“When beggars die, there are no comets seen;

The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.  Julius Caesar (Act II, Scene II, Line 31)  Shakespeare

Death is the driving hell behind this novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.  Somewhere between ten percent and two percent of those who are infected die.  It has wiped out families and those without. It has killed celebrities and those who sweep floors.  It has no care about making some people without symptoms and those whose body can no longer breathe.

What a pandemic or epidemic does is bring death to the door.  Not a pleasant leaving this mortal coil (Shakespeare) as often is the blessing of dying in one’s sleep.  Not a violent end from a automobile crash.  It is a disease that makes one ill or horribly ill and a death with a tube in your lungs.  Or your neighbor’s lungs.  Or your children’s teacher.

Some live, some die.  You cannot know who will live, who will not.  That is what happens with a disease like a virus.

This afternoon I was watching MSNBC Nicolle Wallace when one of the panelists said he has lost ten friends to COVID-19. I started having flashbacks (yes, real horrible flashbacks) to the mid-1990’s when I was fighting for my life against a virus, Hepatitis C.  Death was a constant for us.

I was on Prodigy, AOL and CompuServe various boards related to HepC.  Starting in 1995 we realized the death rate was nothing like the governments were telling us.  By 1997 we were losing at least one person, a Hepper (I made up the name Leper and Hepatitis) every day.  I started a website as a memorial website of those who died. It had many hundreds of memorials.  I ended it when a friend committed suicide.

We lost thousands of Heppers.  Some showed up for a few visits on the boards, a few were regulars.  What made all of us the same was being infected with HCV and not knowing if we were going to die.  Death with HCV is terrible, just as death with COVID-19 is.

The experience hardened me.  When you have hundreds of people you know by name and have shared lives and hopes, and they die it does something to you.  My psychologists have helped.  They understand what mass death means.  This pandemic is doing the same.  You see life differently, you feel life differently.  And for those who survive you are changed.  You are changed in ways others may never understand.

My sympathy goes to all those affected by this virus.  I fought mine to a draw.  It took me almost fifteen years to recover most of my strength.  I hope these people do not face that life.

Blue Bronc

Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. BBronc,  horrible flashbacks here too, but mine are from mid 80s taking care of a dear relative who was one of the  early HIV victims.  same fears then as now abound. 

  2. wapo:

    Vice President Pence’s office has threatened to retaliate against a reporter who revealed that Pence’s office had told journalists they would need masks for Pence’s visit to the Mayo Clinic — a requirement Pence himself did not follow.
    Pence’s trip to the clinic Tuesday generated criticism after he was photographed without a surgical mask — the only person in the room not wearing one. The Minnesota clinic requires visitors to wear masks as a precaution against spreading the coronavirus.
    Pence’s wife, Karen Pence, said in an interview with Fox News on Thursday that he was unaware of the mask policy until his visit was over.
    But Steve Herman, who covers the White House for Voice of America, suggested that there was more to the story after Karen Pence’s interview.
    “All of us who traveled with [Pence] were notified by the office of @VP the day before the trip that wearing of masks was required by the @MayoClinic and to prepare accordingly,” tweeted Herman, who covered the trip as part of his rotation as one of the pool reporters, who share information with other reporters in limited-space situations.
    The tweet apparently enraged Pence’s staff, which told Herman that he had violated the off-the-record terms of a planning memo that had been sent to him and other reporters in advance of Pence’s trip.

  3. patd – old age CRS hit because I thought I had typed in a couple sentences regarding the HIV AIDS of the nineteen eighties, even to have read it during editing.  This world has changed.  Some understand that and others do not.  There is no there to return to now.  It is gone, just memories now.  February first was the old life.  May first is the new life.  We live with a fear of going out the door.  That cannot be removed by words.  We will live this way for a year or two years.  We had lived a life that our ancestors could not.  Now we are they.

  4. Thanks BluB, a somber read but a reminder most of us get through this. I do cringe at those who keep saying We WILL get through this. No, most of us will, many aren’t.

