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  1. wapo’s #floridamorons: 

    Local news aired photos and videos of Florida’s shoreline dotted with people, closer than six feet apart, spurring #FloridaMorons to trend on Twitter after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) gave the go-ahead for local beachfront governments to decide whether to reopen their beaches during a news briefing Friday. Duval and St. Johns counties have reopened their beaches, while Miami-Dade County officials said they are considering following suit.
    On the same day that Florida reported 58 deaths from the coronavirus — its highest daily toll since the pandemic began — DeSantis told reporters that it’s essential that Floridians get exercise outdoors.
    South Carolina announced that it was reopening beaches Saturday.

  2. Ron DiSantis – the original #FloridaMoron. That btw is a perfect example of Republican upside downism. On Florida’s most deadly day yet the Republican governor gives local governments the go ahead to allow residents and outsiders to begin to congregate publicly again. 

  3. Gov Whitmer Maybe she can patiently explain to the mob that their protest can accomplish nothing but extension of the shutdown.

  4. Beautiful symphony absolutely perfect for Earthday that arrives on the 22nd.

    Could you breathe a little of the longing for spring into your orchestra as they play? That was what was most in my mind when I wrote [the symphony] in January 1841. I should like the very first trumpet entrance to sound as if it came from on high, like a summons to awakening. Further on in the introduction, I would like the music to suggest the world’s turning green, perhaps with a butterfly hovering in the air, and then, in the Allegro, to show how everything to do with spring is coming alive… These, however, are ideas that came into my mind only after I had completed the piece


  5. I can see Hopper’s interpretation of the famous painting, especially with “The Killers” reference thrown in, but I think its “meaning” may have grown from what he intended by the fact that most who view the painting, absent the written word,  rightly supply their own interpretation to it.  I see more of “A Clean Well Lighted Place”.

  6. Jack… that was great… thanks!
    Lots of protests all over the country.  There were around 100 NHerites protesting at our State House yesterday.  The sane people here dubbed it “ the live free and die” rally.

  7. The online British newspaper “The Guardian” has an article to today on “Corona-shaming.” 
    This refers to what some people are doing when they see someone not practicing “social distancing” or engaging in “non-essential” activities.  They “report” them to the police or try to “shame” them in other ways, such as posting photos on social media, putting a big sign in the window of their house or apartment complaining about one of the  neighbors, or just yelling at them in the street.
    The question the article asks it, “Is this ethical or is it similar to Medieval witch hunts, where innocent people were falsely accused?”
    The article discusses the case of a nurse who was working seven days a week at her hospital.  One of her neighbors, who did not know what her job was, put a note under her windshield wiper accusing her of “Going out every day, when we are supposed to stay home.”  
    Personally, I welcome the chance to sit in judgement of others, and I am always ready to cast the first stone. 

  8. Nash, there’s something to this.  I also favor Schadenfreude .  “Personally, I welcome the chance to sit in judgement of others, and I am always ready to cast the first stone. “

  9. I know you’re all secretly wondering about our first world predicament from last week, so I can report that we received our Keurig and our second toaster on Friday. We now can have perfect toast x2 plus the outstanding hot beverage of our individual preference. 
    Regrettably, today we’ve discovered another first world privilege situation. We put on our masks and gloves and went out to Target early this morning. It’s been a month and we’re starting to run low on some stuff. They didn’t have a truck delivery today, so no TP or paper towels etc. So there’s that. Disappointing but we’re stocked well enough to search another day.
    But – horrors – we also couldn’t get Skippy Creamy peanut butter. We ordered our groceries for pick up later today, sans Skippy because Fry’s was out. I am a Skippy Creamy dude, always have been for as long as I can remember. At Target, we searched for it, but no joy. They did have Jiff Creamy peanut butter, so we had to settle. We debated it for several minutes, and then Pam gave me the look and I kicked the ground and got embarrassed and the Jiff went into the shopping cart. Because although I can muddle along without Skippy, I simply cannot make it through shelter-in-place without any peanut butter.
    Somehow, life will go on. 
    (Please consider the above as the 100% snark that was intended. We are grateful to be healthy and safe, comfortably staying at home, with the financial resources to see us through.)

  10. Lovely start to the day.  Thanks Jack.  Our weather is so confusing we aren’t sure about what season it is — we barely know what day of the week it is.

