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  1. I suspect she will be positively vetted.  Not sure exactly how this will affect the turnout of the black voter base, but Amy would make a great VP IMHO and should appeal to those on the fence in the middle (to the extent such a thing still exists).  I’d still like to see Harris vetted.

  2. I won’t bet on anything till he say, “This it it.  This is the ticket”.
    And then I vote f’bof ‘um.

  3. Great news!
    Doesn’t mean he’ll pick her though.  My hope is either for her or Harris.
    Pogo…  IMO, Joe gets the black vote no matter who he picks for VP.

  4. I like Amy she was my first choice for president during the primaries but for veep I think Stacey A is the right choice she would bring real excitement to the race 

  5. Of course she has my vote.  I expected Harris simply because of filling the whole thing of under 60, POC, and opposite coast.  Amy is Under 60 and midwest.

    They are both equal in status and experience, but Harris would need to really push her with the black base.  My top three are still





  6. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on CNN about Trump refusing to wear a mask today, says he’s no longer welcome in the state: “He’s like a petulant child.”

  7. Hot damn.  That out of the way, this was his safe choice.  He could have gone to Harris or Abrams.  He could have tapped Liz.  He could have gone with any of the other women.  Although she was my choice for president, she was not a top veep.  She is the one who is center Dem, same as Biden.  She does bring the Mid-West into play, but SFB was doing that on his own.  She is smart.  She has a great sense of humour.  And, if something happens to not have Biden do four years, she will make a great president.

  8. Amy is a decent person. She’d be a good VP. She can play Midwest. 
    Duckworth can Midwest, too, and can play the Minority card.
    Harris and Grisham can’t Midwest, but they can play the Minority card.
    Demings can’t Midwest, but can talk Magnolia and play Minority card. Not sure talking Magnolia works for Blacks.

  9. Opinionator would vote for Biden “if he boiled babies.” 
    Not me. However, if he barbecued Flipper . . . .

  10. Biden leads 49-18 among voters who view both unfavorably. Hillary lost that category by 20pts. Most devastating news of all for Trump. In today’s polarized politics it matters most who wins those who dislike both candidates, and Biden is  far ahead.


  11. Abrams, through her Fair Fight Action 2020,  is working to fight voter suppression.  She will have a cabinet position to start building to make her own prez’l run one day.

  12. The role of the vp candidate is to attack
    who do you think will be better at that

  13. Amy has a way of attacking and not coming off as being mean.  Few people have that skill.    Not sure what Pence brings to the table.  It’s sure not pigment. 

  14. Because
    I just couldn’t help myself, I went to RCP and checked the latest polls. OK, we know that national polls don’t mean shit. What are the other polls that are being reported today? Kentucky, trumps ahead, Gwe,what a surprise. California, Biden’s  ahead, what a surprise. Washington, Biden’s ahead, what a surprise. Who really gives a shit about states that a four-year-old could predict? What about Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida? Let’s look at the states that’re going to decide the goddamn election and quit fucking around with states that aren’t going to change regardless of anything short of a nuclear explosion in the middle of the state Capitol. 

  15. hey guys, don’t forget Joe also has asked shaheen, hassan, and others to be vetted.

    the veep beauty contest is probably past the swimsuit event and on to the evening gown parade.

  16. So to inflate the US’ perceived testing ability CDC counted both serology and virology tests to bump up the numbers. Redfield will drop CDC’s stature in the world by serving as just another toady for tRump. And he said that the CDC guidelines SFB rejected as too detailed and difficult to implement and sent back to CDC to be watered down were not rejected by the WH. Yee gads. And now he’s going to start giving daily briefings again. Trying to save his job is my read on it. 

