The Scariest Showman On Earth

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted at 3:28 PM on Sun, May 17, 2020:
“The Obama Administration is turning out to be one of the most corrupt and incompetent in U.S. history. Remember, he and Sleepy Joe are the reasons I am in the White House!!!”

[Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.]

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted at 4:14 PM on Sat, May 16, 2020:

… From the people who brought you Pizzagate


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  1. Trump has been called incompetent so often that he has now memorized the word and uses it every time he mentions Obama.  He was in full projection mode yesterday with one tweet after another mixed in with retweets of the trolls and bots.  It could be worse.  He might actually spend some time doing his job rather than just firing the latest person looking into him or the cabinet.


  2. So did we crest 90000 deaths overnight?  Johns Hopkins website is acting up and I can’t get it to load. ~~~ Maybe SFB or McENinny will tell us this morning ~~~

  3. For what it’s worth, I skip the day here when there are any photos of the WH squatter. Like many, I have a viscerally intense negative reaction to its image or voice. Bad enough that it dominates practically every website I visit because every single fucking thing it does needs to be reported and discussed. I don’t find it necessary to look at its image and I don’t have any fucks left to give for the rest of the outrages we’ll be forced to endure until it can be removed from office.
    See ya when the pic clears the page.

  4. Haha kinda like avoiding the virus by just “not going there”. 

  5. Like being in The Reptile House down at the zoo.   Our city doesn’t have a zoo.  Got an aquarium, but no monkeys and reptiles.  And the circus never comes to town anymore. 

  6. Thousands of clowns out of work, roaming the streets hoping against hope that somewhere somehow they’ll get to do at least just one more sight-gag in front of the kiddies.

  7. Travis… I can’t watch the turd on tv any more.  But I have no problem with that picture…   and I adore patd’s cartoons!
    Craig…   so many of us just want normal…  but it’ll probably get boring after a couple years.  The comedians won’t know how to make political jokes.  Seriously…  there was plenty to talk about and joke about during Obama’s 8 yrs.   I say… bring it on!

  8. Sports memorabilia in the hands of private collectors will go thru the roof.
    The owners will let their inventory seep out to keep the price up…..if they don’t lose it in bankruptcy court.
    Will even the yahoos continue to go out to the old ball game in the face of rising numbers of infected?

  9. Anyone seen Pence lately?  The bobble-head seems to be rather shy and not appearing in public.  That little bit of self-isolation is interesting now.

  10. Jamie, cool…..but virtual is just not the same as having the monkeys throw their crap at you. 🙂

  11. I did a few months in 72 with Joe Savage, the Snake Man. He had 3 anacondas which he used in his night club act so we got to observe them close up for awhile.  Part of his act involved his running thru the audience wearing nothing but a Tarzan loin cloth and 2 big snakes wrapped around him.  You never heard so much panicked screaming in yer life…..
    Huge strobe light, the band hammering out frenetic jungle noise at high volume, two large torches burning on the stage front , house lights dimmed, dry ice smoke machine, and Joe with his two snakes running full blast thru the crowd. People would totally freak over the snakes. lol, Snake Man

  12. Well I just returned from the valley of the shadow of death. That’s right I went to my doctor’s office. There is something to be said for having a doctor tied to a hospital, unless you are in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic and the hospital is the go to place for treatment.  Oh well, I filled my spray bottle with Everclear and spritziest the hell out of things. I left everybody there with a smile on their face. 

  13. BTW, that old man don’t scare me, I just faced down my doctors receptionist after I told her I left my insurance information at home. 
    I told her and she ask, “What are you going to do?”  In a voice only those folks can use. 
    My answer, “damnifino, all I know is cancel and send me home”  At that she did an about face and figured it out, I guess they need the money.

  14. I liked snakes when I was a kid. They do keep the rats & mice down. Some are gorgeous. And if you’re into graceful, you just can’t beat a snake.
    But they stink. Bad. Besides which, they are all 100% carnivorous, which makes them expensive to keep, unless you have houseful of other vermin. Not a single snake on this planet is omnivorous, let alone a vegan. 

  15. Just remember how Jamie said to respond with the latest nonsense from SFB and his racist followers:  ObamaGREAT
    Saturday night’s widely-broadcast highlight of Obama taking a a well-crafted jab at you-know-who, his administration, and his mob/famigilia has him spitting mad.
    Here’s the deal.  He has always used the is-he-crazy-or-crazy-like-a-fox MO to distract folks.  It doesn’t work any more.  Yep, we talk about it for 2 seconds, but it’s more like a volcano is erupting and then a skunk sprays.  Everyone notices the stench, but they don’t forget about the erupting volcano.    
    Trump is toast. Also, he’s the skunk.

  16. I can’t stand the sound of the crazed, racist, rapist russian mole’s voice. The sound of c3rm makes my stomach heel over. It’s not sea sickness, exactly. I’m relatively immune to sea sickness, especially if I can see where I’m going. But his voice hits me abeam like a shear wind, and my poor stomach shows its keel, before I can react. 

  17. SFB does live on attention.  Any kind of attention.  I do love calling a turd a turd, though.    There’s plenty of time to pay attention to Joe.  The  convention (hopefully, virtual) is months away and we will have a veep nominee to celebrate, as well.      No, I think we continue to talk about what stinks (his daily rant/distraction), as well as the bigger problem that is Donald J. Trump.   

