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  1. And that Tara person is turning out to be exactly what she looks like. (Liar)
    Nice try, though.

  2. This isn’t my story to tell, but i’ll share anyway:
    People i know that have been being responsible started getting squirrelly like we all are, had a little get together, one person was asymptotic, now they’re all positive.

  3. Imagine being capable of telling yourself convincingly and stridently, “ I won’t get sick.  And if I do, I won’t care”.
    That takes a ton of self-righteous over-confidence.
    They’re better men than I, those Gunga Dins.

  4. Love the clowns, Sturg. Wasn’t the blue Bozo from your Blues Crab site?

    Have to go out and do the banking, shopping, that sort of thing while the grass dries. Be interesting to see if people are still wearing masks at Target. I’m betting that some do, some don’t. 

  5. I found Bozo (my spirit animal) on the internets, but he definitely made it to the Crab Site.  

  6. Just got the news that all WV counties but 4 are not now considered hot spots. East Bumfuck’s County is not one of those. Here’s an example of stupid government. Our County has 34 cases since the beginning. Kanawha County – state capitol – has 220, tied with Berkeley County for most cases.  No problem, it’s good to go. Our governor is a billionaire Republicon coal baron. Guess which state SFB had his largest margin in. Yep, this one, and our Guv was swept into office on that wave. 

  7. wapo:

    State Department Inspector General Steve Linick was fired Friday in a late-night ouster that drew condemnations from Democrats, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warning of an acceleration in a “dangerous pattern of retaliation” against federal watchdogs.
    Linick, a 2013 Obama appointee who has criticized department leadership for alleged retribution toward staffers, will be replaced by Ambassador Stephen J. Akard, a State Department spokesperson confirmed Friday. It was the latest in a string of weekend removals of oversight officials who have clashed with the Trump administration.
    Rep. Eliot L. Engel (D.-N.Y.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, claimed the State Inspector General was fired after opening an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and said the timing suggested “an unlawful act of retaliation.” The State Department did not explain Linick’s removal or address criticism, and the White House did not immediately respond to an inquiry Friday night.
    A Democratic congressional aide said that Linick was looking into Pompeo’s “misuse of a political appointee at the Department to perform personal tasks for himself and Mrs. Pompeo.”

  8. No butter for me, I’ve got to keep my numbers down. Got an appointment with my new lady doctor, she wants me to live forever and she is worried about all that grease pumping through my body. 
    But after Wed. I can slather on the butter at least for another 6 months.

  9. Not that I’m suffering, Breakfast was left overs from last night.  Black beans, chicken breast simmered in Hatch chili salsa verde, a ripe mango. There was probably some grease in the tortillas but the beans counteracted that. 

  10. My motherinlaw always wanted to be a clown. 
    She was one of these rare individuals that never got a joke. She was married to a wise cracking story teller who passed along his genetic material to their off spring. And she was oblivious to it all. But she wanted to be a clown.

  11. I went out to Mrs Jacks favorite green house yesterday. I got home and realized what I had done. I bought all the stuff Mrs Jack likes and all the stuff I like. Ya know, we used to keep a check on each other so thing didn’t get out of hand…..
    So anyway after I got home I noticed I didn’t have near enough potting soil, so it is back again to get a bale of promix. 

  12. Jack…   my A1C was slightly elevated with my last blood test in early April.  I was on a peanut M&M binge.  Haven’t had any (or any other candy) since that phone call from my lady doctor.  Next test will be much better.  And happy planting.
    We are still waiting a couple weeks to plant anything.  We had the coldest April on record…  and May… so far…  has been below normal.  But still….  the trees are budding…  our perennials are all up….  and the birds are doing their mating calls.   Life goes on…

  13. A guy I worked with long ago, left the company to become a clown.  He was one of the creepiest people I ever met.   Never did like clowns, even as a kid.

  14. I’ve clowned around a bit in the day, well really joked around I guess. No makeup – just my goofy face and stupid comments, which I imagine would creep some squeamish people out.

  15. I find that women docs are at least as competent as their male counterparts. I think one of the primary reasons is that they don’t take their patients’ complaints for granted as do the male docs with much appreciated, but uncommon, exceptions.
    Pogo, my relationship with her, only a little more than a year, is not long enough to ask for that type of service. In any event, now that I’m in my 80th year on this spheroid, having her note subtle changes that are, or aren’t, appearing is helpful.

  16. Jamie, I think it was about 1949 that the Woolworth’s on the way home from Fairfax School closed its snack bar to include the station where I purchased my ice cream cones. I was devastated.

  17. I’m off to Kroger on a purchase mission: half a dozen cans of their goood frozen O-J with particles. Anybody need a non-perishable?

  18. if you have the thought “hm, i think i’ll go to the store…” so does everyone else in town.  Weekend afternoons are the absolute worst time to go.

  19. …and i don’t want to read “ oh i’m old blah blah if i die i die…”.  You might infect the nurse that tries to save your life, regardless, and kill her.

  20. Everybody is cracking.  i get it- human beings weren’t meant to live like this.  Sure beats the alternative, though.
    i really wish i was in charge of the federal pandemic response, there’d be no fucking around😭
    Ok, pardon me, done for now.

