Give us this day our daily bread and dead

How do we calculate the costs of the coronavirus collateral damage as we reopen? Is it worth the cost to stay closed or to reopen? Who can be trusted to do the calculation?
On the fringes pushing the gas pedal to reopen are those at one end who are greedy heartless narcissists in well-protected towers and those on the other who are anxious starving unemployed about to lose whatever they call home.
Pumping the brakes or at least wanting to keep the social vehicle in low gear are the first responders, the polled majority and a few governors such as Cuomo, Hogan, Newsom, DeWine, Beshear among others.


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  1. more disturbing is the fringe group I left out who neither are the poor who pray for the bread that gives them life nor the rich who long for the bread that makes them richer.  you can recognize them by the flags they wave, the swastika swat teams.  their eyes are on the daily dead count, particularly that larger-than-should-be percentage which are persons of color.  

  2. bink, kudos on that stroke of genius last night

    “Let’s just give trump $1 billion out of the stimulus funds to resign.  Hell, give him $10 billion, it would be the best investment we ever made.”  

    and to BiD for naming your GoFundMe the “goEFFu”

    can’t think of a better way to spend the stimulus check than using it to stimulate him out of office. to further entice him  add a federal pardon and a plea deal with NY like a cherry on top. 


  3. back to the thread topic.  basically, we’re being asked to calculate the cost of a person, any old person (pun intented). as Gov Cuomo opined the other day we need to ask ourselves just “how much is a human life worth.”

    approximately  80,000 to date have been lost due to the virus.  

    and is your visit to the barber shop or getting a mocha latte really that important for one more to go?  

  4. Economics, is not called the dismal science for lack of a reason.  For months the calculations have been run.  To get this much employment how many people will be lost to sickness and death?  Can the GDP be saved with so many tossed into graves?  What are the incremental based on X and Z?  Minimize deaths and increase profits. All sorts of things going on. 
    And, if only three people shop or dine or get a pedicure will it be worth the risks of opening everyday?

  5. speaking of what also is on trump’s chopping bloc that’s vital during a time staying at home is a life and death matter

    As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.

  6. the guardian yesterday had this to say about the above video:

    The Last Week Tonight host dedicated his latest at-home show to the USPS which is currently at risk, along with its staff. He showed footage of postal workers who were scared to come to work, to which Oliver added: “Those fears are not misplaced.” More than 1,000 have tested positive for the coronavirus while at least 40 have died.
    The USPS is in desperate need of financial aid, having asked for $89bn from Congress, a problem that has come “at the worst possible time”.
    Trump has “strongly opposed giving it financial aid” by openly criticising the USPS for working with Amazon to help deliver their parcels. Amazon is of course owned by one of the president’s many nemeses, Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, a paper that has run many factually accurate stories about Trump’s many mishaps.
    Oliver joked that Trump “makes policy decisions based on his never-ending game of six degrees of how is this about me” before showing footage of him calling it a joke and saying they should increase pricing.
    In response, Oliver said that “the postal service is not a joke” and also “if the postal service quadruples prices on companies, the package delivery costs will almost certainly be passed on to the consumer because the companies, they don’t give a shit”.

  7. My state has started to reopen…  slowly.  Don’t want hoards of Massachusetts people coming over the border.  I can wait for a haircut…  no big deal.  I did go to a real grocery store this morning.  Have been going to the small local one only for about a month.  Got most of what I wanted.

  8. CDC Director Robert Redfield Senate testimony: his every answer, on testing, nursing home stats, guidelines, whatever, is they’re going do something “soon”. Haven’t we learned by now this guy is a useless mess?

  9. Sen.Cassidy (hypocrites-ignorant American). So worried about poor children thinks they should be in school. Hey gooper asshole what about some funding for broadband and tablets or computers.  Fake concern from a fake senator. Boy Louisiana has the worst teps

  10. This repube state of confusion AKA Tejas is reopening.  I feel more at risk now. April has gotten her hair, nails, and eyelashes done.  She also bought a car. And she has no health insurance.  James went with a friend, who’s been all over the place himself,  to a restaurant and hung around near downtown. He says he’s “blowing & going”. God only knows what else they all have been doing and with whom they’ve been doing it.  I’m staying away from those two.  The dance studio, where there’s intimate involvement, literally & physically, opens soon.  April is already signed up. The instructors will become vectors as they’ll be in touch, literally & physically, with many people. The infection & death rate continues to INCREASE here.
    I can’t think of one thing that this virus could do for me that would be helpful and improve my heath. Right now I don’t have lung, heart, kidney, nor brain & CNS problems. And I have no blood clotting. Therefore, I’ll continue what I’m doing. I won’t return to dance or the gym which will be opening also. I’ll have patience. Hopefully I won’t coincidentally pick up the virus while deferring my fun & normalcy. 
    Listening to the hearing, why do repubes hate American people so much? Just because the dictator wants to be reelected?  They’re sheeple, toadies, and minions. No brains, no logic, no concern. 
    They ALL should be voted out in November.

