With The New Day

comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt

The First Day

While we are forced to live in a weak and crippled America for the next nine months, until Biden is sworn in as president, we can hold hope of a rapid restart.  Knowing that the political appointees will be submitting their resignations, and that a competent new administration will accept those, gives hopes to a cleansing post haste.   As there is a lack of appointments now, a deliberate act by the person in the White House and the far right group hoping to establish a dictatorship. We should expect Biden will be able to prepare a thousand new names, ready to fill the empty positions the minute he is sworn in. 

As this week begins there is a slight peek past election day that the Dems will have the Senate majority.  There is also hope that one Moscow Mitch will be out too.  That will make investigating him and his wife easier.  Having the Senate in Dems hands will make it easier to install the Biden picks.

I also look at restarting American science with a plan installed to take on the coronavirus COVID-19.  Yes, that nasty killer will still be with us.  It will be combined with the flu strains to attack and kill Americans in numbers which are still unknown.  The United States used to be the lead for finding solutions to previous health crises, but not now.  There is no federal plan from this failed administration.  Leave to the for-profit companies to find something is not a plan.

Although this may be wishful thinking, I hope that Biden and his team are already starting the transition plan to replace this disgraced administration.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. as for you, murder hornets and you locust plaguers, you haven’t met your match until you meet homo sapiens the real killer species.

    for example, here’s a company that even sells scorpion lollypops. 

  2. good news story for a change these dire days in NY Times

    DUBLIN — More than 170 years ago, the Choctaw Nation sent $170 to starving Irish families during the potato famine. A sculpture in County Cork commemorates the generosity of the tribe, itself poor. In recent decades, ties between Ireland and the Choctaws have grown.
    Now hundreds of Irish people are repaying that old kindness, giving to a charity drive for two Native American tribes suffering in the Covid-19 pandemic. As of Tuesday, the fund-raiser has raised more than $1.8 million to help supply clean water, food and health supplies to people in the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Reservation, with hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from Irish donors, according to the organizers.
    Many donors cited the generosity of the Choctaws, noting that the gift came not long after the United States government forcibly relocated the tribe and several other American Indian groups from the Southeastern United States, a march across thousands of miles known as the Trail of Tears that left thousands of people dead along the way.
    Gary Batton, chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, said in a statement on Tuesday that the tribe was “gratified — and perhaps not at all surprised — to learn of the assistance our special friends, the Irish, are giving to the Navajo and Hopi Nations.”
    “We have become kindred spirits with the Irish in the years since the Irish potato famine,” he said. “We hope the Irish, Navajo and Hopi peoples develop lasting friendships, as we have.”

  3. Ok, there seems to be a disconnect between what’s happening and what’s being done to address it. As he announces the upcoming shutdown of the CV19 task force and shift to a reopening task force, 

    President Trump’s latest red line for the next phase of coronavirus legislation — a payroll tax cut for workers — has few fans in Congress even among Republicans, …

    While I would welcome a 6.25% pay increase, I tend to think that the focus should be on the 20% who are unemployed and hourly workers whose hours have been reduced as a result of the response to the virus’ spread and on preventing some of not all of tomorrow’s 2000+ deaths. 

  4. pogo, and maybe have him answer gov Cuomo’s question yesterday How much is a human life worth?

  5. We have flu shots.   If it’s a good match for the strain that shows up, if folks will take it, and, with increased hygiene/consciousness because of Covid, the flu might be kept down.    Also, the immune system works better with adequate nutrition, especially C and…here’s your sunlight thing…D3.  

  6. Bink,  you just put your finger on the problem with SFB and his insane move to transition to focus on the economy rather than the illness. He doesn’t perceive himself at risk and my life (and yours and…) is worth nothing to him. 

  7. Cuomo’s answer to his question what’s a human life worth: “priceless”

  8. Dr Agus saying highest risk groups for Covid-19 complications are: diabetes, people with blood-pressure issues, and those with obesity.

  9. Chuck says it as it is. 

    “This idea of drawing red lines [referring to McConnell’s insistence on protection for employers for CV19 related lawsuits] — particularly when they’re not really related to what the needs of people are, particularly when they side with big corporate interests as opposed to individual workers, as Leader McConnell’s red line — it’s not productive and it’s not going to work,” Schumer said. “People have real needs.”

