I don’t like Joe Biden

Nash — I’m a left-wing liberal and he’s a conservative. He’s a weak candidate and Trump may beat him.

“Establishment Democrats” are not really Democrats at all but are what used to be called “moderate Republicans.” They are liberal on social issues but conservative on economic issues. Biden is one of them, with a long record of supporting the interests of big business over the interests of workers.

His son’s activities in the Ukraine are a case study in corruption benefiting a family member of a powerful politician. Sometimes Biden rambles incoherently and appears to be unable to speak in complete sentences. This intermittent behavior may be a sign of the early stages of age-related dementia, and I am not the first one to take note of it. Joe also has a creepy sexual problem: he can’t stop putting his hands all over women in public events, as evidenced by many photos, videos, and published comments by women who have been made uncomfortable by his behavior. He has been doing this for decades. He has been told repeatedly that women don’t like it, but he will not, or cannot stop.

I believe that Tara Reade’s charges of sexual assault against Biden have enough credibility to warrant an independent investigation and I am disgusted by the way she has been treated by Democrats who claim to be feminists and supporters of the #Me Too movement. They refuse to apply the same standards to this case that they have applied to cases involving Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

Biden is not yet the nominee. There is still time for the party to choose someone else, so a discussion about Biden’s fitness as a candidate is legitimate. Biden’s supporters want everyone to ignore his flaws. They have very low expectations of what they want in a candidate.

These are my opinions, but I am not the only one who holds them. Many of us in the progressive wing of the Democratic party feel the same way.

If he wins, Biden is NOT going to do anything to reverse the income inequality that has reduced poor people in the USA to third world status. He is NOT going to do anything to stop climate change. All Biden wants to do is take us back to “the way things used to be.” He wants to return to the status quo, to the Establishment Democrats’ economic conservative agenda, just without Trump’s erratic neo-fascism.

But Biden might NOT win. Everyone thought that there was “no way” that Trump could beat Hillary.

I am an Irishman from Boston and politics is in my blood. The “shanty Irish” didn’t wrench control of the City of Boston from the old New England Yankees by choosing “safe” conservative nominees. Instead they chose the sort of people who would today be branded as “socialists.” These people and their descendants gave us “socialist” policies like labor unions, the minimum wage, unemployment compensation, and Social Security. They also believed that healthcare should not be a for-profit business, but should be equally available to all, and paid for by the government. That’s what Boston City hospital is, by the way. It’s a “radical socialist” institution that provides government funded medical care to the poor. You see, we don’t think that this is impossible as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden all believe. All you have to do is tax the rich. It ain’t complicated.

My substantive criticism of Biden here at Trail Mix has been frequently met with scorn and derision. While I am willing to have a rational debate with anyone on the issues, I will not participate in a discussion that descends into personal attacks. I have always had a temper but these days, I keep it under control … most of the time. I have learned that, in some situations, the wisest course of action is just to walk away.

I’m sorry if this has been a long and difficult read for some of you. The Irish, and former college professors, do tend to be loquacious. The Irish call it “the gift of gab.” As my students used to say, “Please stop lecturing. Class ended five minutes ago.”


Author: Nash

Retired business professor. Native Bostonian, used to live in Maine, now living in Oregon. Keeping busy volunteering at two local environmental organizations.

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  1. nash, i don’t like vaccine shots either but I take them (even if they’ve low percent success rate)  because I don’t like more the alternative resulting from not taking them. 

  2. So Nash, is there a running mate who would get you on board for Biden? And I can’t think of a scenario for “There is still time for the party to choose someone else”? Can you lay one out?

    I’m no fan of corporate Dems either but is what it is, seems to me. Don’t see how this is going to be anything but Biden vs. Trump.

  3. There are things I don’t like about Biden. Some of them are set out by Nash, but exaggerated unreasonably. But I’ve never backed a candidate I didn’t Dislike something about.

    Joe seems to be too close to the insurance world, but in DE what successful politician who could not self fund wouldn’t be?  Could the bankruptcy bill have been better? Or the ACA?  Yes. Would they have passed without protection for insurers and credit institutions?  I don’t know, but I have my doubts.  Did they broaden protections for me and my friends and neighbors?  I think so.

