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  1. by george at wapo:

    It may strike you as deranged that a sitting president facing a pandemic has busied himself attacking journalists, political opponents, television news hosts and late-night comedians — even deriding a former president who merely called for empathy and unity in response to the virus. It may strike you as nuts that Trump bragged about his supposed Facebook ranking in the middle of a virus task-force briefing, asserted that millions would have died were it not for him, boasted that “the ‘Ratings’ of my News Conferences etc.” were driving “the Lamestream Media . . . CRAZY,” and floated bogus miracle cures, including suggesting that scientists consider injecting humans with household disinfectants such as Clorox.
    Now, it’s more obvious than ever. Trump’s narcissism deadens any ability he might otherwise have had to carry out the duties of a president in the manner the Constitution requires. He’s so self-obsessed, he can only act for himself, not for the nation. It’s why he was impeached, and why he should have been removed from office.
    And it’s why he reacts with such rage. He fears the truth. He fears being revealed for what he truly is. Extreme narcissists exaggerate their achievements and talents, and so Trump has spent his life building up a false image of himself — not just for others, but for himself, to protect his deeply fragile ego. He lies endlessly, not just in the way sociopaths do, which is to con others, but also to delude himself. He claims to be a “genius,” even though he apparently can’t spell, can’t punctuate, can’t do math and lacks geographic literacy, and even though his own appointees have privately called him a “moron,” an “idiot,” a “dope,” and “dumb.” Now, God help us, he fancies himself an expert in virology and infectious diseases.
    Trump’s lying, his self-regard, his self-soothing, his lack of empathy, his narcissistic rage, his contempt for norms, rules, laws, facts and simple truths — have all come home to roost. Now he sees his poll numbers fall accordingly, and lashes out with ever-increasing anger. For deep in his psyche he knows the truth. Because he fears being revealed as a fake or deranged, he’ll call others fake or deranged. Because he fears losing, he’ll call them losers instead.
    And while Trump’s mind roils in rage, too many Americans are losing their lives. That’s the losing that matters, to everyone but him.

  2. Well, dumbass is trotting out the 2016 talking points. WaPo headline today:

    Trump pledges to ‘terminate’ Obamacare; Pompeo spars with China

    He certainly doesn’t want to use current ones like:
    75,000 Americans have died in three months as 430,000 travelers come to the US from China. 

    30,000 Americans file new jobless claims in April 5 weeks. 

    Better to drag out an old trope, but let’s update it:
    Trump pledges to kick 20 million Americans off their healthcare coverage under ACA Medicaid expansion. 

  3. And if that isn’t bad enough, from Reuters:

    Initial claims for state unemployment benefits likely totaled a seasonally adjusted 3.0 million for the week ended May 2, according to a Reuters survey of economists. That would be down from 3.839 million in the prior week and mark the fifth straight weekly decrease in applications since hitting a record 6.867 million in the week ended March 28.
    Last week’s filings would lift the number of people who filed claims for unemployment benefits to about 33.3 million since March 21, roughly 22% of the working age population.

    According to a Reuters survey of economists, nonfarm payrolls are forecast to have plunged by a historic 22 million in April, which would blow away the record 800,000 dive seen during the 2007-2009 recession. Employment dropped by 701,000 jobs in March, ending a record streak of gains dating to September 2010. 
    The unemployment rate is seen jumping to 16% in April, which would shatter the post-World War Two record of 10.8% touched in November 1982. In March the jobless rate shot up 0.9 percentage point, the largest monthly change since January 1975, to 4.4%

    Oh, right , we’re supposed to worry about Obamacare. 

  4. Quick! Go outside and look west.  You may be able to the last super moon 🌚— It’s huge!

  5. pogo, pogo, pogo,  those 20 million won’t miss not having healthcare –  hell, they won’t need it due to Donald’s deadly disease wiping them out 3,000 per day this summer.

  6. I plan to spend today either reading or visiting the various animal habitats.  First up this morning: The Elephant Sanctuary in TN that cares for elderly elephants rescued from abuse, retired from circuses etc. Since they are free to roam over their various habitats, you have to be patient.  It’s a nice bit of peace in the middle of all the noise


  7. pogo, no wonder your fellow east bumfuckers were afraid of you on your return from big apple.  premonition of things to come.


    New York City’s coronavirus outbreak grew so large by early March that the city became the primary source of new infections in the United States, new research reveals, as thousands of infected people traveled from the city and seeded outbreaks around the country.
    The research indicates that a wave of infections swept from New York City through much of the country before the city began setting social distancing limits to stop the growth. That helped to fuel outbreaks in Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and as far away as the West Coast.

  8. Yeah…  my sister who lives in Queens would love to escape and land here.  But I’ve told her that no way could she come here.  People are freaking out when they see Massachusetts license plates…  I can only imagine what they’d feel to see her New York plates.

  9. RR, I feel her pain.  The irony here is that Mrs. P is freaking out when LP suggests that he might go over to one of his friends’ house to visit, work out, whatever.  She’s afraid he will get infected. I’m sure their parents are freaking out that he will infect their kids.  I’m more worried about him having an accident on the way or the way back since he has driven for crap in the last 2 years or pick up some intestinal bug from the Chik-Fil-A he so dearly loves to eat.

  10. Pogo… I feel guilty about it.  But not only does her car have NY plates…    all my friends here know her and that she lives in Queens.  The minute it’s safe for her to travel…  she’ll be welcomed here.
    BTW…   I agree with you about all the former Republicans who are trying to get trumpty ousted.  For the moment, I applaud them.  I’ve always been ok with people being conservative….  but I really don’t get trump supporters at this point.