  18. Today kissass Bill Barr announced neither Obama or  Biden are under criminal investigation 

  19. Whoa, Ms Cracker ! Jabba the barr could be fired for an offense like that.

  20. X-R
    Jabba the lame probably won’t get a discount on next year’s X-mas party

  21. Trump just told reporters he’s taking hydroxychloroquine “right now.” He says he started “a couple weeks ago.” He explains, “Because I think it’s good. I’ve heard a lot of good stories.”

  22. what an asshole

    guaranteed lie too cuz that stuff is lethal, if only we were so lucky

  23. Why doesn’t anybody ever ask him to name 3 sources, when he claims, he’s heard it from a lot of people ?

  24. The crazed racist, rapist russian mole really is out to kill Americans.

  25. Someone should tell him double the dose is even better
    Does this mean that he an Whitey White White have the virus?

  26. trump is creating an environment where i’m getting harassed A LOT for taking safety measures in public.  A cashier deliberately coughed on my products today because i was wearing a mask, they were all loudly joking (at me) how it’s a hoax, yada yada…
    America’s toast, just chock full of morons, and led by one.

  27. Stay safe Bink  get a face shield  and remember they will all be dead soon

  28. Bink – It’s happening here and in Iowa, too.  Instead of those not following rules being shamed, it’s us.  Here it’s mostly men who refuse to wear masks giving dirty looks.   Cashiers were ALL wearing masks at the store. 
    Trump is either still trying to sell hydrocloroquine (maybe to help that company’s stock go up and get a little taste for the house) or he’s trying to kill off his followers.  He hates folks like that, so maybe it’s a passive-aggressive thing.  Either way, that’s what he wants folks to pay attention to instead of the volcanic, sh\ storm that is the a Trump mafia.

  29. He ain’t takin’ nuthin but BP meds and cholesterol meds. Lying sack of shit. 

  30. Thanks- i broke my own rule and went out in a retail environment after 9AM, should have known better, won’t make that mistake, again.

  31. Either way, that’s what he wants folks to pay attention to instead of the volcanic, sh\ storm that is the a Trump mafia.
    BiD…. exactly….  just another shiny thing to distract us….

  32. Whether he’s taking it or not kinda irrelephant….obviously distraction and bump the price for his own ends. 

  33. If SFB is really dumping in a heart killer med something had to have gotten to him.  We know we cannot rely on his words, but if he is taking the stuff when did he start taking it?  He has no concept of time so it could have been the day he was told his white supremacist Machiavelli Miller’s wife had the virus and his valet had the virus.  At the same time Pence learned he was going to semi-quarantine.  Well the bobble-head has disappeared so I posit that SFB is outputting bricks and finally told the boy who says “Mother” to go away.  Since we are very sure that the medication he says he is taking does nothing to stop COVID-19 he is either very lucky or we just have to wait out incubation times.
    And –
    SFB considers anyone who is disabled, ill or less than healthy inferior, watch for him to announce that Pence is not his running mate.  His disdain for women is deep inside his fat, so I tend to discount him picking Haley but, if Hope says to do it, he might.  Otherwise look deep inside him and there are not many names.  If the Vice-President was not in the Constitution, ah hell he does not care about that, he would not name one.

  34. He’d be scared of Haley–she’s got more/bigger balls than he ever had–proved it as our governor here in South Carolina.

  35. And, Lo, all the goobers in Goober Nation rushed out to buy vast quantities of the miracle chloroporcupino (quinn) to store in their Super dooper airtight bunkers against that time when the sky might crack open and crumble to the ground. 

  36. Flate…….that “i’ll be there” video was cool, and the accompanist was great…..I got a kick outa that one

  37. bId – I am waiting to see if that happens.  At some point there is going to be a leak out of the WH about all this. 
    flatus – I do think he, in his low intelligence scrambled egg brain, has two issues with women.  First he has to degrade women, often with sexual encounters. That makes him feel powerful so he can brag to real men about his conquests.  Second, is his attempt to overpower women, and as you say, Halely has to scare more bricks out of him than other women.  When women, probably like Hicks, do not accept the first part and then “seduce” him with making him feel like he did get his jollies he ends up under her attractive spell.  Smarter than he is (so is a blob of ear wax), and way better looking.  Although much normalized, the guy is off his rocker in a different world, many say.  If he was out of the east side of Detroit, he would never be a gang leader.  He would have ended up in the Detroit River swimming to Cleveland.

  38. Sturg – Will they  knock back those pills with giant, glasses of bleach?

  39. Poobah, I’ll do one tonight. Maybe later than you like, but I’ll submit one before dawn. 

  40. If others want to discuss something else, they could always write a post talking up Joe or about an issue.    We never stay on topic, but it would be out there for awhile. 

  41. booted up youtube and the algo offerings were , Tame impala, Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington and CPE Bach. 
    Just to start.

  42. Some one on twitter posted a recent picture of Little Richard with out his makeup, he looked like a nice quiet polite old man, not at all like this

  43. So, if you are a carrier, are you one forever?  Like Typhoid Mary.

  44. Two sailors on the carrier who were alleged to have C19 and recovered, apparently have the damn plague again.  

  45. If a little hydroxychloroquine is okay, then a lot should be great. By mouth, subcutaneously, rectally, as a nasal spray, a lavage of the bladder and in the bone marrow. Now, isn’t that nice ?
    Plus remember to pour Lysol on your corn flakes, as a mid-morning pick-me-up, at noon as a relish for your Big Macs, as a mid-afternoon delight, in a cocktail for an aperitif, and as a dip for the shrimp. Finally, take a big warm draft of it at bedtime. The next morning, you’ll be the best trump that you’ve ever been. I guarantee it.

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