    I am not buying Tara Reader’s story. It’s too vague, too many gaps and too many inconsistencies. And the timing of its release was suspect. It doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. 

    In the end I don’t spend time tilting at windmills.  I make choices based on the Information I have and the options available to me. I did during the primary run up, I will in the general.  And I won’t spend my time trying to insult my fellow Democrats who have chosen Biden as their candidate and attempt to undermine their choice.  

  4. historic day for 3rd branch


    The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments by teleconference Monday, taking a historic but modest step into the technological present.
    Forced from gathering in their grand courtroom because of the threats presented by the coronavirus, the justices will remotely hear 10 cases over the next two weeks. They are drawn from cases postponed in March and April. The justices have not sat as a group since March 9, doing their work and issuing opinions since then remotely.
    The justices will remain scattered, and the advocates will present their cases from basements and conference rooms in Washington and around the country.
    And with a live feed going to the media, anyone around the world will be able to listen in. The Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras in its courtroom, has never allowed simultaneous audio broadcasts and only rarely even allows tapes of its hearings to be released the same day.
    While various media groups intend to air the arguments live, a transcript and tape of the proceedings also will be posted on the court’s website supremecourt.gov
    The court will start slowly, with only one argument Monday, and additional sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week, it will consider President Trump’s battle to keep his financial records from being turned over to congressional committees and a New York prosecutor.

  5. @TheRickWilson



    Who had a merger of Bernie Bros, Trump campaign shills, Russian bots, and elite progressive opinion writers on their 2020 Hellscape Bingo card? You’re. Being. Played.

  6. This is a classic case of making the perfect the enemy of the good.   I’m not wild about Biden having been opposed to him throughout the primaries.  In fact, I was opposed to all of the “senior citizen” contenders. If the US was a parliamentary government with no Electoral College, there would be no problem with third parties.  As it is, we are a collection of 50 smaller countries in territories all voting independently of each other and then lumped in an Electoral College.  Under this system, third parties invariably elect someone you definitely don’t want. 

    Joe Biden is what we have to contest Donald Trump.  Whatever imperfections you find in Biden, he is a damned sight better than the evil that is Trump.  Any vote not for Biden, is a vote for Trump.   

    Come to terms with it Nash.  Even if you sit home, much less voting for someone other than Biden is voting to elect Donald Trump.


  7. Yeah…  what Pogo said in his 7:54.
    Craig… you talking about the Joe Biden who you first supported big time on this blog when the whole campaigning thingy started?…   Now you think he’s a corporate Dem and you’re no fan?  What gives?

  8. Call me politically naive if you want. Hell, call me politically foolish if you must. 
    Joe Biden has been a candidate for a lot of public office. He served in Congress. He was previously a candidate for president. He was a VP candidate. He served as VP for 8 years. 
    Vetted. Vetted. Vetted. And vetted again. Particularly the last one. Barak Obama is not perfect. But I think he’s a good man. Had these allegations been credible, I believe that someone else is the VP during Mr Obama’s presidency and Joe Biden is finished in politics.
    A bunch of Duke lacrosse players had their lives ruined by ugly false allegations. Anyone who has a sexual harassment or assault allegation should be heard. The allegations should be fairly investigated. Fairly investigated. Appropriate action should absolutely be pursued in light of credible accusations.
    To me, these allegations against Mr Biden are not credible. You want to fuss and fury over real, credible, and provable allegations? Look to the occupant of the White House.
    Hold your nose, close your eyes, vote Dem. 

  9. I disagree with the distinguished Hand from West Virginia. I don’t believe the tara reade story because it keeps changing. 

  10. Very well said, Jamie. Mayor Pete was my chosen one until he was no longer a candidate. I absolutely do not want to go through the terrible electoral fiasco of four years ago that resulted 1n Mr Trump being our president. The disposal of my check from the government in favor of the nationally supported Democratic candidate, Mr Biden, was my statement of tangible support for Joe Biden.

