Sunday Serendipity

The Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, arranged for Piano and Orchestra. Premiere in Berlin Philharmony – Chamber Hall with a Symphony orchestra.

Performed by Georgii Cherkin – piano

Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Berlin

Conducted by Maestro Michael Zukernik

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. “Let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this sheer threat,” Bush said. “In the final analysis, we are not partisan combatants. We are human beings, equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God. We rise or fall together.”

    “Let’s remember that the suffering we experience as a nation does not fall evenly. In the days to come, it will be especially important to care in practical ways for the elderly, the ill and the unemployed”

  2. Music is good for the soul.
    Good thing we have our Sunday post, I had lost track of the days of the week by taking Thursday and Friday off from work.  A restorative break from a crummy winter and spring.

  3. COVID Query for today:  what’s the white house protocol for protecting the health of all its denizens?  does it even have one for the everyday staff?  are the cooks and cleaners live-ins or do they come and go risking spread of virus to themselves and others they work with? how do they commute safely? are they wearing masks, tested everyday, limited to gathering together?  and what about protective measures with regard to outsiders coming in and out – changing military guard, politicians, media, delivery folk?

  4. AP back in march had a story mainly about prez, veep and WH press corps protection with little about staff:

    The White House has also paused its internship and volunteer programs, stopped public tours and canceled large events through the end of March. It has closed the in-house, Navy-run restaurant where many staffers get daily meals and encouraged them to work remotely.





    Kyle Griffin




    David Axelrod on Obama’s VP vetting process: “Had any credible issue been raised, you can be sure Biden would not have been the nominee. Obama would not have tolerated it, even if he and Biden were close then, which they were not.”

  6. reposted from last thread:

    silver lining:  joe’s 1 accuser gives the 25+ trump accusers opportunity to be heard from again.


    provides depth perspective

  7. Who’d a thunk GW would sound like a statesman?  I’m sure SFB’s response if he heard that was “chump”.  
    So Warren’s cutting his losses?  Doesn’t see the upside the shitheads who listen to Mnochin believe will happen. 

  8. Sometimes inspiration comes from a weird path, or sometimes because the flour was on the kitchen table.  Buttermilk yummies for breakfast.

  9. Once the black lady who always took care of me showed me how to make scratch biscuits.  If I had only remembered how to do it I would now be famous among the family for my Wonderful Biscuits, instead of just sitting here with a bowl of Raisin Bran and a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

  10. Sturgeone – about the only thing I can bake are bread and biscuits.  Everything else turns out to be a story others tell of how crummy my baking skills are.

  11. Sonata #14 in c# m…….opus 27
    i intend to see that my granddaughter becomes very familiar with this

    The piece is one of Beethoven’s most popular compositions for the piano, and it was a popular favorite even in his own day.[3]Beethoven wrote the Moonlight Sonata in his early thirties, after he had finished with some commissioned work; there is no evidence that he was commissioned to write this sonata.[3]


    The first edition of the score is headed Sonata quasi una fantasia, a title this work shares with its companion piece, Op. 27, No. 1.[4] Grove Music Online translates the Italian title as “sonata in the manner of a fantasy“.[5]The title could also be interpreted to imply “…as though improvised”.[6]
    The name “Moonlight Sonata” comes from remarks made by the German music critic and poet Ludwig Rellstab. In 1832, five years after Beethoven’s death, Rellstab likened the effect of the first movement to that of moonlight shining upon Lake Lucerne.[7]Within ten years, the name “Moonlight Sonata” (“Mondscheinsonate” in German) was being used in German[8] and English[9]publications. Later in the nineteenth century, the sonata was universally known by that name.[10]

  12. On @FoxNewsSunday – – Dr. Birx just moved the bar on eventual death toll way beyond the 60k WH once predicted: “Our projections have always been between 100,000 and 240,000”.

  13. Jack…  LOVE IT!
    The trump administration ain’t done with Biden.  If Reade doesn’t stick… they’ll try again with something else.  trumpty is obviously very frightened of Biden.
    Go, Joe, GO!