  5. BB, thank you.  That is a wonderful post.  And to verify that it is a new day, our paralegal found out yesterday that her husband let their kid go spend the day with his in laws.  His FIL had been running a fever for a couple of days that they did not tell paralegal or her husband about until late in the day when paralegal called to check on her kid on her way home (she lives out in the boonies over half an hour from here).  She went nuts on them. Turns out one of the kids that spends time at in -laws’ house from time time also had a fever. So she texts us last night to see whether we wanted her to come in – she knows I am over 60 (that’s an understatement BTW) less than two months following surgery and have that somewhat compromised immune system that surgery and antibiotic prep for it brings and did not want to take the chance of spreading anything to me in the off chance that hubby’s FIL has is CV19 and she picked it up from her kid.  I told her it sounds like a very low risk and that she should go ahead and come in and I’d keep my distance.  She showed up at the office wearing a mask and proceeded to wipe down everything she touched yesterday.  That is the new normal.
    Saw Joe on MoJo this morning.  He’s doing the right thing.  Deny it, tell national archives to look for any complaint filed by the accuser, is open to disclosing any complaints, denied that he’s ever required anyone to sing an NDA, would be open to UCT searching what they have.  IOW, drawing a stark contrast between himself and a certain orange clown.

  6. re joe, every time media does a story on his accuser they should also mention the long list of trump accusers (such as this story last summer by CNN).  especially faux snooze

    being all kinds of fair & balenced ya know.

  7. Pat, give MSNBC credit, before the Biden interview this morning they did a lengthy segment detailing every Trump accuser one by one. If other media do that could be a net positive for Joe, his questionable accuser pales in comparison to the parade of credible Trump accusers, plus Biden never bragged on tape about assaulting women.

  8. Robert, yer nephew’s a fine lookin’ feller and seems to have his head on straight (so to speak). 
    Glad to see that torches still get passed.

  9. Heaven and Hell.
    Wikipedia has an interesting article on the 1347-1351 “Black Death.”  Reading it gives insight into what may be the long-term personal and social impacts of Covid-19. 
    The Black Death completely transformed European society. It caused widespread political and economic upheavals.  The “static” feudal system was shattered forever and the “dynamic” modern era began. 
    Art historians have argued that most of the greatest works of church art produced during the Italian Renaissance were paid for by a new social class of wealthy, city dwelling merchants who feared early death from disease.  Heaven and hell were no longer something far away, only to worried about at the end of a long life.  Heaven and Hell were always present in daily life because with the Black  Death you could be healthy one day and dead the next.

  10. Jamie – I’m not sure why I only got  the $600 supplement for only one week in a two-week distribution.   There is nobody to ask; I’ve never been able to get through on the phone.   It’s OK.  I’m good since I’m a family of one (me) and was raised by Dust Bowl/Depression/WWII grandparents.  It’s sad for others who have a family to support or who have over-extended themselves.   I have a stimulus check to look forward to, as well.   I continue to applaud how Flatus re-distributed that payment to Joe and other Dems.   

  11. Nash – I don’t know if you were around when I mentioned that my former cardiologist said we needed a “good due-off.”    There were waves of plague, as there will be several waves of Covid-19.  We won’t lose as many.     While we, here on the trail, see things as forever changed, there is a large group of folks out there who are determined to act like it’s nothing.   It’s not nothing.   I’m trying to imagine things as different but, newer and better ways of doing things in the future.   Zoom meetings are not among those better things, although, last night’s “Parks & Recreation” reunion was the best show from quarantine that I’ve seen. 

  12. How about this as an advertising theme:

    We at the Cleveland Clinic will never put our patients at risk by ignoring personal protection standards applicable to all.

  13. The timing of this women’s accusation???? Damned fishy especially since the dictator’s freaked out about his poor polling numbers due to his dismal or total lack of leadership. She’s changed her story.  She likes Pootin. Biden should say NOTHING more. He probably should have just said it’s fake news just like the dictator & his comrades do. Thinking back to Al Franken.
    All those lousy repubes do is DENY, BLAME, & PUNISH. I hate the “punish” part the most. I’ve never done that. Not with my kids.  Not with my students. 
    There’s nothing about the repubes that I like. There’s nothing that they do that I value. 

