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  1. NYTimes:

    WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose full-throated opposition to high-dollar fund-raising events was a central tenet of her presidential campaign, has agreed to host such a gathering of donors for Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, who is considering her to be his running mate.
    The online event is set to take place on June 15, according to three people with knowledge of the plans, who spoke under condition of anonymity to share the details.
    Mr. Biden’s other rivals have aided his fund-raising since he became the party’s presumptive nominee. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., raised $1 million in a “grass roots” online fund-raiser on Friday. Mr. Buttigieg is scheduled to appear at more fund-raising events with Mr. Biden next week, as is Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Senator Kamala Harris of California, businessman Andrew Yang and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, all former rivals, are set to appear at Biden fund-raising events in June.
    Mr. Sanders sent a fund-raising appeal for Mr. Biden to his donor list, but declined to share his list with the Biden campaign.

  2. By the way, NYT, something you can count is not “incalculable”.   But, yeah; I know what you mean. 
    So ok, you can count the dead, but the loss itself you can’t count. Maybe—I’ll have to think about it.

  3. By the wayness:
    Dexter, the Night Watchman, has been running a few posts about some of the soldiers involved with him in Vietnam, and a bit of story about them over on the facebook .  I’ve only read a couple so far, but very poignant posts. Just kids, doing the best they could to try and stay the fuck alive.


    My granddaughter sent me this one.  She is in NC and already targeted by hornets and locusts.  Now it is raining toads. 

  5. The church of the lost ball, or maybe the duck hook, or maybe the toe chip?  No, wait, The Church of Perpetual Insanity. 

  6. In this time it becomes pertinent and rewarding to re-read March 2015’s Book of the Month,  DIXIANA MOON, by Wm Price Fox, in which he gives a background on “The Walking Baptists” and the religious Theme Park on the S.C./Ga.  state line.

  7. That book holds the distinction of being the most ever times a book has been selected for Book of the Month since record keeping began in 1996 at 47 1/2 times.

  8. (That one-half time was in June of ought-seven, when it shared the stage with SOUTHERN FRIED + 6.)

  9. Many thanks BTW to Pat for getting Sturg and Jack posted this weekend. I went to sleep early, before they were there.

    For some reason my sleep habits have changed during quarantine, anybody else? Used to be a night owl, now I’m a morning person, actually sleep better. 

  10. Jacks….the creeks around here will have no rocks, only mostly being defined by the world renowned Pluff Mud.


  11. Pluff mud. A name I didn’t know, but yeah, it’s right. Does interesting things to boat bottoms when they’re in creeks when the tide goes out. You might say it invites them to stay awhile. 

  12. Since going back to work after 43 days, I get up at 6 instead of 5, to get to the office at 7.  It takes me less time to get ready and less time to get there (lighter traffic, so far). I go to bed earlier, sometimes 7:30 or 8.   I’m definitely sleeping more.   My dreams are always vivid, but now they are a different kind of weird than I’m used to experiencing.     Got up at 6 today, did laundry, watched church on TV, and now it’s time for a nap.     Nice musical selection today. Reminded of me of jazz brunch at the Blue Note.    I don’t foresee a trip to NYC this year, nor to KC to visit family.   A year alone.    
    Elizabeth Warren would be a great addition to the team.  
    Dallas county is calling it a win (testing fewer than 200 positives this week), meanwhile, the death toll climbs here.  A win? Really?  

  13. Jack…  McCoy Tyner…  I saw him live at a jazz club in Boston many many moons ago…   thanks!
    My sleep habits are about the same.  Not going anywhere this summer.  Would have been going to Cape Cod for a week with a quick trip to Martha’s Vineyard to see OldSeaHag starting next Sunday.  We hope to make it there in Oct…  when we will be celebrating our 45 anniversary.

  14. Jamie, next will be flying spiders in NC!
    Tejas is a wasteland when it comes to correct info on the virus.  I was hoping for a plateau this summer.  But, no. The numbers locally, county wide, and state are going UP, and now they’ve opened up more. No chance for a plateau before the next wave.  It’ll be continual and more like Sweden. Grim.
    The industry hit the hardest is Arts. Movies, plays, concerts, dance, book readings, etc. Social distancing while performing any of those or being the audience? Uh, hard. Will there be any new programming in the fall? My fav is Murdoch Mysteries from Canada.