  14. BTW…  yesterday would have been Kentucky Derby Day.  NBC replayed American Pharoah’s win from 2015.  The network plans on showing his Triple Crown win on the days each race would have been run.  The next race is the Preakness on May 16th.  And he completes the crown win with the Belmont on June 6th.
    It was nice to see a competition even if I already knew the outcome.

  15. I wish Fauci and Birx would just quit and go work for the National Governors Association. They’re accomplishing nothing where they are. 

  16. I don’t like Joe Biden.
    I’m a left-wing liberal and he’s a conservative.  He’s a weak candidate and Trump may beat him. 
    “Establishment Democrats” are not really Democrats at all but are what used to be called “moderate Republicans.” They are liberal on social issues but conservative on economic issues.  Biden is one of them, with a long record of supporting the interests of big business over the interests of workers.   
    His son’s activities in the Ukraine are a case study in corruption benefiting a family member of a powerful politician.  Sometimes Biden rambles incoherently and appears to be unable to speak in complete sentences.  This intermittent behavior may be a sign of the early stages of age-related dementia, and I am not the first one to take note of it.  Joe also has a creepy sexual problem: he can’t stop putting his hands all over women in public events, as evidenced by many photos, videos, and published comments by women who have been made uncomfortable by his behavior.  He has been doing this for decades.  He has been told repeatedly that women don’t like it, but he will not, or cannot stop.
    I believe that Tara Reade’s charges of sexual assault against Biden have enough credibility to warrant an independent investigation and I am disgusted by the way she has been treated by Democrats who claim to be feminists and supporters of the #Me Too movement.  They refuse to apply the same standards to this case that they have applied to cases involving Trump and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.       
    Biden is not yet the nominee.  There is still time for the party to choose someone else, so a discussion about Biden’s fitness as a candidate is legitimate.  Biden’s supporters want everyone to ignore his flaws. They have very low expectations of what they want in a candidate. 
    These are my opinions, but I am not the only one who holds them. Many of us in the progressive wing of the Democratic party feel the same way. 
    If he wins, Biden is NOT going to do anything to reverse the income inequality that has reduced poor people in the USA to third world status.  He is NOT going to do anything to stop climate change.  All Biden wants to do is take us back to “the way things used to be.”  He wants to return to the status quo, to the Establishment Democrats’ economic conservative agenda, just without Trump’s erratic neo-fascism. 
    But Biden might NOT win.  Everyone thought that there was “no way” that Trump could beat Hillary. 
    I am an Irishman from Boston and politics is in my blood.  The “shanty Irish” didn’t wrench control of the City of Boston from the old New England Yankees by choosing “safe” conservative nominees.   Instead they chose the sort of people who would today be branded as “socialists.”  These people and their descendants gave us “socialist” policies like labor unions, the minimum wage, unemployment compensation, and Social Security.  They also believed that healthcare should not be a for-profit business, but should be equally available to all, and paid for by the government.  That’s what Boston City hospital is, by the way.  It’s a “radical socialist” institution that provides government funded medical care to the poor.  You see, we don’t think that this is impossible as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden all believe.  All you have to do is tax the rich.  It ain’t complicated.  
    My substantive criticism of Biden here at Trail Mix has been frequently met with scorn and derision.  While I am willing to have a rational debate with anyone on the issues, I will not participate in a discussion that descends into personal attacks.  I have always had a temper but these days, I keep it under control … most of the time.  I have learned that, in some situations, the wisest course of action is just to walk away.    
    I’m sorry if this has been a long and difficult read for some of you.  The Irish, and former college professors, do tend to be loquacious.   The Irish call it “the gift of gab.”  As my students used to say, “Please stop lecturing.  Class ended five minutes ago.”

  17. Nash…    I’ve been trying to keep things light here.  The main problem that I have is that everything you post about Biden has already been hashed out here to death.  We debated the Hunter Biden/Ukraine story til that poor flogged horse died a thousand times. We debated Anita Hill.  We debated his touchy feeling stuff.  We debated his age and lackluster debate performances.  Now you come in here after a long absence and yes…. it does feel like you are lecturing us.  Nothing you say about Biden is new to this blog.  At this point, it’s just old and tiresome.
    I will now go back to my regularly scheduled program…

  18. Nash – Help or don’t, but it’s time to move on to a new topic. You’ll get no traction with that nonsense here.   How about a nice, Morning Cafe one if these days?   

