“We’ve had travel bans, but one exception is work. So, I want people to know the Easter Bunny is an essential worker and the travel ban does not apply. So, those that have been worried about whether the Easter Bunny’s going to make it for them this year, I can tell you that is most certainly an essential worker.”

Gov. Andy Beshear, Governor’s briefing 4/8/20 Frankfort KY


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  1. The Hill:

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday issued new guidelines aimed at getting workers who have been exposed to the coronavirus in critical fields back to work faster.
    Under the old guidance, workers were told to stay at home for 14 days if they were exposed to someone who had tested positive for coronavirus.
    The new guidelines will allow critical workers who have been exposed go back to work as long as they are asymptomatic and follow conditions like taking their temperature before going to work, wearing a face mask at all times and practicing social distancing at work as much as possible.
    The new guidance is intended to allow health care workers, food supply workers, and others in critical industries to go back to work sooner, as long as they do not have symptoms.
    The guidelines also call on employers to take steps like sending workers home immediately if they are sick and to try to increase air exchange in the workplace.

  2. BTW, about those masked bunnies pictured above the NYTimes reported the other day:

    Homemade face masks are chocolate in the hands of Jeff Shepherd, the owner of Lillie Belle Farms, a chocolatier in Central Point, Ore. He’s making Covid Bunnies, wearing masks, and made of solid organic chocolate in milk, dark and white, each standing about four inches tall. They can be shipped to arrive in time for Easter.

  3. and gov andy wasn’t the 1st to declare bunnie-wise, other govs have too in last few days; but it looks like New Zealand’s PM may have been.

    KUSI news:

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand has decided there is some magic in the world after officially declaring children’s favorites the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are essential workers.
    That means they can carry on with their work while others stay at home during a monthlong lockdown.
    “You will be pleased to know that we do consider both the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny to be essential workers,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday. “But, as you can imagine at this time, of course, they are going to potentially be quite busy at home with their family as well and their own bunnies.”

  4. Well, as an Easter Bunny assistant for just about a decade or so, were I still in that job I’d be looking for PPE and checking the lightest peak times at WalMart and Target. 

  5. questions for mixers

    1.  aside from a chocolate bunny, what is your most essential non-essential this time of year?

    2. which part of the bunny do you eat first? 

  6. Poobah, Joe’s current 8 point advantage is about where the polling margin between him and SFB has been as an average of polls since the writing on the wall about the Dem nomination became clear after Super Tuesday. More important imho is that while Joe has hovered within a point of his current 50ish point average, SFB has dropped 2 points to below 44. The next round of polls, which will reflect both Bernie’s withdrawal and SFB’s bungling of the C19 crisis and weeks of his daily briefing, should be much more telling. 

  7. It is particularly heroic on the part of the bunnies as they contemplate the loss of tails and ears in service to all.


  8. Escape from the land pod – I did a run to a big warehouse store this morning for the old people hour.  It was raining hard which made the line shorter, I arrived shortly before it opened for us creeky types at 0700.  The good line guides let in about fifty people ahead of me.  I had a total wait time of about ten minutes.  Nice, except displaying CRS by forgetting where my card was.  That was solved with the backup card.
    Most things were in stock, I have not been to the store in roughly a month.   I picked up items that were on my list finally arriving at the commercial kitchen aisle.  The plastic serving gloves were in stock, great.  Then I went to the commercial paper products, the TP used in offices, and such, the big rolls.  I had a case out and realized the public did not think enough about what they are used to at work or restaurants.  Talking to one of the stockers about how crazy people are for not buying the obvious.  As I turned the corner there it was, gold, a pallet of Northern TIssue TP.  Yay.  Scored a big pack and the commercial sand paper went back on the shelf.
    The rest of shopping was good, except some hoarders took all the olives, giant stuffed with pimento.  Bah.

  9. From those nasty people over at the Lincoln project.  I think this is the best anti Trump ad they have done so far. They have switched from dark and scary voice to one dripping with sarcasm. 

  10. I eat the chocolate bunny ears first. My favorite non-essential? Malted milk balls with the sugary coating that looks like a dyed egg. I can eat a bag in a sitting. 