  15. “…sleep habits have changed… Used to be a night… now… morning person”
    Same, certainly wouldn’t call myself a “morning person”,  though.  i watch the sunrise and am like, “ugh, you again??”

  16. We started out thinking about all the things we were going to do while we are stuck at home.  Now we are spending a lot of time napping.

  17. am at my best in the morning. everything is downhill from there.  

    disgustingly happy, cheery morning person.  by lunch time the real world takes its toll. brain turns to mush around 4 pm.  

  18. Cathedral of the Divine T,
    Heretical Hook; Orthodox Slice,
    Holy Handicap.
    The Puttsbyterian Church, A Mulligan, Presiding

  19. This brain is crap in the morning, fertilizer in the afternoon, and weeds in the evening.

  20. I have always been the type of person who loves the sunrise. The coolness, the birds just waking up, all that. But I would rather it be the end of my day rather than the beginning. Mrs Jack was just the opposite. Morning awake,  cheerful and all that crap. So being the lazy slugabout that I was I adapted but while she still got up at sunrise or before I got up at 7am. So she had in a half a day before I even woke up. 
    I’m reverting to my old habits and staying up till midnight and getting up at 9am sometimes later. 
    Then there are days like today
    The medicine I take to control my pain from shingles damage tends to knock me out.  I do have some pepperup pills to counter act that. I talked to my doctor about taking more of it because it hurt more as I’ve been more active. So she agreed.  I woke up at before seven this morning, made a pot of coffee, took my meds, ate breakfast. 
    Set down in the recliner, fell asleep until damn near noon.
    Then there is the fact that breakfast for 2 days running has been PB&J sandwiches. 
    Fuck, I’m Elvis. White, fat old man, taking pills that take me down, then ones to get up and living on peanutbutter. 
    Ok, time to make a life adjustment. Cut back on the gabapentin endure a little more pain and quit buying peanut butter for a while.

  21. There are saxophones, and then there are saxophones. I always like the big guys, but lately I’ve been warming up to the alto saxes, too. I mean, ‘dainty saxophone’ should be an oxymoron. 
    Bassoons are still my faves. It’s hard to imagine a mean-spirited or stingy bassoon.

  22. TT – Good question?  Will there be any new programming in the fall?   I suppose they could quarantine the entire cast and crew together.    I would actually like to see them re-air old, TV series like “Northern Exposure.”  
    Maybe just go back to programming from the good, old days.   NBC’s must-see TV, etc.   TV journalists could also go deep on the mis-deeds of the tRumps, Kuchners, Mnuchin,  Yertle, etc.    Just and hour every night.  The title, “To Tell The Truth” is already taken, though. 

  23. …the entertainment industry is working on it- smaller crews, closed sets, frequent testing, and such measures will make production possible.  The U.S. will lose a lot of business as the industry films in other countries with smarter covid policies.  So, ironic that celebrity and fame-loving Trump will end up killing the great American industry he so desperately wanted to be a part of.  What a dick.

  24. “ Ok, time to make a life adjustment.” -Jack
    i’m off booze for a couple weeks, now.  Enjoy it, will drink again, but it was corroding my innards. 

  25. I’m sorry, Mr Jack.
    Pain sucks.
    I’ve been at the maximum load of gabapentin for several years. I also take duloxetine, acetominephen and ibuprofen. For the times when the rest don’t work, there’s oxycodone. Those times were usually at around 8 or 9 pm until we moved here. Since then, the pain-killer mix has become ineffective about an hour earlier every year. Now the pain gets intolerable and I get stupid at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. 
    I sure hope that Big Pharma can come up with something more effective, with fewer side effects and safer soon. You don’t deserve to live sleepy, in pain, or like Elvis. 

  26. jack – After the shingles stop flaring (horrible stuff & I’m sorry you’re going through it), can they give you acyclovir or a shingles vax?   I hope so.   Nasty stuff, shingles.
    A doc on NPR was saying they don’t know if there will be any latent symptoms from Covid.   There was a higher incidence of Parkinson’s after the Spanish flu.   Who knows what awaits the world?   Again, leave the animals alone.   The more contact humans have with bats and things, and, the more unnatural conditions farmed animals are kept in, the more humans will suffer. And maybe humans should be able to live/work in better conditions, too.


