73 thoughts on “GOP Eat Their Own”

  1. from pbs newshour last night interview with nobel economics prize winner romer:

    Paul Solman:
    Economics is fundamentally about costs vs. benefits.
    Paul Romer:
    Paul Solman:
    So all this testing costs how much vs. how much is added to the economy when the nine people that you were talking about go back to work.
    Paul Romer:
    If we can get the cost of a test down to $10, so one unit of testing per day will cost us about $3,600 per year, if that frees up nine people, then that means, at a median income of, say, $50,000, nine times $50,000 would be $450,000.
    It’s like a hundred-fold increase on your investment. There aren’t very many investments where you get a 100-X return pretty much guaranteed.
    Paul Solman:
    The latest relief bill did include $25 billion for testing.
    So, is $25 billion enough?
    Paul Romer:
    We need to commit about $100 billion a year to expenditures on testing. That’s enough to get us this 23 million tests per day, or test everybody every 14 days in the United States. The $25 billion is enough to get going. It’ll give us some demonstration projects.

  2. And remember, even at $10 a test, someone will keep folks employed making and shipping them (more labor) and there will probably be a tiny profit for the owner.  

  3. But, OBAMAGATE!  It will take its rightful place place beside Pizzagate in the SFB conspiracy theory hall of fame (shame?). 

  4. #Obamagate in any tweet is now getting the response of #ObamaGreat so that they trend together.  It is sort of messing with this Trump campaign.  

  5. Escape goat……memory from the aol chat rooms…..that, and quick pro crow and fuking imbasols.

  6. One clown came on and started calling masturbation “worshipping the devil” and that set off weeks of worshipping the devil jokes……

  7. i am reeling at the stupidity of what trump said in Allentown, yesterday.  he might be the dumbest person on the planet, and he is our President!
    Heart-breaking, terrifying, depressing.  Get him out.

  8. One thing about the election is there are a gaggle of bona fide gop who are happy to take care of the attack dog and shark side of things. 
    And bless their little hearts, they’ve gathered together under the banner of Lincoln.

  9. I have a routine appointment at my doc’s office this morning in order to get prescriptions refilled. I know one thing, I’m not going near her office without my mask on and I’ll burn my clothes and shower as soon as I get back home. And, I’ll leave Rosie in the sunlight to rid her of any lingering viral transfer from me to her.

  10. Be careful, it’s a jungle out there, as Tarzan said to Jane as she was going out for fresh kumquats.

  11. Good protocol, Flatus.  Save some money and leave your clothes in the sun, too.

    If it were me, i’d call Doc’s office and beg for refills without a visit. i cancelled my yearly vet appointment for my dog- wasn’t satisfied with my vet’s understanding of Covid or their prevention measures.

  12. From WaPo this morning.  Lancet gets into it.

    As the confirmed U.S. death toll surpassed 85,000, one of the world’s oldest and best-known medical journals slammed President Trump’s “inconsistent and incoherent national response” to the novel coronavirus pandemic and accused the administration of relegating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to a “nominal” role.

    The Lancet’s unsigned editorial concluded that Trump should be replaced, saying: “Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics.”

    Meanwhile, with many Americans anxious about safely resuming their lives, the CDC issued six pages of recommendations to guide schools, businesses and others into the pandemic’s next phase. The scant guidelines, released after many states had already begun to lift restrictions on their own, were far less detailed than draft recommendations the agency sent to the White House for review.

    Here are some significant developments:

    U.S. retail sales plunged by 16.4 percent in April, as businesses shut down and shoppers stayed home.

    Democrats are gearing up to push a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House on Friday. The legislation, which would boost funding for state and local governments as well as the U.S. Postal Service, faces roadblocks in the Senate, and Trump has threatened a veto.

    The Food and Drug Administration warned of inaccuracies in the rapid Abbott coronavirus test hailed by Trump and used by the White House.

    For some states, including New York and Oregon, Friday will mark the start of a piecemeal approach to reopening, as restrictions remain in some areas while being eased in counties with smaller populations and few coronavirus infections.

