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  1. speaking of the good doctor, wapo:

    Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-diseases expert and the face of the U.S. response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, is facing growing threats to his personal safety, prompting the government to step up his security, according to people familiar with the matter.
    The concerns include threats as well as unwelcome communications from fervent admirers, according to people with knowledge of deliberations inside the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice.
    Fauci, 79, is the most outspoken member of the administration in favor of sweeping public health guidelines and is among the few officials willing to correct President Trump’s misstatements. Along with Deborah Birx, the coordinator for the White House’s task force, Fauci has encouraged the president to extend the timeline for social-distancing guidelines, presenting him with grim models about the possible toll of the pandemic.
    Asked Wednesday whether he was receiving security protection, Fauci told reporters, “I would have to refer you to HHS [inspector general] on that. I wouldn’t comment.”
    The president interjected, saying, “He doesn’t need security. Everybody loves him.”

  2. NYTimes:

    Ellis Marsalis, a pianist and educator who became the guiding force behind a late-20th-century resurgence in jazz, while putting four musician sons on a path to prominent careers, died on Wednesday. He was 85.
    The cause was complications of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, his son Branford said in a statement, which did not specify where he died.
    Mr. Marsalis spent decades as a working musician and teacher in New Orleans before his eldest sons, Wynton and Branford, who embodied a fresh-faced revival of traditional jazz, gained national fame in the early 1980s.

  3. It is undeniable that the US is standing on the edge of a grim precipice and the edge is crumbling quickly. Two more days of self quarantining to protect the community then self imposed avoidance of others For the foreseeable future to protect me from the community.  Never experienced anything like this before. Weird times. 

  4. Watching MoJo and listening to libertarian chairman Nicholas Sarwark attacking the relief package and the administration film flam about the government delay with testing. I don’t agree with the mean spirited points he makes about the relief to individuals but otherwise agree with his criticism of the $500B slush fund run by Mnuchin and the testing fecklessness of the SFB admin. Willie is pointing out the fatal flaw in our testing regimen – we only test people we know have it. Mayo Clinic Dean of Practice Dr. Amy Williams explains what we should be doing to ramp up testing. Bottom line – collaboration among national, state & local government, healthcare systems and private sector to direct tests and resources to where they are needed. Smart woman. Too bad the SFB admin doesn’t understand that and couldn’t coordinate it if it did.

  5. pogo, doc tony this morning on cbs hoping for more anti-body tests soon.

    and from business insider:

    It’s easy to wonder whether the illness you had a few weeks ago was the coronavirus, though you might not have realized it at the time.
    A new serological test could provide some clarity.
    The test uses a few drops of your blood to determine whether you have antibodies for the coronavirus. If so, that means you got the virus and recovered from it (even if you never received a positive diagnosis).
    Having identifiable coronavirus antibodies in your bloodstream also means you’ve probably built up immunity. In an interview last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he was confident that recovered coronavirus patients would be immune.
    That’s why identifying people who had the virus and recovered is imperative in the fight against the outbreak — those people could return to work or school safely while others remain isolated.
    “Ultimately, this might help us figure out who can get the country back to normal,” Florian Krammer, a professor in vaccinology at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, told Reuters. “People who are immune could be the first people to go back to normal life and start everything up again.”

  6. query: but when are people who have or had it no longer considered carriers who may infect others?  does this mean once one develops anti-bodies they no longer transmit the virus?  nothing contagious left hanging around?

  7. more from the above link:

    An at-home kit would include a needle to prick your finger with, a 3-inch mixing stick, and a test solution, according to David Ho, the CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center.
    Antibody blood tests have been used for about two decades in other disease-tracking initiatives, including for HIV in rural Africa, Ho said in a video call sponsored by the group Committee of 100. The kits cost $1 to $6 each, he added, depending on the volume purchased.
    Some US companies are already selling antibody tests to other countries. The California biotech company Biomerica sells COVID-19 antibody tests for less than $10 in Europe and the Middle East, according to Reuters. Chembio Diagnostics, a medical-device company based in New York, is sending its antibody tests to Brazil and plans to study them in the US, Reuters reported.
    In Colorado, United Biomedical is working with one county to test 8,000 residents for COVID-19 antibodies. And Henry Schein Inc. has begun manufacturing “several hundred thousand” point-of-care antibody tests and expects “significantly increased availability” in the month ahead.

