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  1. a different kind of cry baby


    President Trump notified Congress Friday evening that he intends in 30 days to fire the intelligence community inspector general, the official who alerted lawmakers to a whistleblower complaint last September that was at the center of allegations that led to the president’s impeachment.
    Trump informed lawmakers in a letter late Friday night that he was removing Atkinson. “It is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general,’’ he wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post. “That is no longer the case with regard to this inspector general.”
    Atkinson, a respected and understated lawyer who served for more than 15 years in the Justice Department, was informed Friday night that Trump intended to fire him and was placed on administrative leave immediately, according to U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter.
    The statute requires that both intelligence committees be notified by the president 30 days before the date of the inspector general’s removal. But placing Atkinson on administrative leave effectively sidelines him immediately, the aide said.

  2. In his editorial New Rule, Bill warns Americans not to make the mistake of rallying around an inept leader like Donald Trump.

  3. My dad had a wah-wah pedal. He still has quite a bit of stuff stored in my brother’s basement.  He’s still buying stuff, too.  Last year he bought a little, Taylor Swift acoustic.  I think he sees musical stuff and can’t help himself.  
    Bink – Are you OK?

  4. I was never drawn to effects. Fuzz-Tone, wah-wah, tremolo, echo plex, and reverb were nice to fool around with, but I always thought that the purpose of an electric guitar was simply a flat top that the whole room could hear.  Straight and hot, no power-sucking gadgets between the guitar and the amp. And always go to eleven.
    That was rock & roll.

  5. The current bro-country music recordings in Nashville are the last remaining dregs of rock & roll.

  6. Recent absence caused by old fool causing traumatic injury to fiber-optic cable that should have been buried within prior two-weeks. Lawn looks great. Kubota  rocks.

  7. LP has a virtual stomp box and effects Warehouse in the attic. His prize is an AXE FXII. He’s been engaged in a relentless search for tone. That Axe through his Mesa Boogie Mark V can make a $100 guitar sound like a $5000 custom from a top notch luthier. 

  8. Flatus, Elvis paved the road to rock & roll on his way to Vegas through Hollywood. By the time he was “acting” he’d put his crown on the shelf and turned the music over to the folks we now call classic rock. As a little kid I loved his Hound Dog to Jailhouse Rock era. After that, aside from a concert here and there, e.g. the ‘68 comeback concert, he didn’t do anything I thought was worth listening to. 

  9. Oh, i’m fine, thank you.  Just had one of those “one thing on top of another” kind of days, yesterday, and there will be many more to come, eh?

  10. Elvis made it look so easy, but no one else could sing like that.
     Acting? Not so much.

  11. i have a friend whom i used to respect that refuses to conform to social distancing guidelines, and his irresponsibility is going to get people he loves killed.  Sad to watch.

    (…all because he “can’t sit around the house all day”. i’m like, “yes, you fucking can! it’s easy!”)

  12. It seems like C-19 only kills good people with benevolent and creative hearts.  i have yet to read of an evil bastard succumbing to it.

  13. Elvis meets Nixon wearing his show-suit.
    Nixon: That’s really some suit you have on, Mr Presley.
    Elvis:  Mr President, you’ve got your show and I’ve got mine.

  14. flatus – 1992 cable is arriving.  With great anticipation by me I watch as the cable is stretched out then buried.  The pedestals are put in and cable line to the house.  More happiness.  The modems arrive, and the branch is powered up.  Oh Joy, many channels of cable tv to watch.  Three days later nothing.  Four houses towards the main cable a new fence was installed.  Each post hole carefully centered over the cable and then there was no cable television for another week while all was replaced.

  15. Well now we know why supplies aren’t getting to where they are needed. They are all being pushed through commercial supply lines where the highest bidder wins.  The Trump administration, the worst of the Republican ideologues combined with total idiot family, supplemented with crooks. 

  16. An interesting interview with General Honore of Hurricane  Katrina fame

  17. Is that why it’s so hard to file for unemployment in many states?  Hoping to stagger claims and make it look less horrific?  When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands every week, with no end in sight, it’s hard to hide it.
    Did you notice SFB said he was never going to to touch SS or Medicare in yesterday’s lie-fest?

  18. When people think of the military involvement they think of soldiers with guns but what the Military is really good at is purchasing, gathering , prioritizing and the distributing the supply it takes to carry out a mission. They have purchasing contracts in place for almost anything you might want to buy and the experts to negotiate prices.
    While the Trump task force is trying to reinvent the wheel there are agencies with tons of experts  who have wheels in place ready to go. It is perhaps the most devastating problem with the Trump administration is that they don’t know how to run a large bureaucratic system and are running it like a mom and pop business. 