  11. The attempt is to inoculate the presidential campaign against the Me Too movement, by proposing that ‘they all do it.’
    The Darcy cartoon posted by Ms Pat above makes the case pretty powerfully. 

  12. RR, I’m resigned to corporate Dems winning nominations. Joe better than most. I backed just about all the candidates at one point or another. Think Liz was my last before Joe sewed it up.

  13. RR, I’ve been impressed with Grisham’s TV interviews, she is really comfortable and personable on air. Higher on her than ever. Especially like her knowledge about and empathy for Native Americans, who are getting hammered by the virus in her state and elsewhere. 4 times more likely to die!

  14. We shouldn’t forget that rippers promoted eva murry’s tale of sexual harassment, too. 
    Biden did not attend the Gridiron Dinner at which he was said to have harassed murry. He was home recovering from surgery. A surrogate attended in Biden’s place.
    Steeerike TOO !

  15. My bad news for the day.  I won’t get a stimulus check despite being on Social Security.  My son carries me and his son as a dependents on his tax return because it gets him a better return annually.  Doesn’t work to our advantage this time as we are both over 17.  So this time around a family of three is getting a one time $1200.00.

    Other bad news, he got a letter from Trump asking for praise for getting his this benefit.  We were inclined to open it with gloves while masked.

    The good news side, is that he is a government contractor at JBLM and getting a healthy paycheck, which is a lot better than a high percentage of others.  

  16. XR, that, too. (Story changing that is)
    Changes, inconsistencies – tomato, tahmaaato.

  17. Wednesday is a big Supreme Court case:

    Very important SCOTUS arguments broadcasting live on NPR, Wed 5/6, 10 am: Little Sisters of the Poor v. PA – considering Trump admin. rule allowing employers w religious/moral objections to birth control to limit their employees’ access to free birth control under ACA.


  18. We’re going to need a bigger DoJ, FBI, and court system to deal with all the trumpies, white supremacists, white nationalists, and polluters. I hope to hell Joe will be up to going after the perps in a big way. I don’t want to see them escape down the ratline to Argentina and Paraguay.
    We’ll want to impeach and remove a galaxy of judicial appointments. 

  19. Thank you for the clarification, Mr Pogo. I see that we are in agreement. 
    Now, about trump smearing scarborough today, do you have advice for the smeared ?

  20. I don’t like Mondays.  Also, green eggs and ham.

    Can i have a cookie, now, too?

  21. Bink….  what?!…  not even with a fox in a box with some lox…
    yup…  but all I have is chocolate chip…

  22. …but i don’t like chocolate chip.  I want everything the way i want it!  This whole place is corrupt!

  23. I’m sorry for the poor quality of those posts, people- i’ve been frustrated and depressed, lately.  Can you guys piss away the entire Democratic process for me, plzzzz?
    (satire, lest it be misinterpreted^)

  24. i’m just a rough-and-tumble kid from the mean streets of Pennsylvania.  Therefore: everything i say is valid and excusable.  

  25. I would prefer Beto or Pete, but we have Joe.  I was for Bernie as the choices narrowed in the last two election years.  Somehow Joe sprung out of South Carolina to become the one.  I wish Katie Porter was in the veep pool.She is not.  So give us the charismatic Stacy Abrams or Governor Gretchen, “that woman out in Michigan “.

  26. My latest worries concern the US Debt steadily funded by the annual deficit.  Who owns the Debt.  For the most part Social Security and state and local government entities.  Nothing but bad paper.  Now we are heading for extreme unemployment equal to the Great Depression  and likely to continue for a long time.  Basically no money coming in to support the Ponzi Scheme of bad paper.  Even Moscow Mitch can’t cut entitlements enough.

    So which country on the globe will end up with a respected currency?  