  14. Tara Reade, who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, wrote several Medium posts in 2018 praising Russian president Vladimir Putin.

    Wrote Reade: “President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity.”

    The posts have since been deleted, but can be viewed in the Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https:/medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405

  15. Where’s OSHA and the Ag Dept vis-a-vis the meat workers and others?  He orders meat workers back to work and denies unemployment if they’re afraid to work.   Where’s the Dept, of Transportation vis-a-vis all transport in this country? Subways, trains, airlines, etc? Where’s DeVos and Fed Ed vis-a-vis education throughout the country? Where’s leadership from the Ag Dept vis-a-vis redistribution of food from farmers who are dumping it to those who have no food in the wealthiest country in the world?
    Where are their protocols and guidelines to safeguard workers? Nothing. NO leadership from any part of the federal government. And this isn’t even the chaos & confusion the dictator has created with PPE’s etc. to front line health workers.
    A TOTAL dismal failure. WORST “president” and administration in the whole world. 
    Dickensian = “of or reminiscent of the novels of Charles Dickens, especially in suggesting the poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters that they portray.”

  16. BlueBronc…  I too had quite a few friends pass away from HIV back in the early 90s.  It’s very sad.
    I wish everyone the best concerning covid-19.
    I read somewhere this morning… sorry forgot where…  that trump is saying Biden’s accuser could be a fake.  I wouldn’t put it past him to have paid the woman to make the accusation just so he can say…  “see, I have fake accusers too.”
    Got a blueberry banana bread cooking in the oven… gonna be a good breakfast tomorrow.

  17. I know we have a few science fiction readers/fans here just ran across this on twitter.

  18. For those who didn’t laugh at the previous post. 
    the red uniform is Star trek security personnel. They accompany Kirk and  Spock down to what ever planet and  then die a gruesome death.
    an old trekkie joke

  19. I hope ‘journalists’ are looking into connections Reade has with any kind of Trump. 

  20. Another meme I’ve made. A friend of mine moved to Florida about 6 months ago or so. She’s already speaking like a true Floridian concerning this whole  re-opening of the states. Anyway, this morning I was told that my return to work date has been pushed back until May 25th.

  21. Jack, I saw one on Facebook the other day with Kirk asking the red shirts to go grocery shopping for him. LOL!

  22. My brother just sent me a chart showing flu is worse than Covid.  I told him, no.   No, it can’t be compared.  We don’t have stay-at-home orders for the flu.  We have a vaccine for the flu.   He needs to stop watching  Faux Noise. 

  23. Jack & Corey, good posts.  I know the references for both.  LOL….grim
    My brother died from HIV/AIDS about 10 years ago. I dealt with the docs and my sister with our mother. It was a grim death just like in the ole days. And it was a battle with the hospitalist doctor who wanted to drill a hole in his head. It wasn’t until I found the palliative care doctor that things got better.  I wrote a scathing letter to the hospital, UC Davis. It was bad enough that he had all the usual stuff from lack of an immune system & was dying, but to have that woman doc keep on after me about drilling the hole in his head when she admitted that it wouldn’t save him, was uncalled for. It made it even more stressful. Thanks goodness for palliative care. for him. And apparently, they’ve stopped with the AIDS quilts.

  24. For most doctors, the phrase do no harm gets a bit fuzzy with end of life issues.

  25. He came back with some other flu BS, trying to make the argument against lockdown.    I explained that there is an impact on numbers if the flu vaccine matches the strain that shows up and if folks get vaccinated.    He just said, “lots we don’t know.”  Keep  watching Fox Noise and you will know less and less. 

  26. business insider:

    In a tweet on Friday morning, President Donald Trump described protesters in Michigan as “very good people” and suggested that the governor should strike a deal with them.

  27. Bink, went back and saw your music posts on the prior thread. Excellent. There’s hope for you. Not a clinker in the bunch. 
    Almost all comparisons to this disease or that war or this or that accidental or intentional cause of death are flawed beyond raw numbers. They are no more meaningful than comparing deaths from lightning to deaths from gunshots. 

