110 thoughts on “A Lesson For Dealing With Trumpism”

  1. wapo:

    Eliason said Sullivan’s contemplation of holding Flynn in contempt for perjury exposed what has long been a flaw in Flynn arguing that his plea should be undone. Flynn admitted in court under oath three times before two different judges that he lied to the FBI.
    “They can’t have it both ways,” Eliason said. “If they’re going to say now he didn’t lie to the FBI, then he lied to the judge. … But presumably [U.S. Attorney General William P.] Barr’s DOJ is not going to prosecute him for perjury, so another option is the judge could hold him in contempt for lying to the judge.”
    Legal experts said it is both extremely rare for a federal court to seek an outside counsel to oppose a joint government and defense motion, but also for such a motion to come after a defendant has entered a plea to a court.

  2. Trump requires attention and he’s gonna boil our bunny if we aren’t properly attentive and awestruck by him.   (I’m only awestruck by your arrogance and stupidity, Donny, you orange cretin.) 

  3. I view the Flynn case more simply. He offered a guilty plea twice. After questioning by the judge it was accepted- twice. Once a guilty plea is offered and accepted the guilt phase of a criminal trial is over and the case proceeds to the sentencing phase which is where the Flynn case is at present. DOJ is now asking the trial judge to grant Flynn an appeal in the District Court. That appeal should be filed BY FLYNN in the Circuit Court. Were I the judge that would be my ruling. 

  4. If senator burr is replaced as chairman of that senate committee which agreed about foreign election interference, will the committee then be free to change its mind?

  5.  Pogo – Johnathon Turley is out with nonsense that the judge is wrong, should have accepted that the guilty defendant pleaded guilty and DOJ wants out to dismiss the case.  Turley used to be somewhat thoughtful, now he is just another cult member.

  6. They will probably have to charge Loeffler also, as collateral Damage.  They probably never liked her much to begin with.
    Maybe after having been skewered by her messmates, she will have some guts to spill.

  7. BB, yeah Jon Turley has crossed over apparently.  I didn’t see what yo’re referring to, but his arguments in the impeachment hearings struck me as an argument crafted to support a predetermined result.  It’s what lawyers representing clients do every day, but it rang pretty hollow.

  8. Rick Bright House testimony now on teevee: “Our window of opportunity is closing. If we fail to improve our response now based on science, I fear the pandemic will get worse and be prolonged…Without better planning, 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history” https://t.co/JYg6TXvFVK

  9. Interesting watching these republicans questioning Dr. Bright as if he robbed a pharmacy.  Anything to make Dear Leader look better.  How long is this crap going to go on?

  10. D: All of the above?
    I was sad about the rain today, until I realized that it would be raining on all of the protesters in Lansing today,

  11. I like the Lincoln project approach. Make it all about Trump. 
    That is what this election is about.
    The Joe details are just side fluff. We know he can do an adequate job and we know he will bring in good people to fix things.  But Joe needs to quit getting into the details of policy that loses votes. Be vague, be general and make it all about Trump
    Just use the slogan, “The Democrats fixed it before, we will fix it again”
    Trump inherited a robust economy and broke it.

  12. Funny watching House Republicans in Rick Bright hearing parrot FOX News lies, such as promoting hydroxychloroquine, but network not covering them, instead obsessed with worshipping Michael Flynn.

  13. Fox News- Number me for news in Moscow
    They will be kicking themselves when they finally realize the Trump train only goes one way; straight to hell.
    Corey – Any lighting predicted for Lansing?  They can be Trump’s proxies for a good, swift bolt in the shorts since it hasn’t gotten him in the golf course…yet.

  14. Rick Bright House testimony just now: “We still do not have enough personal protection equipment, supply chains ramped up for drugs and vaccines, or a comprehensive testing strategy so Americans know how we find this virus, trap it and kill it.”

  15. Some of those House Rethuglicans are so dumb i’m surprised they know how to breathe.

    (unless they’re just playing dumb for their base- in that case they’re pure fucking evil)

  16. Hopefully, Bink, some of them will need a machine to do that for them very soon.  The onliest thing that might wake ‘em up is getting really ill.  Rand didn’t get sick enough. 

