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  1. USS Buena Ventura –  ID1335.  This picture was taken of her shortly before her final voyage.  She was torpedoed by a German submarine September 16, 1918, among the dead is my great-uncle James Bennett, seaman. 

  2. wapo:

    North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) grew emotional Friday as he urged citizens to avoid politicizing the use of face masks, a public health measure that’s drawn vocal and even violent opposition in some areas.
    Political divisions over the need for stay-at-home measures and other restrictions on day-to-day life amid the coronavirus have spilled for some into choices about face coverings, and Burgum said he hopes his state can “just skip this thing that other parts of the nation are going through” in which mask-wearing takes on an ideological bent.
    “This is a — I would say — senseless dividing line, and I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy and your understanding,” Burgum said. “If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what political party they’re in or what candidate they support. They might be doing it because they’ve got a five year old who’s been going through cancer treatments.”
    He began to choke up.
    “They might have vulnerable adults in their life who … currently have covid and are fighting,” he continued. “So again, I would just love to see our state, as part of being ‘North Dakota smart,’ also be ‘North Dakota kind,’ ‘North Dakota empathetic.’”

  3. We’re a split household – Catholic/Atheist. Church ain’t an essential service in the Catholic half, so …. 

  4. Well, despite obviously-manipulated data, it looks like the “2nd wave” has begun, which frankly is the “1st wave” in most of the country.  Stay diligent.

  5. Flatus – thank you, that is very nice.  The action report states that the torpedo exploded where he was at station below.  The Navy did recover several of the bodies, but not all.

  6. I bought a 96 ford f150 for 700, put in a new motor at 36oo.  Moving right along.
    New truck?   Naaaaah

  7. You can buy a lot of gas with 20G’s.  And get nice tires.  And get the A/C working. And get a nice new cassette player radio.    And and and…….

  8. For my home state of CA:  Honda Civic for the whole state but the LA liberals want the Toyota Prius 🙂

    For State of Washington:  Subaru Outback 


  9. Binkgo!  I’ve lined here 17 years and I’m pretty sure I remember cicadas flying around at least twice. 

  10. well, cause some might be mathematically challenged. some also might be 13 year cicadas


    Periodical cicadas can appear in 17 or 13-year intervals and cicadas of the same life cycle are classified into different broods. This year’s emergence is classified as Brood IX and the largest quantity of the insects is expected across parts of northwestern North Carolina, southwestern Virginia and southeastern West Virginia.

  11. Ok, Bink, you got me in a curious mood. So all you cicadamaniacs, there’s a website with more about cicadas than you ever wanted to know. This century we’ve had cicadas in 2002, 03, 04, 08, 12, 16, 19 here in East Bumfuck. The answer is broods

  12. Oh, they did, Pat—in every walk of life  from over-driving one’s car, to over-consuming foods, to not squashing tin cans, ad infinitum

  13. In those days, the anti-mask party supported tojo and hitler. 
    Maybe a little mussolini and antonescu, too.

  14. Just took a major mental vacation from all the political goings on by watching Shakespeare Live From The Royal Shakespeare Company.  It was presented on the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016 and presented on Great Performances.  I had seen various pieces but not the whole thing.

    It was hosted by David Tennant and Catherine Tate and featured Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Rufus Wainwright, Joseph Fiennes and many more dancers, singers, and orchestras performing not only scenes from Shakespeare but ballet, opera, jazz, and comedy based on his work.

    If you have never seen in and have access to PBS, I recommend it highly.  One piece I didn’t know and had never heard was Duke Ellington’s “Such Sweet Thunder” with each element based on a Shakespeare Play.



  15. current twitter nonsense:
    Ruin a musical by changing one letter.
    Taint Your Wagon

  16. Guess who played golf today.

    Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted at 8:03 PM on Mon, Oct 13, 2014:

    Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter

  17. The twitter has been golf golf golf all day long…….everybody from Bette Midler to Axelrod been batting it around like a badminton birdie

    I expect a meme-rush.

  18. Yamaha pianos have come a long way over time. They had some fits and starts and hiccups along the electric side but the real pianos are fine as any Steinway.

  19. Yamaha : a little brighter than Steinway, also less stately. 
    Too much for my bank account. Sweetie hadda make do with a Hamilton. About the time we got it she got too busy to play. Thank goodness it wasn’t a Steinway.

  20. Years before we met Mrs. P bought a 6’ Samick grand. Nice piano. Sounds great when it’s tuned and she plays it. 

  21. Bink
    An answer to your Cicada question.
    There are always cicadas every year. I assume the reason why not all are in lockstep  is be cause some are like you and they will come out when ever they damn well please.

  22. It took all month but we finally had a warm day. Weird weather, probably won’t cool down till October.
    It has been so cool this month that I have flowers blooming at the same time that  never do so. 

  23. BTW
    Comment on the picture, there are no rocks in that creek. Gotta have rocks and gravel for a real creek, says the boy who was raised on a creek in the Ozarks.

  24. Low country creeks and rocks?  Now that’d be sumpin’ That said, 5 Mile Creek had plenty of ‘em, a bit of sand here and there, and muddy banks. 

  25. I think the thing I miss most living up here I in flat land country is the clear water creeks. All the creeks up here have muddy bottoms and murky water. 

  26. I ill have to admit me and Brewster dog are going covid crazy.  I think it is time to pack up some baloney sammiches, maybe a little tattersalid and some beverages and do a day trip.

  27. Pogo
    I know people with large farms who say they have never seen a rock except on vacation. Hard to believe, I know but they seemed to be honest trustworthy people,

  28. If you have AXS tv Scorcese’s No Direction Home documentary about Dylan’s early years is on at 905. 

  29. i had a social distance BBQ, today.  One other family, only outside, never closer than 6’, only one person in the house (to use the bathroom) at any one time, i did my thing on the grill, cleaned up and moved away, then they used the grill for their own food.
    Guess what?  Everyone had fun.

  30. Bink
    Good, sometimes it is just a little respect for each other.
    It tends to happen more often than not in real life. It is twitter and face book where ass holes seem to rule.
    One benefit from the covid-19 pandemic is my neighbor (a trump supporter) has quit his part time job. He is mid 60s and he is caring for his mother ,mid 80’s. He quit because he wasn’t going to bring it home to his mother. (yeah, Trump is screwed) Any way the benefit, he was cleaning out his garage and ran across several pressure canners. I’ve been in covid survival mode so I been thinking about canning stuff from my garden(yeah, nuts I know). But my old pressure canner was warped and didn’t hold pressure. So I priced one and they wanted close to $300 on Amazon for one.  He gave me one. 
    Hey it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good.

  31. btw, he came over and got some “valuable stuff” out of my junk pile too. It is what good neighbors do.

  32. Yeah, i’ll be canning, for sure.  Rock on.

    (Once again, not sure why it’s called “canning” and not “jarring”, but i’m sure one of you will tell me in the morning. Thanks in advance 🧠❤️🇺🇸)

  33. ‘Progressives’ carp about Biden’s ‘Black’ wisecrack.

    Genuine American Progressive views made to the most precise specifications under strict government supervision in Moscow.

  34. bink,   “put’s up” and “preserving”was always the way I heard it, not caning or jarring.  

    putting UP was also a strange phrase since the product was usually stored DOWN in a cellar or basement.

    pickling, now, was in a class all its own. when making sauerkraut, does one “crock” it?

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