  19. A cold front came through and it is a beautiful sunny day, I have the doors and windows open enjoying the fresh air. 
    Momma said there would be days like this.

  20. I think Nash is good for us, just like Ping. We need to be reminded just how far out there some people are willing to venture. And I would say they probably make up a third of the electorate.

  21. interesting reference to boston irish.  far different from southies i’ve observed.  as for comparing joe’s sexual problem” to those ~~~pure as the driven snow~~~ irishmen in the past boston sent to the senate?   very selective amnesia, nash.  

    BTW, a look back to his ancestors, especially on joe’s mother’s side, being considered “shanty irish” would have been a step up the ladder.

  22. 1. I like Mr Nash. Always have. 
    2. I also agree that ‘moderate’ Dems = old timie Moderate repubs. 
    3. The Ukraine story is a non-starter. Biden’s kid is not running for president. 
    4. Biden handled the tara reade story, starting a little late, but he may have been playing rope-a-dope with the ‘outraged’ trumpies.
    5. It is unlikely that Biden will press hard to level income inequality, however that is not the most pressing issue we face, the corruption and dissolution of America’s means for solving problems is, nor is it the most dire, global warming and mass extinctions. 
    6. We can’t wait for the perfect candidate, but if we do, she won’t be the perfect president. We can’t wait for the perfect president, because she will be unelectable.
    7. I am very sorry that Mr Nash is so unhappy and so pessimistic. I miss the old perky and snarky version of him, and hope that he can get that recover that spirit quickly. 

  23. Shit, Poobah, if Reade doesn’t think she and her story can withstand the withering examination of Faux, it must be very weak. (I shoulda hit refresh before posting this – I see a lot hit this place since I went out to test drive the new pressure washer 3 hours ago. BTW it gets a thumbs up)

  24. Italian-Americans, Black-Americans, and Portuguese-Americans might have a different view of the ‘progressive’ spirit of Boston’s Irish. However, Mr Nash, Robert Kennedy, Ed Markey and Lawrence O’Donnell stand out as idealistic and generous egalitarians. 

  25. Amen! Pope Francis (@Pontifex) tweeted on Sun, May 03, 2020:

    During the current crisis, we need good, free journalism that serves all people, especially those who do not have a voice: journalism that is dedicated to the search for truth and which opens paths toward communion and peace.

  26. Nash, may I post your comment above for tomorrow’s thread? You speak for many who are fed up with corporate Democrats and this needs to get hashed out before Election Day just 6 months away. 

  27. Nash, you might consider taking the edge off your arrogance about the Democratic Party. Your complaints about establishment democrats are bullshit. I’d probably be called an establishment democrat by the exceedingly small left wing of the party, but I am not and have never been a conservative or a Republican. I’m a Democrat who hopes the party changes its rules to prevent another Bernie from trying to co-opt the party infrastructure without joining it.

    You Left-wing liberals’ candidate did pretty OK four years ago, but he’s not done as well this time around. And even if everything you said about Biden was true, and I dispute that, the idea that the party would likely choose someone not a member of it to be its candidate is pretty slim in my view, and shouldn’t be done at any rate.

    Finally, I find it odd that the liberal left is now parroting the conservative right’s anti Biden talking points. I hope you enjoy the company.  

  28. I don’t think Mr Pogo can be considered a corporatist. However, he might be comfortable sitting beside the late, lamented republican Sen Hugh Scott. Mr Pogo is a bit more outspoken and flamboyant than Sen Scott was, but the both men concern themselves with the rule of law, not personalities, and the pursuit of justice. There actually were such men in the republican party at one time long, long ago. 
    Is it offensive for me to discuss the character of Trail Hands, using the third person ? If so, you have my apology. I mean no offense, and would be sorry to find that I am hurting people’s feelings. That means, X is no longer the snapping, slapping, ear-biting, always pissed-off creep that he was in 2007 – 2010. X has finally mellowed into a sentimental heap of steaming bullshit. That 2d heart attack may have done it.

