He’s Killing People On Fifth Avenue

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted at 4:04 PM on Wed, Mar 25, 2020:
“The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!”


South: +32%
Northeast (excl NY): +30%
Midwest: +27%
West (excl CA & WA): +23%
New York: +20%
California: +20%
Washington: +11%

Yesterday, detected cases increased by 31% in Trump states as compared to 21% in Clinton states. – – 538


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  1. yo-yo ma:

    In these days of anxiety, I wanted to find a way to continue to share some of the music that gives me comfort.

  2. fox news:

    By a vote of 96-0, the Senate passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package just before midnight Wednesday, ending days of deadlock and sending the bill to the House of Representatives — which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said will soon take up the historic measure to bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations “with strong bipartisan support.”

  3. Ahhh, Yo-Yo. The man is a wonder.
    I really like those two ads.  They need to be playing in prime time NOW on all the major channels.  Jeffrey Saks said we need to stop  hearing SFB right now and start listening to the public health authorities and follow their recommendations and learn from China, S. Kora and other countries that are downing better than us in containing the virus.
    And finally, SFB owns a new record – highest number of new jobless claims ever – 3.2M last week.

  4. For those who want to follow the progression of COVID-19 worldwide and in the US, her a link to the Johns Hopkins CV Tracker.  It is tool that needs a bit of mucking about to be facile using it, but it’s got a lot of information on it.  

  5. The gains in the Dow the last couple of days has steered the Wayback machine to August, 2017 as of right now.  I am astounded that the market has responded positively overall to the passage of the stimulus package in the Senate (good) and the jobs report released this morning (bad).

  6. I saw the first ad above on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night. The ad is devastating for Trump, but one must remember that the millions of people in “Red State/Trump Country” who only watch Fox News will NEVER see that ad.   They will continue to passionately believe that Trump is doing a “great” job, even when their loved ones are dying around them.  You can never convince a “True Believer” that they are wrong.  Not with facts, not with logic.  

  7. It’s said that NYC is the epicenter… and the epicenter of NYC is Queens.  My sister lives in Queens… even though I’m not a praying person… I’m praying for her.
    Nash…  love ya…  but that “true believer” stuff can be said of Bernie bros. too.

  8. Pogo:  Whenever the stock market begins a long period decline, there are always “blips” when it bounces back a bit, before continuing down.  This is caused by optimistic investors who think “the market has bottomed out and now it’s a good time to buy.”  In fact no one ever really knows when the market has “bottomed out.”  Sometimes these investors get the timing right.  Sometimes they get it wrong.
    In graduate school, I had a finance professor who said “Ignore what the market is doing.  If you buy stocks, plan on holding them for at least 15 years.  Over that period you will see a reasonable gain.  Don’t try to guess what the market is going to do tomorrow.  That’s gambling, not investing.”

  9. Renee:  Have you read the book, “The True Believer,” by Eric Hoffer?  That’s where the phrase originated.  It’s a classic book about fanatics of all kinds, including political ideologues and cult members.  It’s a very short book but most political science majors have read it. 
    I was a political science major for a semester.  (I changed my major in college 6 times.)   As one of my six advisers once said, “What’s it going to be this time?”   At the end, major number 6 was business administration.  Back in the 1970s this was called “selling out.”
    My majors were: Biochemistry, electrical engineering, undecided (that counts also), political science, philosophy, and finally business administration.  And every single one “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  10. Just had a retired coworker check on me.   One relative flies for a private company; he’s been moving troops around.   Why are we sending troops to Bulgaria?
    Queens, homestead of Fred Trump. Childhood home of Donny.    I am a praying person and I am praying that everyone heeds medical advice, ignores the orange, babbling brook in the WH, and, that folks realize the more strictly we all adhere to safe practices, the quicker we can go back to our lives, although they may look vastly different than before.  
    I cleaned the kitchen, while listening to the ‘rona playlist, and  cooked a spaghetti squash which is now cooling before being frozen.   Then I’ll clean the kitchen, again.  Planted some of the seeds in my potato/yam container.  Harvested a white potato the size of a penny.  Didn’t dig any further, damned mosquitoes.    I’ll probably get West Nile instead of Covid-19.   
    Contacted an old friend who is mayor and he is also a bank exec.  There has been a Banking Continuity & Pandemic Plan in place for several years.  I’m guessing after SARS  or H1N1 someone got smart so we could keep functioning.  
    Please wake me up when this is over.

  11. BiD, I thought the same thing, “I’ll probably get West Nile instead of Covid-19. ” Since I’m home, I went a little over board with my patio garden. But I’m never outside around dusk  or dawn because of West Nile.  Wadda way to live!  Yeah, wake me up when this is over. But there’ll probably a second round in the fall.  *sigh*

  12. During a market sell off there might be slight upticks, often referred to as “a dead cat bounce”.  It is reference to a saying that even a dead cat dropped from a high elevation will bounce once.

  13. Just submitted the census online. No problem, for a change.  I don’t like the questions, but under this mad man, it’s best to be truthful. ACK! 

  14. Nash…  nope…  haven’t read that one.  So you are a man of eclectic tastes 🙂  I was an English major and remained an English major.
    BiD…  I’m pretty sure that my sister doesn’t live in the same part of Queens from which Fred and Donny lived.  She’s one of those airy fairy artist types.  She does teach art part time in a private Catholic school in Harlem…  the same one the Pope visited a few years ago.

  15. bbronc, we’ll remember to make use of that “dead cat bounce” if Bernie wins in one of the next primaries.

  16. My mother grew-up in Jamaica, Queens more than a century ago. She and her parents narrowly missed being on the Titanic when returning from their annual visit to the Olde Sod.

