Time For Trump To Quit

I’ve never seen such horrible numbers for an incumbent as Spring comes to close. Tied in Texas and Georgia? Recent incumbent campaigns were won or lost before Summer, not in the Fall. 20% unemployment and at least 1/4 million dead by Election Day? He really should resign and let Pence try to salvage this.


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  1. wapo:

    George T. Conway III, prominent attorney and husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, has been trying with only modest success to provoke President Trump’s Twitter wrath for the better part of his presidency. He finally succeeded close to 1 a.m. Tuesday.
    What set Trump off was a video, sponsored by The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump Super-PAC that Conway co-founded with other Republicans and former Republicans. The video, released Monday, lays responsibility squarely at Trump’s doorstep for the severity of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, including the deaths and economic damage.
    Thousands of died from the “deadly virus Trump ignored,” says the video, called “Mourning in America,” a contrast to former president Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America” 1984 campaign ad.
    Trump responded at 12:46 a.m. Tuesday, firing off a string of tweets attacking those associated with the Lincoln Project as “LOSERS” before turning his wrath on Conway.
    “I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface,” Trump tweeted, “but it must have been really bad.”
    Following its release Monday, the “Mourning in America” ad circulated on the Internet for most of the day, but Trump did not publicly retaliate until after midnight.
    The Lincoln Project, in its own unsigned tweet, responded to Trump’s tweets not long afterward.
    “Since you are awake and trolling the internet,” it said, “here is a little bedtime story just for you,” attaching the “Mourning in America” video.

  2. reposting for emphasis the haunting lines in the LP video’s conclusion:

    “There’s mourning in America. And under the leadership of Donald Trump, our country is weaker, sicker and poorer. And now, Americans are asking, ‘If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?’”

  3. While sitting around I started to wonder if insurance companies are changing their actuarial tables.  Casket companies have to be working overtime.  Will the world see that one Maryland county is using a skating rink for holding those who died from the coronavirus? What will sitting around do to the fatness of America?  Will the new normal change food distribution?  Will processing plants become more universal rather than focused on food service and restaurants for clients?  Why do I have to add “coronavirus” to my Windows/Word dictionary after all these months?  Where is it five pm right now?

  4. On a separate note – Happy Cinco de Mayo.

    edit: it is a Mexican event celebrated in the U.S. Similar to how St Patricks day is a U.S. parade and party just lately celebrated in Ireland.

  5. Cinco de Mayo – the beer equivalent of Valentine’s Day.  A US celebration created to sell beer (Cinco) or overpriced candy, flowers and cards (Valentine’s day).
    On the thread topic, interesting musings, but SFB isn’t going to quit – he’d lose his audience.  Plus, even if lightning struck and he did it’s hard to see how a bobble-head that gazes adoringly at SFB and was on the fast track to lose in his re-election bid as governor could figure this out.  His statements from the podium didn’t exactly reflect his competence in managing the response.  Plus, I’d wager there are a significant number of voters in red leaning states that are tied or close (Ga, TX, FL, for example) who would vote for Pence but would not vote for SFB. 

  6. Pogo…  your 8:20 comment from last night….  hilarious!…  brilliant!
    Craig…  I agree with Pogo….  methinks Pence would garner more votes then trump.  Plus… the only way he would quit (and according to several books written about trump, he quits lawsuits all the time if it looks like he will lose) is if he secures a place to live abroad.  No…  I don’t believe that Russia would want him.  What use would he be to them as a failed US president.

  7. Today is my last day of ‘rona-cation/unemployment.  My company got a payroll protection loan, so back I go to expose myself to more humans.    The week and a half of unemployment I collected was more than what I make at the office.   It was my manager’s idea to let me use vacation before a decision was made about my status, so that was quite a bit of loss.   I still haven’t seen stimulus money.   
    I definitely prefer today’s headline to yesterday’s post.  