    You go, Chuck. 

  10. I guess NBC needs ad money badly.  It just sold its soul/credibility and aired a heavily-edited Trump ad.    Shameful, as Rich would say.

  11. I saw a mud mound out on the trail today.  The opening was the dize if a softball and it was about 6” high with thick walls.   What do suppose lives down there?   

  12. i’m no doctor, but it sure seems that there might be a genetic factor that predisposes one to complications.  if so, i’d imagine that within a year or two, genetic testing will be available to determine an individual’s personal risk of Covid-19 complications.

  13. like this?  give or take an inch or more higher probably a fire ant given your locale

    but if looks more like a volcano then it may be an antlion mound

  14. In an age of nonstop alarming stats, here’s a doozy:

    AP — “Of the 10 counties with the highest death rate per capita in America, half are in rural southwest Georgia”

  15. Greetings from the desert.  195 today.  Governor Ducey, a SFB’s follower, ordered two research groups, one from each of the major universities in the state, to shut down their Covid 19 tracking, and to let FEMA take over.  The research groups said the state peak cases will occur in late May and June.  Yesterday, AZ recorded the highest number of single day cases and deaths.  Also, yesterday, Ducey hosted the president where the message was reopen now.  AZ lives don’t matter either to these leaders. 

  16. BlueBronc….   nice imagination!  I hope that dream comes to fruition.
    I don’t care who does or doesn’t like Biden.  Ya got a choice…  Biden or Trump.
    If you choose Trump….  go fuck yourself.
    Things are going to start opening up here in NH very soon.  Think I’ll just stay home.  I like my house…  I like my yard.  I like the company I keep here (Rick and our cats).  My studio is calling…

  17. morning consult
    1 in 5 Republicans Say They Would Not Get COVID-19 Vaccine
    If and when a COVID-19 vaccine is brought to market, public health officials will face another challenge: convincing skeptical Americans to get on board. While the majority of U.S. adults (64 percent) would get vaccinated were one to become available, 14 percent say they would not and 22 percent are unsure. Republicans (20 percent) are nearly three times more likely than Democrats (7 percent) to say they would not get vaccinated. Read More.

  18. I’ve been googling and it looks like a crayfish mound, but bigger.   Land lobsters?

  19. Yes, the Trumpers will use the “my body, my choice” argument to refuse vaccination.    OK.   Let them ESAD.

  20. Wow. I’ve never Ever seen Dems in a tie for men.. 

    2020 election by gender via Monmouth:


    Trump 46%

    Biden 44%


    Biden 56%

    Trump 36%

  21. BiD
    Was your walk close to water and was the mound dried mud and the hole less than 1.5 inches. Then it might be a crawdad, they can get up there several inches as I remember. 
    Ground hog burrows are rather large and they scatter the dirt so it is not a volcanic mound. 
    Have never dealt with fire ants, they aren’t in my world, thank goodness.

  22. By closing the Covid-19 task force Trump is betting the farm. It is the way he operates, except this time there is no bankruptcy to fall back on. In all his life he may actually be called to account for his behavior, I’m sure it will be a shock. 
    BTW if you want to get middle class America on board pound that last sentence. Middle class America is a big believer in personal responsibility even if they don’t practice it.

  23. Could someone please correct the typo in Mrs Roosevelt’s first name in the header of today’s interesting post?

  24. BB
    I’m going to ran on your parade a bit here.
    All those appointments have to get through the senate. So for your dream to come to fruition, 1 Democrats have to take back the senate in a big way, and 2 they need to suspend the filibuster. 
    And you can take it from there.