  11. jack, wow.  you’re right about it being their best ad so far.  did you notice he got tubbier and tubbier with every succeeding golf photo?


    pogo, I proceed from bottom up, either the tail or the hind legs, not that trickle down head first stuff which deprives the exploited of hearing,  seeing or speaking …   my chocolate bunny fades away finally to just a Cheshire catlike smile left.

  12. I break it in half, share if I’ve got somebody to share with, and start munching in the middle.
    And like Pogo my favorite Easter candy is robin eggs. I limit myself to a small bag because I have no self control and insulin is expensive. 

  13. Jack… great ad!  
    And speaking of Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson…  they are really hoping that trump does go after Hunter Biden in the campaign.  I’ve seen them on several shows and they are ready to tackle the tump administration’s nepotism.  And they will be funded by Bloomberg… so they have plenty of dough!

  14. My favorite candy is M&M chocolate covered peanuts.  Been self medicating waaaaaaay too much lately.  Had to go get blood drawn this past Monday for my A1c.  My doctor called yesterday and it had ticked up a smidge above 7.  She asked…  “do you know why?”  Yup.  On a no chocolate covered peanut diet now.

  15. Goodness, I just went outside, brrrrr, It was in the mid eighties yesterday and it will make it up to the mid fifties today. But it ain’t made it yet. Wouldn’t be bad if the north wind would stop. 
    Renee with all the good weather I have been outside working, for me exercise and hard work make a real difference in blood sugar level. I’ve had to watch my insulin usage. 

  16. All 300+ Dallas parks and all public golf courses are closed for Easter weekend (Fri eve to Mon am).  It’s going to rain all weekend, so folks were probably postponing egg hunts and BBQs until Monday, anyway.   Yes, they will still congregate with extended family.  Cousins will hunt plastic eggs; this year they may be covered in Coronavirus in addition to fire ants. 
    I have sweet potatoes to bake and peas&carrots in the freezer.  I have not eaten all of my Easter candy.  Maybe I will hide it around the apartment on Saturday night, if I’m bored enough.  Church is on TV.  The walking trail should be open, so if there’s a break in the rain, I may walk across the street for my own, private, sunrise service.
    What are y’all having for Easter eats?

  17. Renee, if car food counts, Peanut M&Ms are a staple.  Have been one of my 2 favorite candies since I was a kid – the other being Snickers bars. One or the other and a Coke Zero (I know, I know) is a courthouse lunch for me if I’m stuck with vending machine food.

  18. We’ve got some sort of lamb shank or leg or some kind of chunk of lamb to roast – no idea what we’ll have with it, but if Mrs. P has any say so in the matter, green beans will be one side dish, and sweet potatoes is a definite possibility. And of course, wine.

  19. I wrote here 3 weeks ago that in mid-November the NSA had picked up social networking buzz from commieChina, to the effect that there was a horrific epidemic sweeping Wuhan. trump was told then. trump did nothing. 

  20. Exactly.  So the December animal market story from the Chinese govt is just that.  A story.  With the proximity of Wuhan Virology, it makes sense that this was a lab accident.  

  21. I’ve been thinking about the villain’s firing of the stimulus IG. My conclusion is that it is trump’s first move toward dictatorship. 

  22. The commies may have been able to trace the source back to a first infection, but there by the time they got on it, there were already hundreds, if not thousands of cases. I kind of think that they had sick humans first, then tested some animals and discovered sick bats. So, they blamed the bats. Then, they discovered sick cats. But the bat story stuck.
    I also think the pangolin story was a hoax, because pangolins are solitary and therefore unlikely to source epidemics. Bats, being social & colonial make more sense.

  23. Talked to a friend from work (she is working from home, I am unemployed until further notice as of yesterday), and she is from the Philippines.   When she went back last year, she and her family were given hydroxycloroquine as an anti-malarial drug before going.   

  24. Trump probably fired the IG so there would be no oversight into how he divvies up the stimulus money among him and his evil buddies.  

  25. Given the fact that all those “swing voters in the suburbs” (upper class and upper-middle class white people) now know what a horrible person Trump is, and that he is mismanaging the one of the greatest crises in U.S. history, an 8% lead by Biden is NOT impressive.  (Remember that, for the last 40 years,  the “establishment” Democrats entire electoral strategy has been “we have to keep the swing voters from voting Republican.”)

