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  1. sturge,  copper hoppers?  either great paint job or a very very expensive piece of work.

  2. by George again at 


    The Supreme Court agreed unanimously that Jones could proceed, and, like the op-ed, quoted from the Founders’ debates about the status of the president: “Far from being above the laws, he is amenable to them in his private character as a citizen, and in his public character by impeachment.” Which meant that while a president could be impeached for official misconduct, he “is otherwise subject to the laws” — and therefore could be sued — “for his purely private acts.”
    I couldn’t have imagined then that another president would challenge that proposition. Then again, I couldn’t have imagined President Donald Trump.
    But here we are. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear telephonic arguments in three cases addressing whether Trump can keep his tax and financial information from being disclosed, whether from Congress or criminal prosecutors. In Trump v. Vance, which involves a New York state grand jury investigation, Trump’s lawyers argue that, even when it comes to purely private conduct, the presidency insulates him from the legal process.
    But Trump’s case is even weaker than Clinton’s. At least Clinton was being sued personally. He ultimately had to give evidence himself, which he did (infamously) at a deposition. But because the suit had nothing to do with presidential duties, the Supreme Court said it could proceed.
    Here, Trump hasn’t been charged with or sued for anything. He’s not being required to do anything. The subpoenas have been directed at his company and his accountants. They don’t require his time or attention.
    Trump’s position stupefies. In essence: Authorities can’t investigate anything touching his personal affairs — including, ahem, payments to pornographic actresses — because he’s president. Think of the logic: Not only does the president enjoy a personal constitutional immunity — his businesses do, too

  3. Well, I Pithture this – CV19 spreads through the WH. SFB and the White Angel of Death die and leave for hell.  GSA disinfects the WH before President Pelosi moves in from Blair House where she was residing while presiding over the funerals, assembling a cabinet and during the disinfection process. 

  4. Bid, you asked about ms reade’s putin praise.  bill provided it last night in one of his more “colorful” screeds.

  5. For those who consider Stephen Miller a vampire, the tweet of the day:

    Stephen Miller’s wife has tested positive for coronavirus. Further proof that it jumps from bats to humans.

  6. Our parents were right about Rock and Roll. (but we knew that).
    Good golly miss Molly, what a trip.

  7. For a great interview with a virus scientist, please listen to The People’s Pharmacy on NPR…or better yet, listen to their podcast for a longer interview.   Most of our viruses have come from bats; one came from cattle.   Pigs have gotten SADs (the D is for diarrhea); proximity means it may have come from someone working with bats in the lab, but China will never let us in; those who collect bat poop or bats for food are immune (they have antibodies, as do the villages they live in), but they may have come into contact with city folk.   Science, son!
    For those of you who missed it yesterday,  the virus is found in the reproductive tract.   It’s an STD, too.

  8. To the Crackerses, Happy Anniversary!   I think the frogs are serenading y’all! 

  9. I got sent to Twitter jail for twelve hours.  Made a snarky remark in response to a Trump jr tweet and they decided I was plotting personal harm to the President.  I am a very dangerous woman.  

  10. Really?  Cuz it sounds to me like they are isolating and trying to keep folks away unless necessary, while the gov hasn’t mandated a state lockdown.   They should be able to make sure anyone who passes onto their land isn’t sick.   

  11. Imagine that…..a whole family so full of dipshits that they’re unleashing utter dipshittery all over the country.

  12. “I got sent to Twitter jail for twelve hours.“ -Jamie
    …am impressed, good job. 💪❤️🇺🇸

  13. “I just heard the news about Little Richard and I’m so grieved,” Dylan wrote. “He was my shining star and guiding light back when I was only a little boy. His was the original spirit that moved me to do everything I would do.”
     “I played some shows with him in Europe in the early nineties and got to hang out in his dressing room a lot. He was always generous, kind and humble. And still dynamite as a performer and a musician and you could still learn plenty from him. In his presence he was always the same Little Richard that I first heard and was awed by growing up and I always was the same little boy. Of course he’ll live forever. But it’s like a part of your life is gone.”

  14. The one that really got me was Lucille. The scales fell from my ears.
    Now we hear through a gas darkly, and then face to face.
    You don’t do your daddy’s will is almost the King James of Rock & Roll.

  15. Crime doesn’t pay, but criminal defense does, and criminal prosecution pays like clockwork. – Stuart Goldbarg Bootleggers on Ice

  16. The one which slapped me in the face came over the Wurlitzer juke box down at the community center.
    Well, it’s Saturday night and I just got paid, Fool about my money, don’t try to save. My heart says go go, have a time, ‘Cause it’s Saturday night and I’m feelin’ fine.

