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  1. craig, really cute moment yesterday with Joe & Nicole Wallace when they chuckled at being just two people in their basements talking to each other. 

  2. joe & his peeps could use this (change word to “he’s the real thing”) for a campaign song.

    BiD & bink, also good one to add to your ‘crona playlist

  3. altho’ i saw it as warm and authentic, others grumped about it being goofy like this from finkelstein’s newsbusters:

    Anyone watching Joe Biden’s bizarre Tuesday afternoon MSNBC interview with Nicolle Wallace really had to wonder about the guy after watching the bizarre, rambling, and gooey interview. Between Biden’s tangents that would sudden start then stop and Wallace’s disturbing infatuation and wide smile hanging on his every word, it was as weird as one could possibly imagine.
    Biden alternated between getting choked up while discussing people who had lost loved ones to the virus, with flinging insults at President Trump — only to instantly issue abashed, child-like apologies, calling his words “stupid,” saying “sorry,” and “I shouldn’t have said it that way.” 
    At one point while apologizing, Biden made a series of deeply goofy facial expressions (see screencap) and even resorted to make a hand motion as if he were playing with a yo-yo. All the while, Wallace appeared completely enthralled, as if she were interviewing a crush.

  4. that guy calling joe bizarre and goofy  must never have watched the stable genius IMpotus spewing horsesh*t day after day about what a great job he’s doing.

  5. wapo:

    Senate leaders and the Trump administration reached agreement early Wednesday on a $2 trillion stimulus package to rescue the economy from the coronavirus assault, setting the stage for swift passage of the massive legislation through both chambers of Congress.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced the breakthrough on the Senate floor around 1:30 a.m., after a long day of talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and other administration officials.


  6. also from above wapo link:

    The House of Representatives is currently out of session, and it would be tricky for House members to return en masse to Washington to vote. Democratic aides said they were optimistic that a strong bipartisan Senate vote would make it possible to pass the bill by unanimous consent in the House — a process requiring only two members present in the House chamber. But that would require every lawmaker to agree — a tall order for a $2 trillion bill touching every part of the U.S. economy.
    “The easiest way for us to do it is to put aside our concerns for another day and get this done,” Pelosi said Tuesday on CNBC. “My goal always has been to bring this bill to the floor under unanimous consent.”
    However, any lawmaker of either party could object, and in an early warning sign Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) voiced concern about the legislation over Twitter, writing that despite “vague statements” no one had seen text of the legislation that “seems to give a *HALF TRILLION DOLLARS* away to big corporations, w/ few worker protections.”
    Among House Republicans, there is similar reluctance to commit to approving a still-unseen bill, according to GOP aides familiar with internal conversations. Besides potential policy objections inherent in a $2 trillion bill, members might also resist passing a bill of that magnitude without a formal vote, the aides said — thus requiring most lawmakers to return to Washington.
    If unanimous consent is not possible, aides of both parties said the most likely scenario would be a day-long vote where members would be encouraged to spread out their trips to the floor and not congregate as the vote is taken.

  7. I am so fed up with the media, even if it is controlled by the murdochs of the world, treating the utterances of SFB as if the words came from a sane person.  The guy does not exist in this universe.  Look behind the eyes and there is a brown pudding like mass, not a functioning brain.  The constant replaying of his rants does not make it real.

  8. Here’s a description of Newsbusters from Rationalwiki.org:

    NewsBusters is awingnut media watch website that styles itself as “Exposing and Combating Liberal MediaBias.” The site is an extension of Brent Bozell III’s hate group, Media Research Center. 

    While an ostensibly admirable goal to keep check on the media, it does not so much expose “liberal bias” as try to ram a Republican-agenda in all over the place. The site also has a blatant anti-science agenda, often bashing stories on evolution and global warming that don’t give time to wingnut creationist or denialist perspectives.


    The site is a POS as is its Founder, Brent Bozell III. 

  9. My only real concern about Biden is that he sometimes comes across as  quite elderly in a  physical sense not mental.  I find myself hoping he makes it to November and picks a really great VP.


  10. craig, I think the nutcase at newsbuster had some part  of it.  tho’t I saw it (video clip) towards bottom of his piece but didn’t click on and got out of there asap so as not to expose myself to more drivel. 

  11. The Dow likes the deal. It looks like it might be getting a second day of gains, but the initial gainS at the open are reversing. Don’t get comfortable with those gains.  It’ll come back to reality as the CV-19 numbers continue to rise. Buckle your chinstraps. 