  11. Blue Bronc & Sturgeone:
    Trump is not practicing social distancing and he probably has close contact with at least 50 people a day.  I’ve read that, unlike previous administrations where the chief of staff closely controlled who got to talk to the President, under Trump, anyone on a fairly long list of people on the White House staff can just walk into the Oval Office at any time and there is usually a crowd of people already there.  Trump likes to talk and he likes to have a big audience. 
    So, even without tours, Trump is in serious danger of infection.  I think he actually believes the Fox News position that “the virus is not very dangerous” and that all he has to do is wash his hands a lot and he will be OK.  (He is a compulsive hand-washer.)
    It’s interesting to speculate what would happen if Trump did get infected.  It would probably cause utter chaos in the White House, and I really have no idea how that would change their approach to managing the crisis.

  12. Here’s a question I have – if the covidiot in chief does become infected, would the American public be told? Or would we have to infer it from any changes we see in White House behaviors?

  13. ByDon should do a daily response to SFB
    Even if he did nothing but fact check it would serve a good purpose and it would drive Lardbutt crazy. 

  14. Travis – my guess is what has happened in the past where he “works from the East Wing” is all we would hear.  It will have all the transparency of his visit to Walter Reed on a Saturday.  If all happens and we see a bobble head roaming around looking lost and Stephen Miller directing the white supremacists of the Michigan covids to guard Lafayette Park we can guess there will be a different name on the November ballot.

  15. Nah he would come to work dragging his ventilator with him
    Hopefully he would never get over it

  16.     The other day I described writing computer code as writing a story.  It is true.  You introduce your characters and how they act, then you take your readers on a journey through the various paths of life to finally tell the conclusion and ending (they have different timelines).  Often with a way to going back and taking a different journey.
        Here is the story of an even earlier (older) person in the software field than me.  Donald Knuth is someone you should hear about.  He is an innovator who actually is known, at least in the software business.  His stuff works for the good (my stuff you will never know).

  17. Thanks for showing us that Biden ad, Mr Jack. 
    Some of us in Blue States probably wouldn’t get to see that ad on tv. I f’w’d it to a lot of my pals, people who still think that the rippers will win in November. It will definitely boost morale and donations. 

  18. He’s like derfuhrer demanding that every german fight for him to the last drop of blut. I presume that he’s seen the reports that black folks are more likely to die of c19. Ergo, in his crazed popover-brain, every trumpie who dies will take 2 black voters, for a ripper net gain in Michigan. 
    However, he’s so far underwater in MI that his campaign is beginning to resemble a flounder.

  19. Dems have Bloomberg money when it’s ad time in Sept and Oct.  No need to spend money yet.  
    Let Trump continue to dig his own political grave with his mouth, as he continues to lie, to not offer help to states for testing to get businesses reopened, and, to incite his followers to riot/get infected/die off.   He takes no responsibility for anything.  He is a loser. A tremendous, egotistical, empty-headed, lying loser. 
     I believe Trump has violated his oath of office. (Of course, the words “to the best of my ability” give him a pass. He is a very, low-ability loser.)

  20. If we ever decide to update our political party totems, I shall nominate the Blue Unicorn for the Dems and the red C19 Virus for the rippers.

  21. Of course, the words “to the best of my ability” give him a pass. – Ms Dallas
    Ms Dallas, yours is a better defense than the armies of WH, trump, and DoJ attorneys came up with. Dopie don missed a bet, when he failed to bribe you onto his team – not that you’d ever sell out . . . not that he’d keep his part of a bargain.

  22. My grandmother used to say that you could get chicken pox a second time if you didn’t get them bad enough.  I don’t know if that’s true, but you do get shingles from the same virus.    Since some folks have shown re-infection  with Covid-19, maybe total immunity isn’t possible.   Maybe the virus is living at the base of the the spinal cord, waiting to reappear later. 

  23. xrep – The qualifications to be prez are equally low.   It’s up to the people to do the vetting.   Thankfully, Dems have Bloomberg money and a daily lie-fest from Trump from which to choose clips to hoist him in his own petard.   All of those lies to harvest for ads to take SFB down;  it’s an embarrassment of riches.  