  29. cbsnews:


    Economic expertise and crisis management skills are top qualities Democratic voters want to see in a vice-presidential pick for their party — even more so than executive or legislative experience — as concerns about the pandemic and the economy now become a lens through which voters see that selection process.
    Those criteria become even more important to Democrats who are very concerned about either their own job losses, or contracting the coronavirus themselves.
    Elizabeth Warren is well atop Democratic voters’ list of those who should be considered for vice president — with 71% saying she should be — and Warren also outpaces other possible picks by a wide margin as their first choice for the job: Warren at 36% first choice, to Kamala Harris’ 19%, Stacey Abrams at 14%, and Amy Klobuchar at 13%. No one else gets over 4%.
    Warren is the top pick among white Democrats and liberals by large margins. Warren is among the top picks for black Democrats too, but they are more evenly split between Warren, Abrams and Harris. Warren is also among the top with moderate Democrats, for whom the top three picks are Warren, Klobuchar and Harris.

  30. Craig

    this needs to get hashed out before Election Day

    I believe that has already happened, for better or worse, Biden is it. Bernie lucked out as the Covid-19 epidemic canceled the rest of the election. He was heading down the road to a humiliating defeat and everybody in the party knows this.
    The amusing thing is if the democrats were to replace Biden it would be somebody who would piss off the left even more. Andrew Cuomo. 
    What  Nash and the few like him need to understand is anything but voting for Biden means they are Trump supporters. If they are comfortable with that then , God bless’em. But don’t expect any respect from me.
    There are times when you can make the case that it doesn’t matter but this time a rational sane person can not make that case.

  31. Pat
    Voters overwhelmingly favored Clinton in 2016 but not in certain states. 
    Democratic voters make up a little over a third of the voters so polling them is amusing and fills column space but…..

  32. So Biden needs to be polling 2 groups Black voters, Who came out strong and got Obama elected and upper middle class suburban voters, who turned the tide in 2018.
    If he can find somebody who makes both of those groups happy then go with them, I don’t care who it is.

  33. As a ‘leftwinger’ in the original French sense, I can stipulate to Mr Jack’s testimony. Biden was not my first or second choice, but I am comfortable with him. Having fought with Cuomo in the 90s (sued a couple of times, as a matter of fact) over his miserable treatment of poor people, I can tell you that I would be really pissed off if he were chosen to replace Biden. 
    In ’92 Clinton was my fourth choice. But, I thought/think ghwbush was murderous monster of an oil baron, so I gladly voted for the Dem ticket. Also, the choice was quayle v Gore : no contest there.
    Mr Nash says he’ll hold his nose and vote for Biden. I believe him. I also think he has a right to gripe.
    One last thought and I’ll cease inflicting myself upon you for a bit : Before Rep. Clyburn delivered SC in a dramatic fashion, unlike anything I’ve seen in my life, we were heading for a divided convention, with the possibility of an ugly, brokered conclusion, and perhaps one unsatisfied breakaway candidate. That possibility could have given trump the White House for Life. Biden’s enormous victory in SC started the chain reaction that resulted in his gaining the nomination and the endorsement of every one of his rivals for that nomination. This was our choice : a deadlocked convention and trump victory or a Biden candidacy with everyone from gabbard to bernie! on board.

  34. I agree with Jack’s 4:42 comment.  We don’t need no more stinkin’ hashing out.  It’s either trump or Biden… take your stinkin’ pick.
    ps… Warren used to be a republican.  She’s a capitalist through and through.  IMO, she plays a progressive on tv… I hope Biden chooses someone else… and soon!

  35. Xrep….  yup… Nash has a right to gripe.  But whether he likes it or not… we have a right to gripe about his stinkin’ griping…

  36. Yes.  No more hashing out. No more oxygen for what is basically a load of crap. Vote for the Democrat and quit futzing around with needless fruitless pedantic “what-aboutism”. What about get on or get off.  The voters picked Joe Biden.
    That’s my vote.