    Vaccine expert Rick Bright warned Congress on Thursday that the nation faces the “darkest winter in modern history” if the government does not develop a more coordinated coronavirus response.

    They aren’t stupid.

  13. X-R
    I think you are correct about Jace.
    It’s amazing to me how much you can miss someone you never met in person and only interacted with on this blog.

  14. Flatus, me too. 
    I may need another bottle of Everclear just to spray down everything  I touch on the way in.  Put 2 bottles in a pump up sprayer and fog the world. My doctor is in one of those bg medical buildings attached to a hospital. OK make it 3 bottles. When I walk out of there they are going to be one sterile mf’s ( channeling Samuel Jackson)

  15. Nash’s problem is he wanted to troll but not interact. We are way more than politics here. If he wants to interact then he needs to come back and do so. 

  16. sturge, here’s the attack dogs and sharks latest effort:

    WASHINGTON Wed., May 13, 2020 — Republicans & Independents for Biden was launched today by the Lincoln Project. This initiative will be entirely independent from the Biden campaign but will seek to complement any coalition activities that they undertake.
    The Lincoln Project was formed in December by a group of prominent Republicans distressed by Donald Trump’s attacks on the U.S. Constitution. The Lincoln Project’s Republicans and Independents for Biden program will organize both nationally and locally in key battleground states and carry forth a broad, striking message which will resonate with disaffected Republicans and independents ready to end this four-year nightmare.
    “Former Vice President Joe Biden has the wisdom, the skills, and the relationships this nation needs to shape a government of the people which will lead us out of the multiple crises that Donald Trump has brought upon us,” said Lincoln Project Founder John Weaver. “An Army of the Decent — of which Republicans and Independents for Biden will play a part — will sweep out Donald Trump and his enablers.”
    “This nation — this planet — has been visited upon by a terrible plague,” said Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project. “And the American president failed to provide the leadership — due to his ignorance, intolerance and extreme narcissism — the world so desperately needed. Thousands of lives have been lost, our economy is in shambles and dreams dashed because Trump failed to lead.”
    Co-Founder Jennifer Horn said: “During his tenure in the United States Senate and Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has demonstrated the long lost talent of reaching across the aisle to build relationships to make government work – to even make government great. That’s what we need in The White House again.”
    “Come January 20th, 2021, we will swear in a president of the United States with the skills and the relationships necessary to fix the worst economy since the 1930s, fix our healthcare system, and get our children back to school,” she said
    “As we wrote when we started this initiative six months ago, this effort transcends partisanship and is dedicated to nothing less than preservation of the principles that so many have fought for, on battlefields far from home and, now, in the hospitals and health clinics in our neighborhoods.”

  17. Yeah… I thought Biden and Abrams did ok too last night.
    I too miss Nash….  the old Nash.  The new Nash is very sad to read.
    I no longer care to interact with people on the extreme ends of the political spectrum…  either side of the aisle.  They don’t have a conversation with you….   they talk at you.

  18. Between Dems, The Lincoln Project, and, Mike Bloomberg’s money, well, Trump should just tuck JarJar into his golf bag and head off to Mar-A-Ego right now.   

  19. Love the #ObamaGreat response, Jamie.   Trump’s head might ‘splode after Obama gives his widely-broadcast, graduation speech on May 16th.    

  20. I started to say this last Sunday but what I like about this blog is how everybody contributes something that moves the conversation forward. Be it politics or my Sunday offering. I enjoy the contributions that are inspired by my Sunday selections. Be they memories, additional knowledge, or other (even better) music.  I am well aware I am not the end all, be all,  on any topic. I’m just an old carpenter/framer who somewhere along the line got him a college education. which btw has enriched my life immensely. 

  21. It’ll be interesting to see the sniveling, little Trump propper-uppers like Yertle, Devil, Lindsey, and, the rest on November 4th, when they finally realize they backed an effing, loser and have been digging their political graves for last four years.   