    The reason that Biden’s numbers are not better is that, like Hillary Clinton, Biden has no clear policy agenda.  If all  he does is make vague promises about what he “might do” as President, he could lose.  That was Hillary’s strategy, also.  She promised nothing and ran based on her belief that “I’m better than Trump.”  Hillary had a very high opinion of herself which was not shared by enough people in the “rust belt” states. 

    So, here we go again.  The establish Democrats think there is “no way” they can lose against Trump, so they don’t have to change anything about the manifestly unfair way the U.S. economy operates.

    And why should the establishment Democrats change anything?  Wall Street is very happy with the way things are.  Big corporations will use the coming recession to further weaken labor unions and make more cuts in the critical social welfare programs that are desperately needed by the lower-middle and lower classes.   After workers’ demands for higher wages have been completely crushed, the stock market will bounce back, and the 1% will have an even bigger share of the national income. 

    Anyone who thinks that that Biden will move to the left and embrace some of the progressive ideas of Sanders  and Warren doesn’t know Biden very well.  He is a classic example of a “corporate Democrat” who loves to work in a “bi-partisan manner” with his “Republican friends” to give big business everything it wants.   That is the way he operated during his many years in the Senate.

    Oh, and one more thing.   As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden kept all the other women that Clarence Thomas had sexually abused from testifying and corroborating Anita Hill’s testimony,  which put Thomas on the Supreme Court.   

    Thanks for that, Joe.

  26. You gonna shit on the only alternative to trump all the way to November, Nash, or just getting it out of your system, now?
    The primary voters (who were fortunate enough to cast ballots in time) chose him.

  27. The Presidential candidate most likely to advance policy with which i agree is Joe Biden.  I wish it were someone else, like Elizabeth Warren, but it’s not- it’s Joe Biden.  Now, i must act accordingly.

  28. Pogo – Last week I did a braised lamb shank dinner.  Very delicious.
    I notice no one has mentioned the fun of freezing choco bunny then taking it out and smashing it.

  29. My old pal Lynn sent me this, and of course I figured it was germane to something, if not to chocolate versions of pagan roman idols . . . .
    It is a slow day in the small Saskatchewan town of Pumphandle, and streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit.
    A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night. As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.
    The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.
    The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Co-op.
    The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her “services” on credit.
    The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.
    The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything.
    At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves. No one produced anything. No one earned anything…
    However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a Stimulus package works.

  30. I imagine that Biden will soon ( or has already) crafted and will soon release a whole set of Plans and Policy positions—culled from Hillary, WJC, Barack Obama, E Warren, Bernie, K. Harris, Jimmy Carter, and Amy Klobuchar—This is a critical election and that old man is going to have a lot of help.
    Plus, he may be goofy, but he ain’t stupid.

    He’s ready , and Old Dude might just snag it.

  31. …funny way to go about expressing that thought.  i reject that premise, regardless.
    The US is just soooo leftist the left party is going to nominate the most moderate candidate in the field.  But we’re sooooo leftist, correct? 

  32. Nashington, Biden’s got this.  It’s time for trust and support across the board. 

  33. Just read in the Journal that reusable grocery bags are being cited as disease carriers and are being banned in San Francisco grocery stores. Others to follow

  34. Craig, of course, “The national stockpile is out of supplies to give to the states”  That prick, Kushner, said that the stockpile is his.

    Jared Kushner slammed for saying the federal medical supply stockpile isn’t meant for states”
    “The notion of the federal stockpile is that it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use.”
    WTF??? Off with his ugly head! Our who? What does that even mean??

  35. I heard ‘Kushner is sending out demand letters to all tenets over 3 days late on rent

  36. Biden has got to go LOW on his ads! He’s got to ram the FACTS of how horrible the dictator is even if just in terms of his LACK of leadership with this pandemic.  Push the timeline that’s now everywhere. Put it side by side with the dictator’s  ubiquitous, “no one knew”, “who knew”! There’s video of all of it, horrible as it is.  Now the government knew not in early January but NOVEMBER, 2019.!!!!

