Sunday Serendipity, Remembering

It has been a year since Jace’s last post

It would have been perfect for today and I was thinking about posting it but the you tube algo found something else for todays selection

Serendipity; noun

1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I have 2 selections, totally different but both a You tube offering based on Jace’s last post.

Enjoy, and as Jace would say, enjoy your day,

btw, youtube has moved me on to even more good stuff

OK this one too.

I’m out of here, Jack


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  1. and in further remembrance of Jace, if he were still posting he would have told us about today being the Rogation Sunday before ascension thursday.   wiki capsulizes the day with this observation:

    The word rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare, meaning “to ask”, which reflects the beseeching of God for the appeasement of his anger and for protection from calamities.


    perhaps Jace would have expanded on that liturgy to include today’s “calamities” and our modern beseeching for a leader’s  ascension.

  2. Jack and Patd

    Wonderful tributes to Jace.  He is remembered with affection for his contributions and wisdom.

    Jack, be careful around You Tube.  You can get stuck there wandering in the valley of earthly delights and forget to leave.


  3. in case you missed it, NYTimes recaps Obama speeches to the grads yesterday:

    “Doing what feels good, what’s convenient, what’s easy — that’s how little kids think,” he said during a prime time special for high school seniors. “Unfortunately, a lot of so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way — which is why things are so screwed up. I hope that instead, you decide to ground yourself in values that last, like honesty, hard work, responsibility, fairness, generosity, respect for others.”

  4. After 3 months of winter, spring, winter, spring, winter… it finally looks like Spring won out. Highs 62-82, lows at or above 49 for the next week. Whew, finally. 

  5. I used to sit at the tv with a cassette tape recorder and later a vcr trying to record things I’d like to keep. Theme songs, performances, scenes, etc. Many tapes in many boxes.   Then, along came YouTube and there they were, all neatly laid out end to end.   Will wonders never cease?

  6. One for which I still search was an appearance on Dick Cavett by Don Adams where he tells the story of his nightclub gig with Mae West which was also the first time he’d smoked marijuana, having been introduced to it by the band after what he considered To be a terrible first show on the first night. It’s the funniest story ever told on television.

  7. Sturgeone

    Dick Cavett Show is on the TV Guide Channel and HULU.  You might find the Don Adams episode there.



  8. Jack….  great way to honor Jace…  thanks!
    Craig…  loved the Politco article.  Boy… did they ever get her number!
    Loved watching Obama last night.  LOVED his punching at trump.  trump is no match for Obama’s intelligence.  If this keeps going….  it’s gonna get really ugly… and really funny!

  9. I’ve found several written re-caps of the story, all of which manage to completely mangle the details of the story.  I know this because I audio recorded it when I saw Don Adams tell it on Cavett’s show. 

  10. Jamie… reply was for Pat’s link….haven’t checked Hulu and tv guido yet

  11. here’s something I found on youtube this morning…    oh how I loved to dance when I was younger!

  12. Main difference between Jerry Lee and Little Richard was JL could actually play that thing.  Richard just used it as a prop for his shine…..but he was first at it in a rock and roll sense.
    Fats could do it, but he was a different category. LR and JL were in a league of their own. Nobody would’ve ever dreamed a piano could be a party to that kind of goin’s on.
    “… and Myrtle, I swear to god, next thing you know he took to playing that dang thing with his BOOT HEEL!”

  13. Obama, the velvet hammer, is so right.
    Obama was wonderful yesterday!  So refreshing to hear a decent man speak compared to what we currently have.

  14. Dick Cavett is on Decades, M-F at 8pm Central.    They don’t appear to show them in chronological order because the chairs are different from night to night.    Jack Parr had some good stories.   Folks definitely communicated differently in the 70s. I’ll be on the lookout for Maxwell Smart.  
    Obama really did give a great commencement speech.   A lot of first-time voters in last night’s audience.  

  15. Do ally’all remember the Obama SCANDAL? It involved the horror of his wearing a tan suit!!  OMG!!!  So hideous! Unlawful!  Poor Taste!
    Well, I got an earful from a repube man about Nancy’s pint of ice cream. Horrible isn’t it compared to locking people in cages, separating kids from parents, denying a pandemic, not acknowledging over 87,000 deaths, currently! Grabbing women, corruption, etc. Yep,a horrible pint of ice cream. Jeesus, they’re so incredibly ignorant, blind and stupid!

  16. John Travolta is amazing.  How he can  move.  How hard it is to coordinate all your body parts when dancing.  Dancing isn’t just moving your feet & knowing the steps.

  17. For me… the key to dancing is to listen to the beat… then let it vibrate through your entire body.
    Having good flexibility is a must too.

  18. RR

    Trifle conceited of me I know, but I’m always rather surprised by people who can’t keep time.  It’s not like you needed to hear anything more than the length of the first note.  Of course, mom was a singer and dad a good dancer.  I was probably getting beat on through the womb walls.  🙂


  19. Craig, A good deal of that is because Trump considers meat to be essential.   The production facilities in TX are rampant with the virus.  

  20. He wore a tan suit
    with brown vest buttons,
    Pink striped shirt and, 
    Man oh man,
    He wore a tan suit
    With brown vest buttons,
    Purple knit tie and,
    A national plan.

  21. I’m on channel 10 watching golf. After a while two players are left–Woods and May. Here, Dumb-ass me is thinking it’s live–turns-out it’s a replay of the 2000 PGA championship. At least I have the laundry done, folded, and put away.

  22. So Bink, LP helped me drive a dozen or so bags of clothes and shoes we purged during the last couple months and he commandeered the music – he’s into Tame Impala. Pleasant music but a bit too much electronic for me. I will say that Kevin Parker is a talented musician and writer. 

  23. If Americans had access to free or affordable healthcare, if there weren’t  food deserts in the middle of big cities, if the food lobby didn’t have so much input into what shows up less expensively (in the short term) on store shelves, maybe we wouldn’t have so many underlying health conditions.   Stop blaming the victims of Covid.   Does Azar realize these folks have suffered and died, and, that blaming them for getting sick and dying makes him look like a heartless asshat?   Just like the Trumps and Kushner and the rest of the current administration.    Asshats.

  24. I like to think so. He’s also into Hendrix, Clapton, SRV and John Petrucci 😎

  25. Hey Ivanker where’s the food. These people are going to be starving if you are as skillful as Jar Jar.  Of course he was busy sending out eviction notices

  26. OMG, The Meaning of Life is on tonight on Starz. It’s been a couple decades since I’ve seen it. Gotta correct that – tonight. 

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