  11. The number of dead is certainly higher, as they will calculate “excess deaths” beyond the norm who were never tested.   
    Just think of all the Social Security  and Medicare/Medicaid money that will never be distributed because idiots like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick would prefer it if y’all just go back to work and let your grandparents die.  Gotta figure that into the calculation.

  12. If Trump gets $1 billion or $10 billion at least he will finally be telling the truth about being a billionaire instead of just a money launderer for others.  

  13. Define “soon,” please.   I guess, if you get sick and/or die it’s the opposite of not-soon-enough. 

  14. Not all jobs will come back, so there will be parents home with many children.  Make sure they have internet access.  Why isn’t it cheaper, anyway?   It’s ridiculous. 
    Now is the time for Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.   If only they were leading the way.   We wouldn’t be headed over a cliff.   

  15. Fauci Senate testimony to states now reopening: “There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you might not be able to control.”

  16. These dopes are going to feel terrible when people they love die from being infected by them, but guess who they’ll blame- people who did the right thing.

  17. They will blame the victims and accuse them of getting it else where 

  18. A strange phenom occurred in some Medieval cities, when they were hit with the Black Death. There was mass dancing in the streets. They’d get the pneumonic plague and invariably die, rather than staying at home with their rats and lice, getting bubonic plague, and probably surviving. 
    But what’d they know ? Their polities were all run by trumps.

  19. Bink, you just can’t fix stupid.
    I didn’t get a chance to listen to the arguments regarding SFB’s tax return subpoenas.  Sounds like classic SCOTUS fare, though, RW asking questions that sound like they think Congress can get them and LW questioning why they should be honored.  AS for the Manhattan DA, what I can glean is that their general counsel did a better job than the House’s GC in his argument.

  20. Rand Paul in Senate hearing: “In rural states we never really reached any sort of pandemic levels in Kentucky and other states … outside of New England, we’ve had a relatively benign course for this virus nationwide.” 

    His own home county in KY has more cases per capita than a majority of New England counties, plus he got it himself!

  21. Rand Paul…  
    see Pogo’s statement to Bink about how you just can’t fix stupid.

  22. Dumbass’ grip on reality apparently continues to slip.  I saw last night the CV Rose Garden “update” presser SFB held yesterday.  So it ended when Ms. Jiang (WV product – but born in CH) asks him about HIS misleading comments and his response is “You should ask China”? That’s akin to the old non-sequitur “Do you ride the bus to school or do you carry your lunch?”  The follow up question from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins apparently pushed him over the edge and he stalked out.  What a fucking wuss.

  23. What a benign sounding Caption “Under fire, President Trump drops his Mar-a-Lago dock plan — for now” for an article in the WaPo Style Section about SFB dropping plans to build a dock at Marla’s Ego.  

    The more important thing is that the article points out that SFB may not be a Florida resident and that he may have committed voter fraud when he voted by mail for himself in the Repug primary. I’m shocked I tell ya.

  24. TX   AG, Ken Paxton, says some Dallas County rules are illegal and confusing, like wearing masks.   Jeez.

  25. Poobah, another crack job by tRumpco vetting  its newest appointee.  I can just hear her responding to the questions about her critical comments – something like “I do not want to be the focus here.  Best President in the history of the US, wonderful leader, blahdy, blahdy, blahdy blah…”

    It doesn’t matter if you open up businesses if everyone hoards cash.   You see, humans only have two functions:  Workers and Consumers     Life ain’t worth living if it’s not about the economy. Christians in name only (I hesitate to use CHINOs) like Dan Patrick,  Mike Pence, etc., certainly haven’t shown there is any deeper meaning to life in the USA.   You live, you work, you buy, you die.  

  27. Dime-store-Ivanker also called Trump a “progressive.”   A progressive what? A progressive cancer on America’s ass?

  28. Let’s be PERFECTLY clear, jay sekulow’s presentation to the SCOTUS was nothing less than a request to make deutsche bank a temporary agency of the White House. 

  29. pogo – Actually, he’s an aggressive cancer.   But really, in what way is Trump “progressive”? 

  30. Ugh SFB is a giant canker sore
    I have never heard him called progressive.
    He ran as a populist although that was just because it sounded good.  

  31. Try ‘digressive.’

    We must see and hear only things that praise the anti-Christ !
    Sick Hyle !

  32. jay sekulow’s presentation to the SCOTUS was nothing less than a request to make deutsche bank a temporary agency of the White House. 
    Will republicans approve trump’s commie-istic state-owned banking ?
    Sure. rippers have nothing against trump-style commie-ism !

  33. Thank you, Ms Cracker.
    And yes, he’s a giant canker sore, plus a chancre sore, plus . . . .

  34. I always feel uncomfortable disagreeing with Ms Cracker. She has that habit of being right, y’see. 

  35. Good Mornin’, Captain ! Good Mornin’ to you. Huh huh ha huh ha ha.
    Well I’m an old mule skinner, etc. 

  36. Who would want to lick a mule ? Even one that’s freshly bathed. I mean … yech.

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