  37. Go for the juggler (sic).   They will clean up a lot of messy stuff, kids in cages etc as a matter of course…..the big goal is to put the damn brakes on 40 years of gop bullshit.   

  38. ”Blink: Trump beat Hillary by running to her left on economics.“
    Yeah, sure, that was the reason. 🙄

  39. I know that the conventional wisdom among most Democrats is that, in the middle a pandemic and a recession,  anyone could beat Trump, but I don’t think that is true.
    Biden has to make some bold moves to attract younger voters, or he could lose.
    Most young people have progressive values and if Biden has nothing to offer them, they won’t turn out to vote.   
    And then Biden, like Hillary, can spend the rest of his blaming the left for his loss.    

  40. Flatus…  the governor of NH banned reusable grocery bags citing that reason at least 2 weeks ago.  Personally… methinks because he is a republican he just wanted an excuse to get rid of something he finds odious.  He also banned any national testing in schools claiming it wouldn’t be the prudent thing to do now that all kids are being home schooled.  Can’t wait to vote against the fucker come November.

  41. Furloughed Republicans wake up on a lazy lockdown day, and after a sip of precious coffee, think to themselves “hmm, how can i undermine the Democratic nominee, today?”
    Furloughed Democrats wake up on a lazy lockdown day, and after a sip of precious coffee, think to themselves, “hmm, how can i undermine the Democratic candidate today?”

  42. Blink: why do you think all those (traditionally Democratic voting) blue collar unionized workers in the “rust belt” states voted for Trump in 2016?
    Because they thought (correctly) that Hillary cared more about Wall Street than about them. 
    Trump promise to help them.  He was lying, of course, but he is a very good liar, and he can do it again.

  43. The only reason to curry the favor of young people is that eventually the become middle-aged and begin to vote. Train the young generation to vote against the rippers now, and reap rewards in the future.
    This November, take an 18 – 24 year old to the polls with you. Better yet, take two. 

  44. Let’s ignore “blatant xenophobia” for purposes of your argument.  Also, disregard “misogyny”, for convenience.
    Ok, this is silly.  Use your words frivolously, if you prefer. 

  45. above cartoon for those who celebrate Maundy Thursday (AKA according to wiki as  Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries, among other names) which is today.

  46. When do the Orthodox celebrate Thursday ? A week from next Monday ?
    Hmmmm . . . that can’t be right. It’d put Easter Sunday on a Thursday. 
    Christianity sure is hard to figure out.

  47. nash, bink is not a blink. (can’t remember ever where he has blinked at comment thrown at him on the trail)  though, to his credit today he does seem to be wearing a most gentlemanly hat and turning the other ear.

  48. There ain’t no more useless holiday than Easter.  They can have it, it being their cross to bear. 

  49. X-R, when one mixes in a pinch of paganism, Druidism, Judaism, Hinduism, a lot of power grabbing and economic voodoo one is indeed left with a confusing mishmash hard to figure out. 

  50. Sturg….  aren’t there supposedly enough “true” pieces of the cross floating around Europe to build a house… or is that an ark?  I get so confused and I can’t keep up.

  51. i was told for a good 20 years, or so, exactly how i should feel about Hillary Clinton, by conservatives and liberals, alike, and rarely positive.
    That said, i found myself agreeing with every single idea she expressed in both her DNCC speech and all of her debates with trump.  She was a good candidate* with good policy positions.  “Policy positions” aren’t why she lost, but the entirety of the disenfranchised Left working in concert against her sure didn’t help!  
    …like trying to herd cats😭🤷‍♂️🇺🇸

    *(concession: she ran a terrible campaign)

  52. pogo, traditionally I do buttered new potatoes, carrots glazed in sweetened orange juice, and freshly picked barely zapped asparagus with a lamb roast to celebrate all things Spring.  

    leftovers are made into lamb curry

  53. More distressing to me, personally, than Biden’s progressive bona fides, or lack thereof, is whether we will even have an election in November.  trumpco has zero interest in ensuring that we do. 

  54. Nash – Biden said he will have a female veep and I hope it’s Warren; I also like Klobuchar. I’ll be happy with Harris or anyone else he chooses.    Joe is not the energetic candidate.   His path to the presidency will be driven by the bottom of the ticket.      
    patD – Thank you for reminding me that I have asparagus in the freezer.  