  21. I think the only questions are,
    Will you flee to avoid prosecution or will you commit suicide?
    Follow-up :
    If the answer is the former, will you flee to your friend putin, or to your friend bin salmon ? If the latter, will it be by pills, hanging, jumping, pistol or drowning – ala Robert Maxwell ? My money’s on pills.

    Would Helen Thomas have had the brass face to ask those questions ?

  22. I’ve changed my mind. The main Q is, 
    What did Americans do to you that they deserve your hatred, and destruction at your command ?

  23. Leak of Obama video to graduates tonight: “More than anything this pandemic has fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing. A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

  24. Yep. Get ready for a Trump Twitter fit.  Obama on almost every channel.  Ha!

  25. Just talked to a relative in CA.  Their old, HS friend in a tiny town in the Midwest has been hospitalized with Covid; he’s 77. He went to a farmers’ co-op meeting with his son, then to the grocery store and Dollar Store in a slightly bigger town.   So far, the son is fine.  

  26. Obama virtual commencement address airs on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN and MSNBC simultaneously at 8 p.m. ET. Never heard of an ex-prez getting this much exposure. Trump in fetal position.

  27. Sturgeone – I saw the news and felt a deep loss.  The man is probably never going to get his due.  Best in Show and  his lines about the schitzoo are great.  What the youngsters do not know is that he was the “straight” man to Martin Mull in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Fernwood Tonight.  He had to fight prejudice for decades, just like many others in Hollywood.  R.I.P.

  28. Craig @1841 “…Trump in fetal position.”

    We always knew he is a sucker no matter his position of choice.

  29. So, the hazard pay for grocery store employees is starting to go away now that states are opening up?   The virus isn’t gone.  Just because it’s open/legal, doesn’t mean you should run around like you used to do.  They are still in harm’s way.   They were always underpaid.    

  30. concluding paragraphs in a new atlantic piece “It Really Could be Warren”

    Warren told me about a call she received from Biden the morning after her brother died. Their conversation was “one person who’d lost loved ones trying to console another person who just lost her beloved brother,” she said.

    Connections formed in grief tend to stay with Biden. This one has certainly stayed with Warren.

    After all their other phone calls, about everything from coronavirus testing to unemployment insurance, I asked Warren whether Biden now sees economic policy the way she does. Yes, she said, but that’s only part of it.
    Then she took a practice swing at the kind of line that you will hear coming out of whomever Biden picks, but that now means something different, and personal, to her: “We need a president with empathy, a president who understands that people in our families are sick and dying, a president who cares about the loss of every single person in this country. That’s what Donald Trump can’t manage. And that’s what Joe Biden feels in his bones.”

  31. Glad I checked in here.  I completely forgot about Obama’s speech.  We like to watch a light hearted movie on Saturday nights since being quarantined.  We were going to watch Crocodile Dundee on demand tonight.  We’ll watch it next week… we want to watch Obama.

  32. patD – Warren as VP would make me tremendously happy.   If Joe at least gets progressive ideas and will push for them, that works, too…but I really love Warren.

  33. Another thing that’s works for me, President Pelosi (for a little while), if we can rid ourselves of Orange Julius and the whitest man sooner. 

  34. So much for giving Earth a break from the pollution.   Concerts in your car at Globe Life Park.  Drive to Arlington, TX from who knows where and sit in the 5pm heat to listen to a concert, so you know the cars will be running and the AC will be on.   Idiots making a continual left turn at TX Motor Speedway and other racetracks.    I may start to root for the virus.


    At last Europe isn’t squandering it’s ecological gains.

  35. Just a few more minutes.  I wonder if Trump will tweet during the speech.  He’s been tweeting all day with Junior doing back up by accusing Biden of being a pedophile.  He conveniently forgets Miss Teenage America.


  36. Trump is a pathological liar.  That’s all we need to know with regard to anything he says or tweets.  As for Junior, well, the nut didn’t fall far from the nutcase. 

  37. Happy to see positive words about Helen. I know she said a few distasteful words but I still always admired her. Wish she were here to eviscerate SFB. 

  38. “Some with fancy titles…that’s why things are so screwed up.”    Ha! Bravo BO!

  39. The celebration continues on the Tik Tok, for which I am too old.   Obama gave a great speech, though;  his superpower.  And. He. Was. Everywhere.     Have the crazed tweets from Trump started yet?   I don’t do the Twitter, either.

  40. It was a fine piece of shade.  Obama never mentioned Trump, so if he responds to it in any way, you know he realizes that he’s being called a screw-up.   Will his ego let him hold silent?   

  41. Last Trump tweet was about an hour ago.  Then he made the photoshopped film of the victory speech from Independence Day with his head on Bill Pullman’s body and various GOP people in the audience.  

    It’s awful


  42. Ok, Obama just pulled a magic trick, right in front of you all. He took the conservative “mother, God and country speech” and tied it to a progressive agenda. I’m impressed. It was like listening to Paul Harvey as a liberal. Very Americana.

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