It’s A Small World After All

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January 3, 2021 – the date Mitch McConnell is no longer a threat to America.  The end of the 116th Congress of the United States which ends his career.  The Democratic Party members control the Congress and the White House. 

The question is will the Dems investigate the conduct of the republicans?  Will the FBI investigate and the DOJ prosecute those republicans who may have been under Kremlin control?  Will the state and other local police and prosecutors look into election law violations.

Can (not will) Americans begin to once again trust their governments?  Aside from the idiots who comprise anti-American values cults, the rest of our nation and the world deserves to know they can trust these United States to return to a world where we support and help others.  Americans have helped others with food and support, unfortunately that often meant weapons.

No more Cheney trying to fight Vietnam to a win, albeit in Iraq and Afghanistan. To which we are still fighting. No more tearing up treaties and agreements because of hate of skin color or religion.  No more blocking refugees from having their lives saved and improved.

Because of this current president the white supremacists and other hate groups have felt enamored to try to destroy our country. These people feel free to use their hate to hurt others and to break American values. They openly oppose authority, and have attacked religious locations. Can they be disarmed?

Will this pandemic change America and the world? I think these United States and many other countries have already been changed in the last ten weeks.

Some will argue this is too early to look at the possibility that this election will cause a change in the administration and Congress.  Some will say do not jinx this election.  Some will say that it cannot happen because the republicans will cancel the November elections.  And, a lot will say we must win, we have to win – we will win back America from Putin.

Blue Bronc

Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about the LBJ chants during Viet Nam.  Can anyone improve on this one for Trump

    Hey Hey Donald Trump

    How many more bodies will you dump?


  2. If the establishment Democrats take control of the White House and the Senate in  November, I don’t expect them to do very much.   That is because the establishment Democrats have become what used to be called “moderate Republicans.”  
    Politicians like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi have built their careers on supporting corporate capitalism, undermining labor unions, weakening the regulation of business, and cutting both taxes and the social welfare programs that these taxes finance.   There will be no “Medicare for all.”  There will be no free tuition at state universities.  There will be no action on climate change.
    For the last four decades, the establishment Democrats have stood by and watched the Republicans do voter suppression all across the USA on a massive scale, and they have done NOTHING to stop it.   You might ask yourself why that is.  It is because the establishment Democrats correctly see voter suppression as an attack on the left wing of the Democratic party, and the establishment Democrats hate the left more than they hate the Republicans. As long as affluent, conservative white voters in the suburbs get to vote, the establishment Democrats are content. 
    Will the establishment Democrats investigate any of the crimes that Trump and his appointees have committed while in office?   No.   Why not?  Because the big corporations whose interests they serve have a very different agenda. 
    What the corporations want, and what the establishment Democrats will do, is to get the USA back to “business as usual.”   The bottom line is (literally) the bottom line … corporate profits will go up, the stock market will soar, and  the only difference between the Trump administration and the Biden administration will be that the Biden people will be more competent: they will do a better job of weakening the middle and lower classes and strengthening the upper class.
    Does this sound cynical?  Perhaps.  But I lost faith in the establishment Democrats a long time ago when they rejected the liberal economic philosophy of FDR and embraced conservative economic philosophy of Herbert Hoover.
    That began in the 1980s when a guy who used to be a liberal, moved to the right and became governor of Arkansas.  He then dragged the entire Democratic party to the right when he became President.  Nothing in the Democratic party has changed since then. 

  3. Jamie, had the same thought the other day and came up with

    hey hey, donald j

    how many ‘mericans ya killin’ today

  4. Re the class action question from the prior thread, no way a CA suit would be launched against PRC or the ChiCom party.  Class action suits are brought so the lawyers can get a huge payday from the settlement fund-about 40%- and class members get a voucher to buy crappy stuff at a discount or get a minuscule reimbursement check or the like. The defendants have to see a huge monetary threat or they won’t cooperate. I don’t see China or the ChiCom party seeing such a threat. Nice thought though. And SFB would be protected because of limited immunity since his lies were made in “performing “ his official duties. 

    Small world. I got so sick of the Mouse when LP was a kid and we were going to Orlando year after year that I never want to hear that song again … and now it’s looping through my head. Damn. 