  22. BiD
     My favorite stuff on twitter yesterday was from the Lincoln Project folks in response to Trumps tweet to call Obama to testify. They were directed at Lindsey, going “yeah Lindsay, you can do it, subpoena  Obama, we dare you” or something to that effect.

  23. As much as fox relies on their steady viewers, they also rely on everybody else NOT viewing. 

  24. Orlando sentinel:

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a 6-point lead over President Donald Trump in Florida, a poll of the state’s voters said Friday.
    The Florida Atlantic University poll found Biden with 53% to Trump’s 47%.
    Besides putting the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee above the 50% threshold, it also represents a move up for him and a slight move down for Trump.
    Biden has said he plans to select a woman as his running mate.
    The most controversial female name the pollsters put on the list – unsuccessful 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton – was the pick of 10% of Democrats.
    Among the more plausible possibilities: U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California, 21%; Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, 21%; 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, 15%; and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, 11%.
    U.S. Rep. Val Demings of Orlando, who received wide attention as one of the House impeachment managers in the case against Trump, was the choice of 4%.

  25. Flatus, your doc isn’t doing telemedicine?  
    Bink, have to laugh a bit about the vet.  I have to routinely get meds for my dog –  considering her dotage-related aches and pains – and they have initiated a “stay in your car” protocol, wear masks, etc.  I don’t think they even let pet owners accompany their pets into the office.  

  26. I don’t agree with the characterization of. Nash’s posts. 
    I think it is important for folks to express their opinions without being trashed.  After all Gordo was here and people simply ignored him.  You can do the same with Nash. It isn’t necessary to assassinate his intent or his character.
    I think people who think any critique of Biden is treason and launch personal attacks know the Biden is like everyone’s 3rd choice and are insecure in the outcome.

  27. Sturge
    Linseeds response was 
    “Well, uh, well, uh, well, uh, I don’t think I want to do that”

  28. Here’s every one of Jace’s “Sunday Serendipity” classical-music videos that’s still available (148 tracks):

  29. “ I think people who think any critique of Biden is treason and launch personal attacks know the Biden is like everyone’s 3rd choice and are insecure in the outcome.” -KGC
    You are goddamned right i’m insecure in the outcome. 

  30. KGC
    As one of the people who pointed out Biden’s problems early on when there were like 25 people in the race,  let me point out..
    Trolling is trolling and pointing it out isn’t character assassination. You did a bit of it yourself. We all do from time to time. 
    Nash actually got respectful but forceful answers to the first time or two he trolled.  But that only goes so far.
    If I actually though Nash cared about anybody’s opinion on this blog I might have toned this post down but I doubt that he does. He certainly hasn’t given any indication of it.

  31. wapo:

    The U.S. government has paid at least $970,000 to President Trump’s company since Trump took office — including payments for more than 1,600 nightly room rentals at Trump’s hotels and clubs, according to federal records obtained by The Washington Post.
    Since March, The Post has catalogued an additional $340,000 in such payments. They were almost all related to trips taken by Trump, his family and his top officials. The government is not known to have paid for the rooms for Trump and his family members at his properties but it has paid for staffers and Secret Service agents to accompany the president.
    The payments create an unprecedented business relationship between the president’s private company and his government — which began in the first month of Trump’s presidency, and continued into this year, records show.
    The records show that taxpayers have now paid for the equivalent of more than four years’ worth of nightly rentals at Trump properties, including 950 nights at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and 530 nights at the president’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, according to a Post analysis.
    Trump still owns his business, though he says he has given day-to-day control to his eldest sons. Last year, Eric Trump said that when government officials visit Trump properties with the president, they are charged “like 50 bucks.”
    But in the 1,600 room rentals examined by The Post, there were no examples of a rate that low.
    Instead, the lowest room rate was $141.66 per night, for each of the rooms in a four-room cottage in Bedminster. The highest rate was $650 per night for rooms at Mar-a-Lago.
    Before Trump, the only recent president or vice president to charge rent to his own Secret Service protectors was former vice president Joe Biden, according to records and interviews with the staff of former presidents and vice presidents.
    Biden, now Trump’s presumptive Democratic opponent in the 2020 election, charged rent for a cottage near his home in Delaware. The rent, which was listed in public spending records at the time, totaled $171,600 over six years.
    Trump’s company exceeded that total on March 17, 2017, records obtained by The Post show. He had been in office for less than two months.