  17. “The elders” would have preferred that song was not on our juke box, but the, you know, those guys who controlled all the juke boxes in town stocked it with what sells…..put another nickel in…..and as a result, I got to hear it.

  18. I wasn’t slapped upside the earbone like that by a lyric until,
    Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose – Very Buddhist, that.

  19. The ‘elders’ would have preferred The Browns singing about little Jimmy Brown. Or (maybe this is a bit of a stretch for the elders) The Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups.

  20. If, say, Paul McCartney and I were to happen to find ourselves in the same room right now with a couple of guitars we could say one word: “Lucille?” and immediately play it in the same key and probably flawlessly.  It’s that old Columbus thing with the cracked egg…..Sure, everybody can do it now—but who did it first?

  21. The elders would hate,
    I got a 38 pistol on a 45 frame.
    How can I miss him,
    when I’ve got dead aim ?
    I’m gonna ride, old Railroad bill.
    At least, my old man hated it.

  22. BID. Sturg
    Thanks for the. anniversary greetings
    We are about to do some serious eating and drinking

  23. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kiplinger.com/article/business/T049-C032-S014-the-stunning-irs-move-that-bashes-small-businesses.html
    Well, so much for payroll protection.  The IRS now says it’s taxable.    That will, once employees are kept on the rolls for the allotted time and the loan is forgiven, cause even more folks to be laid off because businesses will have to meet their tax burden.   When did this happen?  April 30th, after most of the loan money was distributed.   Talk about a bait and switch.

  24. Mr Sturgeone, if you can do Lucille perfectly, I assure you that I am impressed all the way down to my deepest darkest chakra. 

  25. I can hear the influence in Elton John’s piano playing on “Saturday Night Alright.”

  26. In honor of the Crackers blessed event, I think I’ll pour myself another.
    The drinks are on Mr Pogo. 

  27. I performed with said “Dixie Cups”.  1966 They breezed in about an hour before showtime, gave us a list and keys for the first show and said they’d wing it on the second. They only boasted of 2 or 3 chart singles, so the rest of their show was just covers.  And of course only one chart topper which they milked all the way out.
    There was only one blemish the whole night and that was when we were doing “Shotgun” by Jr Walker and the short one turns to me and says,  “Faster!”  So I turns around to Sprite playing the drum and thumbs up for faster and up we go. So she turns around again, same thing and up a notch.   So it’s rolling along now at presto mucho agitato and she turns around and pulls a Jimmy Durante, “Stop the music! Stop the music!”  And makes a nice apology to the packed house about communication onstage or whatnot, turns around counts it off very firmly.   A good bit slower than what we’d had it at.
    She was actually, of course, saying, “Too fast!”. 

  28. Sprite passed this week in a nursing home.  Don’t know if it was the econo virus or not.

  29. When they started, “Going to the chapel, and we’re goona get ma-ha-haried” the house would go wild.

  30. Lotta things I don’t know much about, but I can assure you, Mr X, that “Lucille” ain’t one of them.  Richard or Everlys. 😎

  31. When you learn something like that as a teenager it tends to stick with you.  Only thing is, Macca then got to learn it in person.

  32. Happy to purvey the drinks for the Cracker celebration. Best of wishes to the happy couple. 
    Little Richard. Damned shame. Well, his music didn’t die today. 

  33. This from the New York Times article on Little Richard’s death. Sturg should find it interesting and more than a bit funny. 

    If uniting black and white audiences was a point of pride for Little Richard, it was a cause of concern for others, especially in the South. The White Citizens Council of North Alabama issued a denunciation of rock ’n’ roll largely because it brought “people of both races together.” And with many radio stations under pressure to keep black music off the air, Pat Boone’s cleaned-up, toned-down version of “Tutti Frutti” was a bigger hit than Little Richard’s original. (He also had a hit with “Long Tall Sally.”)


    Pat Boone. 🙄😂

  34. I know everyone is either asleep or drunk but I thought I just had to share this from the WaPo article entitled As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans it’s safe to inch back to normal 

    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also backed the administration’s response, saying, “President Trump is committed to a data-driven approach to safely reopening the country. His steadfast leadership has saved American lives, and the American people recognize his leadership.”

    First, they left out the fact that 2 staffers tested positive, 11 Secret Service officers tested positive and members of the CV task force are doing a quarantine thing while “As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans it’s safe to inch back to normal.“  Oh, and apparently the name should be spelled McENinny. 

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