  12. Biden will be fine.  Compared to trump’s daily drivel, he comes across as someone who really cares, IMO.
    BiD…  hope you can find someone to take you on.  Here in rural NH wouldn’t be a good fit for you…  jobs aren’t as plentiful and getting fresh food requires a good drive except in summer.  I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to the nearest pharmacy to pick up some medication…  it’s 15 miles away.
    Lots of people losing their jobs.  Self-employed craftspeople are hurting very much.  All the spring craft shows have been postponed or cancelled.  All the galleries are closing their doors for god knows how long.  I’m fine.  Whatever I make at this point is play money.  But I know more than several husband and wife teams.  They mostly live on the edge as it is…  I feel for them.

  13. From Barron’s – why the gains yesterday aren’t as rosy as they may appear. Bottom line – big gains like these don’t happen in good times. 

  14. Bink – Thanks for putting together the perfect playlist & the addition of The Golden Girls theme song!
    My cousin in LA teaches aerobics & her gym is closed, so I’m gonna do her YouTube workout.  Take care of stuff this afternoon while I play Bink’s playlist, again.   Tomorrow,  I meditate. Friday, I have to make decisions based on the information I have now, which isn’t a lot.    It’ll be OK, it’s just change.  So many others have it worse.   
    Thanks to all for your well wishes.   Now, let’s get back to holding the Repugz’ hooves to the fire. 

  15. From Channel 4 in NYC:

    * * *  
    Currently, hydroxychloroquine is under investigation in clinical trials for SARS-CoV-2 infection, and treatment of patients with mild, moderate, and severe COVID-19, according to the CDC.  

    The main concerns of using either chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine is cardiotoxicity, especially prolonged QT syndrome, which is a heart rhythm condition that can cause fast, chaotic heartbeats. This concern is particularly more acute in patients with underlying health issues and immunosuppression, according to the CDC.  

    Because of these concerns, CDC urges caution when considering these drugs in patients with chronic medical conditions or those who are receiving medications that might interact and cause arrythmias — problems with the heartbeat’s rate or rhythm. 

    However, the agency notes that it has been reportedly well-tolerated in COVID-19 patients. (Continues)

    SFB is being reckless by encouraging the use of these drugs until the safety and efficacy of their use in age cohorts and exposure cohorts has been established.  The people who are likely to need them most (Remember, 80% of cases resolve without treatment) are those who appear to be at least potentially most at risk from the drugs themselves if they are not COVID-19 victims. The doctors and dentists who are taking and prescribing these drugs to people who are not infected is as reckless as SFB suggesting that they re likely to be the biggest game changer in medical history.  (I guess he’s never heard of penicillin, flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, DPT, MMR or sterile technique in surgery.  Fucking moron).

  16. I loved The Masque of the Red Death in Poe’s words and the movie with Vincent Price. Somehow seems timely, Sturg. One of my favorites, just behind A Cask of Amontillado. And of course The Raven.

  17. Schumer & Mark Cuban on The View make me feel like there’s actual hope for our country, not the empty hope that Trump has been doling out.

  18. Bink – Yes, David Byrne is a genius.  If you haven’t heard the “American Utopia” Live on Broadway album, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  19. BiD,  you’re on HQT treatment?  If so have you called your pharmacy to determine its current availability?  I’ve read about shortages. 

  20. I’m on a super-low dose Beta blocker & with my doc’s OK, I take 1/2 of that or my heart beats too slowly and my toes turn blue.  Blue.   Zero heart blockage because I haven’t eaten meat in 10 years (next month), just an electrical problem.  So, it looks like I can’t take SFB MD’s magic, cofeve cure.   Keeping my thoroughly-washed fingers crossed that I don’t need it. 

  21. Just visited Joe’s website.  It needs help.  It definitely needs a news section that lists clearly and accessibly his schedule of upcoming appearances.  Relying on the Spectrum channel guide to find him is unacceptable.  It looks like an impressive senior Website Design project, but it ain’t what it needs to be.

  22. pogo, hoping that will improve once he’s nominee and dnc (with the $$, management, former tech and ad wizards from Bloomberg’s campaign kicking in) can exponentially enhance it. 

  23. Well, i’m watching so many people waste valuable prep-time, so i’ve planted as many veggies and fruits as i can afford & manage.  i’m a terrible farmer- i had better figure it out.