  27. I couldn’t agree more with Nash and this morning’s post, Don’t Like Biden.  I’m surprised by the responses to his post.  Maybe not, that’s why I don’t spend much time here anymore.  Too many milquetoasts, and too many news clippers showing us what should be important to us as consumers of media tells.  So, when someone like Nash posts a not as radical as everyone assumes, the messenger is roasted.  Biden is one of the least desirable presidential candidates in the Democratic Party in post WWII history.  Not intellectually curious, no new ideas, and just hoping for a  quick return or even an enhancement to the tRump corruption rampant in our now third world gilded age.  In other words, light tRump.  I will support the Democratic candidate, but I’m holding out that Biden won’t get the required delegates and a new candidate will emerge before the election.  I haven’t a favorite, but I can wish for someone who will be a progressive and not an octogenarian while in office.  Have a good day everyone: Now, you have two of us messengers to pick apart.  

  28. Contemporary dystopian science-fiction predicts future economies will be based on corporate-issued “credits”

  29. Sure, eprof2, let’s pretend we live in a society where the “purity of message” is respected and no one has ulterior motives.
    You left ten years, ago, with the other malcontents, led by Brian.

  30. How is my last post a “personal attack”?

    Oh, “malcontents”? Really?

    Ok, you guys can cry about mean people while your government throws kids in cages and dead bodies in tractor-trailers. Enjoy your day!

  31. For starters Bink he didn’t leave 10 years ago, has popped in many times since. 

    Prof, vague broadsides against the whole community also not constructive. 

  32. Living in the real world ain’t a lot of fun right now. So I’m going to my made up fun happy place.
    Joe Biden takes his oath of office on 21 Jan 2021. Elizabeth Warren is VP. Democrats retain and increase their majority in the House. Democrats sweep to a clear majority in the Senate. Throughout state and city governments, Democrats make real inroads.
    In his first 100 days, President Biden signs executive orders undoing much of the really ugly executive orders enacted by the previous occupant. He strengthens the Justice Department and turns it loose to pursue the corruption of the previous administration.
    On day 101, he tenders his resignation and we have President Warren.
    That’s as far as I get before my happy bubble bursts.

  33. eprof:  “milquetoasts”  vs  bink: “malcontents”

    why the trail is so different from most blogs – such gentlemanly banter, erudite and refined disparagements of fellow travelors!

  34. travis, don’t burst that bubble until after prez warren names grisham or abrams as her veep

  35. Oh, by the way, thank you resident milquetoasts and news-clippers for keeping this blog alive through non-presidential election years when few people have a manipulative political agenda to motivate them to participate.  Cheers!

  36. I don’t need a plane ride to find a covid-19 hot spot.  All I have to do is drive less than 2 miles south of here and I’d cross the line into Massachusetts.  Both Rick and I have a dentist over the border.  We’ve both said we’d rather have every tooth rot in our mouths than to go see that dentist right now.

  37. I’d say that there were a few tons of worse Dem candidates than Biden since WWII, including s.thurmond, g.wallace, jesse jackson and john edwards, for character flaws, and McGovern, Hart, Mondale, Dukakis and Kerry for lack of campaigning ability.  

  38. My dog is due for vaccine boosters, although her rabies is good for a couple more years.  Am terrified to take her to the vet.

  39. EProf

    It is good to see your posts.  I do miss having you here as a regular.  Please don’t be a stranger.


  40. I’m a left-wing liberal and he’s a conservative

    And that sentence tells me all I have to know, this isn’t a reasoned well thought out argument. If you start out with a falsehood why should I pay attention to anything you have to say from there on.
    The amusing thing about Nash is he is so busy being a purist/leftist. And doing it on a blog where most of the commenters fall well to the left. I’m left of center myself and I’m the conservative voice around here most days. lol
    So if your fellow leftist are saying you are full of shit, hey maybe you should listen.
    Oh well. Jack

  41. …but i don’t like chocolate chip.  I want everything the way i want it!  This whole place is corrupt!

    Ha, Bink you nailed it! That’s our fricking world right now.

  42. Add Kefauver, Tsongas, Harkin, and Simon, not because they were bad guys, they weren’t*, but because they were beaten to the nomination by men who’d come in second in a one-ticket lottery.
    *in fact, I deeply admire(d) some of the men I’ve named.