  17. NYTimes this morning on issue of veep selection:

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. speaks with Elizabeth Warren about once a week. They review the latest developments on the Covid-19 crisis and the collapsing economy. They trade ideas about how a Democratic president, like Mr. Biden, might rescue the country. They exchange tales about their lives sheltered in place, he in Wilmington, Del., and she in Cambridge, Mass.
    Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren are members of the same generation, Democrats shaped by modest upbringings who became United States senators and candidates for their party’s presidential nomination. But with Mr. Biden now actively considering Ms. Warren to be his running mate, it’s their ideological differences — and whether they can build a complementary, productive relationship — that will ultimately determine whether she emerges as No. 2 on the ticket.
    Their recent conversations have become a critical quest to find common ground and measure whether they have moved beyond their policy disputes of the past 20 years. Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is a political moderate, a former vice president and a deal-maker who believes in the bipartisan promise of Washington. Ms. Warren is a liberal from Massachusetts, a former Harvard Law School professor as likely to throw a bomb as to shake a hand in Congress, who has clashed with Mr. Biden on issues ranging from bankruptcy law to the future of Obamacare.
    Should Mr. Biden select Ms. Warren, the Democratic ticket would be a marriage of contrasting policy ideas and governing philosophies unlike any seen since Jimmy Carter, the moderate governor of Georgia, chose Walter F. Mondale, the liberal senator from Minnesota, in 1976. And some Democrats are arguing that might be precisely what Mr. Biden needs as he tries to unseat President Trump — particularly at a moment when the country’s deep economic despair could demand bold action of the type Ms. Warren pushed for during her candidacy.
    This would not be the first time Mr. Biden considered Ms. Warren as a running mate. In 2015, the two had lunch at the Naval Observatory, the vice-presidential residence in Washington, where he suggested he would like her to be his running mate if he entered the presidential race. Associates said that Ms. Warren was excited by the prospect, but Mr. Biden ended up not running.
    Mr. Biden himself, in a recent interview on Snapchat, seemed to hint at his desire for a formidable lieutenant.
    “I’m looking for someone who has strengths that I don’t have as much,” he said. “I’m not afraid to go out and find someone who knows more than I know about a subject.”

  18. the hill:

    Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) said Thursday she’s on the “short list” of candidates that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is considering to be his running mate.
    “I am on the short list and I’m honored to be on the short list,” Demings said on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show. “I have dedicated my life to public service. I chose tough jobs. I worked right out of college as a social worker, for 27 years at the police department and had the honor of serving as the Chief of Police. Now I am in Congress. I am trying hard every day to do that job right so we can take care of the people who are struggling in this community the most.”
    The Florida Democrat, who once served as Orange County’s Police chief, was first elected to the House in 2016. She was one of seven impeachment managers to oversee President Trump’s trial in the Senate.
    The Hill confirmed Thursday that Biden is vetting Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.).
    Other Democratic women who are believed to be in contention include Sens. Kamala Harris (Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.), as well as former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

  19. Oh no Joe! He’s got to fix this immediately. To a black radio host this morning: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump — then you ain’t black!”


  20. i see Betsy DeVos has a deep spray-tan, now, like her Lord & Master.  Why is it that white supremacists seek to darken their skin?

  21. I imagine older blacks overlooking this, they get what he’s saying, more tolerant of white liberals taking them for granted. Younger blacks not so much. Think he needs to get on a show or two now, and explain himself.

  22. Nope.  Joe said what needed to be said.  If you are black, it’s not in your interest to vote for Trump.  Perhaps the way he said it sounds weird to us, but he knows his audience for that show  and he said it for them. 
    Whichever woman Biden chooses will terrify the crap out of tRump.  He’s still afraid of mommy.  She must’ve emasculated him as a boy.  

  23. Craig – Dems do too much apologizing for nothing.  Don’t waste energy on spin control.   That’s something they’ll have to do against tRumps smoke and mirrors, too.   Let your surrogates point out SFB’s lies and deflections.   Joe and his veep need to promote their platform and ignore that nasty, orange gnat; he’s a nothing.   They should take the position that Orange Julius is beneath even acknowledging.   Let other Dems point out that tRump is a racist, a crook, and, a liar who belongs on the lowest rung of hell.  

  24. They shouldn’t have walked that back either …..that and “the basket full of deplorables” we now see just how deplorable.   Hammer it and drive it home about THEM, not Democrats.

  25. those fun guys at Lincoln project made the above for their favorite audience of one.   great way to get under his orange tan by putting limelight on someone other than him.   remember when he banished bannon for getting on cover of Time.

  26. FDR would’ve got bupkus if he’d used the current tactics.   He made it very plain WHO he was trying to help, how, and why. and never wavered.

  27. And it has become blatantly clear, even to the foggiest dunderheads, who the fat cats are, how they get to be fat cats, and how they keep it that way.  And they’re REALLY fat now, bloatedly so.

    Point out over and over exactly who we fought to the death in WW 2, and exactly what Abe Lincoln did and to whom.
    Take it to Lee and his battle flag, and take it to the swastika. It’s clinging to those Base ideals that is keeping them poor.
    Steal Ike and Abe from them, they can’t use them now.