  17. Next up to lose business, cosmetic dentists.  Who needs beautiful, store-bought choppers when you’ll need a mask…or an unemployment claim…or a coffin?  My dad has his teeth cleaned this week and he said it was over $200.  They sprayed him down with something, took his temp…and his money.  That seems crazy.   

  18. The dems are still just too damned namby-pamby!  If Jim Jordan, repube OH were there,  he’d scream at Bright and then rip his head off.

  19. Bastard repubes would bitch if Bright had gone up the command chain as violating the protocol! 

  20. How dare that ugly repube question Bright about his medical leave!  And Bright due to HIPAA didn’t need to respond.  If it were reversed, the repube would have hid behind HIPAA.

  21. Well, on that tangent, What’s the difference between an orange?

    With an orange someone needs to co*sine?

  22. Another acute angle
    : “Jared [Kushner] had been arguing that testing too many people, or ordering too many ventilators, would spook the markets and so we just shouldn’t do it…”

    An economy to die for.

  23. IMpotus says the good doc is a “disgruntled employee”…  only the gruntled and those who only grunt are acceptable in this administration

  24. Faced with the sobering truth delivered in a reasoned manner, House Republicans don’t have a goddamned thing to say.

  25. From NYT:  
    Thousands Are Headed to Alaska’s Fishing Towns. So Is the Virus.

    Hopefully they’ll all stop by Palin’s house in Wasilla

  26. Tiptoe,
    I think the Dems were content to let Bright speak for himself and make the Repubes come across as the idiotic assholes they are.

  27. Headline NYT:  ”
    As Coronavirus Overruns Russia, Doctors Are Dying on the Front Lines”

    Here’s what a totalitarian government gets ya, something like here except for the windows, so far. “Doctors say they are hampered not just by a lack of equipment and protective gear but also by a rigid, top-down governing system that discourages initiative and independent thinking. Medical workers who have spoken out have faced pressure from the authorities; three doctors who tangled with their superiors over working conditions fell from windows in recent weeks, though even the Alliance of Doctors, a medical-worker activist group highly critical of the government response, has described those as possible stress-related suicides, not homicides.”

    “Last week, a group of Russian doctors compiled an online Memory List of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who died during the outbreak. The list currently has 111 names.”

  28. Apparently, stupid flynn has walked into a second trap set by and for the friends of russians. I’d like to see flynn serve his sentence for contempt of court, before beginning his sentence for lying to the FBI.
    Three convictions for lying can only be considered a sign of good character in a republican world.

  29. Hey, we might not have to die to re-open the economy.  41 year-old Nick Cordero only had to give up 80% of his lung-capacity and his right leg, so that’s encouraging.

  30. Who needs beautiful, store-bought choppers

    BiD ran into that just yesterday, I was going to the store, as I stepped out the door realized I hadn’t put my teeth in. Then remembered I was going to be wearing a mask anyway, so never mind.

  31. The 4th Circuit tells US District Court to proceed with discovery in the DC & MD v. Trump emoluments case.  As they are known to say, too bad, so sad. 

    The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, sitting en banc on Thursday, overruled a decision from a panel on the same court that prevented a case brought by Maryland and the District of Columbia from proceeding. The case alleged that Trump’s hotel business with foreign governments violates the emoluments clause, and the specific issue for the full 4th Circuit was whether to intervene to force the district court to allow an interlocutory appeal and thereby prevent the district court from proceeding with discovery (which would entail the investigation of Trump’s finances).

    The 4th Circuit held that no, the case could proceed as the district court ordered. The majority held that dismissal of the entire action was not warranted because Maryland and D.C.’s argument that emoluments include “all profits and other benefits [accepted from a foreign or domestic government] that [the President] accepts through the businesses he owns” is plausible. In a stunning rebuke of the dissent, three judges wrote in a concurrence: “Without a doubt, a lawsuit brought by the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia against the President of the United States catches attention outside the walls of the courthouse. How then should the Court avoid the appearance of partiality when there are eyes upon it?” The judges answer their own question: “By applying the law and abstaining from grandiose screeds about partisan motives. Or, put another way—by doing its job. And that is exactly what the excellent majority opinion does.”

    I kinda liked those couple of paragraphs from Jennifer’s article.

  32. The Dallas county  judge is talking in circles.   He’s great, calm and well-reasoned, but he’s got a color-coded safe-to-do chart that has a sliding scale depending on your health and age.  Then he said how great our testing was going…and then said we are dead last in testing. 

