Deny All

“I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said in some areas are just bigger than they’re going to be,” Trump said on “Hannity” (FOX 3/26).

“I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators. You know, you go into major hospitals, sometimes they’ll have two ventilators. And now all of a sudden they’re saying, ‘can we order 30,000 ventilators?'”

“Look, it’s a bad situation. We haven’t seen anything like it. But the end result is we have to get back to work and I think we can start by opening up certain parts of the country.”

The president compared purchasing a ventilator to purchasing a car, calling the machines “very expensive” and “very intricate.”

“And you know they’d say, like Gov. Cuomo and others, they’d say we want 30,000 of them. Thirty thousand? Think of this, you know you go to hospitals that have one in a hospital and now all of a sudden everyone’s asking for these vast numbers.”

Hannity says in monologue that Cuomo is “bitching and complaining” and should “own his own failures” and Trump is saving NY.

TeeVee Alert: Joe Biden doing a town hall on CNN tonight 8pm ET


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  1. LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self isolating but will still lead the government’s response to the outbreak.

  2. Carter, Clinton, and Obama were just stones in their shoe.
    Come and get me, Copper!
    They got nothin’ on us.
    Call Gus now, cause there’s cussin’ to be done.
    Saw a hawk pick up a squirrel and take him for a ride.
    Sometimes it may be it is what it is,
    but most times it’s merely it ain’t what it ain’t,
    Unless it is what it ain’t and it ain’t what it is,
    So just keep poppin’ that boogie-woogie rag, and make those weejuns spiffy,
    Cause the fifties and sixties may never come again, but the thirties are gonna roll around like clockwork.
    “You got yer spooks and you got yer skulls”, said Archie, in patient explanation of his Halloween ceramics.
    Meanwhile, it’s just a’workin’ in the coal mine, goin’ down, down, down;
    While it’s snowin’ on Raton, and it’s twilight on the open road

  3. last night doc fauci with trevor

    Dr. Anthony Fauci shares his insight on what makes COVID-19 so insidious, busts myths about the virus, and breaks down why adhering to public health guidelines is so important. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DrFauci

  4. weird times when we get facts and straight talk via comedy shows but fantasy and stupidity from a president

  5. Bill Gates says a nationwide shutdown of 6 – 10 weeks is needed.   Just kill me now.  

  6. Boris Johnson sez he tested positive for COVID-19.  Wrong country’s leader.  My best to him for a full recovery.
    Excellent article By Susan Glasser in the New Yorker on tRump’s daily coronavirus flim flammery.

    * * *
    The disconnect between Trumpian reality and actual reality has never been on starker display than in the past few days, as the true face of the horror we are facing in the United States has shown itself, in New York City, with overwhelmed morgues and emergency rooms, a governor pleading for ventilators and face masks from the federal government, and heartbreaking first-person accounts reminiscent of the open letters sent from Italy a few weeks back, which warned Americans: this is what is coming for you—don’t make our mistakes. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization said that the United States was emerging as the “epicenter” of the global pandemic, which makes the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room the emerging epicenter of the failure to respond to it.

    A couple of weeks ago, it seemed as if maybe that would not be the case. Although the Trump Administration had faltered and delayed and denied through the initial stages of the virus, when it raged outside our borders, it looked like it might finally get its act together and take this public-health menace seriously, now that it was hitting in force inside the U.S. Trump declared a “national emergency,” stepped up testing, and, on March 16th, agreed to his crisis committee’s plan for a fifteen-day countrywide slowdown, in order to “flatten the curve” of the disease’s trajectory. Barely a week into the fifteen days, however, Trump began signalling an abrupt change of course—at just the moment when the disease was accelerating its deadly progress through a wealthy nation that turned out to be surprisingly ill-prepared for it.


    Well worth the read.

  7. Jamie – That was hilarious.  The greatest generation would be sad to know how little we have to do and and how much of a sacrifice it feels like to some (me).   As  Randy said at the end, “…I’m so bored.”

  8. meanwhile, the veepstakes begin


    Former Senate Majority Leader and longtime Nevada powerbroker Harry Reid has in recent weeks told former vice president Joe Biden that he supports Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto as his vice presidential nominee, as part of an effort to give a shot in the arm to his Latino support as the general election comes into view, with Biden telling Reid that she is in his “top three” for the role, three sources confirmed to Mediaite.
    The Biden campaign did not dispute the conversations between Reid and Biden, but declined to address them or Cortez Masto as an option, saying only that Biden is familiar with the process of selecting a vice presidential candidate, having been through the process in 2008 and that it will run a vigorous vetting process. Speaking to donors on a Sunday fundraising call, Biden said he is considering at least seven women. “We are going to start vetting soon and there is a shortlist,” he told The View two days later.