  5. Pogo – Thanks for the CA summary. What about The Hague getting involved?  Since there was US intel about a virus in November, the December wet market is a Chinese state lie. 
    It’s a lab of horrors that you should fear, bringing death and destruction to last for years, kiss your loved ones goodbye, and your money, too (sigh) It’s a small, small world. Everybody! It’s a small world after all…

  6. Beats me. What I know about international law is limited to what I’ve seen in newspapers and tv. 

  7. Went to Disney World 15, late 80’s, with wide-eyed toddler girl in tow. I was totally prepared to find abhorrent everything about everything I was about to go thru.  Instead it was all just delightful. I’d been to old Disneyland in ‘63 so I wasn’t a novice, but it still ambushed me how nice everything was.  Nice, and fun. I mean there was Tigger on his electric drum kit,  and his band on a flat bed in the street in front of that Disney-castle, with the band actually playing:  “FIFTEEN YEARS! We’re  havin’ a par-teeee”.  I was totally suckered by the whole affair and that Small World ride was solid. I never mind that tune hanging out a bit…..

  8. pogo, sometime back CNN had this on earworm songs, listing a few, explaining the whys and how to get rid of them short of cutting your head off.  here’s what they said about removing the worm:

    Though two-thirds of us may not find earworms offensive, the reality is that at some point, a song may become annoying, and you’ll want it to wiggle out of your head. To enable this, the study has three options: Engage fully with the song by listening to it through to the end, distract yourself with a different song — though this could just leave you with another to get rid of — or simply let it run its course and don’t think about it, which is easier said than done.

    “A lot of the time, people get the song stuck because they don’t remember how it ends,” Jakubowski said, explaining why it could work to listen to a song through to the end.
    As for filling your mind with another song, she asked the trial participants to name songs they use to get rid of an earworm. The most common answer was “God Save the Queen,” the national anthem of the UK.
    Levitin, an expert in the field of earworms, weighed in with his own solutions.
    “If you’re a musician, play the earworm (this is what Neil Young told me he does),” he wrote in an email to CNN. “Or, if it’s really bad, ask your doctor for medication, such as anxiolytics (anti-anxiety drugs).”
    Before you reach for the medication, perhaps try the other options first and, if you can remember how it goes, try praising the Queen of England in musical form.


  9. Hi Jamie – Pam and I join you, making at least 3 of us who love the Small World ride. It was the very first thing I wanted to do as a kid. We’d go marching across the park to get there. It was always very special to us as a family. As for Pam, it’s one of a few very special memories Pam has of being with her parents. 
    I’m an idealist at heart, so in my perfect idealistic world all of the political crooks are held to account for what they’ve done. 
    But we wonderss, preciouss, yess we wonderss if that’s realistic. 
    So many ugly critters have crawled out from under their rocks in the last 4 years. We wonderss – do they just crawl back under and await the next cycle in which their hatred is celebrated? After all, they seem to believe just as passionately that they are right as we believe that they are ugly and wrong.
    Yess, preciousss, we wonderss…if the sweeping blue wave holds the majority in the House, wins the majority in the Senate, and seats a Dem in the White House…what then? Is there a giant sigh and a relaxation, assuming that we’ll get back to “normal”? 
    As critical as this 2020 election is, I suspect that the 2022 midterms are even more important. I think that in order to truly cement any path to real and lasting change, Dems must continue to vote in large numbers and pay attention in non-presidential years. Otherwise the ugly critters will creep back in.
    And when we get to 2024 – does Joe really step aside in favor of a younger, more progressive Dem? Do we have 2 campaign years full of options in both parties? Is there a VP possibility behind whom all Dems can fall in lock step? What will Republicans try next to regain power? How will Democrats hold power?
    I refuse to consider what might happen if Dems lose in November. 
    Is it over-stating to suggest that we’re living in a time that future historians will hold as the point at which the United States became…what?
    Givess usss the williesss to think it, yesss preciouss, it doess.

