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  1. BiD, I think Bill did this one for you – maybe he’s been visiting the trail when you warn us about wet markets and eating our animal relatives.

  2. patD – Thanks.  Great clip from Bill.  True, too.  I posted a link awhile back with a graphic of all major outbreaks since 1918 and their sources. Avian, swine…and they all increased and got very complicated with the change to factory farms.  I can’t watch such things, but I’ve heard “Cowspiracy” and “Forks Over Knifes” explains a lot about conditions.

  3. Well, I probably did it wrong, but I wrote in three places of origin on my census.  I figured if I had written “mutt” they might need to call me to clarify.   I don’t recall an origin question in 2010. Since I’ve done a DNA test to confirm what I was told, I put the big three, although there wasn’t enough space.  

  4. From People.com: Re: Nick Cordero.   This should happen to the morons picketing with their ugly mouths open.  Just look at the series of crap that’s happened to him.
    “He was first admitted to the hospital when he was “having a hard time breathing” after being diagnosed with pneumonia. Cordero had tested negative for COVID-19 twice before a third test came back positive.
    Things took a turn for the worse after A Bronx Tale alum became unconscious and was placed in a medically induced coma. He was then hooked up to a ventilator and an ECMO machine to “support his heart and his lungs,” according to Kloots.
    Still sedated, Cordero was also put on dialysis to assist his kidneys, but doctors found a “new infection” in his lung, and he underwent emergency surgery.
    While recovering, Cordero began having issues with blood clots in his right leg, which was preventing blood from going to his toes. After the blood thinners he was on to help with the clots caused other problems, such as a dropping in his blood pressure and internal bleeding in his intestines, doctors made the difficult decision to amputate Cordero’s leg….Nick Cordero has undergone a procedure for a temporary pacemaker after having his right leg amputated due to coronavirus complications over the weekend…. doctors decided to put a temporary pacemaker into Cordero, 41, after the Broadway star experienced some irregular heartbeats that alarmed the medical team. The update came just hours after she told fans her husband had tested negative for COVID-19….doctors believe the actor “should have woken up by now” after he was taken out of sedation,,, doctors believe the actor “should have woken up by now” after performing an MRI scan earlier this week…..A GoFundMe page has also been set up by their friends to support Kloots and raise funds for Cordero’s medical bills. As of Friday afternoon, it has raised $430,392.”
    I didn’t know who this man was but the story caught my attention. Just think of how many organs have taken a hit, and he’s lost muscle mass, to boot. I’m surprised that the cost, so far, isn’t higher. Our collective medical insurance will probably go way up after all the treatments for thousands of people, so far, across the US. And people want to go to tattoo parlors?  

  5. BiD I did the online census and seem to recall that my “white origin” choices included British and European and maybe some others (although I honestly don’t have a clear recollection).  I think I ultimately chose British (not really knowing). I don’t think tRumpco gives a shit whether your answer is right or wrong as long as it’s there. 

    I usually just made boxes to put stuff in. It’s only fun if you have plenty of time to fart around with stuff, and times like that are long past.

  7. If I get time nowadaysically I like to just sit out on the deck with the Handsome Cat from Baton Rouge, and he doesn’t need a box.

  8. We keep her Sis in the attic, she has a “special room”.  That smile of hers and the twitch were getting under people’s skin. 

  9. When cleaning out my grandparents’ house, each of us girls got a “jewelry box.” They were actually cigar boxes from who knows when, since the house also belonged to my great-grandparents.   My grandpa built the kitchen cabinets and when they put cold water in the the house, he built the counter low, as my grandma was very short.  

  10. They just gave examples on the paper census. I recall three of the examples for what kinda white r u were Egyptian, German, Irish.  Yes, Egyptian.   I really wanted to put “mutt” because that’s the most accurate for me.  

  11. The State of California is putting together a food WPA. Out of work restaurant employees are being hired to feed seniors in need.  

  12. Andrew Cuomo says that “Quarantine is this generation’s challenge.”
    Joe Biden is making jokes about bleach.

  13. I haven’t joked about bleach since half an hour ago during a family (Mrs. P’s family) FaceTime catchup session- when her oldest brother started spewing Republican nonsense. 

  14. Remember when lardbutt bullied the prime minister of Japan into nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize

  15. wonder if this will be the last we’ll see of doc Debbie.  can’t imagine she’ll be able to get thru the grilling without saying something that upsets IMpotus (aka Poutus)

    from the hill:

    Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus task force coordinator, will appear on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, FOX’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and CNN’s “State of the Union.”

  16. She proved her worth to SFB today by saying.  He was just thinking out loud.
    That’s how he works through information she said .
    He probably heard it right before the briefing started she continued 
    The only thing she didn’t say was that it was sarcastic.  We’ll give her credit for that.
    After all he was just musing. Right Dr Debbie and you were just supporting his craptastic attempts to be the savior of the virus

  17. Clearly he was just musing outloud
    (Where is the flaming tilda of sarcasm on my keyboard)

  18. There’s a hair salon that has opened in TX, violating the state mandate.  The owner (who is loving the free publicity) said it’s not a criminal act, it’s civil, so she can’t be arrested.   (Another salon owner, who is African American, wondered if the ability for that other shop to operate is white privilege.    Probably.)  It would be sad if she, her stylists, or her customers got sick.  What probably should happen is for her license to be revoked.  

  19. There was no sarcasm in his voice. He was looking to the side for approval and doggie treat.  Good boy.   Birx is worthless.  She won’t be speaking much; medical professionals are out.  Birx is already being replaced by dime-store-Ivanker, kaleigh-not-Ann-mac-n-ninny as spokesmodel for the pandemic.  

  20. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥                                                         

  21. The economy is crashing and 50,000 have died (so far), and Trump could still get re-elected.  

  22. Mark Cuban says TX isn’t ready to reopen on April 30th.  Huh? I thought stay-at-home was extended to May 15th.   Anyway, he said his test is what he would expose his kids to and he’s not letting them out.   

  23. Old news, Mr Nash. It’s 54,000 dead now. You just have to blink and another 1,000 cadavers pile up.
    Crazy Florida man is no longer serving kool aid. Don’t drink the bleach ! Stay vertical and vote
    Lock them ALL up

  24. How did I miss this?  On Monday, TX Gov. Abbott said religious services are essential.  Some churches (larger, mainstream) are still saying no, we’re still closed, but I expect many of the smaller, non-denominational churches will be open for business tomorrow.   Prepare for a large spike in Covid cases  around Cinco de Mayo. 

  25. I must say, really. I must say that I can’t believe trump can top his pensive bleach injection speech without getting 25Aed. That made reagan’s lunatic trip down the Coastal Highway during a ‘debate’ seem like normal, ordinary, mundane maundering. trump revealed himself to be, if not the narrator/protagonist of Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman, at least that man’s reincarnation.

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