  9. Jamie… that Randy Rainbow was funny as hell!
    The NH governor has put a shelter in place order here until May 4th…  guess that means no Easter.
    Seriously…  I feel for those of you who are used to running around.  Since I work at home, my life isn’t disrupted too much.  I can do this!  I’m good enough!

  10. Nope.  I’m on vacation for two weeks and whether I get to go back depends on how quickly the virus dies down and if the stimulus package helps my employer.   

  11. Wednesday, I tightened up Phillip’s head screws on everything in my apartment.   Yesterday, I did the same with the flatheads.   Now what?

  12. The right wing media ideologues who enable Trump’s stupidity don’t seem to understand that Covid-19 is already spreading among the staff of Fox News, the Washington Times, and every other conservative organization spreading false information.  It’s going to kill many of them.
    “Living in denial” may be an effective strategy in the business of politics, which is 99% BS in ordinary times, but in the face of a highly infectious and deadly pathogen, it is suicidal.
    If Sean Hannity gets infected during the “peak” period, he might end up as one of those poor souls we see in Italy, lying on a camp cot in a hospital hallway, slowly choking to death because there are no more respirators.    
    It’s going to get inside the White House also, given the number of people who are in and out of that cramped office complex every day, most of whom don’t seem to be taking any precautions.  
    I’ve heard that for many Fox news viewers, the only thing that makes them change their minds about the danger is when someone they knows gets infected and dies.  Within a month everyone in the USA will know someone like that. 

  13. Rebellious Renee: Among the authors I will be reading during my “isolation” are Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson, two of my favorite ladies. Both of them lived somewhat isolated and lonely lives. Writing was their escape. (I was never and English major as you were, but it was on my short list.)

  14. BID: Screws fall out all the time. The world’s an imperfect place. 🙂
    Trump once again took a shot at our governor last night. Saying he was having trouble with that woman governor from Michigan, He’s such an ass! Grocery stores here are saying another big problem they are finding is that people are wearing latex gloves while shopping and then just taking them off and leaving them in the parking lot of stores. Experts said that they gloves don’t help that much. We would be better off just washing our hands after grocery shopping.

  15. BiD
    You are layed off (this is not voluntary, right?) yes you have vacation days coming which will keep you on the payroll for benefits but now is the time to apply for umemployment. There are waiting periods and it is often from the time you apply. It is something else to do as you tighten screws. Just plug your phone in put it on speaker and wait with the other several million people in your situation trying to contact their state unemployment people.

  16. blueINdallas:  I’ve read some hilarious articles (and comments) online about what people are doing in isolation.  Examples: learning Mandarin Chinese or teaching a pet to do stupid tricks.
    One fellow shaved his head and is going to “watch the hair grow back.” 
    He noted that (a) no one was going to see how terrible he looks; (b) he’s got plenty of time so why not; and (c) he made a vow not to do anything “productive, educational, or socially responsible.”

  17. Cory
    What I do is after I get back to the car , just before I set in the drivers seat I spray my hands with disinfectant and rub some on the steering wheel too.  In the store I just try not to touch my face. And never use the bathrooms except at home. (being male I can pee in a bottle in the car if I have too.)

  18. Here in Oregon, my favorite local grocery store has encased all the cashier stations in protective plexiglass shelters.  It is an employee-owned business and the employees got together and built these shelters by working all night when the store was closed.  Since “cashier” is the most dangerous job in the store at this time, ALL the employees are taking turns doing it in rotation, including all the managers.

  19. I guess I’m lucky. It is spring and I have a lot of stuff I could be doing but I do miss the weekly breakfast at McD’s with the crew or the burger and beer while chatting with the bartender. 
    I’m not much of a social animal so I’ve been surprised at how much I miss the few times I do interact.

  20. That’s what my sister does, Jack. She keeps disinfectant wipes in her car for that reason.
    BTW, Turner Classic Movies reminded me today that there are worse things than Covid-19.

  21. John Kerry (@JohnKerry) tweeted at 10:55 AM on Fri, Mar 27, 2020:

    Breaking news: Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an asshole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity.