  25. An interesting read from The  Atlantic

    The complaint that Washington is out of step with Main Street has been circulating for roughly as long as each metonym has been in use. But it’s seldom, if ever, been more true than at this moment in the coronavirus pandemic.
    The most active debate in politics at the moment—in the White House, in state capitols, and in the press—is about whether and how much to reopen the economy. President Trump has been fitfully pushing for the country to get back to work, has boosted fringe state-level protests demanding that restrictions end, and yesterday took his first trip in weeks, visiting a mask-manufacturing plant in Arizona.
    But even as the national political discourse has adopted reopening as the central debate, polls repeatedly show that Americans overwhelmingly back restrictions and do not support reopening most businesses. The consensus is especially notable in an era when nearly every poll question seems to serve as a referendum on Donald Trump, with his supporters lining up against his opponents. Here, despite Trump’s pleas for reopening, Americans are remaining united—and not heeding him. What if government reopened the country, and no one came?


  26. I would love to be able to go out and enjoy a sit-down meal at my favorite restaurant. But not while Covid-19 is spreading through the Hispanic community. A meat packing company in St Joseph MO tested 419 out of 2000 employees positive but no symptoms. Around 50 additional employees showed symptoms. They are mostly Hispanic, Their brothers and cousins are working in the kitchens of almost every restaurant. 
    So, even as they open up, I think I will wait.
    It could be an expensive night out on the town.

  27. Jack…  our local restaurant is just around the corner.  It has 2 employees…  the husband and the wife.  They got a windfall from a relative that died and left them a pile of money.  So  they decided to buy the local place that was vacant about a year and a half ago.  She’s the main cook…  he’s the helper, takes your order at the counter, answers the phone, and now…  delivers your takeout at curbside.   She can cook her ass off.  Rick and I were frequent customers.  Their takeout service is going gangbusters!  It seems that many people in this town and the town over want to keep them in business.  We ordered dinner last week and the husband (Paul) told Rick that they are making more money now than before Covid hit.  I’m happy for them.

  28. Well, it’s official. The Republican legislature in Michigan has filed a lawsuit against our governor.

  29. jack – Yes, there’s a huge pond that leads to canals throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.   It was in a low-lying area that floods when it rains.   I went back after I tried to watch the Blue Angels flyover.   (I saw them, but they changed the flight path and were higher up than I anticipated.)   I will try to attach a pic but it usually won’t work for me.   Anyway, I overestimated the opening.  The walls are thicker than I thought, so with the walls it’s the diameter of a softball.   (Definitely not fire ants; I wish the murder hornets would kill them instead of honey bees.)
    TT – Were you able to see the flyover? 

  30. May the a-holes who filed suit and those protesting to open all get the cofeve and die.  If only it worked that way.  As they say, stupidity should be painful. 

  31. Jeepers, chill on the calls for death a tad, mebbe?
    …based on Jack’s stats, approximately only 20% of infected show symptoms, so the science-deniers might get it, be fine, infect and kill you.   So, wear a mask, avoid idiots, & stay positive.

    My friend is a GoP Typhoid Mary- i won’t come within 20 yards of him.

  32. BiD
    here is a youtube about crawdad holes good picture of the mound


  33. Bink
    I think the question is how long have they been positive  and how many will go ahead and develop symptoms. 
    The good news is they did massive testing and found them.

  34. The only people i see not wearing masks in local public areas, these days, are men.  i even see most children in cute little children’s masks.  But the men?  Probably only 50%, it seems- and men have a much higher risk of C-19 complications!
    So, i take a wide path around macho-men, loud-talkers, construction workers, landscapers, athletes, and old Republican dudes in America-themed garb. 
    The same doctor i mentioned earlier also suggested it isn’t foolish to hold your breath if someone invades your space and breathes too closely to you, fwiw.

  35. Bink, visit East Bumfuck sometime and you’ll see a lot more people – men, women and kids – without masks.  But then again t[he]Rump carried our state by the largest margin, percentage wise, of any state if my memory serves, so what else would you expect?
    I never saw dry crayfish mounds (they are crawfish where I grew up) when I used to hang around 5 Mile Creek as a kid.  They don[‘t call them mudbugs for nuthin’.

  36. Heard a great pejorative today – nutty as a squirrel’s turd.  Thought I’d pass that along – could come in handy.

  37. not your usual  rendition of “I got a line, you got a pole” crawdad song

  38. jack – Yep.  That’s what I saw, although bigger.     I didn’t watch him dig up the poor things on the video.  Someone called the exterminator years ago, as the thought there was a scorpion on the patio.   It was a dead crawfish that had escaped from a crawfish boil.   They escape and crawl down the driveway.   I didn’t realize they built volcanoes.   🦞 🌋 

  39. Sturge! The Turtles are still one of my all time favorites. Eleanor is a great song.
    Bunch of goofy guys, tongues firmly planted in cheek, making terrific tunes with plenty of silliness thrown in. Dig it.