    (Anything you can do helps- if that’s one or two container-plants, do one or two container-plants. ty!✌️❤️🇺🇸)

    (also, everyone does tomatoes. Tomatoes are great, but we’ll need other stuff. Avoid bell-peppers, they yield very little fruit per plant.)

  24. My apt complex has an Amazon Hub (lockers) and they’ve installed a bar code scanner, so you no longer have to punch a number not the screen.  That’s why I saw 3 Amazon folks congregating there yesterday.    Nothing for me to order, but others seem to be staying home and shopping online.    

  25. We’ll… Rick and I were talking at lunch and have decided to do our usual garden.  We have used a spray that stinks… it works at keeping deer away.  The only thing is that it must be reapplied every time after it rains.  We may also try your suggestion, BiD.  The thought of no garden after having one for 40 years, was unacceptable to us.

  26. Gardening is therapeutic.  I just have containers; peppers and potatoes/yams.  And, thanks to the squirrels, oak tree saplings and peanuts.  
    Grandma used dried blood to keep the nibblers away from the flowers.  (Never has a problem with the vegetable garden, for some reason.).  Gross.  It smelled like dry dog food.   The neighbor’s dog would visit and eat the dirt/blood around the garden.   Net over the strawberries. Aluminum pie pans in the cherry trees.

  27. …”we” can provide special or extra mortgage-relief to rental and vacation home owners that still carry a mortgage on those properties, in exchange for their use as triage centers.

  28. Yeah, blood will draw dogs, cats, weasels and flies. Bones can draw porcupines.
    We used to be able to buy wolf and big cat excreta from the zoo. That scared the deer, rabbits, and squirrels away !

  29. How come MSNBC carries Gov Cuomo live but Gov Newsom not at all.  Kind of east coast centric.

  30. It’s 88 degrees here.   Hope global warming kills the cofeve.  
    Ah, yes big cat scat.   Better than blood, and kinder. 

  31. Renee, I use a similar product to keep the deer away from our shrubs.  I refer to it as coyote piss.  It smells worse than what I imagine coyote piss would smell like.  
    Bink, when I last had a veggie garden I had 3 bell pepper plants that produced more bell peppers than I cared to eat, and I used them a fair amount. I was overwhelmed with butternut and acorn squash – now those are productive plants.  Green beans did alright, but weren’t really worth the effort.  Tomatoes – I think I had 4 beefsteak plants that grew so many there were not enough hours in the day to pick, cook, eat and can the bastards.  I’m going to do a few plants this year – prolly do jalapeños, tomatoes, basil, banana peppers, and a few others that are low maintenance and stuff we eat.   

  32. Has anyone watched New York Governor Cuomo on TV?  He’s on MSNBC & CNN every day, “not wearing a tie” to demonstrate he is “in crisis mode, a strong leader in command.”  Hint: Cuomo is running for President (2024 or 2028).
    But if Cuomo hadn’t dragged his feet for weeks, resisting any sort of shutdown,  the crisis in New York State would not be nearly as bad.  New York City Mayor De Blasio was BEGGING Cuomo  to order a state-wide full lockdown for weeks, but Cuomo ignored him.  When De Blasio finally ordered a partial shutdown in NYC, Cuomo said he had no authority to do it, that it was a state government decision, and this confused everyone in the city about what they were supposed to do.
    Trump, who has undoubtedly seen Cuomo’s new “strong leader” act on TV,  will probably do the same thing.
    When the crisis (that he caused by delay) really hits a critical stage, Trump will change course (again) and present himself as “the man in charge” to save the nation from the 2020 version of the Yellow Peril (now called the “China Virus.”).  Trump will probably move the Office of the President to a military base and give daily press conferences surrounded by generals, with a bunch of hand-picked friendly journalists present to ask softball questions.  Any real journalists will be “denied security clearances.”
    Meanwhile Biden will be doing his interviews at home, alone, in front of a bookshelf.
    This virus could get Trump re-elected if he handles it correctly. 

  33. Did anyone notice that, in the first interview above (CNN), after Biden said he that had not been tested because he had “no symptoms,” that he then coughed three times?
    (It’s probably just a cold.)

  34. OK, Mnuchin said the loans would be forgiven if employees were kept on the payroll, but Trump said the loan money would be repaid.  Were they talking about two, different types of loans?
    Trump’s bottom lip is blue (heart problem)  & Mnuchin needs to have that mole looked at.  Not being mean, just saying the both need to see a doctor.  
    Covid is in the jail system now.