  22. No, jack, others were actually laid off.  Severance consists of several weeks of health insurance. That’s it.    They had vacation, too, and will get paid for it eventually.  I have several more weeks of vacation beyond this.   Quite frankly, being laid off would’ve been easier.  The timing was perfect. My manager put a kink in the line, again, and I’m pretty miffed at her right now.    I would’ve been up in your neck of the woods in June.   If I do get laid off, I will have to do a bit of training. I will not let them cut hours or days, as I believe unemployment is based on actual wages paid, yes?

  23. My uncle strays down everything with Lysol and then, after it dries, wipes it down with a damp paper towel.      I had to go pick up my heart pills and I went inside to see if they had what they grocery store did not last week.  Nope.  Shelves are pretty bare.  No vitamin C to be found except in a multi.  I’m going to a virtual cocktail party tonight.  I’ll be having elderflower tonic water.  No gin. Hoping zoom works.  

  24. BiD, I hear there is a screw loose at the WH.     can’t tell for the yellow fuzz glued to it if it’s phillips or flathead 

  25. Clean stuff, make stuff, build stuff, fix stuff, watch stuff, read stuff, plant stuff, grow stuff, burn stuff, drink stuff, paint stuff, polish stuff, post stuff, marvel at stuff, think about stuff, write about stuff, rout stuff, sand stuff, disinfect stuff, tune stuff, cook stuff, eat stuff, wash stuff, disinfect one more time, sleep and repeat.

  26. IMpotus re massie tweeting from self-awareness, takes one to know one

    Trump called him a “third-rate Grandstander” on Twitter Friday. “He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay,” he said, calling on voters to “throw Massie out of Republican Party!”

    wapo via msn

  27. If you are a pet owner…  be careful what you use as disinfectant spray.  Lysol is poisonous to cats and dogs.
    Since I’m a bibliophile, I’m a natural hoarder of books.  I could easily open my own private library.  I have a big pile of “yet to read” on my living room floor.  I’m sure I can make a dent in that pile now that my library is closed.  Lots of good stuff hanging around that I can re-read too.

  28. Bink…  that’s how I feel.  So much I could do… but still only 24 hrs in a day.  And of course…  8 hrs of sleep is a good thing too.

  29. i’ve always resented eating but especially sleeping.  “ok, let’s waste a good 8 hours of the best time of day, zzzzz…”

    Speaking of, i’m burning daylight. Stay healthy💪❤️🇺🇸

  30. patD – Ha!  I don’t know what kind of screwdriver to fix the orange one.  I guess the kind you add vodka to, maybe. 

  31. Some loose screws(the orange one) take a special screw driver that you have to pay extra money for. 
    good luck finding it, not every hardware store has it. 
    Talked to my nephew who lives in nyc, His wife works for a thinktank that worries about Asia so he tells me they had a bit of advance warning and prepped for the Covid-19. He is laying low and being careful. with hospitals being over whelmed it is not a time to be careless and getting injured.

  32. Talked to my sister the Walmart worker. 
    It seems that over the road truckers are among  the people who are self quarantined many may go from California to NYC carrying freight and produce.  They self quarantine in their truck.
    Which comes to the story
    A friend and coworker’s husband works as dispatcher for a trucking company and he comes in contact with these self quarantined workers in that he passes them their paper work and they pass it back to him.  She happened to mention this at break when  the HR people were present and the HR people told her she couldn’t come back into work. She promptly named about 15 other people who worked with her who had equal or worse contact with probable covid-19 cases and said if she was going to have to stay home then they should to.  To which the HR department said , “never mind”

  33. Wow Dr Debbie told us yesterday she didn’t think it was going to be as bad as the earlier models predicted. And today and last night killer Don told us people are asking for too many ventilator
    Dr Data Driven Debbie has an etching of sfb’s butt on her face
    I hope some trump spawn needs a ventilator and cannot find one

  34. KGC, I think dr. Debbie was referring to earlier models projecting over 2 million were expected to die in usa –  so maybe it’s just plus or minus 1.5 million projection now.

    Donald death is hoping it will be the 3 million more who voted for Hillary instead of him

  35. docs fauci  & debbie (fauci’s top choice for the job) are having to walk thin risky line to keep Donald Death from mucking up things.  we would be in deeper trouble if they weren’t there, so, please, cut them some slack when they have to kowtow to him while at the same time cleaning up after him.

    he’ll fire them in a heart beat and then where will we be without the top world class epidemiologists to help us thru this?