  19. Passover starts in a few days.   When they air “The Ten Commandments” this year, the Passover scene will have new meaning.

  20. You know, if only 99,999 Americans die from the Trump plague, he will call it a win.    Can’t you just hear him?  The experts said 100,000 could die. That didn’t happen.  I did a tremendous job in holding down the numbers.  They say 99,999 which is less, very much less than 100, 000.  It could’ve been even less.  Some of them maybe they weren’t tested, we don’t know.  Maybe they died, but weren’t tested and they’re just saying it was C-O-V-I-D-19 but they don’t really know.   We handled this in a tremendously good fashion and it’s not as big of a deal as they said.   I’m going golfing.

  21. The military is putting together cots here. Hope they aren’t needed, but…
    So telling that Trump  said he wasn’t wearing a mask because he didn’t think other great presidents, dictators, kings and queens would wear them.   I don’t suppose Pharaoh would wear one, would he?   

  22. Bid
    There are only so many people to process claims. 
    The week ending a year ago 183,000 people filed for unemployment.
    Last week, it was 6.6 million add to that the 3.3 million from the previous week and you have close to 10 million people applying for unemployment. Last year at this time it would have been  around 370,000. 
    That would be 27 times as many people or think of it like this  or everybody in a normal 6 months all coming in 7 days.

  23. Last Saturday grandson and I (mostly him) installed a mini-split a/c with heat pump into our garage replacing the freestanding unit on wheels that wore out. It is exceedingly quiet and automatically moderates the temperature and humidity based on time of day/night and conditions within the garage which are Rosie’s quarters. Right now my remote sensor says it is 73-deg F and 31-pct r.h..

  24. Bid
    They are doing more than just putting together cots. 
    They have teams out all over the nation identifying places for emergency covid hospitals and getting them set up for use.  I know you didn’t mean this but “putting  together cots” is a bit demeaning to the process, but that is our clueless news people.

  25. Woke up this morning and looked out there were ice cycles hanging from the fence rail. Life on the edge of the great plains.  The sun is shining now and they are gone. 

  26. Did I mention that Landscaping is regarded as an essential business in SC? That’s Vonnegutesque.

  27. ”100k C-19 deaths” is way low, especially for a country with one of the most poorly coordinated responses in the world.

  28. It takes TIME to come up with the best plan for the skim. Rome wasn’t fleeced in a day…..

  29. Can’t buy me love
    Come together
     Give peace a chance
    Yellow Submarine 
    Let it be 

  30. also. Norwegian Wood. My college roommate played it continously
    when I’m 64. 

  31. Rock and roll ended early 60’s and then became Rock
    The Beatles could rock, impossible for me to name a top 5, but I’ve always liked this one. Remember they were playing to the teenager market. 

  32. So some of the reporting indicates the more contact you have with disease the worse your case and of increasing the likelihood you will get it.  Which would explain the problems for medical personnel .
    Mr C hasn’t been off the property in three weeks   Getting a little squirrely  But he still won’t allow any visitors

  33. Yep teenage angst love songs were a big deal
    I too was a dreaded teenager, turned 13 in 61. They were definitely playing right at me.

  34. I was 15-16 when they got popular in the US
    My high school was pretty split between Elvis and the Beatles

  35. I’m just going to name 4 more 
    walrus for the orchestration and production
    don’t wanna spoil the party
    something, comes the sun, fool on hill, honey pie, sgt pepper’s band on side 2
    revolution, ob la di, saw her standing, 
    and fave of all time: you know my name, look up the number
    oh and all my lovin’ and because,
    oh, hell

  36. Ok top 5
    sgt pepper
    Abbey Road
    mystery tour
    white album except for number 9
    playing on the roof
    meet the beatles
    Oh, Rubber Soul and Revolver

  37. Sturgeone

    My favorite Elvis movie has always been King Creole.  He wasn’t a great actor, but the potential was there and got waylaid by Col Tom.  It also has some of the best numbers of any of the movies with


    King Creole



  38. We are staying home and drinking Bloody Marys
    I have this vision of all these people coming out of the coastal hills when this is 
    “over” and immediately getting the virus.

  39. bink, you wondered if any “evil” folk had succumbed yet?  would this one qualify?  