  8. ???”Some US companies are already selling antibody tests to other countries.” ???

    so why isn’t Donald Death the all-powerful IMpotus buying these wholesale for us?   oh yeah, I forgot, they don’t call him Donald Death for nothing.

  9. ”query: but when are people who have or had it no longer considered carriers who may infect others?”
    No one knows but currently assumed when they test negative twice.  Good thing we have an abundance of tests, eh?

  10. The fecklessness of the SFB WH is in sharp focus now with respect to antibody tests. It’s a shame stupidity isn’t worth something. 

  11. Anyone have a clue what’s out there that has the Dow in positive territory following the job and COVID-19 numbers released in the last day?  I’m totally flummoxed. 

  12. Craig…  good one!
    Pogo…  from what I read over at CNBC earlier this morning…  it’s because of oil prices dropping again. Saw something about gas prices going below $2 a gallon here in the US.
    Sorry about not linking… I saw this hours ago.

  13. Pogo,  a Trump tweet on oil seems to be the trigger. Just goes to show you the markets are driven by idiots
    6.6 million people filed for unemployment last week That(after a quick google) is out of a total of 130.6 million workers. that would be(quick calculation) a little over 5% of the work force going on unemployment in just 1 week. 
    The unemployment was some where around 4% ? so that means we are around 9% unemployment? somebody want to check my numbers?

  14. the Cuomo bros were at it again today:


    Chris Cuomo, who was speaking from the basement of his home in New York City, where he has been quaratined since getting diagnosed earlier this week, described how his fever from the coronavirus had affected his dreams.

    “I got hit with a fever and those rigors,” Chris Cuomo said. 

    “You came to me in a dream,” the journalist told his brother.

    “You had on a very interesting ballet outfit, and you were dancing in the dream, and you were waving a wand and saying, ‘I wish i could wave my wand and make this go away,’ and then you spun around and danced away,” Chris Cuomo said.

    Gov. Cuomo quipped, “Obviously the fever has affected your mental capacity.” 


  15. Those Cuomo boys could go on the road. 
    yeah, I really don’t get help oil prices falling as much as they are having a positive impact on the economy. The fact is if oil prices continue to fall as they are, American companies will not be making any profit off of oil. In fact it may drive some American oil companies out of business because they can’t compete with a world wide glut of oil. I just don’t get it. But then again there’s a reason I don’t dabble in the stock market.

  16. Pogo
    It will basically shut down the Republican voting oil patch. ETTD (everything Trump touches dies) and then since the Republican governors aren’t taking Covid-19 seriously, they get the plague. 
    Oh, and now that they are all unemployed,  they don’t have health insurance.

  17. The oil companies will monopolize into one conglomerate. It’s ironic that the oil prices are dirt cheap, and we have nowhere to drive to.

  18. Looking around at some of my fellow citizens I am reminded of those people you always see in tsunami videos, standing on the beach wondering why the tide is going out.   

  19. I stopped watching (or listening) to trump’s pressers a couple weeks ago.  The only way I know anything about what he’s saying is from reading Wapo and you guys here.  I’ve stopped watching 95% of what I used to watch on cable news.  I did however, watch BBC America last night.  They were doing a Monty Python marathon.  We watched Life of Brian and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  20. Mr. C is very freaked out.  He thinks SFB is so incompetent that we are all going to die, if not from the virus, from the class wars that are going to break out.

  21. RR, good choices. 🙂 I don’t intentionally watch, but if I stuble across the lie fest I’ll watch a little to see how SFB is trying to shape the message by looking at who he’s got standing there with him.  I try to go to movies, AXS tv if they’ve got rock-related programming running, or something like the History Channel, Smithsonian TV or something like that.  In a pinch I’ll watch certain programs on MotorTrend TV. You won’t get any information from the SFB lie show.