  17. nash, very much a fan of hoffer’s “true believer.”   also liked his idea/promotion for a mandatory 2yr civilian national service program.  he was an  interesting guy is an understatement with regard to his personal life

  18. “Bounces” in markets like these are institutional investors trying to scam people like you back into the market so they can loot more of your nest-egg.
    …not too worried about November, trump’s science denying base will be half-dead; i watch them digging their own graves, daily.

  19. “Stocks have never been such a bargain!”
    …sell it to some other sucker, i got food to buy.

  20. about that “Exponential Threat” ad fearless leader linked. IMpotus squealing like the stuck pig he is


    Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, is expanding an ad buy accusing President Trump of mismanaging the coronavirus crisis a day after the Trump campaign threatened legal action against TV stations airing the ad in key battleground states.
    Priorities USA originally put $6 million behind the ad, which is running in Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. On Thursday, the super PAC announced the ad would begin running in Arizona with an additional $600,000 investment behind it.

  21. Love Nancy’s response to those who prefer prayer to science.  Science is the answer to prayer.   
    There is a nice walking trail near me.  I took my shoes off and walked in the grass; stood and stretched for 1/2 hour.    Across the pond, someone brought her yoga mat to meditate.    Folks seem to be getting the social distancing think better, as I only saw couple and families near each other.  Everyone else was showing down, speeding up, stepping aside.   
    Bink –  It’s A Jungle Out There (the theme song from Monk) has never had so much meaning.  Come to think of it, The Facts of Life theme song does, too.

  22. Gov Abbott has issued exec orders for anyone flying in from NY metro area or Louisiana, mandating 14 day self-quarantine.   First of all, it’s up to the traveler, so…  And, folks from Louisiana are close enough to drive here and every time there’s a hurricane, they come to stay with family.  This is a new kind of natural disaster, but my guess is many from Louisiana have already shown up on a relative’s doorstep, looking to escape the outbreak of the virus there.  
    Dammit, I wish I had moved to KC last year.

  23.  Jamie
    Good video, It is why I don’t have to worry about social distancing, with my spring allergies people just naturally back off. All I have to do is clear my throat.

  24. Got my box of books that I bought on ebay. Sprayed the box down with bleach before I even moved it. It is now setting  on the closed in front porch, Will give it a couple of more days then open it.

  25. Jamie – The pollen count here is over 12,000 parts per whatever.  There is yellow pollen on the cars.   I wonder if allergies ramp up the immune system to help fight the cofeve?     Had a nice walk today.  Took my shoes off once I got to the walking trail and did some earthing on the grass.

  26. BiD – he’s just a lying sackoshit – jut compared testing here to SK – ignores the measure of tests/1000 persons, which is where we are way behind other countries.  
    That unemployment figure broke the last record unemployment figure – from 1982.  He’s broken one of Reagan’s records.  That’s should make him proud.  
    God he is an idiot.  

  27. Technology Review begs to differ with SFB about our testing here.  
    Korea has tested 1 out of 170 of its citizens, we’ve tested 1 of 943.  That’s 5.5 times more of their population who’ve been tested than ours. Stupid shit.

  28. BiD, Mrs. P & LP and I went on a nice walk – beautiful here today 71 degrees and partly cloudy. First longish walk since my surgery.  Enjoyed it immensely. Now I’m gonna grill som chicken.  Nice Spring day. 
    Dumbass is riffing now – trying to sound smart.  Not working.

  29. Is it even possible that there is a dumber sumbitch than Mike Pence?  “th President’s 15 days to slow the spread…” and we’re almost to day 15. What a goddam idiot.  Anyone notice any slowdown in the progression of the virus?  Funny, I haven’t noticed that.

  30. Actually places where people have sheltered at home the rate has slowed 
    We see that here  we only have 40 cases here in Sonoma county 

  31. It’s been 1 month to the day since the crazed racist prevert said that in a few days the 15 infected would be down to ‘near zero.’ 83,653 are now infected. Pretty close to zero. snark

    1,290 dead. They’re pretty near zero, I guess. snark. snarl.
    Meanwhile the ‘hidden hand of the market’ is working efficiently to supply what is needed for more production : a scarcity and higher prices for everything needed to test and treat people. Because, epidemics are all about creating markets and excessive profits. Lives are only a means to make money.
    thank you mr kudlow. have yet another drink

  32. Yup.  Everyone is doing great, but don’t  forget:
    Complacency kills.  Literally.   Keep it up💪❤️🇺🇸

  33. Oh, sorry good Sir, please don’t allow me to inhibit an xrep truth-drop; i look forward to them.  

  34. Yams apparently can’t see shit. well at least I now know what a joke looks like. 
    I see AOC is following no one’s recommendations about self quarantining for 14 days after being in NYC. I’m sure her vote is needed but really? Hell, I’m a week into it and our local health department got wind that I was in NYC last week and wants me to sign some damn thing and monitor my symptoms until a week from tomorrow.  I may and I may not, but I do plan to stay here so long as Mrs. P will do the shopping.

  35. Under the “there is always One “column
    What is it about Kentucky and their politicians? Must be something in the water.
    From CNN:

    GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky — could prevent the House from approving the $2 trillion bill by voice vote, forcing them instead to cast a roll-call vote in person. That has angered many members, who are now forced to decide whether to skip a vote on the biggest rescue package in American history — or travel to Washington and risk their personal well-being.

  36. jack, massie just didn’t want AOC to get all the limelight.  what I wonder is what special legislative goody are those two trying to get from their respective leaders in order for them to play nice and cooperate.

  37. Mr. Pogo, what state are you in?  How in the world did the health department get wind that you were in NYC?  Big Brother?? Inquiring minds….

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