    According to The Christian Post, Pastor Ronnie Hampton of the New Vision Community Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, has died of COVID-19 — after telling his followers that the virus was not a huge deal and suggesting that God was just testing the faithful.
    “This virus that is out now, look at what it’s doing,” he said in a Facebook Live broadcast one week before his death on Wednesday. “It’s shutting down everything, which means that the physical connection of Christians is being ripped apart. We’re not able to fellowship. We’re not able to love each other. We’re not able to greet each other with a handshake or a hug. We’re not able to be in close proximity of each other. We’re not able to break bread, sit down and eat with each other because Caesar is mandating how we conduct ourselves using the pretext of this virus to be able to conduct our lives and run our lives for us.”
    Hampton went on to offer conspiracy theories about coronavirus, suggesting that it was an excuse for the government to create a police state and implant microchips in the population.
    “They’re gonna come up with a vaccine and in that vaccine everybody is gonna have to take it … and inside of that vaccine there’s going to be some type of electronic computer device that’s gonna put some type of chip in you and maybe even have some mood, mind-altering circumstances,” Hampton continued. “And they’re saying that the chip would be the mark of the beast.”

  40. jack – I certainly didn’t mean constructing cots in a derogatory way.  They are basically setting up a giant hospital.   Someone mentioned what folks normally think of when the military is involved not being so.  That’s what I saw in the news here.  They are putting together cots to get ready for all of the victims of Trump’s plague.   It’s at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, and, the troops doing the set-up are from the National Guard.

  41. Bid

    A couple of nights ago there was a documentary on the Polio epidemic that led to the March of Dimes and the Salk and Sabin vaccines.

    The images of the iron lungs brought back memories of my Stepsister  being in one as she was paralyzed from the neck down.  She was finally well enough to come home wheel chair confined and eventually passed away four years later during a spinal surgery.

    Listening to the descriptions of the ventilators breathing for the Covid-19 infected reminds me of those old iron lungs.


  42. I always liked “In My Life” because it let me know there was a George Martin on board.
    Rubber and Revolver was where they sloughed off most of their Teen Angst stuff.

  43. I do think they could have given Billy Preston a bit more of the action    That was kind of chintzy.

  44. Jamie – That must have been awful.   Now, of course, BigPharma is trying to get patents for a vaccine.  They’d never dream of giving it free to help save folks.     Did you hear the French doctor who wanted to do vaccine trials in Africa?  
    Humans.  What will archeologists or aliens think of us when they see videos of folks singing from their balconies, clips of Trump pressers, and, folks trying to use others as lab rats and make a profit from a pandemic?  Crazy.

  45. Also, I didn’t realize ventilators could actually harm the lungs.  How are some of the survivors going to do, long term, with tissue damage/reduced lung capacity?

  46. Lardbutt just said the ppe wouldn’t make a difference health care workers would get sick anyway

  47. Just spent a couple hours assembling a “simple” utility cabinet for out in the garage. Compared to the workbench it was child’s play. That one took 2 evenings. 
    OK, I kinda liked Heltr Skelter, Think for Yourself, Help, Eight Days a Week.  There are probably 20 other “favorites “ and then there were the covers. Kansas City, Long Tall Sally, Twist and Shout… it goes on and on.

  48. The Beatles loved Elvis and said he was a major influence on their music.
    There is a BIG difference between the “young” Elvis and the “old” Elvis.
    The young Elvis was at the center of a revolution in popular music that continues to this day.
    One of my favorite youtube clips is the dance scene from the movie “Jailhouse Rock.” 
    If you haven’t seen it, you should.
    (It’s not like you have anything else to do, right?)  

  49. Dr Debbie said everyone who needs a ventilator will get one.   Trump said he needs to save them for JarJar and Ivanker

  50. Elvis was a huge influence on the Beatles. He, Don & Phil,  Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins and Little Richard had to have been among their biggest influences. 

  51. Goddamn, you’d think SFB discovered hydroxy chloroquine. The stupid fuck doesn’t understand what the necessity of ventilators are for people whose respiratory function is failing. Someone tackle him and shut him up.

  52. For the sake of the nation I’m ready to accept Pence as president for now. This lunatic must go. I’ve watched all Trump rallies and these briefings, never seen him so completely crazy as today. It’s frightening. 

  53. Trump called NFL & wants games to start as scheduled this fall.  The dumbass took time to make a call.  He STILL doesn’t get this.  Until Ivanker gets the cofeve, he’ll never get it.   Remove him from office. Yes, he is a lunatic. A25. What would Pence say if he didn’t have SFB to parrot? Vice-dumbass.

  54. BOA has already received 54,000 requests for Covid stimulus assistance.   It’s a mess.   BOA focusing on business demand/lending accounts, not really small businesses who need help, even if they have some sort of account with BOA. Isn’t Bank of America the institution Trump said was so great this week? Yep. 