  28. pogo, ‘cepting the fear of the other fellow being like leper.  the fear the contagion is in the air, on the door handle, the well=meant gift box and the neighbor’s kid or dog.   the fear is the same whether or not the numbers or realities are.

    bet during all the plagues there were always some form of gun-toting mobs protesting

  29. If I were from another country and I saw those protesters I would say, God, Americans are stupid.   

  30. Detroit free press:

    Many of the demonstrators did not observe social distancing guidelines or wear masks. Some carried signs that appeared to advocate violence, such as, “Tyrants get the rope.”

  31. The Cure For ripper Demonstrators 
    Get several people who have recovered from C19. Supply them with signs that read C19 KILLS THE UNBORN. Send them to mingle with the demonstrators. There will be “words.” The newcomers must then cough on the demonstrators, causing serious disruption. 
    Capital cops arrive to apprehend the demonstrators, who are removed to deepest Detroit and kept for psychiatric evaluation. The hospital is overwhelmed, so each 2 demonstrators have to share a room with one cadaver. The cadaver is bugged and the ensuing conversations are recorded. Meanwhile the home team gets warrants. Next, interview the demonstrators while searching their electronic communication records. As soon as the home team has the identities of the next higher person(s) in the conspiracy, those persons are apprehended and subject to warrants and interviews. After 72 hours locked up w/corpses, investigators should have a clear picture of the entire republican conspiracy : organizers, mission, transport and payments. Then the state can book them all : terrorist conspiracy to endanger the lives of the people of Michigan. With luck, the interviews, bugs and electronics will lead to the Michigan republican Party Central Committee.

  32. blueINdallas:
    You are right that Covid-19 will not be as bad as the Black Death, which killed 30% to 60% of the population of Europe, depending on the location.  But Covid-19 will have an impact.
    Some of the permanent changes in society due to Covid-19 could be things like a major shift to “vote by mail.”  More states are doing it now due to public demand but once voters experience it, most of them will never want to go back to in-person voting at polling places.
    In “red” states the Republicans have been systematically reducing polling places in Democratic voting areas to create long lines to suppress the vote.  They won’t be able to do that with mail voting, so this will change the balance of power between the two parties.   
    There are many other changes that could become permanent.  This is just one.

  33. Of course, if you don’t really want to hammer a stake into the blubbery chest of the demonstration conspiracy, you can just send people over with “C19 KILLS THE UNBORN” signs and have them cough all over the demonstrators. 
    I think that’s a little wimpy, myself. 

  34. Who do we have in the state, who can take on the job of getting the governor, police, hospital, etc on board ?

  35. I guess in SFB’s world we are all Swedish now 
    and just a thought. Byedon could always step aside and let Gov Andy  be the candidate 

  36. When I was growing up there was no casual dining. Even though both my parents worked we had a home cooked dinner every night.  I can remember my mom wistfully speaking about a couple she taught with who only ate out.  She thought that was the best thing ever.   Today it seems like people eat out more than at home.

  37. Reade’s only scheduled interview is with Fox that should tell everyone a lot

    Also her description of the assault sounds a lot like E Jeanne Carroll’s assault by Trump

  38. Biden is refusing to open up his Senate office records saying “there is nothing there.”  If so, why not open them?
    If you listened to his interview on “Morning Joe” what you heard was a cleverly qualified and evasive denial strategy that was prepared for him by the pack of lawyers and public relations consultants he has hired to manage the cover-up.  We haven’t heard from Biden for many days because he has been rehearsing his act, doing dozens of practice interviews, that have recorded and critiqued.  The consultants probably spent an hour arguing over what color his tie should be. 
    We have heard this same line of BS before from Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, and countless other #Me Too targets.  And one thing we know from past experience: this probably ain’t over. 
    The more this woman is trashed by Biden’s establishment Democrat and mainstream media allies, the more likely it is that a series of other women whom Biden has sexually harassed and/or assaulted, and who have been kept silent by fear until now, will get angry and go public. 
    But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe he is a saint.  Saint Joseph of Delaware, patron saint of credit card companies.