  27. The Sun is God, as it lords over all creation, and God is the Sun Son.  See what they did, there?  So glad U.S. social- policy is dominated by wordplay from classical antiquity🙄

  28. Even though I filter my tap water, I think it has tasted like chlorine for a couple of days.  

  29. Ok, let’s nip this bullshit in the bud:
    Covid-19 didn’t come from people “eating bats”.  i’m pretty sure the scientific consensus, and correct me if i’m wrong, is that bats transmitted it to pangolins, a pangolin had its throat slit in a Wuhan wet-market (for use of the keratin-based scales) and the aerosolized particles from that act infected patient zero.
    One slice of a knife by one person profoundly affected every other person on earth.  So, never believe that one person can’t make a difference, again.
    Anyway, all of this “bat-eating” bullshit is just fodder for racists and conspiracy theorists and every time one repeats it, they dumb the conversation down and provide fodder for deliberately divisive elements in our society.

  30. Oh, do you realize that QAnon is literally just masturbatory 20-something internet-nihilists that started a conspiracy theory just to see how much damage they could do with it because THEY WERE BORED?
    That’s how dumb trump-supporters are.  Canine-level intelligence.


  31. Bink it may not even be that.  There is a natural reservoir of corona viruses in the bat population and there is evidence of transfer from bats to local human populations.  After all bats are just like birds, they fly all  over the place and they shit on everything.  It is one of the reasons we had a group over there helping study corona viruses.  Of course the Republicans saw that as a waste of money and shut the program down.

  32. Bink, please don’t insult my dog like that. 
    He is trainable and he is housebroke. 
    Q-anon isn’t and ain’t

  33. “…leave bats and THINGS alone…”
    There are folks who collect bat guano for fertilizer.  They and those in their families and villages have been infected with various things.  So says yet another doc on NPR.
    I’m effing done with things being taken out of context just to pick a fight.   
    Leave bats and things alone, and, animals and humans should have more natural living conditions.   

  34. Craig – recently I read an article about the disappearance of the sax from modern music.  I will put a link up if I every find it.  There is a YouTube channel which features early  or obscure instruments, one was the predecessor to the modern sax.
    XR – same meds here except I can’t take duloxetine, acetaminophen.  Oxy is good for about a two hour sleep and then feel crappy.  I hate opiates, I don’t get the good feeling, just feel ucky.   One of my co-workers says she can tell when I am on oxy, she says I laugh more then usual.

  35. i wasn’t trying to pick on you BiD, your post just provided a prompt for a point i felt necessary to make.  All in good fun, hope you’re well✌️

  36. Xrep

    As I wrote that I knew I would get an eye roll from you and Flatus. Yeah I know, “grow up kid”
    I count my blessings that my problems aren’t at those levels. But I was able to have a good discussion with my doctor about pain relief.  With Covid-19 causing all kinds of cancelations she had time to set down and talk like a real doctor.  My kidney doctor doesn’t want me to take advil or aleve. But they are the best medication for some of the old construction worker arthritic damage. So sometimes I take them and don’t tell her. 
    I talked to her, my regular doctor,  about that and what were my alternatives and No I don’t like opioids. Got her to actually listen. She is my new Doc and I may keep her a while.

  37. I’ve always gotten a solid from sunrise whether I was coming or a’going, or just going to sleep or just waking up.   

  38. BiD
    Mrs Jacks last 2 cars were former rentals. Nice thing is they are low mileage and you don’t pay the new premium but get a car that feels new.

  39. Ms Bronc,
    I’m sorry those three drugs don’t work for you. That must be hell. Shingles is nasty. I got it on my hip and thigh about 40 years ago, and couldn’t wear clothes over the affected patch. The fabric rubbing on me felt like I was being skinned alive. I couldn’t go to work naked, either. People are soooo finicky. Anywhat, the solution to my problem was to duct tape over the shingles, so that the cloth wouldn’t rub on me. I was damned lucky cuz the outbreak lasted only 2-3 weeks.

  40. According to Mrs P between shots SFB is on a sexist tweet storm with Hillary, Stacey and Nancy as the most prominent targets. Dipshit. 

  41. Mr Jack,
    I’d never belittle your pain, or roll my eyes about it. For all I know, you might have the highest pain threshold on the planet. & I hope that it doesn’t any worse. 