  22. Shutting in oil wells is not always a good thing.  Sometimes it can kill a well.  Now that there is so much fracking I can only guess that a massive mess would happen.

  23. Whattaya bet that the trump cabal took a bullish position ahead of the well freeze announcement, and sold as the announcement was made ? Whattaya bet the profit from those deals is already in a bank in Kuala Lumpur via Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Panama, and Kazakhstan ? 

  24. I’ve been working this week. We normally build our Tesla parts and ship them to a place called “Hayward” in California. From there, they go to the Tesla Factory. With California being shut down, Tesla’s backup plan was for us to ship our parts to Mexico. They would be assembled there and then shipped to the Tesla plant in China. Well, Mexico just told Elon Musk that Tesla is NOT an “essential business” and they are shutting down the Tesla plant in Mexico. So, after tomorrow, I will be off work until April 27th. Also, I saw this graffiti yesterday in Holland.

  25. Corey – I’m glad you’ll be safer at home, but it’s rough to not be working, too.
    Just heard that the husband of a former, coworker has died.  Based on what I remember, he had other health issues.   Also heard of a customer overseas who thinks too much is being made of this…because it isn’t there…yet.

  26. I don’t know if our plant in Mexico is up or not.
    ~Oh, good, more lies from SFB.~

  27. SFB had to leave for a quick meeting.  Is that like a wicked haircut?
    They cut away, pogo, so Pence & JarJar can lie for awhile.

  28. The War on Drugs is now focused on Venezuela. The US Navy is going to interdict the shipments of tropical, dirty, crime-ridden, shithole dope that is hurting out own native oxycontin and fentanyl industries, and leaving thousands of garage chemists unemployed. We’re # 1 USAUSAUSAUSA

  29. bId – the commander spoke in public without prior Pentagon approval.  That he cared for his crew does not matter.  In the military you risk when you go public.  He probably had planned for this result, but he, as many others, cared more for his crew than his career.  It is possible that when SFB and his cult are evicted from the U.S. government this commander will be reinstated.

  30. The big, Catholic Church, Guadeloupe, in downtown Dallas is airing mass at high noon.   The United Methodist Church is jumping ahead to Easter and asking everyone to share a selfie, if they so desire, of their personal, sunrise service.   You know, you could just stay home and read your Bible.
    There’s been “rapture” talk out on the internets, which is a virus in itself.
    Did y’all hear that some of the stimulus money goes to small charities, including religious organizations.   I hope that it’s going to community outreach programs those organizations provide.  Slippery slope, there.

  31. Economist, Diane Swonk, was on the local Covid show talking about more stimulus in 2021, to avoid a depression.  Even with that, expecting a rebound in 2-3 years.  

  32. I read a headline that claimed Zoom is malware. Didn’t read further, but I suspect that it meant spyware. I’ll look for it.

  33. Mr C, 
    I have put a topic in your cyber-drawer, for your perusal and use.

  34. ok, you planted the seed, onus on you to corroborate.  i just wanted to have a fun Easter dinner 😭❤️🇺🇸

  35. OK, I just deleted zoom.  It does appear to be an issue.   I didn’t really enjoy the virtual cocktail party, anyway.   Bored the crap out of me.    Like, with a FaceTime call you know it’s gonna be short and sweet, but this was just like being at an actual cocktail party.  I wanted to not be there.  I wanted to go home, but I was already home.   It was weird.

  36. BB – Thank you & good for that CO to put his behind on the line for his crew & probably those on other ships.  

  37. I am using Zoom to join a small study group. If it messes with my use of my ‘puter, I’ll get grumpy. But if it just spies on me for putin or google or microsoft, etc, I don’t give a shit. 

  38. Tonight Don Lemon was thinking along the same lines that I’ve been thinking. Thank goodness there is someone who is willing to call trump a feckless bench warmer with a big mouth. 
    Hurrah for LEMON !

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