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  1. looking deep into my eyes.. you’re getting sleepy….sleepy


    now, when I start to purr, go to fridge. open door. pull out leftover grilled garlic salmon. put in cat dish.

  2. about all the hype insisting on seeing joe’s files at Delaware U,  remember the 33,000 HRC email hack request?  same gambit. same perps.

    they’re looking for negative ad fodder like they did with the DNC trove they hacked and used over and over in 2016


    merely a search & destroy mission, not a search for truth

  3. Otherwise known as That handsome cat from Baton Rouge
    I like that Stephen King calls his dog “The Thing of Evil”.

  4. If you are trying to intimidate anyone, Charlies will be of exactly zero cat.  Every time you say “scaredy Cat”, charlie is hiding somewhere.


  5. cats, god bless their little hearts and wild ways!

    am here today typing one-handed one finger at a time because of a cat collision.  actually it was a 3 point collision of bodhi, bu and you know who colliding yesterday.  down I went butt first simultaneously slowing the descent by conking head on woodstove and banging hand on hard floor.  too late to seek medical help being the weekend but looks like a bad wrist sprain, not a fracture, so iced and immobilized it.   will call doc on Monday if still in pain.  better to suffer today & tomorrow  of soreness than risk exposure to virus at UrgentCare and be worse off.

  6. Sturg…  pretty kitty!
    patd…  ouch!  I’ve tripped a time or two over my critters too.  Take care!

  7. WTF…. has this blog now become high school…    hey you young whippersnapper freshman, don’t you dare challenge that there senior!  I’ve been here longer than most of you… and I don’t think it gives me special privileges…   although I will admit there’s been times when I wanted to offer Nash some cheese with his whine.  He’d probably just snub his nose at my plebeian offerings though.  
    Now excuse me while I go adjust my tiara…

  8. RR, I’m of the opinion that it’s fine, in fact the purpose of the blog, to challenge the opinions of anyone and have our own opinions challenged. Put it out there, it’s fair game. Like I said about Nash, I may not agree with his opinions these days but in my mind he’s got cred, no matter how idiotic his opinions. (ducks). 

  9. patD – Hope it’s nothing.  Grandpa used to give cats a gentle “ride” on his work boot.  He’s pick them up on his foot and gently set them aside when they came to him or startled making an infinity sign around his legs. 
    Orange Julius needs to make sure there is no interruption to filling his hole with Big Macs.   
    Now, it’s not just the animals who suffer and die.  It’s the humans, too.    So much cheaper to make burgers from brown rice and beans.   For pre-made, Amy’s California veggie burger is the best, IMO, but homemade are cheaper.   

  10. This is Chunky being explorer kitty.  She will not leave the back deck, no grass shall touch her paws.  Her coat changes depending on the light.  Here she is grey.  Other pics she is orange.  Others tortoises.

  11. As with all great homes, we have upstairs/downstairs staff

    Mr. Mephistofalees and Ebony live upstairs

    Sakura and Charlie live downstairs.

    They require passports to be sniffed to enter foreign territory for any reason. 

  12. We only have downstairs staff – canine only –  at our estate. That would be Livvy. And appears that Livvys only tasks are to dispose of food, but only if I prepared it, and to deposit Hair throughout the first floor.

  13. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/02/investing/warren-buffett-berkshire-hathaway-earnings/index.html
    This another reason the economy will continue to suffer: reducing hourly wages and salaries to preserve capital.    This is what I am hoping doesn’t happen to me when I’m called back, but my boss expects it will happen.      Less money in pockets, means even less consumer confidence.  The dominoes of capitalism will continue to fall if Republicans don’t wake up and realize that the roots must be watered for the tree to grow.  

  14. Make sure Trump actually releases those NDAs, first.   I wouldn’t trust him to hold them back.  What happened with E Jean Carroll’s DNA request from Trump to prove her claim against him?    

  15. craig, quid pro quo (you can see mine if I can see yours) was my first thought too when the drums began to beat for joe to open all records — well, maybe my 2nd since 1st was really that it was obvious he was being set up for a major hack by putin’s peeps.

    this would be a good time for lizzie to make same request to Trump as she did to Bloomberg about granting a peek at his sexual harassment NDAs and freedom to signers thereof to speak out.

  16. from the hill back in february:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Vice President Joe Biden hit Mike Bloomberg after the former New York City mayor said he would release three women from nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) with him if they asked.
    Warren said the effort is “just not enough” and that he should release every woman with whom he has an NDA.
    Biden echoed Warren’s call, saying that transparency was needed over reports that Bloomberg oversaw a hostile work environment at Bloomberg LP, his company.
    “Horror stories abound in the public record about the culture at Bloomberg LP under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership, as do deeply concerning accounts of his own statements toward women employees there,” said Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s campaign manager.
    “Today’s release essentially tells the public nothing — we don’t know how many women signed these NDAs, what percentage of NDAs this represents, or what categories of signed NDAs exist that are excluded,” she continued. “It is well past time for Mayor Bloomberg to dispense with tricks and come clean with everyone he’s asking to vote for him about this very important part of his record.” 