  55. I hope pig boy Barr signs up to test unknown drugs and with any luck there will be side effects and he will be struck dumber

  56. We will have an election this fall.  Many states offer mail-in ballots.  Some, like TX, require a reason like a physical ailment. Some states offer early voting; it’s very easy in TX, and now, you can vote from any polling place.    Maybe we will have social distancing, masks (except when they check out your DL v your face), and, continuous cleaning of the equipment.   I doubt that the screen I touched during the primary was ever cleaned.  We will vote the bastard out.    How is that war crimes complaint against Trump to The Hague WC coming along?    JarJar is the F-ing anti-christ.  

  57. What a wonderful document! All someone had to do was read the damned thing!  Off with their stupid heads!  Sue them back to the dark ages where they belong!

  58. You’re both wrong. trump ‘won’ because he stole it, just like babybush did in 2000. 

  59. OK, Tsar Trump has delayed his presser to 5:30, trying to bump of the network newscasts.   Do NOT take the bait!  Do the regular news and if he happens to say anything that isn’t a lie, well, that would be F-ing, breaking news now, wouldn’t it?

  60. Welp, if they’re going to cover Trump’s daily lie-fest, I’ll watch PBS.    The Dust Bowl.  The spring of 1935 they had “dust pneumonia.”

  61. No sense in covering trump’s cyber-rally, they can run it at 2:30 am between the knife infomercial and Meet Corliss Archer

  62. Blink: why do you think all those (traditionally Democratic voting) blue collar unionized workers in the “rust belt” states voted for Trump in 2016?

    Because they had been voting Republican/ Perot since Reagan? Ya suppose?
    The only exception of course was 2008 when they were scared shitless they would lose their cushy pensions. Oh and next time insert “white” before “blue collar” just to be accurate. 

  63. Pogo
    Tell Ms P that green beans are so summer. It is spring.  Asparagus is just coming up and Aldi has asparagus for a $1.50 I bought it before I realized I had some in the garden. It is too early for new potatoes, potatoes go in the ground this time of year they are not being dug up. so I like Flatus’s idea for a starch, rice flavored with dripping from the roast.  For a salad, baby spinach toasted pecans, feta cheese, dried cherries and slice strawberries(Or pineapple) with an Asian style vinegrette of sweetened vinegar a dash of soy sauce, toasted sesame seed oil, ginger juice. (shred some fresh ginger and put it in your garlic press) You might do the same with some mixed spring greens too.
    Dessert, it’s a bit early but, a strawberry rhubarb pie.

  64. My dad always told me about being a welder when he was 17 etc etc but he said that his boss would come by and watch for a bit and then like as not would mosey on along. One time my dad says the boss tells him: “Now don’t get in a rush, but every now and then when you think about it—hurry”.

  65. I hadda work this afternoon, so I wasn’t able to stay tuned in to the various back-and-forth here. Thanks for all of the suggestions on things to eat with a lamb roast. If I were to follow everyone’s examples, I would be able to gain about 10 pounds this weekend. I’m not going to do it. But thanks for all the suggestions.
    Nash, the guy who doesn’t win the nomination doesn’t get to tell the guy who wins it to be him rather than the guy who won. . Bad one the nomination because more people liked what he was saying what Bernie was saying. If we’re going to pin our hopes on 18 to 24-year-olds, we are doomed. Fucking doomed. You should know this having been a college professor in Moose county. 

    SFB took advantage of the gullibility of people caught up in declining industries. I spent much time in Cleveland during the 2016 campaign and they bought the populist bullshit of a NYC real estate charlatan hook, line and sinker, and the Lordstown GM assembly plant closed AFTER dipshit was elected and it’s closed today. And they’re stupid enough to do it again. Some people never learn. College kids who thought Bernie’s populist  “Democratic Socialism” would be transformative are not going to save us from tRump anymore than tRump saved the GM Lordstown workers. 

    Sorry, but if you wanted Bernie as the candidate you should have gotten those young voters to vote for him in March. Your (and my) choice now is binary. So choose. 