  8. It’s also National Teachers’ Day, so thank you to any current/former teachers.   Pay hike for teachers!

  9. Pogo, RR – – the worst outcome for Trump’s legal future is losing re-election, he’d be laid bare unless he thinks he can pardon himself. Quit now, and if Pence wins he’s protected from federal prosecution. If Pence loses he can still pardon him after the election. Nothing protects him from a state prosecution unless he wins reelection and courts rule they can’t indict until out of office. That’d be my advice as his lawyer, start thinking about your legal exposure because there’s no protection if you lose this election. 

  10. Dexter, I haven’t seen anything about an extra check for us, but I like surprises!

  11. I follow a couple of the Lincoln  project folks on twitter, They are in troll heaven over Trumps rage tweeting last night.

  12. Craig…  ahhh….  you’re thinking as if you were trump’s lawyer.  I’m thinking as a Democratic voter.  I would love to see trump go through this election and lose…  badly.
    BiD…  good luck being reemployed.  Sounds like you’re ambivalent about it.
    Dexter…  I LOVE Katie Porter!  Lawrence O’Donnell has her on his show on MSNBC.  I usually watch the first 10-15 minutes of it and then go to bed.  But if he has Katie on, I’ll stay up just to watch her.

  13. RR, I said something funny?  Cool.  I was just laying it out as I see it.  I really do enjoy DeNash and Eprof – even if I think they are wrong.  And really, I prefer at some level to have these internecine squabbles to teh arguments I have with my best friend here – the Kentucky RW Republican.

  14. Poobah, I do not want to see Pence in a position to pardon SFB after November 3.  I want him to be worried about prosecution until Kamala or Preet decides to bring charges.

  15. RR – Thanks.  There’s no ambivalence about wanting to stay home & stay well.   I hope I remember how to log in and actually do my job.  Craig – I’m afraid Pence might stand a better chance, since he pretends to be a good Christian so well.     Trump’s ego won’t allow him to quit.  Even claiming it was for medical reasons would be a blow to his massive ego; he can not be seen as weak in any way.   

  16. Speaking of insurance.  What happened to all the businesses with disaster insurance and the companies have refused to pay
    They should be shamed into doing the right thing

  17. Pence as savior.  That’s hilarious.  Pence, who can’t wear a mask.  Pence, who had the Mrs. lie for him and say he didn’t know.  Pence, who’s office was told he needed to mask up.  Pence, who after all of the dodging and weaving, came clean and said it was a mistake not to wear a mask.  Pence, who backs up the biggest criminal we’ve ever had in the WH.  NO.
    Someone’s immune-compromised husband was just told by their doc not to leave the house at all, because we’ll be seeing a big spike in Covid in the next two to three weeks.  

  18. Greetings from the desert.  102 today.  Jamie, Coco is one of the best films explaining why and how Mexicans celebrate The Day of the Dead.  
    I can see how some took my “milqtoast” comment yesterday personally. That wasn’t my intention. Trail Mix is very centrist from my political leanings and persuasion and I used a wrong choice of words.  I agree that previous Democratic presidential candidates were very weak; they all lost.  And, that is my real fear with Biden. He will lose and be in that group of weak candidates.  I want a candidate with bold ideas, like LBJ, sans the Vietnam War.  Even JFK’s moon shot was a bold idea.  FDR, in the midst of the depression, introduced America to Keynesian economics, where government uses the economic system for bolstering faltering economies.  While Republicans to this day are reluctant Keynesians, they jumped on the economic recovery packages or bailouts, most of the time to line their own pockets, instead of for the public good.  Where are Biden’s bold ideas?  
    Defeating SFB is the number one goal in 2020!  Now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.  

  19. Poobah I’ll grant you there might be a better chance that Pence might listen and act based on the medical and scientific advisors on the task force and not be as concerned about the treasury as about us. But there are 2 “mights” in that sentence. If it would result in saving lives I’d be ok with it and be willing to take my chances on the Nov. election. 