  35. They’ll push this through because they wanna get outta Dodge.   Recess, quarantine, call it want you want, the weasels are scared.
    Gun stores are open, again.  They are now deemed essential.
    Have ya seen Mayor Pete’s quarantine beard?  It’s on point! 

  36. Hah,  Mrs. P went to our courthouse yesterday and dropped some documents off with the bailiff in the family court. Someone who thought she went with me to NYC last week (she did not – I refused to allow her to go with me after listening to her yapping about it for two days following me scheduling my surgical follow up for last Friday) called the prosecutor (a friend of ours from way back) and asked her to issue a quarantine order against Mrs. P.  She got a call from the Sheriff (another friend Who I’ve known for 20 years) who was trying to get the facts straight.  The prosecutor called her brother, another friend from way back (former employer of Mrs. P and prominent local attorney and power dealer in the local political scene) told him she was not comfortable issuing such an order, and he called us at home, got the information and told her what to do to make this bullshit stop.  I would understand if it was me, but it wasn’t.  My question, which went unanswered, was under what authority the county prosecutor could issue a quarantine order against Mrs. P (or anyone else for that matter) if she were inclined to.
    FWIW she closed our office to the public and to existing clients – all contact is by phone or email until the crisis passes. That is just to exercise care generally and to protect our student law clerk, who is immune compromised.  Because of her I will not go to the office until after 3/6.  I’m self quarantining for 14 days along with LP (assuming I remain symptom free). When I do go out for a walk, I don’t get near anyone, and if I do run into a neighbor, I stay 6’ away while we talk.
    Coronavirus fear runs deep here now.

  37. DeBlasio dragged his feet just as far, Nash

    Guys like him are the reason Rethuglicans win NY elections

  38. pogo – A Dallas county judge, Clay Jenkins, issued the shelter-in-place and holds nightly press conferences.  Tonight’s presser was about the cases now in our jail system.   Every time there is an issue here, he seems to be in charge.   He’s definitely not a talking head.  If you’ve ever seen Will Forte’s mild-mannered, political candidate character on SNL, Tim Calhoun, it’s spot-on Jenkins.   Very low-key guy.  Everyone here is glad he seems to be in charge, although we’re not sure why it’s so. 

  39. Protect yourself, Corey, and if you get fucked with, let us know,  i’ll call that foreman if i have to.

  40. We had a choice of working or staying home until the 14th. Unemployment is so backed up right now. I didn’t want to deal with it. 

  41. BiD, I figured out why Clay Jenkins speaks for Dallas County. A judge from Collin County was on doing the same thing.  Only this guy gave the dictator’s garbled thoughts.  The reporters couldn’t understand if he said shelter in place or go to work because the community needs work and income. Typical for here, I thought. Anyhow, seems that a county judge speaks for the county.

  42. My sister was furloughed, but they want her back afterward.  They gave her two rolls of TP as a temp parting gift.
    She’s been calling unemployment 50 times a day for a few days and just can’t get through. When she does get through to the automated system, she inputs all her info and then the system hangs up. Can’t e-mail them either. This is NYS.

  43. tiptoe – Thank you for answering the why Clay question.
    I’ve heard the same thing about unemployment in TX and CO.  Can’t get through by phone and internet knocks ‘em off after they get most of their info input.       An F-ing mess enabled by Trump refusing to believe anything other than what he wants to believe.  

  44. Yes, BiD, the repubes HATE the American people. They wanted another big slush fund just like 2008!  GREED!!! 
    As for the county judges, I’ve asked around and no one knows who gets to be the one who speaks. Typical, for here.

  45. From what I gathered about the Republicans and their hangup about unemployment benefits is that they don’t trust the average American worker. We’re even on that, because I don’t trust them.

  46. A lot of businesses are already gone. There are no jobs to go back to in many cases.   Folks were working before and qualified for unemployment.  Many had side hustles that are also gone.   Nobody’s trying to game the system.    
    Anyone who voted against the bill should loses their entire taxpayer funded salary AND benefits. 

  47. some garden favs of mine which can be grown in pots if one’s space is limited:

    bush beans and peanut plants for protein

    swiss chard for beauty (good for you too) and nutrition

    grape/sugar baby tomatoes

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