  17. published Nov.16 2017.    the playboy bunny and the adult film star stories not included, reported later.

  18. The Biden accuser is a liar whose story keeps amping up to reach a level where it attracts media attention
    She never filed a complaint but now people will claim. Biden had it destroyef
    It’s a lose lose for Biden   The answer is finding out who is egging her on
    I notice fox is using a photo of her from 30 years ago  

  19. So cannot get enough tests it happy to pay for the blue angels and whatever to fly over some cities 
    hmmmm bread,circuses, and tennis courts

  20. “The Hill” is reporting that some Democrats in Congress are quietly talking about who could replace Biden as the nominee if he drops out of the race.  Cuomo is mentioned, along with a “Hillary and Obama” ticket (with Obama as the VP).  The reason this talk is going on is that there is now concern that Biden may not be able to beat Trump, regardless of what the current polls say.  In addition to the unfolding Tara Reade scandal, there is concern about Biden’s mental acuity.  There is a suspicion, based on some of his recent rambling comments, that he may have some degree of age-related dementia.
    By the way, my birth certificate proves that I was born in Kenya.
    Is that “punchy” enough for you?

  21. I don’t know if y’all are watch Call To Unite (live streaming at unite.us) but watching W’s piece makes me think it would be better if even he were still prez, despite the heckuva-job-Brownie thing.
       The incompetence coupled with the lack of empathy from the Trump admin and his Russian-supported, Republican backers is absolutely despicable.  

  22. Nash – That is complete BS and you know it.    Nice try, but you’ll gain no traction with that garbage here.     PS – I miss the old, Morning Cafe Nash.   

  23. From one of Nash’s comments last night.

    The University of Delaware, which has all of Biden’s Senate office records, is refusing to allow anyone access to them.  If Tara Reade filed a sexual abuse complaint against Biden, this is where it would be.These are public records and this is a cover-up.

    Excuse the eye roll but this is just total nonsense. 
    1. If she filed a complaint it would be where she filed it!!!  She didn’t file it at his office, jeez, are we getting this stupid?
    2, No they aren’t public records, those are kept at the national archive. *sigh*
    I think the most interesting thing about Nash’s comment is how we are getting cross pollination from the right wing to the left wing. I noticed it the other day with some of BiD’s comments about covid-19 and China.  It is not by accident, we are again seeing the wings falling prey to false narratives and confirmation bias and someone is spreading it on purpose. 

  24. This morning the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels flew over on their way to Baltimore.  They stayed either at Andrews AFB or Patuaxtent NAS last night.  Even though Annapolis is on the way to Baltimore I knew they would fly overhead of the Naval Academy alma mater to most of the Navy pilots.  It was the first time I saw both in formation together. 

  25. About those fly overs, they have to fly over somewhere as they have a certain number of hours in the air on a regular basis. 
    We had some WWII fighters fly over and release smoke. They were saluting the VA hospital but they were a bit north east so they saluted me instead. 

  26. (CNN)Most Floridians hitting the newly reopened beaches are trading stay-at-home sweatpants for shorts and swimsuits.
    But when he heads out, Daniel Uhlfelder dons a raggedy black robe, conceals his face with a black cloth and wields his scythe.
    Uhlfelder, an attorney, is haunting Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to protest their reopening, which he believes is premature.

    It’s a macabre plea to beachgoers to stay home.
    Uhlfelder is a staunch advocate for public beach access in the state, even butting heads with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose Florida Panhandle home is parked on a private beach. But allowing anyone on the beach during the pandemic is a mistake, he said — one that could endanger the community.
    “We aren’t at the point now where we have enough testing, enough data, enough preparation for what’s going to be coming to our state from all over the world from this pandemic,” the lawyer told CNN.
    Scythe in hand, he traveled to beaches around Walton County, Florida,…

  27. BB, thanks for the AP article, where it says that Biden has ask the national archives and the Senate to search for any records. So as that is where any such complaint would be…… Nash, it looks like he beat you to it.

    BTW before you can demand his personal Senate records you first have to prove there was something in the records.




    Bob Cesca




    The Tara Reade story is about one thing: ditching Biden for Bernie, and if it doesn’t happen, damaging Biden enough to re-elect Trump. All told, it’s a huge gift to Trump — and Putin.

  29. Apparently reade has confessed that she didn’t report in ’93.  So, we are left with a tale that wasn’t reported at the time and that is evolving as we speak.  
    I wonder if a man in a trench coat leaves tins of genuine beluga caviar on a park bench whenever reade goes for a stroll there. Inquiring people want to know.

