “rolling backout” so he couldn’t know  when Tweeting is possible.  Perhaps during some of his favorite shows for screaming 


    Morning Joe


    the SFB would probably be a basket case within 48 hours.


  6. Trump ghostwriter @tonyschwartz writes that his belief about what drives Trump has evolved from “an insatiable narcissistic hunger to be loved, accepted, admired and praised” to a drive “to win at any cost and the end always justifies the means.” https://t.co/90ceX6BQ9s

  7. Saw a guy on the news go after a Costco employee for requiring a mask.  Now I actually know someone who ~says~ he’s giving up his Costco membership because of the mask requirement.  How effing stupid.  I know it’s wrong to want folks to get the cofeve, but stupidity like that should be painful.
    patD – Correct in thinking that Russia and their media outlet in the US, Fox Noise, will be whipping up the racists.    Let’s see, a black man was murdered in cold blood by one police officer, while 3 others stood there an let it happen.   Black folks are getting sick from Covid at a higher number than others based on percentage of population.  Lack of food, clean water, and basic healthcare is a more likely reality for the black population. No access to internet for online school or the ability to work from home is most likely, again, for black Americans.   There is a lot of understandable anger and frustration. It’s gotta come out in some way, and with nobody leading the way to stop this from happening, again, and fixing all of the other things that are unfair and outright wrong…
    Joe, it’s time to step up with a plan now!  Warren has a plan to fix many things.  You might want to give her a call.  

  8. So I just went through one of my firsts – first masked, social separation in court hearing.  Interesting experience.  Not exactly like shopping with a mask on,
    BiD, the guy who went after the Costco employee – whassamaatta wit him ennywho?  He now gets to pay more for gas, tires and food because he adamantly doesn’t give a fuck about the other Costco shoppers around him?  Great stand to take.  I guess he’s never heard of enlightened self interest.  I’m sure SFB will appreciate his vote. 

  9. yep, the Minneapolis chief of police arradondo just said at presser that the majority of the protestors were peaceful but that those who were instigating the burning & looting were “not from the community” – outsiders 

    BTW, the chief is black and a life long member of that community and am sure would know who is and who isn’t from there.

  10. I wonder how putin pays the looters and burners, by the job or by the hour ? Are there different pay scales for looters, burners or millers-about* ?
    *Minnesota joke. Mpls has been known as “The Mill City” since before the flour mills opened. It started with lumber camps. Lumbermills grew up around the lumber camps. Then came grain. Then came flour mills. Then came Mpls. Ergo, they were millers before they were Minneapolitans.

  11. To tell the entire truth, the Milling took place in a town called St Anthony. As St Anthony grew in business and population it became cramped. I believe that they wanted a bridge across the river, and tried to get land on the other side from the tiny thieves den of Minneapolis. The latter had been formed by crooks that had been kicked out of St Paul by the authorities. The thieves promptly jumped some land claims just south of and across the river from St Anthony. To get what they wanted, St Anthony’s city fathers made a faustian deal with the crooks they merged the two entities and renamed the conglomeration Minneapolis. Within a quarter of a century, doc ames would turn the city into a criminal venture, such as boss tweed and big bill thompson only daydreamed about. 

  12. Yeah Facebook monitors and censors the ads of every business they could do the same for political ads.
    Zuckerberg pfft. The people who work at sf’s public hospital are trying to get his name taken off.

  13. Sorry about the mixup. I thought I’d erased all the dross. I think that by leaving the author’s name on it, I left the door open to every language the Mpls Stab Harpoon translates into advertising

  14. If it were an actual demonstration, folks wouldn’t steal. If it were an actual violent demonstration, they’d have raided the Chamber of Commies Offices and taken all the hard drives, phones, and bank accounts dox. 
    But, it was just a flash mob smash & grab. Probably set up in advance by a gang fence : lords or disciples. FBI : follow the phone traffic to find the booze, phones & tvs.

  15. The Midway Chamber of Commerce is within crawling distance Target store the thieves hit in St Paul.
    Probably could have gotten away with real money if the riot had gone there instead. 