  28. So much for SFB’s ideas about hydroxychloroquine being safe and the one study from the VA being from never trumpres.  From Lancet via WaPo

    Antimalarial drug touted by President Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, study says

    An analysis of 96,000 patients shows those treated with hydroxychloroquine were also more likely to suffer irregular heart rhythms

    For those given hydroxychloroquine, there was a 34 percent increase in risk of mortality and a 137 percent increased risk of a serious heart arrhythmias. For those receiving hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic — the cocktail endorsed by Trump — there was a 45 percent increased risk of death and a 411 percent increased risk of serious heart arrhythmias.

    Those given chloroquine had a 37 percent increased risk of death and a 256 percent increased risk of serious heart arrhythmias. For those taking chloroquine and an antibiotic, there was a 37 percent increased risk of death and a 301 percent increased risk of serious heart arrhythmias.

    In the word of the Bard of Marla’s Ego – What have you got to lose?  Says the study – your life and your heart.

  29. But at least he probably unloaded thousands of units. Not a total loss. So some old goobers bought the farm……meh.
    [Goober: Anyone who can’t stay at the properties.]

  30. This guy right here is having the time of his life…..onstage with those heavy hitters and they’re following him. What he wanted to do when he was a kid was play guitar in a band and there he is just getting to do the hell out of it.
    he’s a squirrelly little feller……lol

  31. I have hope because I see so many different groups organizing.  It doesn’t matter if they aren’t coordinating because they have the same goal— beat the crap out of SFB.  
    If I were Queen of Everthing I would have Democrats have a better faster and local response.  It’s not that hard!

  32. … clown.
    (There, Renee, I finished it for you – there are of course MANY other potential endings to that sentence)

  33. One thing the loss of jobs has made clear is that there are huge number of jobs that exist only as “service jobs” that can be done by computers or are needed at all.  We have gone from a management level that needed to be “served” by ranks of lower levels to one that needs a 10th of those people. 

    Except for jobs assembly, farming, office jobs that cannot be replaced by AI, Computers, or machines are virtually unnecessary except as luxuries for the wealthy.  We have now returned to the age of Barons and Serfs.


  34. 77 degrees and partly cloudy (for a welcome change after 3 days of rain, wind and temps in the low 60s) – the grill is crying out for attention and there’s a beer nearby with my name on it.  Just gotta sneak out past Mrs. P and go pick up a few necessities for the weekend then hiss, whoosh, sizzle and smile broadly.

  35. Mega house goes up. Takes squadrons of carpenters, masons, electricians, a/c heater guys, sound systems, burglar alarms, painters, lawn keepers, pressure washers, screen people, grill people, appliance people, gutter hangers, shutter hangers, trim carpenters, roofers, fireplace guys, tile layers, granite counter fabricators, cabinet guys……all those guys get a dollar 2 ninety-eight 

  36. Sturg, I Love Highway 61. That’s Dylan having fun.  And to think the folkies booed him when he started playing that there Stratocaster.  Best version I’ve ever heard (Other than Dylan, who is almost incomparable) is Johnny Winter.  Gawdemmit that man could play.

  37. Hope you enjoyed it – I’ll find another – maybe one with your name on it, and we’ll call it square

  38. I got steak tips marinating… red peppers and onions… and a big bottle of Beso de Sol sangria awaiting me tonight.  It’s 82 degrees… and getting colder for the weekend.   Ya know what “they” say… smoke em if you got em.  😁

  39. When Dylan decided to go electric, around Newport, he hired The Hawks for an electric band to play with and took them on tour.   It was really rough and they were booed a lot, but Dylan toughed it out and then……He booked another tour with The Bsnd.  They were astounded. He was a determined little cuss.

  40. He just wasn’t interested in that folk venues, he was seeing Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Muddy, Everlys, 
    A song and dance man.   And there was that time on the wharf in Hawaii where John Wayne was filming a big navy movie.  Joan and Bob were on tour; nobody quite knew who Bob was yet, but he was on the bill. The Duke wants to meet Joan Baez so down the wharf they go to meet John Wayne.   Wayne and Joan chew the fat a bit and then Wayne looks at Dylan standing there with his guitar case and says who’s that?
    Joan introduces them and Wayne says, “Folk singer, eh?  Well, play me a folk song.”
    Dylan puts down his case, takes out his guitar and knowing where Marion Morrison is from, plays him a song that Wayne surely had heard from his mother.  Dylan had gained a new fan. 

  41. Well, Joe screwed himself.
    He had nothing to apologize for and should have doubled down. After all he has 40 years  of fighting for civil rights. If that is not good enough then get the fuck out of here and go vote for Trump or stay home and see where that gets you. 
    At this point you can’t afford to be apologizing to some left wing nut case.
    lol and never to the twitter idiots.