  40. Travis – I like the Turtles and the Kinks.  Creative.
    Maryland is loosening up the outdoor activities binder.  Hogan announced some of the things Maryland is famous for will now be allowable, such as recreational boating.  It was happening whether he wanted it or not.  Along the Chesapeake Bay and the large rivers and on the lakes and ponds, people were going out on the water.  Might as well acknowledge the fact and bless it.

  41. They were great.  Every time the Turtles would die down they’d go work for Zappa 

    One of the greatest lines ever:
    “You’re my pride and joy, et cetera.”

  42. I’m w/Messers C and Strugeone and Ms Blue on this. The Turtles were great fun and music to my ears. 

    I like the Kinks, too, although one of their songs nags me at length periodically.

  43. At the time we just thought the kinks were kinda goofy, but of course we did their stuff because it was there and all…..

  44. S.E. Cupp always seemed a narrow-minded conservative to me, even though she frequently is published in left-leaning publications as well.  She loved Bush43 and his incessant penchant for throwing lives and money down the Iraq-Afghanistan rathole.  To deflect her beauty, she always wore horrendous oversize eyewear, to be taken as a serious journo.  She used to be a frequent guest of the late Don Imus, and I recall switching channels when she appeared, just another Bush supporter.  Now she’s citing the faults of Trump.  I am amazed.  She’s morphing into something other that a mouthpiece for the current White House occupant.  

  45. Dexter – she is one of many republicans not part of the current administration.  Although a few have declared their independence by becoming non-affiliated, or independent, they are still republicans.  Only if they became Democratic Party members will I trust them.

  46. Do I have to trust Wilson and Schmidt (and increasingly Brooks, also) in order to like them* ?

    *add Boot and Rubin.

  47. Moles.  Driving Dems to the right from within?  Conspiracy o’ the day. 

  48. I don’t really give a crap what their voter registration is as long as they urge people to vote against the insane orange clown in the White House. Everyone of the Republicans listed are highly critical of the idiotic administration, and I expect that all of them will be not only voting for but urging others to vote for someone other than Trump, i.e. Biden.

  49. My friend said he thinks even W will publicly support Joe.   IDK.  Don’t former prezs usually avoid the fray?

  50. bId – we are in uncharted waters.  Will the Village Idiot, aka 43, endorse Biden?  I think he will.  The guy may be the second worst president, but he does have a sense of goodness.  In the past ex-presidents did stay out of the fray.  We are in a different world now, and the total incompetence of SFB plays hard on them.

  51. I think trump is a ted bundy wannabee. (If they think you’re rich you can do anything to ’em)

  52. The Blue Angels cost $60,000/hour.  Well worth it, I say. After all the millions/billions this administration has squandered, a little something for the little people who are health-care workers.

  53. This is ridiculous. Community Credit Union became Viewpoint Bank then it became LegacyTexasBank, and now it’ll be Prosperity Bank. All in 19 years. When it was CCU, we could vote.  Did we want it to stop being a credit union and become a commercial bank.  I voted no, but of course, that didn’t matter.  I knew the fix was in with the good ole Tejas boys. We haven’t voted since. Mabbe share holders did. Dunno. So typical.

  54. Covid toes.  No oxygen to the extremities.   
    A relative just sent a link to the whole family about Fauci’s jailed employee.    I’m guessing it’s some Faux Noise crap going after Fauci.  I can’t deal with it and I needed to vent, so thanks.  

  55. The last gambit is sure to be a faked assassination attempt to gain sympathy. Nothing else can save this presidency. Spread the word to inoculate America against this hoax.

  56. x-repub, oh, he’ll say he wants to spend more time with his family like all the CEO’s do. And they don’t know their wife’s name or how many kids they have.  Or he’ll have a phantom health problem. Brain death. 

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