  42. professional harridan ann coulter is on a tear, calling trump all sorts of names. It seems she considers trump to be a ‘lazy’ and ‘disloyal’ ‘moron’ who is destroying the party
    Destroying the party. I hope she’s right for once.

  43. Wonder where Palin is coming down on all this foo-faraw.   
    She’s going to be forced, Forced—to learn the ancient art of diplomacy.

  44. people on the fence about Obama/McCain; at some point Palin made herself abundantly clear to one and all and plenty of level headed citizens says to them selfies, “I think I might have to vote for the black guy on this one.”
    And boy, howdy.   
    She was a bridge too far.

  45. I’m sure she had advisors begging her Don’t do SNL!  Please, don’t do SNL!
    But she done it, because she’s going rogue.

  46. Because……Going Rogue has a special meaning in Alaska.  They put lipstick on grizzley bears and shit up there. 

  47. I came duecedly close to being an Alaskaner in 83 but looks like my plans fell thru……o lawd, stuck in old Lodi again.

  48. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I decided to cut a new trail   lol
    Bof’ dem road look spooky.

  49. Today I am embarking on Buddha’s 15 fold path.   It was supposed to be fewer folds but I’m doing it on the installment plan.

  50. jack – When I was in PT for my back,  I had a topical from a compounding pharmacy that was like a miracle.  The second batch was worthless; they changed something. Anyway, I don’t like to take stuff because I don’t like seeing four of everything.   Maybe a topical (not for shingles) would help for other pains.   The other thing I still do from PT is take magnesium (also helps sleep) and epsom salt baths (might not feel good on shingles, though). 

  51. Another veteran of the great Moose Jaw expedition of Dec, Jan, Feb of 82 has played out his string. This is Sprite at the Royal Hotel in Moose Jaw……..

  52. The ex-half gov was a celebrity whore, just like tRump.   McCain giving her a national platform is what gave energy to the T’baggerz and helped elected SFB.    

  53. tRump still doesn’t realize how bad the economy is going to be in the fall.  Heck, once the 8 weeks of payroll protection runs out, unemployment is going to go back up.  I fully expect to be unemployed, again, unless Congress steps up.  Even if things open up everywhere, even if the virus were to go on hiatus until winter, spending money on non-essentials is not prudent.   

  54. Sprite played guitar, drums, and timbales at different time zones of our journey. And sang his ass off, onliest problem was he sounded like Neil Young. That was ok in the early 70’s but we’re talkin from ‘56 to 2020. Neil Young singin Merle Haggard can take some getting used to. But then he could sing the crap out of McCartney’s and country high harmonies, so it all worked out.
    It was his mother taught us how to sing harmony. She played piano down to the Meffodiss church.

  55. Gettin’ to be fewer and fewer people around to laugh at old dumb shit with.
    Sprite used to love to say dumb shit, dumber the better. His all time favorite was “I don’t mind being dead…..but why ya gotta stay dead for so long?”

  56. You really cease to amaze me.
    Next  time you need a hand, just hesitate to ask.  

  57. I was very impressed with the anesthesiologist that took care of me for my fusion surgery. Anticipating continuing pain from multiple sources after that surgery, I asked him for a formula that would have a good chance of working for me over the long term. He provided it in writing and I still insist that my docs prescribe it more than ten years later. My strong dose is just before bed with a much lighter one in the morning. Nothing more during the day aside from a nap when required. Thank the stars, my RA is in remission.

  58. My tennis/golf elbow is better now that I’ve been home for two days.  Never had it in my life, but the very morning I went back to the office, it started and got progressively worse through the week.  Weirdest thing.  

  59. Forearm seizes up and I can’t grip anything without dropping it.  It got better last weekend, too.   I miss being home.

  60. Just got an email from the yoga studio.  The physical studio is closing permanently.   They are transforming into a virtual studio.    I’m not sure how that will work since  being in the same physical space with the same folks (not friends, just familiars) offers an energy that videos do not.   I have no interest in trying to watch a video to do yoga.  I know to do what I know to do.   

  61. remember when repugliclowns hated lawsuits ? “You leftwing mites are gumming up our courts,” they’d whine. “Those lazy litigating liberals!” they’d howl. “They’d rather go to court than work harder!” the rump-fed runions would shriek. Now the retched rippers sue at every discouraging word, subject or predicate – “Damn the dismissals and full appeal ahead!” 

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