  20. If it is bold ideas then Trump is the man.  His ideas are way bolder than anything a Democrat had to offer. 
    So I guess I’m a little tired of bold ideas , too much destruction. It is time for repair.  I find it interesting every time Democrats get things back on track the left demands bold ideas and we get a Republican.  We never get back what we lost. It has been that way all my political life. 
    Now I’m just through with it. Tear it up, destroy it, I don’t give a fuck any more. I’m going to gather all my toys dig me a hole to hide in and wait till the end.

  21. Trump doesn’t care about the Treasury.  Others do, but based on how he ran his businesses into the ground and came up smelling like an orange, I don’t think fiscal responsibility is high on just list of concerns. The only reason he cares about the economy is how it relates to propping him up.

  22. What are the odds of SFB quitting? Predictit has the numbers as 3¢ yes and 97¢ no.  If there was any playing around it would not be that extreme.

  23. Eprof, to your point about boldness. I think fallout of this virus is moving voters to the ideas of universal health care, guaranteed income and a wealth tax to pay for it. High risk I suppose if Biden goes there but it’s time. 

  24. BlueB, I can see how the odds would be against resignation. But self preservation (staying out of jail) is Trump’s first priority, and if he becomes convinced he’s not going to win reelection, that’s his most dangerous path, he’ll have to ponder options. 

  25. All Democrats should pick up on Cuomo’s theme for today which was what is the value of life.  SFB and his pack of morons think all old people are expendable and have said so on the record.  They should start calling themselves the pro death party.  I wonder if Trump realizes he is in the expendable class

  26. If McConnell stepped away I think he could resign. But SFB would have to be convinced he was going to lose.
    I think if he thought he was going to lose he would suspend the election 
    Vote by mail needs a big time champion

  27. eProf2 I am so pleased seeing you here today and yesterday which also counts as today as I didn’t read your content until  this morning. The last time your presence registered on me was when you were headed into the Nevada desert. During our sojourns there in the 60s and 70s we knew it for its inherent beauty before Las Vegas became Los Angeles-East. From what I remember, you were traveling from Louisiana to find a place in the ‘real’ desert where you could explore Mars and Venus while on Earth. What did you discover??

  28. Agree with you Craig.  These ideas are being floated as well as infrastructure.  Will Biden commit to any of them as his ideas for a Biden administration?

  29. Flatus.  I think we were heading home to AZ from a trip to New Orleans via Marfa, TX.  Marfa is about as isolated as Mars.  The people of Marfa believe they are in communication with Mars as they celebrate the southern lights most nights in the sky.  Nanny first brought Marfa to my attention many years ago so we just had to take the long detour to see it for ourselves.  It was worth seeing but not a place I would like to live.  Hope all is well in SC.  

  30. eProf…   I am a Democrat and a pragmatist.  IMO, I see most people as just wanting decency and a return to normalcy (however one defines that term).  I didn’t vote for Biden in the NH primary…  voted for Klobuchar.   Before this pandemic thing, to me the most important thing a Democratic president could do was to restore our good name in the global community.  I have to admit seeing that Biden is already on a first name basis with a lot of other countries’ leaders, I think he’d get that job done.

  31. If anyone has read either David Cay Johnston’s or Tim O’Brien’s book on trump (I’ve read both), they talk about how trump would routinely sue people…  and then withdraw his lawsuit and settle out of court if it was a certainty that he would lose.  They claim trump saw it not as quitting… but as not losing.  That they claim, was his biggest concern…  not being perceived as a loser.  We will see what he does if his polls numbers continue tank.

  32. eprof & craig,   the boldness can only come from an improved congress,  senate & house need enlightenment.  joe will sign anything that new and improved body sends his way.

    KGB, yep, gov Cuomo hit it out of the park with his “How much is a human life worth?

    “The faster we reopen, the lower the economic cost, but the higher the human cost, because the more lives lost. That, my friends, is the decision we are really making. What is that balance? What is that trade-off?”
    “Let’s be honest about it,…And the question comes back to ‘How much is a human life worth?…To me I say, cost of human life, a human life is priceless. Period.”