  33. Will trump visit his senate friends loeffler and barr in prison ?
    Will he EVER visit his advisor and friend manafort in prison ?

  34. Some man at the Lansing protest today had a doll hanging from a fishing pole by a noose and an ax in a trash bin, along with his flag. There was a scuffle involving people trying to force him to leave. The police took his ax. In other news,  a 52 year-old woman was killed by her son-in-law at a Staybridge Suites hotel in Holland last night. The son-in-law was arrested near South Bend, Indiana. 60-90 minutes away from here. It turned out the woman who was killed was a friend of mine from work. No name has been released on the news, but it’s been all over Facebook.

  35. Ms Dallas,
    Clearly the worst testing is the best. It will result in the most deaths. High productivity is what rippers are all about : They call it Supply Side !

  36. Work and consume. Consume and work.  There is not a an actual Christian in the Republican Party. 

  37. Why isn’t there a cheaper and easier test.  The one that feels like “a root canal in your brain” costs $500 if they make a ~mistake~ and charge you for it.  It’s supposed to be zero copay if you have insurance.    
    Covid has made it abundantly clear to all that we need universal healthcare, a basic income, higher minimum wage, better public education, continued education for those who need to change jobs due to technological advances, and, cheap/free internet access.   (Any Republican who says they can’t see it is a damned liar.)  
    I hope JOE BIDEN works toward those ends when he IS POTUS.    I hope he talks about these things with Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang a lot, and then actually does something about them.  
    And then I hope somebody has something on JarJar and takes that weird, little weasel down hard. 

  38. Corey – the hard right anti-abortion groups use the baby hanging as one of their visuals.  The axe in a trash can seems to be an enhancement.

  39. Goggles!   It infects your eyeballs. Masks, gloves and goggles. Can we all just be issued hazmat suits?

  40.   ”It infects your eyeballs.”
    Of course it does. Your eyes are connected to your sinuses which are a respiratory pathway.

  41. Oedipus drives, Oedipus wrecks. 
    Kilt his Pa, married his Ma.
    Winds up with Eye of the Blind Tiger.

  42. The Lansing protest was called “The Judgement Day” protest. So dramatic! I’ve been off work since April 3rd. I could go back to work on the 18th, because of the Elon Musk/Tesla stuff, but I’m going back on the 26th. It’ll be hard with my friend because I haven’t seen her since I’ve been off work and because of the Covid-19, none of us from work will be able to attend her funeral. The whole thing is senseless.

  43. Poor little feller just wanted to be a real Manhattaner but just never could cut the mustard. Always reeking of wiener and schnitzel.

  44. Corey, I guess being one of those people is it’s own punishment.  Plus, they’re likely to be totally shunned for the next few months at least.

  45. Two of their misconceptions 
    A. That they are the ones who do the shunning. B. That they are the ones who will be  running the guillotines.

    Haha, humus joke!

  46. What can we do about the current shredding of the rule of law.  There needs to be a big push back on the Obama nonsense.  Yertle’s response onTrump TV needs to be ridiculed.  Lardbutt has spent the entire term trying to trash Obama and now he is speaking out and Moscow Mitch tells him to shut up
    Mitch it is way past time for you to shut up

  47. “ What can we do about the current shredding of the rule of law. ”
    Apparently, nothing but wait and hope.
    Incidentally, kind of happy that the myth of our “Founding Fathers’” omniscience has been exposed as a lie.  Then again, how could they have imagined a horror like Donald J. Trump or how stupid the electorate would become?!

  48. It’s always been in the hands of our institutions which are as yet bloody but unbowed.

  49. Corey – I’m sorry about your friend.   I’m wishing I was still off work. I thought I was going to be glad about it, but I’m a bit nervous.

  50. Bill Deblasio and Donald Trump both made some of the stupidest decisions at the beginning of this Covid-19 pandemic. 
    One is a Democrat and one is a Republican. What do they have in common, New York City. Must be something in the water.

  51. Went to Hy-Vee to get some medicine and a few groceries. At check out they had a bin full of  6oz bottles of generic handsanitizer. 5 bucks. I went back in the liquor department and bought another 5th of everclear. Even having to pay excise taxes it was cheaper and I can sanitize both the inside and out.