  32. Bink
    148 tracks, wow! Thanks for taking the time. 
    So how many hours is that?

  33.  “Why were Fauci and Birx there? Never asked to speak.“

    i thought Fauci was self-quarantining.   Was it really 14 days, ago, that i read that?

  34. Anthony and Dr Debbie were the only ones wearing masks so they weren’t allowed to speak

  35. KGC…  we all have a right to express our opinions….   as well as everyone else giving their opinion of our opinions.  I thought Craig was especially respectful of his last post and asked some really good questions. Instead of answering, he apparently has left the blog.  Which says to me, that he wasn’t really interested in having a thoughtful back and forth conversation to begin with.  But I really do miss his old humor.  Kinda saw the old Nash with the “growing up a Catholic” thread.

  36. Dude took the gloves off when he started peddling rape and cover-up accusations, so i took them off, too.  Turns out Punchy has a glass jaw.
    i ain’t crying for him, i’m crying for this 11 year-old kid i’m reading about that has Covid-19 induced massive organ failure.

  37. i ain’t crying for him, i’m crying for this 11 year-old kid i’m reading about that has Covid-19 induced massive organ failure.

    Who you talking about, Bink?

  38. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski had an opportunity to be the greatest political heroes of our day by preventing this calamity, but they chose not to take it.  All they had to do was say “guilty”, once.

  39. Worth noting Trump now saying economy comes back “next year”, big shift from earlier saying in the Fall, then by end of this year. WH projections must be horrible to make him move the goal post.

  40. Anybody seen a white, really white white, bobble-head?  Last seen was a long time ago.  Used to take up space on the SFB daily rant.

  41. He’s home with wifey and apparently at some point Whitey White White had a woman doctor.  Did his wife come to every appointment?

  42. I certainly hope the Trump campaign is reimbursing the government for the pr letter we all got telling the money we got was entirely due to him  practically out of his own pocket.

    That’s right a good conversation is the goal. But that is not what happened with Nash.

  43. Hey, Mr Nash !  Come home !  I miss you.
    Bring Mr Solar and Mr39 with you, pleeeeeaase !

  44. “The deaths don’t matter to him. If it’s a decision between saving himself and saving others it’s no contest.” – – Trump biographer Tony Schwartz on MSNBC tonight. 

  45. Whata ya wanna bet Stern gets death threats from the magaTs now?  Im looking forward to the graduation broadcast on ‘most’ networks tomorrow night, and, Obama’s commencement speech.   It will remind folks what a POTUS is supposed to sound like.   Trump  isn’t smart enough to speak at a kindergarten graduation.  

  46. Stern has been eviscerating trump every morning that he broadcasts, lately, and yes, his conservative* fans are crying like little children about it all over the internet.

    *racist, misogynistic, all-around bigoted ones.

  47. Well, a lot of places won’t come back soon  (at least not the same way) or at all.   When Republicans say they don’t want any more stimulus money to go out (to anyone other than the 1%) until they see if the first round of money fixes things, I just can’t believe their callousness and cluelessness.   As for the tiniest part of the stimulus money, the $1,200 to individuals, it hasn’t all even been distributed yet.   Once folks get it, most will spend it on needs (rent, utilities, food) or save it.    Trump and the rest of the Republicans have botched the response so badly, shown that they care so little for Americans,  that even if everything were to reopen by he end of the month, there would be little consumer confidence.  Only the racists  who still support Trump would believe a word coming from that camp. 

  48. Interesting evening. Spent it installing a new pick guard with some new pickups on LP’s old Stratocaster. His comment was “amazing.”  Gotta admit it sounds pretty damn good. Glad to see my soldering skills are still adequate. Plus I got to spend a couple hours working with LP. Rare these days. 

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