  24. Maybe the virus is living at the base of the spinal cord, waiting to reappear later. – Ms Dallas
    EGAD ! What a ghastly thought. If so, we’ll all be walking time bombs, infecting and re-infecting each other, surviving one attack, only to be taken down by the next. This could be the final solution for global warming, but not a very comfy one for the self-styled apex of evolution, the top of the food chain.

  25. Yes, Ms Dallas, an embarrassment of riches is right. What do we have now 18,000 ? Of course, if you eliminate all the duplicates, it would probably be a mere thousand. 

  26. He has a small vocabulary. Tiny, like his hands.  He has a tremendous capacity for twisting them into huge lies that contribute to the deaths of Americans.  Huge. 

  27. The chicken pox virus does it.  From what I’ve seen experienced, chicken pox are a cake walk compared to shingles.  Also, chicken pox weren’t so bad for me in elementary school (my step-mom sent me to school with them and the teacher sent me home; I thought she would beat me for coming back early).  I also infected my dad, in addition to my classmates, and he had them much worse.  

  28. That’s an EXCELLENT Biden ad!  They should beat the U.S. public over the head with it (the facts) in many different ads everyday, over & over!  Use Bloomberg’s money to do it.
    I was reading about an actor I don’t know, Nick Cordero.  His wife, Amanda Kloots , has been posting on Instagram stories which I can’t find, of course. I guess they disappear after 24 hours. “Time” seems to be able to keep up with them. In a nut shell, his first 2 tests were negative even though he was in the hospital with pneumonia. The third was positive. He’s been on a ventilator, dialysis machine, and ECMO (heart lung machine). He was on a blood thinner for leg clots, but he bleed into his intestines and his heart rate dropped. He had to be resuscitated.  They stopped the blood thinner, the clots continued, they amputated his right leg. In light of outcomes, not finished yet, like this, I think of the Darwin Award when I watch all the morons who are so cavalier about not wearing gloves & a mask and are protesting safety over the dictator’s greed. Have at it! They’re thinning his herd!

  29. The national polls are good but we need to know about the states the driver of the insane clown car won before

  30. Tiptoe, masks do more to protect others than yourself. Those who don’t wear them are essentially saying they don’t care about others – like SFB. I don’t buy that masks only protect others, and I feel better For myself when wearing one in public, despite everything I’ve read to the contrary. Gloves- I don’t se the benefit unless you have more self restraint about touching your face than I have. I wash my hands frequently and use sanitizer whenever it’s within reach. As for the protesters, I advise them to wear the stupid caps and forget the masks. The Darwin Award awaits. 

  31. Pogo, you’re wise!  Yep, I wear gloves & a mask and a hazmat suit is next. It’s a pain in the neck to suit up. It’s annoying. I don’t use money so I don’t have to fiddle around with change. I use plastic and take that out before using it because the gloves make it hard to dig out of my purse. But I still wear it all. And I feel better with it on. Mabbe we’ll never take them off?

  32. A friend of mine in Seattle currently has Covid-19. She said her BP is still sketchy, but her sinus pressure is dwindling. She said that she can actually smell the aroma of what she is cooking for dinner tonight. So, she is improving.

  33. 4/1/2020  “Darwin Awards in Danger”
    “The Darwin Awards are in danger of being canceled this year due to the unprecedented number of applicants and a severe lack of Darwin Award trophies. ‘In any normal year we might have a few hundred nominations, but this year it’s quickly moving into the thousands. Maybe soon it will be tens of thousands,’ said the president of the Darwin Awards Committee” Could be April Fools. “The biggest problem, according to the Darwin Award President is ‘We haven’t reached the peak of stupidity. The next few weeks are going to see an unbelievable uptick in the number of stupid things being done by stupid people that is going to get themselves killed.’
    But one thing we do know. No matter how bad it gets. And even if he doesn’t die from being arguably the stupidest president in the history of Presidents, an honorary Darwin Award of the Century will go to the person who truly deserves it.”
    Party on, assholes.”

  34. Corey – Glad your friend is on the mend.
    Viruses are weird.  Chicken pox is contagious as chicken pox, which lives on to present as shingles.   An outbreak of shingles is contagious as chicken pox.  There are vaccines for both, but once you have a chicken pox vaccine, you shouldn’t need a shingles vaccine.     Who knows what nasty, little thing Covid-19 May present as later on.

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