  39. Biden campaign would be better served to 1. have it all opened up, and then 2. challenge trump to open up his tax records – then 3. run ads of trump ’15 promising to open his tax records. 

  40. There were no protesters in the Michigan capitol building, there were terrorists, and not many of them.  But, one with a gun is good enough for the media to make it seem as if thousands had arrived to take over.  SFB is a terrorist for supporting terrorists.
    I listened to the Biden interview.  Yes it was created by lawyers, you have to do that to avoid saying the wrong word and have it taken as something else.  Do they make him hide the truth?  Biden straight out said he did not do it, it never happened.  Biden supports having the documents reviewed to find any support for the woman’s story.  There are a lot of things which are not making sense and those need to be investigated.  I will wait and hope Putin/SFB does not do a whack job like they did to Franken.

  41. He has proven he wins by saying “nyet” to everything he doesn’t like, and that he can’t be persuaded, coerced, or shamed into doing something he “should” do.  Not now or ever. He’s declared total war on the institutions of the country.  All or nothing, shoot the moon, go for broke.  Plus he seems to be at the mercy of someone he owes. 

  42. “From each according to his ability” apparently means slandering the Democrat on the internet.

  43. Technically it’s “libel”, i guess.  I’m no lawyer, i just know an angry dude when i see one🤷‍♂️

  44. It is going to be humiliating and dangerous for trump to lose the election. The only way he can avoid the trauma is to become a martyr for the cause – just what cause is kind of a Rorschach test. 

    People will shut their mouths about a president if he is shot. They’ll pray for him. They might even vote for him. Therefore, I expect a fake assassination attempt on trump as the late October surprise.

    If an assassination draama doesn’t get him elected, they fake another assassination attempt and institute martial law “until the culprits are captured.” 

  45. Seriously, though: if Nash’s campaign to get Biden off the ticket is successful, how is the nominee then chosen?  Brokered convention?

  46. rippers are trotting out 7 other women, who have griped that Biden got to touchie. bratbite has them all mashed together with reade to make it seem as though there are 8 assault complaints. In fact there is only reade’s, the putin lover, who is neither credible nor believable. 

  47. IF Biden had sexually assaulted reade, would that make him just as good as the confessed pussygrabbing serial adulterer and thrice-accused rapist ? 
    What did epstein know, and when did he know it ? Did barr burn epstein’s journal after murdering him ? Or is he holding that journal to extort trump ?

  48. Let us pause and remember the mistakes that were made with Al Franken

  49. XR – I never prayed for Reagan, at the time I cared little about him and more about the damage he was doing to our country.  It turns out he, and his minions, did more damage then we even imagined.

  50. i was really confused when this story first broke because “Tara Reid” is the name of the actress whose character’s toe gets cut-off in “the Big Lebowski”.

  51. Bernie has always seemed like a very personable guy to me. Maybe not quite as dynamic personality-wise as Bob Newhart, but what do I know?

  52. LET DR. FAUCI SPEAK!   The only reason  to silence Dr. Fauci is to hide the truth from the American people!

  53. BTW, those crazy protesters in Michigan do not represent us well. We’re not all crazy white people. 🙂

  54. If Fauci wants to do some good……he can resign and speak.  Otherwise he just gets “gone away’d “

    Old boy might soon be meeting someone down at the crossroads.

  55. And, Nash, not wanting to deflect from more important things like Dr. Fauci, but what the heck, dude?  You are smarter than this.  Biden was vetted before he was put on the ticket with Obama.   This story was not brought front and center when Biden threw his hat into the ring for prez. And now, with the revelation that she is adores Pooh-tin,  there is absolutely no reason to keep going after Joe.   Think that he’s too moderate (I agree), but don’t buy another Republican/Russian lie.   By the way, what was her background before she worked in the Senate?  Does Russia have inroads to Congress through its staffers?   Someone should really look into that. 

  56. Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, those armed assholes at the Capitol… i dunno, Corey🤷‍♂️

  57. Corey – Some of the slogans I’ve seen in signs seem pretty Russian-y.  Definitely not some dude out in the street who is fed up with the lockdown.   I wonder who is paying these people?