  33. once he sees loss of election looks like sure thing, I still foresee him tasking his personal lawyers  to work plea deals with NY state AG (simultaneously with Barr and pence for blanket pardon of all sins) to immediately step down if they promise not to prosecute and take away his properties. 

  34. It’s heartbreaking to sit here and watch Trump and his complete lack of leadership destroy my country and get good people killed.  He might even get you killed, and i like you.  
    Save yourselves!  Save me!  25th amendment the fucker.

  35. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dallasnews.com/news/elections/2020/05/05/defying-attorney-general-ken-paxton-dallas-county-commissioners-back-voting-by-mail-in-2020-elections/%3foutputType=amp
    Dallas county – vote by mail.  Some of the public testimony was funny.  You shouldn’t lie and check the disabled box get a mail-in ballot (because that’s how it works here).   Hand out masks instead of mail-in ballots.  Really?   I’m not sure why the general public fears voting by mail, but…suck it, Ken.

  36. Feeling scorned by passers-by and socially-uncomfortable at work or the store while trying to protect yourself and your community by wearing a mask?
    Well, that’s because your President models inappropriate behavior and enables science-deniers to bully you.  I see  a retail worker was murdered for trying to enforce a store mask policy.  A father of 9, murdered for trying to save lives.  Thanks, Mr. President.

  37. Saw a valid point expressed on twitter:
    ”If the government can mail every American a check, why can’t they send every American a ballot?”

  38. There are basically two forms of vote by mail.   One is you just have to ask for an absentee ballot. The other is you need an excuse and acceptable excuses are defined in each state’s regulations 
    Oregon is a vote by mail state. Pretty much zero fraud and a higher rate of voting.
    Lardbutt the golfing president doesn’t want more people voting he has already publicly stated that would be bad for the goopers.

  39. And based on reporting the feds have not successfully sent out checks to the portion of Americans they have selected 

  40. It’s 2020- i should be able to vote with this thing i’m holding in my hand.  I can perform literally every other social task with it.

  41. Some legal minds think that a prior conviction is necessary for a pardon. Of course, that would make ford’s pardon of nixon inoperable, a mere bluff accepted by the Carter DoJ. 
    In the event of a president pence (gag) pardoning trump, I shall counsel President-elect Biden to consider un-pardoning trump, and making the malfeasor, expensively, take the case through the courts to the SCOTUS, and to pursue criminal investigations and prosecutions simultaneously. Of course all the assets would have to be frozen pursuant to confiscation. Plus ivanka’s, jared, jr’s eric’s barron’s, melanoma’s, trump’s sister’s and Tiffany’s assets also. 

  42. The russians take their now worthless blown agents home, even making exchanges for them. Surely putin would love to have trump as a trophy perhaps as a jester. What the hell, the russian people can support trump in the manner to which he’d have to become accustomed; it wouldn’t be any change out of putin’s pocket. The trump golf game will undoubtedly suffer. 

  43. Q : Will rippers allow the Post Office to fail, just to stop vote-by-mail ? Since Moscow midge and trump are both in deep trouble (and maybe kevin mccarthy and john cornyn, too), I don’t see why they’d want to make voting more easy for the serfs. 

  44. Online voting too many vulnerability or the belief that they are are.  So yes you should be able to vote by phone but we are not ready yet.

  45. He’s letting the po fail because he hates Jeff Bezos

  46. I have to presume that if trump resigned, pence and company wouldn’t let the world know until trump was safely in the russian embassy in Cuba or aboard AF1 already in russian airspace. 

  47. Ms Cracker,
    Good points. Letting the PO go down merely means that Bezos will have to take it over. It’d just be a matter of getting goldamn sacks, boA, citi, wf, USB and morgan raise the money, maybe through a partnership w/fedx or ups. It just makes Bezos bigger, but maniac trump won’t be able to figure that out until it’s too late.

  48. I can see trump’s lunacy soon making Bezos as rich and powerful as vlad the great is.

  49. I only see 3 paths for trump : 1. suicide, 2. flight to avoid prosecution, 3. a brain-disabling disease, perhaps a stroke, that would render him a basket case and prevent prosecution. 