  16. The polis is supposed to be an ideal state, according to Aristotle.   Minneapolis must be just a tiny bit ideal.   I actually lived in Minneapolis when I was twenty-something.   They had branded it “the mini apple.”  I misread the sign and called it the mini nipple for three months.  Then I moved. Too cold.  
    The thing about riots is they can spread like a virus.   Outsiders up to no good can turn a protest march elsewhere into more violence because there is a lot of anger and frustration.  Everyone should be angry and frustrated…and it should never happen, again.
    Kinda figured Amy had a problem when Sunny from The View went after her about another case there.   
    The Russians could well be behind the protests because it’s knocked Covid off the front page, which gives SFB a break from being blamed for mass murder. 

  17. No problem Xrepub. News sites are getting more difficult and glitchy about copying and pasting. I find pasting into a plain text only app like Microsoft notebook, then copying strips out the buggy code. Annoying extra step but helpful. 

  18. As I wrote here around the time of the ripper nazional convention in St Paul, people only go to Mpls to see ball games or get murdered.
    I should have written, GO TO COLLEGE, see a ball game or get murdered. The University of Minnesota is partly in Mpls, but they had no choice about that; the dirty politicians forced them to do it. By acreage, most of the UofM campus is in Falcon Heights, a St Paul ‘burp and Chaska, a Mpls ‘burp.  There are also the far-flung U of M campuses in Crookston, Morris, Duluth all in MN and Tokyo, Japan. Maybe even more – that was when I was there 55 years ago. Augsburg U is also in Mpls, plus a micro-campus of the U of St Thomas. They have no excuses.

  19. There was a Floyd demonstration on an LA freeway. What the hell is that all about ? Dummies must think Mpls is an LA suburb. I mean, there are no tvs to steal on the freeway. 

  20. It’s not an isolated incident.  It keeps happening.  Fear and anger need a release valve and with nobody leading to fix things, violence will beget more of the same. 

    George Floyd

  21. BiD, please, let me apologize in advance.
    I don’t listen to ‘modern’ music which is my bad. I tried a couple of times, but couldn’t make out the lyrics. That could be age related. The music-line of instrumentalists reminded me of what my sixth grade class did for our Spring festival presentation. We were allowed one period of practice the week before our appearance. Mom said she still loved me–dad was tied-up at work.
    Oh, well, I still admire you.

  22. What music is “modern music”?   If it’s music from 1990 to now I can’t hear much of it either.    

  23. Poobah, the Chauvin (btw a Middle English version of my name) case was still under investigation when Amy took her Senatorial office. From the article you posted:

    The case was under investigation when Klobuchar took office in the Senate in Jan. 2007, and later went to a grand jury, which declined to charge the officers. Chauvin was later placed on leave when he and other officers shot and wounded a Native American man in 2011.

    Can’t say she declined to prosecute. Her successor is who would have made that decision while Amy was trying to find digs in DC. I like Amy but don’t necessarily think she’s Biden’s best choice, but an acceptable one. The article is a dishonest hit job.  IMHO of course. 

  24. Twitter isn’t violating the dictator’s freedom of speech.  His ugly-ass and stupid posts are STILL there!

  25. In the past twitter has stripped people of their twitter-privileges for lying, offensive and hate-mongering rhetoric, I see nothing different in trump’s lying, offensive, dog-signaling tweets.  
    Lock him up ! Justice for Caroline !

  26. Flatus – It’s a song called, “Hell You Talmbout.”    Basically, it’s a call and response (hell you talking about/say his name) to say the names of those, like George Floyd, who met their unjust deaths.  To never forget them as if they don’t really matter after the news cycle is over.  A black artist wrote the song, but names were added for this touring concert/show which was on Broadway until earlier this year.   

  27. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/28/politics/trump-twitter-social-media-executive-order/index.html
    TT- Here ya go.   tRump basically says yelling fire in a crowded theater is his right of free speech.   And, I guess  it’s mine to ask what happened to Junior and the other one’s caretaker who ended up dead at the bottom of the stairs, and, yours to bring up Caroline.  Tower. Of. Babel.   That’s his MO.  Distract and attack.  Divide and conquer.   The only thing that will work on SFB and his racist lemmings is to focus and speak the consistent truth…  Eh, maybe throw some verbal flash-bang right back to try to separate and confuse them.  

  28. Tribe is also working with others to make sure that when the dictator has to leave office that he will.  They’re concerned that he’ll make every attempt to STAY because he knows he can be prosecuted after he’s out of office.

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