  58. Under what rationale can “the schmucktator” block Fauci from testifying, and what consequences would he face if he did testify, regardless?

  59. Two guys (they’re brothers) are coordinating all of these anti-shutdown protests, BiD.  It’s well-documented but i forget their names.

  60. Here’s the argument that the Trump is floating for not allowing Dr. Fauci to speak.   *It’s poor timing.* Well, Donald J. Trump, when is a good time for the TRUTH?    

  61. Alexandra Petri

    * * *
    Is the Senate convening because it has important work to do to help the country respond to the virus?

    No. No official pandemic-related business is scheduled. In fact, as Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) vowed, any extension of the weekly additional $600 in coronavirus unemployment benefits would be passed only “over our dead bodies.” (This is, indeed, just how any extension to the unemployment benefits would pass, given that America has crossed the threshold of 60,000 deaths today.) Jared Kushner has called this outcome “a great success story,” which I guess it is, from the perspective of the virus.

    So what will the Senate do?

    The Senate will do the most important thing that it is possible to do during this time: appoint more judges to lifetime appointments. If they get just 300 more, Mitch McConnell’s 12 brothers will no longer have to be ducks!

    Is this worthwhile?

    Sure! As the lieutenant governor of Texas so aptly, “There are more important things than living.”

    Jesus, is she good or what?

  62. Bink – Well, who is paying the two brothers?  Which  organization is behind them, aside from Fox, Moscow Mitch,  and,  the rest of the Republicans?  We already know which country backs the Republican   party.   Russia.

  63. The University of Delaware, which has all of Biden’s Senate office records, is refusing to allow anyone access to them.  If Tara Reade filed a sexual abuse complaint against Biden, this is where it would be.
    These are public records and this is a cover-up.
    The mainstream news media may accept this but Fox News and all the other right wing news media will probably take this to court.  And if they are denied access, they will scream bloody murder.
    Like I said, this ain’t over.

  64. The thing is, Ted and Kid don’t even live in Michigan these days. And nobody misses them.

  65. Fauci contradicts SFB while he’s hulking near him – SFB couldn’t begin to risk what he’d say without SFB’s “moderating” presence. Truth- what would SFB know of truth -that it is a word he’s heard but doesn’t really grasp the meaning of?

  66. Dallas county has seen a 20% increase in Covid DEATHS this week, so Gov. Abbott’s timing to re-open is ~perfect.~

  67. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Nash teaching at UM Presque Isle or somewhere in that vicinity. Nash might be a bit out there, and I might disagree with him on this or that (or both) but he’s got cred.

  68. i was making a point, i don’t actually want Nash’s info.
    Hey, interesting that both Nash and Tara Reade didn’t come out of the woodwork until AFTER Biden secured the nomination.  Interesting, eh?
    Ok, have fun✌️❤️🇺🇸

  69. Bink – Nash has been here for over a decade.  

    Nash – If she had made a formal report, as she said she did, those Senate records at the U would not be the only place where they were located.

  70. i know, i know… i remember him well.  He was demanding UD open their records, i was lampooning his strident accusations.
    They ain’t all home-runs, people🤷‍♂️

  71. So, the three brothers seem to be backed by the NRA in some way.  We know that Russia loves effing with us through the NRA.    Russia also knows that if they can just expose their infection in one or two places, it will spread like the cofeve.  

  72. Just think of how much SFB and his white nationalists have done since January 2017.  One of his direct attacks was on people of color, especially immigrants.  He had his storm troopers in ICE go to meat packing plants and deport immigrants. His troops emptied the meat plants.  Now we have COVID-19 decimating the workers, legal or not, and the little baby dictator wants to send them into the plants regardless of health.  For them or us.  No cares about them dying on the slaughter line.  No cares about them spreading more of the virus to themselves and their families.
    Could there be a correlation between the white nationalists stopping immigration (and agriculture workers) into the U.S. and now the agriculture failing?  Meat plants not being staffed? Crops not being cared for?  Some can be attributed to less commercial demand.  But how much is a failure to match the retail demand?