  10. wiki tells about an earworm short story titled “A Literary Nightmare” that Mark Twain wrote:

    The narrator, Mark Twain, sees a catchy jingle in the morning newspaper. The jingle promptly attaches itself to his mind, such that he loses concentration and can no longer remember what he ate for breakfast, whether he ate at all, and what words he was going to use in his novel. The jingle mentally incapacitates him, until, a few days later, he takes a walk with his friend, the Reverend, and inadvertently transfers the jingle to the reverend’s mind. As this happens, Twain experiences a sense of relief, and returns to his normal life.
    Some days after Twain was cured, the Reverend visits him; he is in a terrible state, as the jingle, which keeps on repeating in his head, has already disabled his concentration. He tells Twain of some incidents where the rhythm of the jingle influenced his actions, such as when churchgoers started swaying to the rhythm of his homilies. Taking pity on the man, Twain decides to cure him, and brings him to a meeting of university students. The Reverend successfully manages to transfer the jingle from himself to the students, curing himself and, at the same time, continuing the cycle.

  11. Wilson.  You never end the “walking off” song until way after the star has “walked off”.  And someone has to let you know whether or not he’s going to walk back on. 

  12. I always wanted to go to WW’s Spaceship Earth.   I get motion sick and don’t care for rides, but I like it when everything is clean and pretty and, well, Disney-fied.

  13. BlueBronc…. excellent column!  Love the last line of ….  we will win back America from Putin.
    Rick and I have been to Disney World twice.  Had a great time!  We went to all the theme parks, but particularly loved EPCOT and Animal Kingdom.  Don’t feel a need to go back…  don’t want to get on a plane anytime soon.  We have timeshares in the NH White Mts. and on Cape Cod.  One is a 2-hour drive to our north… the other a 2-hour drive to our south.  We’re good with that for getaways for the foreseeable future.

  14. You got to know how to pony,
    Like Boney Maroney.
    If only we had recorded TS Eliot reciting the lyrics of Land of a Thousand Dances, the world would be much more stately and refined. 

  15. Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) tweeted at 10:39 AM on Thu, Apr 23, 2020:

    My oldest brother, Don Reed, died from coronavirus on Tuesday evening. He joined the Air Force at 19 and spent his career in the military, including five and a half years off and on in combat in Vietnam. He was charming and funny, a natural leader.

  16. trump is warren harding on acid, 
    ceausescu w/a sleek ex-stripper 
    and berlusconi w/o teen age Algerian hookers (maybe) and definitely w/o the money and tv network. 

  17. Questions that have haunted me for fifty-five years. 
    Do the jerk, Baby;
    Do the jerk now. 
    Was Baby a backup singer ? Was the jerk playing keyboard or drums ?
    Inquiring people want to know.  Chris Kenner knows the answers, but he’s not talking.

  18. Also bringing back the three martini lunch at the expense of tax payers
    We need to know about what he has been doing behind the cover of the virus.

  19. One of Elizabeth Warren’s brothers has died from Covid.   Like my friend’s boyfriend, there will be no big funeral with an honor guard for this veteran.  

  20. “I’m grateful to the nurses and other front-line staff who took care of my brother, but it is hard to know that there was no family to hold his hand or to say ‘I love you’ one more time. And now there’s no funeral for those of us who loved him to hold each other close,” Warren said. “I will miss my brother.”

    her 3 bros’ campaign vid

  21. more from globe article:

    Herring was born in 1933 and attended the University of Oklahoma, but did not graduate, before enlisting in the Air Force, where he flew B-47 and B-52 bombers. He flew 288 combat missions in Vietnam, eventually becoming a B-52 squadron pilot and a squadron aircraft commander. He earned numerous decorations before retiring in 1973 as a lieutenant colonel and starting an auto-detailing business. In her statement, Warren described Herring as a natural leader with a quick, crooked smile.


    Herring was 16 years older than Warren, and she was a toddler when he joined the military at the age of 19.

    “My first memory of Don Reed was when he left for the service and then of his wedding,” she wrote in her autobiography. “He was adventurous and dashing, and his very existence was like a distant light.”


  22. Gene Deitch, creator of Tom & Jerry (the inspiration for Itchy & Scratchy) has passed away. 

  23. What’s happening with the uncounted. Some are saying if the people who died at home and not tested are not being counted.  It could be as much as another 40 thousand .

  24. What??!  McConnell and King in a cat pissing contest??!  Wheeeeeeee….  what fun to see the gop eating itself…

  25. congresscritters should have put banks on a fixed fee basis, not a commission %,  for all those SBA relief loans. they would have busted their butts toget out more loans than just the few big ones.


    excerpt from

    As compensation for getting the money out the door, the SBA promised banks processing fees that varied by the size of the loan. They ranged from 1 percent for loans of at least $2 million to 5 percent for those up to $350,000.
    That allowed JPMorgan Chase to make $100,000 for handling a single $10 million loan to the parent company of the Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant chain, according to NPR. Other banking giants including Bank of America and PNC Bank also reportedly collected the fees.
    The banks reaped the cash even though they took on next to no risks for the loans, which the federal government guaranteed with taxpayer money, the radio network reported. The loans were also reportedly less labor-intensive to process because banks were not required to verify applicants’ claims about their assets.