  50. Mark your calendars for May 16, 8 PM Eastern, to hear a real president speak. Obama is giving a national commencement address to the class of 2020. Being aired simultaneously on all major networks. That ought to fry lardbutt.

  51. WA is another vote by mail state.  It is so easy.  You receive a ballot in every election and can either mail it or put in conveniently located drop boxes.  The number of voters increased greatly once this system was put in place.


  52. “ So yes you should be able to vote by phone but we are not ready yet.” -KGC
    Funny how they figured out how to take your tax-dollars online, years ago, but not your vote.

  53. Vote by mail is easy cheap and accessible. 
    There are no credible claims of abuse.  I have always liked voting in person. I like getting my I voted sticker and the thrill of pulling voters at the end of the day but II never had to take time off to vote or stand in line for a long long long time.  I think voting by mail is the best choice for the most people.    

  54. OMG!  Gov. Greg Abbott is doing some creative accounting with the Covid response.  He glossed over deaths.   HE FAILED TO MENTION that the numbers are because of the stay-at-home orders.    And, yes, you can cut the positive test rate if you do more tests. That’s the way testing works.   Also, folks are not going to the hospital because they don’t have health insurance and/or because of their immigration status.   So, of course we don’t need to worry about hospital capacity based on the assumption of low hospitalization rates now.    Dallas county still has a mask mandate, but TX does not.   Here come the changes…

  55. heddy – That’s for the heads up!   That may lead to option 3 on xrep’s list.

  56. Jar Jar says it’s over and now the task force is being disbanded heckava job Lardie

  57. patd’s right about laws having to come from Congress.  Of course in the past presidents had folks who’d draft legislation and send it to the Hill.  Meadows might suggest the same to SFB.  
    EProf, hot out your way is it?  But it’s a dry heat, right?  Since your milquetoast comment immediately followed a sentence about why you don’t visit the blog as you used to it was hard not to see it as directed at people who didn’t agree with Nash’s post.  Since I was one of the critics, hard not to see it directed here.  Glad to know it wasn’t,  although I’ve been called worse.  But like George Conway, I am not thin skinned and don’t mind being called names, and in fact at times kinda like it. You may call me Casper if you think it fits, and even if it is directed at me, I don’t get too mad at people calling me a mildly derogatory name, so regardless, all’s well and I do welcome your comments here.  

  58. Poobah,  is this the Pence you want to step into the Oval Office?  How would this be any better than SFB?

    Says the White Angel of Death: “Vice President Pence told reporters today that the coronavirus task force created to manage the federal government’s response to the pandemic could be disbanded within a month because “of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.”

  59. “milquetoast” describes no one, here, it’s just a place-holder for more caustic invective.
    Rancor is the spice of blog, as long as one doesn’t take oneself or disagreements too seriously. 

  60. Things you can do with your phone:

    Pay your taxes
    Make friends
    Buy anything and have it delivered
    Trade stocks
    Register your car
    Watch TV
    Listen to Music
    Share ideas and inspire people
    Bully others
    Navigate around the World
    Monitor an area remotely
    Start a revolution
    Make phone calls
    Things you can’t do with your phone:

  61. Favorite twitter quote today.

    Today as we mark Cinco de Mayo, grab a margarita and celebrate that Donald Trump is not Latino. Gracias a Dios.






  62. Ah, I get a one-day reprieve.  They are putting social distancing things in place at the office.  Traffic flow, one person in the john at a time, fewer tables in the break room and only one chair at each table; no more than 5 eating lunch at a time.  I eat at my desk, so… Anyway, I don’t have to get up at 5!

  63. Pogo, I hear ya, but Trump is such a psycho I’ll take my chances on a Pence unburdened by the lunatic, at least until election day.