  73. Well let’s see…..Nash comments for years, then a pretty extended hiatus, then suddenly pops back up—in Oregon—just in time to be a Bernie-bro spoiler.  That’s worth a “hmmm” or two, eh?   I might wanna have a look-see at that old birth certificate……

  74. lol i know it’s him just questioning the very focused agenda.  It’s not a big deal but when one says “oh ill vote Biden but” and then makes every effort to influence OTHER votes in swing-states, as if one blue-state vote absolves any responsibility for what one says.
    Very serious accusations- i don’t know what is the responsible thing to say until i know more, but that’s just me🤷‍♂️

  75. Nash and Nash 2.0 both wrote short punchy remarks that were screamingly funny and witty. 
    The person who presently IDs himself as Nash writes longish posts that are not particularly punchy, humorous or witty. In fact, they tend to be dour and extended. Now, maybe after a long and dire illness the Nash we longed for soured and gloomed. I’m open to that, but it saddens me. However,
    I am not the person who began as Xrepublican. I am the 2d Xrepublican, and dire illnesses and long acrimonious arguments here have changed me, Xrepublican 2.0.  Maybe I should now ID as X 3.0. I dunno. All this saddens and mystifies me. Anywho, I’m still waiting for our beloved Nash to appear.
    Mr Nash, please reassure me.

  76. Yup, but I still wonder how much time will elapse before the heartfelt announcement   “I just cannot in good conscience vote for Biden.”   It looks now to be a lot less time than when I first wondered.  

  77. i concur, unfortunately, with almost all of Nash’s Covid-19 analyses and recommendations. 
    “Unfortunately”, because we both share a rather grim outlook regarding it😭

    Oh, his recommendations about preparing for hospitalization were very beneficial, also. Wouldn’t mind a repost of that.

    (big fan of X3.0 btw, the other iterations were pretty good, just sayin’)

  78. “Also her description of the assault sounds a lot like E Jeanne Carroll’s assault by Trump”  Seems too much.  Didn’t she wear underwear to work?  Wadda a whore.
    The CDC is also non-functional like all the other federal agencies, bureaus, etc.
    Nash, all Biden needs to do is DENY it like the dictator and move on.
    BiD no surprise that Fauci’s been muffled like everyone else by the dictator.
    Corey, I know  you’re not a crazy white person!!!
    The Michigan protesters are just thinning the herd. The census is down by 65,435 at the moment.

  79. Speaking of my occasional adversaries, I’d like a reunion with Mr Solar. Mr Tony, where is he ?

  80. “Dallas county has seen a 20% increase in Covid DEATHS this week, so Gov. Abbott’s timing to re-open is ~perfect.~”  Now we’ll see how the number of cases increase starting now through 14 days from now since TX is partially opened today. ~Thinning the herd.

  81. one of the top songs right now (it’s bass-y hip-hop electronic type music so avoid if you don’t appreciate such genres:

    (somewhat vulgar, also. Tyga has some funny rhymes for sure)

  82. If trump really thought he had a chance in Minnesota, he would have directed relief money to the Timberwolves instead of the Lakers. I mean, the Lakers can sell seats on the damned floor for $1,000/game all season long. For that kind of money the Timberwolves would have to provide a folding chair and have the starters wash your car. 

  83. Here’s an idea for a nice campaign ad :
    republican incompetence in handling Covid 19 has now killed more Americans than ho chi minh did.
    Long silence . . . .
    Think about it. (fade to black)
    Think putin would get a kick out of that ?

  84. I think I might have shot several of the firearm-toting assholes on the balcony of the MI capitol, had I been there and armed.
    The sight of those traitorous bastards on the tube reeeeeaaallly burned my fuse. That’s why I don’t carry a gat. Mr Flatus and Ms Blue didn’t go through 3 kinds of hell just so those lunatics could run around playing fucking quantrill’s fucking raiders behind the Union lines. 
    The more I picture it the pisster I get. I’m going to bed. G’night Ms Bethyboo wherever you are.

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