  43. Travis 

    Love your bubble except that I don’t share everyone’s seeming adoration of Warren as VP or ascending to the Presidency.  Would prefer Harris (more progressive crucial vote record than Warren) and then she can appoint Grisham or Grisham then appointing Klobuchar.  Definitely need two women to clean up the Trump mess.



  44. Life on the edge of the great plains, A thunder boomer moved through this morning covered the ground with hail, nothing big enough to damage the car but a lot of leaves knocked off the trees and the  columbine are looking a bit worse for the wear.  A lot of the columbine are crosses from previous years plantings. There are a lot of fun ones blooming this year.

  45. If the gripe is that he’ll be too conservative as a president, remember Truman, JFK and Nixon.
    If the gripe is that he’d be an inept administrator, remember Truman, Clinton and Obama.
    But if your gripe is that he’s another McGovern or Mondale, I want to learn why you think so. 

  46. I think the interesting thing and a bit ironic. If Bernie hadn’t run for president odds are Biden would have dropped out early. The reason is that Warren could have put together a winning coalition of leftists and Clintonistas. 
    We would have had Nash telling us how Warren wasn’t progressive enough. But it didn’t happen.

  47. (S Thurmond was technically a Dixiecrat )
    I’ve seen this movie already.   I know how it ends.  
    Not about to relive 2016. 
    Roger Dodger, over and out.

  48. …takes all of 5 minutes, once a day, to peruse the news generated by trumpco and its henchpeople to highlight the contrast between this anti-human administration and a potential Biden administration.  
    “tRump Lite” = false equivalency 

  49. thurmond was a Democrat out to yank the Party back to 1820 by force. Truman embarrassed the hell out of him and the kkk.
    Ya well, we’ve been there; it’s time to move along. 

  50. Lol, good Sir Crawford, i like where you’re going with this (but i’m still going to stay quarantined).

  51. In terms of the VP slot, I like Ms Warren although I do recognize issues that many have with her. But I like her energy and she checks a lot of my boxes.
    But there are a lot of excellent choices to assume the top spot in my happy fun place bubble on day 101. President Harris, President Klobuchar, President Adams. 
    I don’t think it’s necessarily Joe who needs a full first term to start fixing stuff. I think it’s just Dem majorities, a Dem President, and the fortitude to go out and get it done. 
    It’s a heavy lift. If you look at just the Dem electorate right now, everybody has their wish list for what to do and their idea of how they want it done. It was ever thus.
    I’m behind the effort, though.

  52. Something else to add to the corona meltdown.  I and a few others will not be volunteering to go to disasters.  We are older, many like me are in the high risk category.  There is no way I am going to risk my life.  I do not consider it selfishness.  We need young un’s to go into the fray this year.  The hurricane prediction is for a lot of the beasts, which usually means a lot of destruction.

  53. Bink

    As hurtful as the war on the blog became, Brian and I made up our differences on Facebook.  We actually became friends again before his death from cancer.  


  54. Yeah, i liked Brian and frequently defended him, though he made it hard, sometimes, eh?   We were all so innocent, back then!
    …was sad to read of his passing.  My post was just an attempt at establishing historical accuracy.

    (yes, never a good sign when LOTR analogies are perfectly applicable. “Mnuchin the Many-Colored”)

  55. Thank you for helping to keep me informed and keeping the blog alive, patd❤️🇺🇸

  56. It looks like loeffler, trump’s criminous pick to be the snotter from GA, is up to her follicles in alligators, and likely to lose her ass political career in the upcoming primary. That’d be too bad.
    I’d like to see the Dem candidate take her on. But maybe her fans will boycott the presumed winner of the primary, rep (gag) collins. I hope.

  57. loeffler’s opponents claim she’s spent $10M!LL!ON$ to get elected, and is now in 4th place in the polls. 
    It’s past time to take $ out of politics. I meant $$$$$, of course. Gotta keep up w/ the times.