  26. I miss baseball.  I wish they would re-air the game Keith Olbermann covered on Baseball Saturday.   Each, consecutive inning was broadcast with newer and better technology.   I could barely make out anything during the first inning, it was so dark and grainy.  It was very interesting and since they are showing old basketball games, this is the baseball game I’d like to watch, again.  
    If the bough-y steakhouse chain doesn’t give back the money, they should be boycotted when they re-open.   They stoled that money from the fund that belonged to true, small businesses.
    This is why you want someone like Elizabeth Warren making sure there is oversight.    This is the time for the media to do its job, since the WH didn’t want oversight.   
    Even my Fox-watching relatives think folks out protesting the shutdown are nuts, and, they want vote-by-mail.   The virus is enlightening all but the most stubbornly ignorant. 

  27. “If the bough-y steakhouse chain doesn’t give back the money, they should be boycotted when they re-open.”

    BiD, at least boycotts should be threatened.  perhaps their small time competitors should make note in local ads about how they need the business more than mega-corps do.

  28. Rick Wilson: “It was inevitable that Trump would face a crisis immune to tweets or stupid memes or insulting nicknames. The damage he does to everyone and everything around him has become an iron law of American politics, an invariable and inevitable process. Still, I didn’t think it extended to everyone in the country; that it would produce actual bodies stacked like cordwood in a preventable, slow-rolling pandemic. When I wrote Everything Trump Touches Dies, I didn’t mean it literally.”

  29. Well, now that i’ve seen some coverage (that Nash referenced, yesterday-ish) regarding smoker’s potential higher resistance to C-19, and to quote Kirk Douglas, “looks like i picked the wrong day to quit smoking”!

  30. Ruth Cris Steakhouse. Yikes butter on the steak
    I think each restaurant is separately owned.

  31. So sorry to hear about Elizabeth Warren’s brother.  This country is gooing to be steeped in grief as most of us are touched by the virus. And in that shroud of grief we only have the dictator to blame!

  32. He’s not “the dictator”.  He’s The Slug; he’s the Worm; he’s the Chocolate Soldier,  the congenital draft-dodger; he’s the Emperor Jones; he’s a minor capo; he’s even the “would-be” or “wanna-be” dictator.    But he is not “the dictator”.
    He probably enjoys being called that, but  I don’t think we are working with Sulla or Caesar material here.
    He’s not a has been, he’s a never was been.

  33. As me old grandpappy used to say back before I was born, “It’s raining like a two-c••nted cow pissin’ on a flat rock”.

  34. Thornton Wilder shit right here…..the toddler who went to Disney’s 15th has picked today to give birth to a toddler of her own. Virtual Cubano cigars all around. I still have 4, I’m going to smoke them all, for today the world will have shifted yet again.

  35. The mayor of Colleyville, TX is allowing gyms and salons to open tomorrow, despite the state mandate.   It’s by-appointment-only.  Yeah, you need an appointment to get your hair done.    How’s that different than before?
    Vegas is never coming back.  It produces nothing; casinos just redistribute wealth.  

  36. Slipping through the mass of serious news today is the announcement that MLB has now officially released the results of its investigation into the 2018 Boston Red Sox. The Sox join the 2017 Houston Astros as cheaters, receiving a similar weak-ass punishment in which the players get a pass and get to continue to call themselves World Series champions.

  37. Well, it’ll virtually protect you from virtual C-19……and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

  38. Phuck The lying Mnuchin and SFB. They negotiated a fraudulent relief system they had no intention of administering or monitoring as negotiated. Áśśhøles. 

  39. The economic outlook is VERY bad.  We are heading towards “Great Depression” conditions.   The difference is that today we have Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Social Security.
    It’s going to be bad, but not quite as bad as the 1930s.
    Sort of like organic, seedless, grapes of wrath.