  11. I’ve been in the office for 4 hours and I’m ready to retire.  Arrows on the floor; must mask up if not at desk; take your new, whiteboard marker to the bathroom to tick the “occupied” box in the whiteboard since only 1 can go in at a time; scan everything, touch as little paper as possible.   Even when back to work, overall productivity will be down.  

  12. “ I really don’t get trump supporters at this point.”
    They’re racists and he’s the racist president they always wanted.  Really is as simple as that.

  13. Tiptoe’s “sciencemag” article posted at the end of yesterday’s thread is a good read on the mechanics of c-19, if you missed it. 

  14. I believe the first time I stated that trump was insane was in May 2017.  So, the topic today is old news to me.  That doesn’t mean that it is tedious or antiquarian, because it is an evergreen observation. The Sickman of America manifests his malign delusions in ever-changing and destructively inventive ways. 
    Re the campaign to exterminate ACA : Demand-side economics. Poor people will once again face he choice of seeing a doctor, paying rent or eating. I expect that is the plan. If the need is greater than the supply, you can either boost the supply or cut the demand. Poor people don’t add much value, as they say, so their deaths will cut the demand side of the medical cost equation. Good for rich people; good for middle class people, especially morticians. 

  15. They’re racists and he’s the racist president they always wanted.  Really is as simple as that.
    Bink…  yeah… for some of them… but not all of them.  I know many maga hats.  Some I call friend.  I would never call someone that I thought for a NY minute was a racist “friend”.  Maybe I don’t watch enough Fox News (I don’t watch any).  And if that is what is required to understand them…  well…  it ain’t happening.

  16. …there’s no other rational explanation, Renee.
    i have racist Trumpistani friends, and if they start in with their racist Trumpistani nonsense, i make them regret bringing up politics.
    …probably not swinging any votes that way, sorry😭

  17. During the first year of The Apprentice (the only one I watched occasionally), I frequently commented that Trump was a nut case/conman.  He was so proud of his penthouse, often offering a visit as a reward.  All I eve saw was a poor man’s idea of rich and nouveau riche at that.   The ride down on the escalator was just a confirmation that he was nothing but gold plated tower trash. 

    It has always shocked me that anyone ever found him even minorly attractive as a man much less a candidate.


  18. i’ve worked at fast-food restaurants run by pot-smoking twentysomethings that were managed more competently and with more concern for their workers than our federal government, and that’s not hyperbole.

  19. Well now.  The dictator’s valet is Covid positive.  Too bad for him.  Some folks are outraged that the dictator even has a valet. And shortly the dictator will meet with Abbott, the governor of the great state of Tejas. Will anyone wear a mask? Here’s hoping!!!!!  
    If they both get it, it’ll be perfect poetic justice! 

  20. Craig, good article! “If this were your child, you’d intervene as quickly as you could, getting them the help they clearly needed.”
    As good as the Lincoln Project ad. BTW, they’re repubes.


  21. Hummm…the dictator is now getting TESTED DAILY!!!  Really????  What about the rest of the country that he says don’t need testing???
    BiD, I understand your thought of retiring. I understand that feeling so much, I did!

  22. Had to turn on Faux to see it.  There they are, Trump & Abbott,  sitting next to each other along with Dr. Brix and others. NO masks!

  23. The country’s falling apart. A lot of people are dying. The dictator is continuing on with his usual blather. Fake news, personalities, etc.
    Wadda total LOSER!!! 

  24. And trump fired the bastard, but only after flynn got to look through all the documents. 

  25. A woman like that has to be a carrier of something.  Come to think of it, a guy like trump must be a carrier of a whole nation of diseases.

  26. TT – I would prefer that Abbott not get the the cofeve from SFB.  Why?  Because  Dan let-your-grandma-die Patrick  is waiting in the wings.  
    Didn’t Joe say something about lowering the age for Medicare?   That would be great.  I am now 100% ready to retire to a small house and garden, far away from here.   Healthcare keeps me tied to my job.

  27. My relatives on the left coast think the virus is a hoax.  Something about Fauci’s employee…I never did look at that link they sent last night.   A couple of them are anti-vaxxers, too.  Hoping the idiocy skips a generation.
    TT – Has the wind made you nuts, yet?  

  28. When SFB, Birx, Fauci, Pence and others not wearing masks, it’s no wonder that some are thinking they don’t need one, or, that it’s a hoax.     The good doctors need to insist that they be allowed to mask up, even if SFB’s ego refuses.  

  29. TT, what, do you find the dumbass’s concern and resulting daily testing to be ironic, disingenuous or simply and profoundly hypocritical?  Here’s my question- knowing that one of the valets who serves his food is CV19 positive has dumbass injected himself with Clorox or Lysol and taken hydro chloroquine, you know, just in case?  Bet not. 

  30. I figure that the aborted flynn prosecution is a shiny object dangled in front of me to lure my gaze away from the trump/c19 slaughter of the innocents. 
    putin must be destroyed.

  31. Obviously the republicans want to kill off as many old people as possible so that they can say we don’t need Social Security anymore. Ergo, the money collected for Soc Sec will be distributed to the top 1% of the top 1%.

  32. Michael Flynn is an unregistered agent of a foreign power who admitted he lied to the FBI and is in prison. Now Barr, in Trump’s pocket for the ride, has come out with the biggest wad of lies and gobble-de-gook nonsense, saying Flynn lied to FBI alright, but he didn’t mean it, and actually, can’t be held accountable because it didn’t pertain to Flynn’s lying to Pence anyway…and the DOJ is wanting Flynn out, now, to be free. Trump calls Flynn a hero. Also, Trump called Flynn “an innocent man”. And Fox News is calling the whole thing an intimidation plot by…wanna guess who? OBAMA! Never saw that coming, didja! Flynn is one the most, if not the worst, despicable characters in Trump’s march of criminals through the White House swinging gate. “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” Mark Twain

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