  37. SFB today is horrible.  In a second term yikes!  
    I don’t have a problem with people expressing their opinions one way or another.  But everyone should be doing everything they can to get the Democrats elected and the goopers run out of town.
    Wipe that smug looks off of lardbutt’s face and send him back to paying for his own golf game

  38. Exrep, 
    That reminds me, I need to dig out my “Plunkitt of Tammany hall” It has been a while.

    Clyburn has forgotten more than most politicians know about politics. If the left had somebody like Clyburn who could have gotten Bernie out early we might be talking about President Warren.  Bernie never had a chance, he made to many enemies. When everything started to shake out Biden picked up the votes and Bernie stayed flat. Even voters who shifted from Warren went to Biden.

  39. KGC
    We’ve  got to entertain ourselves somehow, It is a long time to the beginning of the election season in September. Right now we are in politics equivalent of baseball”s  “hot stove league”
    Just a lot of talk as management works quietly behind the scenes. 

  40. Replace Biden and the GOP line will be: “Democrats don’t respect the democratic process”, they’ll be right, Dems lose, and i burn in a GOP-controlled fascist hell for the foreseeable future. 
    …not to make it all about me😜

  41. Nash’s deeply-personal missive was just a clever way to repeat every possible criticism of Biden, one more time, if you hadn’t noticed, Mr. C.

  42. You give energy to that in which you focus.   We’re done with Nash’s Biden garbage, I hope.

    Made my May grocery run and there was only one, old, white, a-hole breaking the Dallas county mandate for wearing a mask.  He about ran me over with his cart and he seemed disgusted by seeing others wear masks.    As with the protestors, the idiots gathering together, and others who refuse to socially distance and wear masks, I hope they all get cofeve, suffer horribly, and quite frankly, the world will be a better place if they all die.  

  43. I guess I’m as angry about folks not taking this seriously as others are about things not being normal.   Future shock.   It’s never going to be he same.   

  44. Life’s way too short to spend it angry.  Experience it, digest it, excrete it, move on.

  45. Yep, I need to stop reading and watching news…but even the ads are a reminder of the times.  NPR is 24/7 Covid.   I guess I need to just listen to music until I get called back to work.   

  46. All that is cool.  But,
    Beethoven is not.
    Listen to Beethoven,
    and know that he’s hot.

  47. BiD, WV would drive you nutz. It’s rare that as many as 50% wear masks in stores. And those arrows on the floor – not sure what type super vision I have to see them, but apparently they are invisible to most people. And distancing?  Hah!  They stop cart to cart in the aisles, chat face to face – certainly within 3’ – with both friends and strangers. It is as if covid19 is a myth. For some reason people who shop at Target follow the rules better than customers in other stores. Go figure. 

  48. Apparently, folks in Oklahoma were violent/threatening violence against workers in the stores, so now you don’t have to wear face masks there.   They should be charged with endangering public health instead of backing down to them.   Dumbasses deserve to get sick and die.

  49. Just got an email that thirty people are going out to eat next week.  I wonder what 25% capacity is at the restaurant?    I’m not going.
     I may never go to anything with any of them, possibly ever, because I think they’re acting like idiots now and would probably ask what the eff they were thinking back in May.

    Chinese diplomats alienating their host nations; seeing who can be the most hardline, a-hole.    It looks like their behavior, aside from hiding the severity of the virus, may finally be the end of China. Maybe it’s time for the rest of the world to tell China to go eff itself.    They wouldn’t be a huge customer base if we didn’t make things there, if they didn’t steal intellectual property, and, if they didn’t manipulate currency.   China is a bad actor all the way around.  Enough. ~Thanks a lot, Nixon~

  51. Btw, lest ye think my contributions inane, i’ve heard tale that your lymphatic system requires movement of the legs to function properly.   Walking does the trick- but so does dancing!

  52. One more time, because here is hip-hop culture, despite  a little vulgarity, advocating life-saving, socially-responsible behavior, while white-supremacist idiots spread fear and intimidation (and Covid-19) in the public sphere:

    (also, i’m bored in the house and i’m in the house bored.)

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