  66. BTW Bernie may have blown his opportunity to shape the platform today when asked whether he was giving a full throated endorsement and answered, “We are talking.”  He’s moving the threshold for his endorsement as whatever influence he had is waning. Reality may set in soon, I hope. 

  67. My son bought a toy so tomorrow we are experimenting with making Blooming Onions to go with the steaks.

    He is referring to it as the “Stay In Outback”


  68. OK.  So let me see it I can summarize the position of Biden’s supporters.
    Bernie’s supporters have NO RIGHT to ask Biden to do anything for them, and they MUST vote for Biden, because they have NO CHOICE.   And if Biden loses, it will be THE FAULT OF THE LEFT.
    Geez.  I can  see that’s going to really turn out a tidal wave of progressive voters in the fall.

  69. i suppose “Unsolicited Biden smears = Good-faith appeals”, in the context of this argument.
    (i was a Warren supporter.  She lost.  Now, i have to vote for Biden.  That’s how this process works.)

  70. Nash,

    Many here, myself included, and KGC the loudest, were very critical of Biden, when it mattered, TWO MONTHS AGO.
    You weren’t here, you must have been out rallying the “youth-vote”🤷‍♂️

  71. OK.  So let me see it I can summarize the position of Bernie’s supporters.Bernie’s supporters have EVERY RIGHT to ask Biden to do anything for them, or they will not vote for Biden, because they have a CHOICE.   And if they stay home and Biden loses, it will be THE FAULT OF THE JOE.Geez.  I can  see that’s going to get the progressive voters what they want in the fall.

  72. Just found out a friend of a friend passed (not from the virus/he was 92 and sick for many months), but no funeral, except 10 at the funeral home.     No honor guard, even though he’ll be buried at a veterans’ cemetery, and nobody allowed at the actual burial site.   ~Thanks, Coronavirus~

  73. Not for nothing, i was also DEFENDING Bernie! against the rabid Bernie!-haters that populate this forum, when it appeared he might be the nominee, because i’m a TEAM-PLAYER, because if i’m not, fascism for the rest my life, however short that’s looking🤷‍♂️

  74. Wow, incredible post-full moonrise, right now, calls for a song, hmmmm…

    OMG, this one (absolutely amazing instrumental song btw)

  75. Mort Sahl was on The Dick Cavett Show tonight (re-run from before Nixon was elected to a second term).   Boy, things haven’t changed at all.   Mort says: Commies love Republicans.   Republican primaries held in Beijing and Moscow.  

  76. Even Bernie! is like “you know, it’s probably a good time to start being a team-player.” Good for him.
    Ok, stay as far as possible away from everyone! ✌️❤️🇺🇸

  77. Nash – Four years ago, I was where you are on this (because Warren didn’t run).   This year, I really wanted Warren.   Now, like you, I feel like Joe is not a strong candidate…but, he’s what we’ve got…and, his choice for veep will add the missing energy needed to propel him to the presidency.       I think that so many Trump supporters will benefit from the stimulus package, that they may see it’s not bad to have govt pick up healthcare costs and prop up businesses and paychecks.    It may make the left a little more palatable to the middle.   

  78. Well, I gotta get up in the middle of the night to try to file unemployment.  I’ve been kicked off the website a dozen times after getting through a varying number of pages.   They say the middle of the night may work better; less traffic.  Calling proved pointless.  Got through several times (out of about 500 calls), and after the 5th question prompt, promptly got disconnected.    

  79. If I’m going for the strongest candidate, I’ll pick Oprah.
    If I’m going for the best president, I’ll pick Newsome.
    If I want the 18 to 24 year olds to vote, I’ll pick Taylor Swift.
    If I want America to resemble Libya under k-daffy, I’ll let trump keep the WH.

  80. In ’16 HRC was my 3d choice. As soon as she hit the magic number, I put Bernie! aside, and Clinton became my 1st choice. We won, but the crooked Electoral College (and her campaign’s stench of entitlement & dynastic inheritance)(and russpublican dirty tricks) cheated me out of her victory. 
    This time I supported Booker, Warren and Klobuchar. Joe was far from my favorite, but he’s my favorite now. His campaign did a better job than he did (the opposite of HRC in ’16) and the campaign is going to bring him home to victory in November. 

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