  64. bId – You risk raising a question which will only be answered in November.  Will we have another F. Scott F.? 
    Somehow SFB and his idiots are calling it a game and mission accomplished.  Does this mean they accept they will be out of office and potentially in prison come January 2021?  What gets me is they think they are immune to prosecution for crimes committed since January 2017.  They are a mob family without brains.  I am sure they are not operating like the Godfather movies, but at times I cannot think they are.  They have heard the family history but only watch movies.  We are in the final months of their incompetence and hell – if we survive.

  65. Craig – if SFB bails out, it means bobble-head is in charge for only a few months.  He can do some damage, but nothing like what has occurred to this point since January 2017.

    Murder hornets.  I was trying to forget we have yet another plague upon us.  seven times the venom of other bees; able to sting through a bee suit; kills our pollinator, honey bees and could starve us out.   As if the locusts in Africa weren’t bad enough.   Anyone else hear four, galloping horses?

  67. So dumbass goes to Arizona to promote opening up the country, visiting Honeywell. The irony is at so many levels. Honeywell is manufacturing masks – it should do well as the infection numbers increase as more folks go out and fewer people practice social distancing. And he encourages opening the country in a state marking its highest number of deaths yet, after it experienced the heat that his prodigious gut told him would make the virus disappear. No two week decline in cases there – like the WH guidelines would dictate BEFORE starting to reopen. Goddamn, what a fucking moron. (OK, Poobah, psycho). 

  68. Good one Corey!
    Jamie, I love your mail in ballots!
    Xrep, there’s the 25th amendment… “inject disinfectant”. 
    BiD, murder hornets and into Washington state of all places…where the first case was announced.  That’s all we need. I hope “they” stop them there.
    Craig, we wish he’d resign, but we know he won’t.  Our only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is November. Remember, remember the 5th (or the 3rd) of November! And the next president won’t take office until January, 2021. Only then will we have the hope of some leadership and direction for the whole country.  I hope Biden hits this point HARD.
    I hope Biden talks about quickly appointing competent people as sectaries in the executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs. And that these people will collaborate and work collectively for we the people and look out for the most vulnerable. He also need not mention climate change even thought I’m a believer.  It’s a dog whistle. We know he’ll do something about it when he’s elected.
    We also need a dem senate!

  69. Hi there Old Man.  Saw Mary Chapin Carpenter in concert in DC in 1985.  As it stands now even if Dwight has gone bald and Lyle is aged:  I feel Lucky


  70. TT – Look up at 11:00am tomorrow morning.   The Blue Angels are doing a flyover across DFW, starting over McKinney and ending over Benbrook. 

  71. …just saw a bat silhouette itself against a near-full moon and thought to myself:
    ”…stupid dirty bat.  i hate you.  Please, eat some mosquitos.”

  72. Yeah, time to turn towards single payer insurance…oops!  That’s socialism.  Bernie was the man, especially since the country has morphed into a nation of hurting folks, battling Covid19 and massive unemployment and much anxiety all at once.  We had our chance and headed off Bernie’s ship into the rocks.  Biden isn’t going to take a left turn, he’s had chances and always took a negative stance on that.  Klobuchar is a little to the right of Joe, too, so if he wants a political clone, he’ll pick Amy, and I would be OK with that, even though she’s like my 5th choice for veep.  It’s now pretty-much curtains for apearances for Dr. Fauci and Dr.  Brix as Trump re-shapes his Covid19 panel.  It is unclear if Jared or Pence will be in charge, but the rest, including Azar, are apparently history.  What will happen to the brilliant Dr. Bright the whistleblower?  Probably nothing outside of the world of academe.  Trump blew off an impeachment, he’ll push Dr. Bright off the deck quickly.  Man, Steve Schmidt, I get a kick out of him…he just pours fire on Trump daily.  He understands the ineptness of this clown at 1600 Penna Ave. 
    Thanks, Jamie…I made some calls and sent some emails and of course, the responses were from here to there…the consensus was  if I got the regular $1,200, which I did, that is all I get, which seems very fair to me.  Some said I’ll get some more, but it appears actually my status  doesn’t draw from that fund…so que sera sera. 

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