  52. So, BiD, just flow the protocol and protect yourself, and if someone invades your space or intimidates you, hold your hands forward and say:
    ”i’m in a high-risk group, please respect my safety measures.”
    Lead by example.  That’s what i’m doing.  Yes, i sometimes take shit for it.  Guess how many fucks i give.

  53.   “6oz bottles of generic handsanitizer. 5 bucks.“
    …fucking price-gougers.  i lucked into a 32 oz bottle of sanitizing gel at Target for $2.50.  

  54. Sorry, about the profanity, folks, but i feel like it’s less offensive than tractor-trailers full of dead-bodies.  i use it for emphasis, thanks for understanding.

  55. Watching The Dick Cavett Show.  People communicated differently (better) in the olden days.   It’s sure a nice break from the pandemic.

  56. Waiting to check out at hyvee  everybody was doing their 6 ft and then some,  except for an old man behind me. So I stepped up, he stepped up. I stepped up beside my cart he steppedup too it . When the lady in front of me moved to check out I got my cart between him and me. I was very uncomfortable.  Next time he gets sprayed with everclear. He did have a mask at least.

  57. Bink
    That was kinda my thought but it was the first time I’ve seen it in the store going back to the middle of march. So God knows where they got it, no brand name on it and if you don’t package this stuff up by the million units then you pay out the ass for assembly and bottles.  like bottled water it doesn’t matter the size of the bottle you pay the same per bottle. content doesn’t count.
    To be honest I like using  straight alcohol and with everclear I don’t have any weird odors.

  58.  Something I noticed in Walmart, there were a lot of empty shelves, not groceries and stuff you have heard about but in the toy department and shoe department. Kind of odd. I didn’t go over the whole store just something I noticed as I walked across the store.

  59. Bink, bud. I get looks, I give them back. But I’m a bit of a crazy fucker. I told a couple of strapping young men – I’d say in their 30s, half my age – who were very amused with their loud, dumbshit stories to, and I quote, “ Would you mind shutting the fuck up?  I’m trying to listen to the band.” in the Beacon Theatre at a Tedeschi Trucks concert. Mrs. P was mortified- thought the guys might wait for me after the show to kick my ass. Of course they didn’t. I imagine they were reluctant to deal with an old fucker who could be crazy as hell. Don’t sweat the profanity. It inserts a bit of emphasis this hard to find otherwise. 

  60. Joe – starting now. Tell Americans the truth, rely on the science. Sounds reasonable. How’s that for a refreshing change?

  61. lol, yeah some people were mocking me for dancing at the Tame Impala concert, last year, and i straight-up replied, “you can sit on your ass and listen to this at home”

  62. You already know what my pandemic-theme-song is (Queen’s “Keep Yourself Alive”) but my sweet love’s is this one, and i’m posting it, here, so we can listen together.  Hang tough 💪❤️🇺🇸 

  63. “How long does hubris usually take?” -Mr Sturgeone
    Lines from an old Irish rebel song Slan Leat came to my mind :
    Fight on; fear not, for God is just. 
    The tyrant he shall cease to live.

  64. Lots of empty shelves when I was last at the store.  Greeting card racks at the grocery store were picked over.  I’ve also noticed brands of ketchup and things I’ve never heard of before.  They also had restaurant-size green beans and corn. At $3.50 for a paint bucket full of green beans, it’s a good deal if you want to eat them at every meal.     

  65. Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips and a deceitful tongue.   Psalms 120
    The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.  Psalms 121
    Next year will be better.

  66. “He likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun…”

    “…but he don’t know what it means”

  67. ^that’s Kurt Cobain warning us about Trumpistanis 25 years ago.  Ok, going down a Nirvana worm-hole for the rest of the night ✌️❤️🇺🇸

  68. 86,541 dead and counting.
    Yet the rippers are howling about an American general/russian mole ‘being tricked’ into copping pleas with the FBI. And somehow Biden is supposed to be ‘in on it.’ The abysmal poverty of the trump campaign is amazing, and yet, for some reason (possibly the gru has dossiers) ripper senators and reps are still goose-stepping along with their Messiah. It’s too damn weird to adjust my mind to it. It’s as if a the commie party took over the republican party cock, crock and (oil) barrels.

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