  42. I agree with jack but since he’s done it….
    Good enough for me, by golly……

    Now kick it up a notch and explain what he was saying and why……give em a stem-winder

  43. Joe:  I’m glad you asked me that, let me give you my thoughts on how I was moved to say such a thing…..and then lay into it.
    Time for church, Joe; take em to church.

  44. Sturg – Joe & his running mate need to campaign the FDR way.   The other Dems need to attack tRump’s tactics of lie and distract.  
    Joe didn’t need to apologize.  It’ll just give tRump ammo.   In the middle of Fifth Avenue.  It also drew more attention to it  lengthened the time it spent in the news.  
    Move. On.

  45. I knew what kind of day it was going to be when I went on Twitter this morning to see what people had to say about former NBA player and coach Jerry Sloan and “Joe Biden is a Racist” was trending. Northern Michigan is mostly re-opening this weekend. Many people from lower Michigan are headed there, even though most people up North aren’t encouraging that at all.

  46. Mr Corey,
    Sweetie’s 94 y.o. uncle just returned home to Irons, MI from FL. He’s very gregarious., Expect a big die-off up there any day now.  

  47. Trump is mentally and physically ill. 

    The White House declined to explain why President Trump hasn’t completed an annual physical yet, despite questions this week over his use of a potentially dangerous drug after being exposed to an aide with coronavirus.


  48. Joe’s being the solid, confident, reasonable, affable guy next door, while guys like Lincoln Project and ‘the Progessives’ assail trump from up and down the political spectrum.
    Meanwhile, mayors, epidemiologists, former Ag Dep’t employees, National Park enthusiasts, former FBI agents, environmentalists, water quality specialists, Blacks, governors, climatologists, Chinese commies, War College graduates, Mexico, Hollywoodsters, senators, former CIA agents, UFCW officials, state and county health authorities, former DoJ attorneys, American Indians, congressfolks, air quality specialists, Corona Virus ’19, our European allies, truck drivers, Canada, former NSA agents, Iran, cow and pig men, virologists, state prosecutors, Hispanics, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and even faux and bratbite are all critical of the messianic Prince of Lies.

    Any question about where this smoking shit pile* is headed ?

    *I’m sorry. No offense meant to smoking shit piles.

  49. I am on holiday, minimal stuff about SFB, bobble-head and hate.
    Sturgeone – One of the things I feel the minstrels of today are missing is active knowledge of music.  In the sixties most groups, even the British Invasion, could play multiple genres’.  Folk, Blue Grass, Classical, Country, Rock, Pop and just about anything else.  And, all knew הבה נגילה, Havah Nagilah. They had to know to do gigs.  Today, most of the songs are so similar they bore my tuner. 
      I miss the music of the Sixties.  It was all over the place.  Tony Bennett, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and the rest of the Rat Pack were hits along with Cream, Mama’s and Papas, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding and even the Beatles in the in the Top 10. I do miss the power of some the groups.  Dave Clark 5 driving rhythm of Glad All Over.  The Strange loves I want Candy.  The folk singing to the early sixties of Peter Paul and Mary.  The sounds of so many groups.
    I do listen to many online music channels.  I prefer to listen to EU stations.  They have more varied music than you find in America.  Sirius radio got rid of the DJ’s a decade plus ago to play top ten stuff. Local stations dumped DJ’s to go to canned crap years ago.   Only on weekends are a few fo the DJ’s able to play something out of the top ten.  I should say that if you want o understand the local news on the non-US channels you do need to understand more than English.

  50. trump claimed to be taking hydroxychloroquin.
    I think he’s been on Quinn for decades. And, I am neither a doc nor have I seen the patient. Rather, I just hear and see him and think, ‘ah, there’s a self-medicating psychotic.’ 

  51. I had some training in a few un-American languages. The other 97% of the world just doesn’t understand how important trump and the kardashians are. We should send out missionaries. 

  52. Afternoon of the Hava Nagila.   We played a Jewish wedding. At one point we were given the high sign to hit the java nagila. Off we go.  Sax player carried the melody.  It went on for what seemed like hours as they did the bride and groom in lifted chairs, the whole thing.  So it’s gliding along and at some point the reed in Robert’s sax went awry and began to piercingly shriek like every 4th or 5th note and he can’t stop to fix it so we just played it on out squeaking along.  People were starting to look at us.   I was on the floor laughing at Robert’s dilemma.

  53. Trump is adopting the Swedish model — you are completely on your own.
    Sweden does have a higher death rate but their economy is fine.

  54. Plus the Swedish theory was they would have enough cases to have herd immunity. Not.

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