  30. Maybe Biden will pick bernie! to be the veep. That’d foil the 2%ers. snicker

  31. Billy Jeff Clinton. They could not make him lose—no matter what they pulled on him, not to mention what he pulled on himself. Since he could not be made to lose he wound up in a position to win once Perot started gnawing on Big Bush ass.  And he won because they couldn’t make him lose. Tooth and nail  

  32. Legends past history most of it mis-remembered
    Carville is not a living legend. He’s a joke

  33. Maybe now but not then…..

    And Billy himself…..they just couldn’t pin him to the mat. Boy could talk a dog down off a meat wagon.

  34. lol so Nash is at the center of a perceived blog drama and his contribution within that is, dah tah dah: more Biden slander!
    …like a robot.

  35. so the sun is fully in the sky and the moon is opposing it, high in the sky, also, and yet, the moon is at half-phase.   Pretty cool illusion.

  36. “ cross pollination from the right wing to the left wing.”
    -great description of a disturbing phenom, Jack.  

  37. Let me just put it this way: the Trump administration represents an existential threat not just to my country and society, but to ME, PERSONALLY.  The ineptitude, outright corruption, and its acceptance and encouragement of white-supremacist gangs might get ME KILLED.
    If your aim is to subject me to another four years of dangerous totalitarian rule, then you’re my enemy, i don’t care how cute your blog posts were in the past.
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  38. We have a cat who lives downstairs by her own choice.  She was abandoned and hungry when she came to us.  We fed her and provided water and in return she catches mice.  But she only allows limited petting and no cuddling she does like catnip and we grow a patch for her. We found out that her original name was Frieda but we call her Kit Kat

  39. Biden is on with Al Sharpton and he is sounding good on criminal justice issues although he didn’t talk about money bail.

  40. from Guardian article linked by CC, above

    “Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who alleges Joe Biden sexually assaulted her 27 years ago, has said she filed a limited report with a congressional personnel office that did not explicitly accuse him of sexual assault or harassment.”

    “During one of the April 2019 interviews with the AP, Reade said Biden rubbed her shoulders and neck and played with her hair. She said she was asked by an aide in Biden’s Senate office to dress more conservatively and told: ‘Don’t be so sexy.’
    She said of Biden: ‘I wasn’t scared of him, that he was going to take me in a room or anything. It wasn’t that kind of vibe.’”

  41. Reade didn’t bring file a report; didn’t bring it up when Obama vetted him for VP; didn’t bring it up until he started getting traction (after it was clear he would be the nominee).     Effing Pooh-tin lover.   Can we just put an end to this Fox Noise/Republican-backed Russian non-sense?
    Trump is a narcissistic liar and incompetent.  JarJar is a self-serving liar and downright evil.  Moscow Mitch and the rest of the Repugz are un-American, with the exception of Willard.  What in the hell do the Russians have on Lindsey Graham?  Seriously, he’s just such a hardline, a-hole.  He didn’t seem like that when McCain was alive. 

  42. “she only allows limited petting and no cuddling she does like catnip and we grow a patch for her” -KGC
    Here’s to symbiosis.  Literally going to drink to “symbiosis”, now…

  43. Ok, according to Joy Reid today Tara Reade said she filed a formal complaint with the office of congressional personnel. Hint – those records are in the National Archives. Not in Connecticut. 

  44. Biden asked the senate archivist to find them and any other complaint.
    The problem is she never filed anything so there is nothing to find the goopers will be all in a snit about it

  45. i’m not trying to be antagonistic, dude’s accusing the only viable alternative to totalitarianism of gross sexual assault and sympathetic institutions of covering it up🤷‍♂️
    Is this just a wall we throw shit at or are there standards?  
    Ok, i’m enjoying my evening, hope you are, ‘bout to join a family zoom call, am blessed

  46. I’m not infighting. I’m reporting what I heard on Joy’s show this morning and where the complaint would be based on that reporting. KC is saying there’s no complaint to find. I’m pointing out that there’s no suggestion that Nash’s call for release of Biden Senate Office records will yield anything but oppo talking points. Oh, and Bernie lost. He won’t be the nominee, so get off that train. 

  47. There are good people in both sides.  I see what you did there, Corey. 🙂

  48. i remember Marius Metria saying, “math is elegant, because it’s the only language in which I can’t lie to you”.

    (i remember thinking, “Goddamn, i wish i spoke ‘math’.)

    So, thank you, Marius Metria, for exposing me to the concept of ‘universal truth’. 🙏❤️🇺🇸

    (i failed that class, but what that man taught me still influences me, today)

  49. Nash, that was certainly ‘punchy.’ I am really sorry that you feel so gloomy about the future. 
    At least with Biden we have a future.
    Stay, well and feisty, old friend.

    “I will never lie to you,” she said. “You have my word on that.”
    – WaPo on kayleigh mcenemy

  51. Wilfred the Bastard.  Very Norman French, don’t you think ?
    I’m surprised. I thought boris would pick the name vladimir or adolf. 

  52. Biden’s winning message on accusations : Trust but Verify.
    Very Reaganesque.

  53. silver lining:  joe’s 1 accuser gives the 25+ trump accusers opportunity to be heard from again.

    provides perspective

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