  36. Dr Debbie repeats the information that allows lardbutt the golfing president to make the outrageous statements he does.   She is a Trump enabler and has been since she got on the task force.
    Not so much Fauci who is walking the fine line.  Debbie has got her face in Trump’s camp.  

  37. Today Dr Debbie told us any American who needs a ventilator will get one.  
    Of course she must mean ones with the last name Trump because  all the doctors etc interviewed in New York and now Louisiana certainly aren’t saying that.  And what about the doc in NYC who rigged up a ventilator to serve nine patients?  Dr. Debbie is a liar for Trump.

    We would be in the same position regardless of who is on the task force. If you look at what they have accomplished it’s not so much. The work is being done at the state and local level with the feds only f—king things up.

    If they aren’t able to do the job it doesn’t matter who they are especially now that she in contradicting what people are saying on the local level. She is worthless and must have a really crepe neck

  38. How many times have people said something we need the reasonable people to have an impact on SFB
    How’s that working?

  39. KGC… I’m with you.  How many times have we been told “thank god that or this adult is still in this administration and could possibly have some influence on our man child president”.  None of it has mattered.
    We better get rid of trumpty in Nov. or we’re totally fucked.

  40. So, last week Bink jokingly (I think) asked if the cofeve virus could attach to pollen.   My question is, seriously, if pollen could help us by making our immune system kick in even when it’s not a virus, for now, but just pollen?  I realize nobody has immunity to this new virus, but it’s less harmful to some and that seems to be because their overall immune system is too notch.   

  41. The model shows both infected and dead but that isn’t the point.
    Most sentient beings know SFB is doing a terrible job but when you get “scientists” to even sort of support them the average American thinks he is doing a good job and it is reflected in the current polls.   
    Right now he is at the highest polling point in his presidency.  Do you think he deserves that?

  42. McKinney’s mayor has been sued for closing down businesses in that town, because the Collin county judge didn’t specify in his shelter-in-place and left it up to the cities.

  43. crackers – We all know SFB is s lying crap bag.   I just asked if deaths were projected in the millions?  IDK

  44. The curse of being a scientist, an electronics engineer and a computer engineer is that I do not think in ways of SFB.  I think of “cause and effect”, “If, Then, Else”, “question and test”, “Prove it” and a lot of whether a statement is ‘true or false’, ‘one or zero’ and such.  We are living in a world that is real and cratering around our ears.  SFB lives in a fantasy world, as do the forty some percent who think he is doing good. 
    That an idiot is allowed to decide to kill people just because his distended gut “tells” him something tells me he needs to be impeached under more high crimes charges.  This time not for black mailing a country, but for murder of Americans.

  45. As I’ve said, one of my son’s is on the very front lines of this virus.  If he or my other son are damaged or die from it, I’ll think I’ll create a huge class action lawsuit!!!

  46. KGC…  all presidents get a bump from a crisis.  For instance GWB had an 82% approval rating for his handling of 9/11.  Comparatively, trump is getting a very small bump.  I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  47. “I realize nobody has immunity to this new virus, but it’s less harmful to some and that seems to be because their overall immune system is too notch.” -BiD
    i don’t think scientists (virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, MD’s, etc.) understand C-19 well enough, yet, to conclude why some people get hit very hard by it and others don’t.  Assume it’s a dice-roll until more is known.

  48. …sorry, the comment editor loads too slowly so i’ll just add in this post:
    Speaking as someone with an over-active immune system, i don’t think “immunity” works like you think it does.  My body sometimes attacks benign “irritants” for no good reason and doctors never have good answers for me because the potential causes are near infinite from their perspective.

  49. There, see?  i have another thing to add to my chore-list:
    ”Become Wikipedia-Educated Armchair-Immunology Expert”.

  50. “ Maybe New Yorkers should go to red states and infect Trump voters. Seems like only way to get his attention.” -CC
    …that’s a terrible fucking thought, but don’t worry, Red-Staters are infecting themselves, just fine, without any help.
    …then they’ll be posting on facebook, “oh, my poor Eustace, he didn’t take it seriously and now he’s dead, please take it seriously”

  51. tiptoe – I hope your family is safe.  It can’t be easy knowing they are on the front line, fighting Trump’s plague.
    SFB signed the national defense mandate, but he did nothing with it.  Two days ago he said he had signed it but he’d see if he needed to use it.  Now, he says he’s forced GE to start manufacturing ventilators.   His behavior is more dangerous than the kids throwing Covid parties are intentionally coughing on produce.   Donald Jackass Trump’s failure to face facts, tell the truth and act in a timely manner is domestic terrorism. 