  55. I wonder if there’s a better ventilation system to be invented?   Per the earlier link, they knock you out & paralyze your lungs/involuntary action, so the machine can take over.   Thinking someone will devise something that works in tandem with whatever function you still have.   It just sounds awful. Do we have enough oxygen? Everywhere or only in the Fed stockpile?

  56. I’ve not liked ABC news since Peter Jennings was anchor, but now I don’t mind so much that the anchors sound like their hair is on fire.  Scare merchants, but they aren’t doing a hard sell on Covid; it’s the truth.

  57. There’s a Love Boat marathon on.  Just kind of weird to think about cruises now.

  58. Oy, what a bunch of stuff to read.  I hired someone to mow the lawn, he even does other things around the yard..  I hired someone to care for Sisu, my sailboat, because I cannot care for her right now.  Life is settling down and I can focus on certain things necessary to my life. 
    What I cannot do is control the fruitcake in the WH.  That causes untold consternation with my sleep patterns.  I am surprised that someone in the west wing has not run the white flag up the flag pole.  Even the cult has to realize by now that SFB is out of his mind.

  59. BarbaraBoxer on @MSNBC watching @realDonaldTrump presser today: “This man is a loser, not a leader. He’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s a coward.”

  60. …apparently we’re content to just watch our house burn down🤷‍♂️
    …enter Crassus.

  61. Jailhouse Rock is the only Elvis movie I saw in first release in the theater

  62. Bid

    Salk used the severely mentally retarded for his human trials following his successful chimpanzee experiments.  Fortunately, they all developed the antibodies.  The only problem was one lab that put out a defective vaccine that resulted in some children becoming infected, but all of the other human injections were successful.  The only thing that made the Sabin more popular later was that it was oral and could be given with just a sugar cube rather than the injection as with Salk.  

    Both version are still used in the few places on the globe where out breaks still occur because regular administration of vaccines doesn’t happen.


  63. I was a polio pioneer. All second graders in Louisville ky were.

  64. When I got home from work and the grocery store yesterday afternoon, some of my neighbors were sitting in lawn chairs in one of the overflow parking areas. They had seating spaced out about 9 ft between each other. Some people were drinking wine, a few were drinking beer. I sat down with them and we all socialized at a safe distance apart from each other. It was kinda nice to get to know some of my neighbors better. Toward the end of our socializing the conversation turned to restaurants and dinner. We were all in agreement as to how nice it will be to able to eat a restaurant again. One neighbor said, “I’m tired of eating my cooking!” Anyway, with food on everyone’s mind, we all went home and fixed dinner. LOL!

  65. Here’s another big fat lie by lardbutt
    He attacked vote by mail saying too easy to corrupt. Another full of shit statement. All the evidence is otherwise.   

  66. Well Craig, the country just had the chance to get rid of the dictator or mad man, but the repubes blew it. This is the crisis that everyone feared but thought it’d be a war that the dictator who lacks ANY management skills would screw up.
    Elvis.  I never much cared for him but when I was a kid my grand-mother liked him. Hum, yep even old she was alive. 

  67. If one option to respond to the US census is the mail, why wouldn’t it be good enough for voting?  They have vote by mail in TX for those that need it, which I did at one point after my injury.   It would still be easier for me.  Not just more convenient, but physically easier.
     Jamie – I had no idea about the Salk trials.
    corey – That’s What my brother wants to do when this is over.  Go out to eat.  I want a haircut. What does everyone else want to do first?

  68. Nice Corey! 
    The reason the dictator doesn’t want the mail ins is….he said…they’d never win if everyone could vote…meaning the repubes .  Yeah, well….RIGHT!!! 

  69. Across the street is a very full service fire house.  I’ve notice a lot more activity leaving there with sirens as time goes by.

  70. Craig:
    The Republicans will never abandon Trump, even as the nation descends into chaos. The greatest danger he faces is the disease itself. 
    Covid-19 is probably already spreading among the White House staff, given the hundreds of people who enter and leave that facility each day, and given the casual way most Republicans follow the CDCs guidelines.  Their ideology makes them think, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that the the virus “is not that dangerous.” 

  71. Tomorrow is c-19 laundry day.  That’s when i’ll take all the clothes which i wore among the unwashed masses that are sitting in a ball by the entry-door, and wash the coronavirus out of them.   Do you think i’m crazy?  Well, i’ll burden our healthcare system, after you.  Hopefully, once treatment improves.
    Also, i chastised perfect strangers for doing the wrong thing, in public today, and even though i’m “that guy”, i might have saved a life.  or 10.  or 100.
    You can be “that guy”, too.

  72. If I’m going to start Zooming, I need a back drop. Books?  Hogwarts?  Steampunk? Victorian? Brick wall?  Flowers? Christmas? So many choices.

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