  58. Shit. I take an afternoon and actually do some work for a change and I miss the return of Eprof, Travis and Dexter. What the fuck? Of course it appears that I’m tagged a milquetoast now, so I guess I can deal with that, me and Casper being good friends and all.   Even the wild haired socialist isn’t weighing in and pointing fingers at people clock claiming their milquetoasts. But hey, my skin is pretty thick. I mean after all I sit there and look at judges who can yell at me and I quite frankly don’t give a shit.
    Oh, and by the way Eprof, I post things because I think they’re interesting or thought provoking or are providing information that folks here might find useful. Don’t want to read them? I don’t care. All that said, back in the day, I tended to enjoy your and Nash’s and Dexter’s comments, along with Solar and some others now departed, and greatly missed. Jamie and I tended to clash at times back then, but these days we tend to be on the same side of the issues and where we are right now with the top of the ticket, though we may differ on No. 2. It’s how these things morph.
    Pardon me if I’m being presumptuous, but I presume that there is one single unifying principle that flows through every post and every commentor here, and that is to make sure that Donald Fucking J Trump is out of office in January 2021. If I’m wrong and you don’t share that particular vision, fuck you.

  59. As the death toll climbs in Dallas county, I have been told my company has secured the payroll protection money, so I can return to work.  
    My company is a manufacturer providing essential goods to other essential businesses, so it was never closed.  The layoffs were to conserve cash.   They are still hammering out a few details, but it looks like I’ll go back to work on Wednesday.    
    Gov. Abbott is making an announcement tomorrow afternoon.  Rumor has it that hair salons may be addressed.  I won’t be doing anything but going to work and the grocery store.    What I can’t control is where others go…and then bring in to the office.   That makes me nervous.  
    TravisC – I like your vision of next January, with Warren as VP.  It will be Abrams or Harris, most likely, but Warren is my dream.  I would like to see the age of Medicare reduced, as Joe mentioned.  
    Craig – You are the meme king today.

  60. I became scarce here when Trump somehow corralled the Electoral College and in a nightmare of reality took over at 1600.  I knew my posts would just be 100% hate for 4 years and not good for my health.  But…I simply hooked up with like-minded Facebook pals and vented there, usually just lurking here.  I did support Bernie and was only disappointed by the shenanigans of some Bernie bros , who hurt his campaign.  Along with this, I was equally enthused by Mayor Pete’s efforts.  My nephew’s wife is a strong Democratic Party organizer, living in The South Loop of Chicago, and she brought Pete to rallies several times.  Pete had a lot of well-wishers and did well in the money donations, but had to yield when it became apparent he was not THAT well loved or supported.  Then like McCain did in ’08, Biden rose like the phoenix in South Carolina and rocketed…last man standing.  Now the veep…I stated I wish Katie Porter was more well-known as she is my favorite…I swear she is the smartest, hippest Representative today, a wizard of finances and appropriations, a keen sense of which step to take next, and a person you would not want asking you questions under a bright light bulb or in a congressional hearing.  I also say again I like Stacey Abrams because she is smart and quick and knows how to campaign. She nearly won the governorship of Georgia, after all.  That was amazing.  Atlanta has had many African American mayors, but a governor?  She nearly did it.  Governor Gretchen Whitmer is also rising to prominence as a possibility.  She is a smooth talker and is a convincingly astute politician…but will Biden want her.  I only have one candidate that i do not want Biden to pick.  Kamala Harris, for her prison-packing record as a Cal Atty. General.  I won’t bore you with the details because I’d be writing all night.  Amy’s balloon has been flying so high for so long, will Biden decide maybe he doesn’t want her after all? For a while there Amy seemed like a lock…now, who knows?   I was disheartened greatly when Al Gore was screwed in 2000 and again when Kerry skipped last-days campaigning here in Ohio and Ohio Sec’y of State Ken Blackwell worked his magic and left many big city voters out in the cold as he closed polling places down “due to mechanical failures”, and Bush 43 took Ohio and The White House.  
    Hey…I heard that we disabled veterans are supposed to get a relief deposit of a one-time $1200 on top of the regular $1200…Flatus or anyone else…you heard anything like this? I scoured the IRS site and saw nothing, but did see it on Yahoo! News.

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