  52. Bink – There are quite a few medical journals online looking at how cofeve impacts different blood types.  Some seem more susceptible, but I don’t remember if it also lined up with a higher mortality within those blood type groups. 

  53. The sfb response to the virus has been to deregulate pretty much everything so the goods being delivered do not meet state of art safety standards and  that includes the safety of the truck drivers.
    And I rather doubt the safety standard will return anytime soon

  54. I have read (I wish I could remember where, grrrr) that there are two types of corona virus 19. Call them A and B. One is much quicker and more usually fatal than the other. If you have to catch it, make sure you get the milder version.
    Sweetie volunteered for apheresis last Saturday. She got a call today from Red Cross that one of the workers on Saturday has come down with C19. Ergo, Sweetie is in quarantine. I confess to having kissed Sweetie, and so I have to be in quarantine. I can take it. I have eremitic experience. I doubt that C19 will get her, but Sweetie is one of those people who needs to be doing 3 things at once and be chatty cathy in a crowd. Quarantine may kill her. It’ll drive her crazy, for certain. 

  55. My granddaughter is in the hospital for at least the next week.  We almost lost her because she kept being told she didn’t have Covid-19 symptoms instead of listening to her.  She actually had a massive infection from birth of most recent child and was in crisis by the time she was admitted.  On a slow mend now, but we still don’t know what will be the after effects.  Her husband is dealing with the new born and four older girls.  He can’t get any help in because NC is on full lock down and he can’t have anyone in and out with the children.


  56. Many Thanks, Ms Jamie !
    I am very sorry to read about your daughter. We’ll nag G!D about this. I hope that you get the good news as soon as I get to the end of this sentence.
    Sweetie is a type A+. I am an O+/-.  Crap. I’m supposed to die first. 

  57. Thank you, Ms Dallas !
    We’re going to be fine, I’m sure. However, if I have to crap out because of cofeve19, I’m gonna swoop over to the White House and haunt the living daylights out that satanic baseturd. It’d be a long swoop, but I’ll be mad enough to make it a quick trip.

  58. Jamie – Hope your granddaughter will be OK.   That’s scary any time, but especially with everything else that’s going on.  I’m type A and I can’t take hydroxychloroquine because of my heart. I’m two for two.  

  59. Glad to see type O is less susceptible to COVID-19, having it and all. 
    I just couldn’t watch SFB telling me how great he is.  It was on a bit while I was in the kitchen when Mrs. P was making dinner. The last thing I heard was him talking about Betsy DeVoss being [smart, intelligent, brilliant or some such shit] then “click”. Don’t know shit about what else he said. 

  60. Quinine slows the heart rate. Quinine is commonly used to cut (dilute) heroin. Most of the heroin ODs are actually because of quinine induced heart failure. Counter intuitively, people who are used to relatively high purity heroin may have trouble if they take the same dose of low heroin high quinine, because the excess quinine slows or stops the heart. 

  61. Thank you BiD. Even if I could get to NYC, I couldn’t see my sons as there’re guards at the hospital doors keeping visitors away. And then I’d be more likely to get it than being hermetically sealed in here. And on top of it, my son the doc and I are both blood type A as is his father. Our other son is type O.

  62. Since there were no more screws to tighten in my apartment, I rescanned my TV today.  I now get Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on Comet.

  63. blueIN dallas: MST 3K is perfect for life during “stay at home.” 
    Like you, Joel (or Mike) and the “bots” are trapped and forced to watch bad movies. 

  64. Jamie, my thoughts and best wishes for your granddaughter’s recovery. This has twisted healthcare that isn’t COVID related. 

  65. OMG, Nancy Pelosi is 80. She’s SO functional!  Brain, body, brain, and shoes…Stiletto shoes!

  66. Tiptoe, Nancy is th’ bomb. I love that woman. I hope to have half her capacity in 22 years.  Loved the way they shut Massey down. Made him look like the ass he is. 

  67. I don’t understand why they didn’t/don’t unseat the baseturd and send him home. Make him run in a June primary against the official deep trump state candidate. pissonhim.

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