  40. The tragedy is that if Bob Dylan hops a freight, he won’t have any place to plug in his electric guitar.

  41. Rachel Maddow is on for an hour and repeats the same 4 minutes of information over and over.  She is worthless

  42. Maddow opened her interview with the public health officer from Santa Clara county saying I’ll bet you hate television interviews. Wisely Dr Cody did not respond 

  43. I would love to know who at Lam Industries went to their facility in Wuhan and when.  I wonder with whom they interacted while in China.  When they returned, I’d like to know if they had  direct contact with the woman who died on 2/6, or, if someone else was asymptotic from interaction with an employee who travelled to China.

  44. Nash- Ha!  “The organic, seedless grapes of wrath.”  Laughing because the other option is crying.  

  45. Ms Jessie left a message this morning. Ms Jessie is the sweetest lady, works part time for the health department as neighborhood out reach. She has been in this world for so long that if I need something done or a neighbor needs help I give her a call. She knows how the system works and who to call.
    I called her back and learned she had 50 cloth surgical masks to pass out  to my neighbors. I thought Ok, and I put off what I was doing  until she showed up.  I  was thinking about all the people who might need a mask, I thought maybe I could get rid of half of them if I work hard. Well, without trying at one to a person, they are all gone except for the one I kept for myself, I guess there are more elderly and vulnerable people in the neighborhood than I thought. So I texted Ms Jessie to get more for tomorrow. 

  46. BiD
    Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve had neighbors.  
    Neighbors are kind of like family. You take what you get. Some are good, some are nuts. You just get up in the morning and deal with it.
    Lady that lives in the middle of the block moved up here from Louisiana after Katrina. Her sister lives across the street. (They are all nuts btw, it is genetic.) any way I saw her on her front porch and ask her if she wanted a mask for her and her husband, She did. Then I ask her to tell her sister about the mask and she told me to just give her the masks and she would get them to her sister.  Later I was telling the story to her next door neighbor and Elda laughed and said”She won’t give those to her sister, they don’t even talk to each other anymore.”  I laugh and shrugged, “what ever I did the best I could”

  47. The head of the FDA has had to warn folks not to ingest nor inject themselves with disinfectant!  Why?  Because  SFB fancies himself a medical expert and is so incredibly inarticulate.   My god, shut him up before he kills, again. 

  48. Apartments are different.  I know a few, but not well.   My ex-boyfriend has lived in the same house for twenty years and only knew one neighbor.  Nobody goes over to anyone else’s place here.  You meet somewhere.   It’s much different than how I grew up. 

  49. About smokers not getting Covid-19, I understand that was only in France, in China it was the opposite. 
    So maybe it is smoking after consuming a rich butter filled meal? Or even better, a butter filled meal offsets what ever harm smoking contributes. So, If you don’t smoke and eat a butter rich diet then you should be even more protected. Forget mainlining bleach,  just reach for a pastry, pour more cream in that coffee, relax and enjoy. Oh and if it doesn’t work? You ate some really good food in your last days.

  50. Tomorrow, I need to find hair bands so I can try to make a handkerchief mask, just so I know I can do it.  It’s no-sew, but I watch the video and I just learn better by doing.  

  51. Speaking of it’s a small world……
    And other Disney type stuff
    I was never a fan of cruise  ships, Mrs Jack kept trying to convince me, she even paid $300 down on a cruise before she died. (I suspect if I emailed them they would make a deal just because)
    But  after reading this article Covid-19 may make an end to the industry for at least a generation. I wouldn’t be buying stock anyway.

  52. So, you just tie a hankie in half corner-wise and tie that around your face as if those folded corners were the ends of string… easy.  Stick a coffee filter in there if you really feel the need to breathe someone else’s air by taking to them within a range of 6’-10’.
    Thought of me: “i wonder if it’s Ok for dogs to eat cashews?🤔”
    Thought of my dog: “Of course it’s Ok for me to eat cashews.  Give me a fucking cashew!”

  53. Thought of me: “Hm, i feel like maybe one more small handful of cashews will stave off my anxiety-fueled hunger.”
    Thought of my dog: “OMG, this asshole is opening the cashews, again.  He always drops at LEAST one!”

  54. MSNBC is reporting that Biden is beating Trump badly in polls in the swing states that Trump won in 2016.

  55. A cashew-eating dog is “bougie”, quite frankly.  We’re both blessed🤷‍♂️

    (She’s worth it🐶)

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