77 thoughts on “Visions of Victory over Virus Day 2020”

  1. Aside from trees festooned with excess toilet paper and people in the streets hugging even those they hate,  what do you see symbolic of the day we vanquish the virus? 

  2. bbronc,  I envision on victory over virus day somewhere near you a great chicken fry with a happy crowd consuming every ounce of those 200 pounds of raw birds bought at cosco by a politician with foresight hand-shaking and kissing babies right and left.   

  3. XR, vero.

    What an utter cluster phuck unfolding in the Senate. Mitch showing himself as the naked partisan he is. Under no circumstances should the Democrats allow a bill that gives Mnuchin and SFB discretion to bail out cruise lines and failing golf clubs (the courses and facilities, not the sticks). 

  4. Jamie, my bet is that KY Gov. beshear will veto that voter restriction bill.  he’s been pretty aggressive about the virus.  yesterday mandated closure of all non-essential businesses (liquor stores BTW exempted – must be either that there are a lot of alcoholics in KY or whiskey’s the main source of revenue).

  5. Kick-a-poo Joy Juice keeps rhe country happy.  Prohibition did a lot to change American life, I cannot imagine any politician, except bobble head, wanting to try it again.

  6. where will the first campaign rallies be on VV-day (aka victory over virus day) and will they look the same as before covid19 hit us?

    ~~~ sure fired methods to fight Covid-19 ~~~~
    My sister passed this on to me from her neighbor.

    As the virus likes cold and hates hot we should only drink hot drinks.

    Along the same line from the same person

    To kill the virus use your hair dryer to blow hot air up your nose.  


  8. Who wasted that toilet paper…. they should be shot.  I ran around trying to get some this morning…  nothing.  Thank god I still have some.
    Saw a bit of trump’s presser yesterday…   it went along the lines of….  “waitresses are out of work… well, no one knows how expensive it is to run for president…  so let’s have them make a donation to my re-election campaign.”  Fuckhead!

  9. …literally more scared of trump than c-19.  i can control my exposure to the virus, i can’t control what that vain, dangerous idiot does.

  10. I think the “recovery” from this crisis, the virus and the recession it will cause, will be very slow. 
    Some people will not be hurt very much, but others will suffer a great deal and it will be a long time, maybe two years or more, before their lives return to something like “normal.”
    There will be no one time when we will all declare “victory.”  Each of us will find our lives improving at different rates, and we will each have our own quiet ceremonies.
    I know how I will celebrate.  When it re-opens, I’ll go the Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon, and have an espresso and a croissant in the outdoor courtyard cafe. 

  11. Mrs Greenspan. What a dip!  She gave Sen Marky a raft of crap because Democrats are blocking the sleazy Trump cohorts bill
    What a waste of space

  12. She keeps repeating a pile of crap from yertle
    She is a dumb moron to keep repeating republican crap.  She looks so proud of herself. Mrs Greenspan. Time for you to get out before you are seen drooling all over yourself 

  13. I was returning from PT and heard Mitch launching into dems about the $1.8T bill.  Now as I understand it the major sticking point for dems is the lack of transparency and restrictions for the $500B corporate relief fund to be at Mnuchin’s disposal. Mitch said something about added provisions for tax credits for solar and a few other non-related issues that were tacked onto the bill.  I have no idea whether what he said is true – I tend to believe there is more to the story than he said and would like to hear Schumer address those issues.  I don’t see anything in Wapo addressing those claims and am off to the NYT to see if they addres the sticking points.  More to come, I hope.

  14. KC, Andrea has never been a favorite of mine.  Her breathless critical coverage of Hillary in 2016 put her on my shitlist.
    McConnell doesn’t seem to grasp that he doesn’t have the votes to pass anything a this point and that he needs to STFU and work to a compromise with Achumer, who needs to draw a hard line on the fund Mnuchin wants and the restrictions Dems want on corporate aid.  

  15. Bink, with the exception of statutes of limitation and repose and deadlines for filings there are no hearings being conducted for the next 3 weeks, and that is going to be extended in all likelihood. The deadlines related to those are extended to April 11.  We’ve closed our office to the public, and are doing any consultations by phone, like many of our colleagues.  WV Supreme Court of appeals issued an Order lat night staying everything between now and 4/10 except a few emergency situations such as domestic violence, child abuse with imminent threat to health or safety of a child. This overrules any other local rules in place to Address the crisis.  It’s a BFD.

  16. So, apparently I am essential.  Or, at last legal says I am.  I’m just happy to have a job and traffic will be very light for the next couple of weeks.  All of this could change at a moment’s notice.   I feel sick, and it ain’t from the cofeve.   WWIII 

  17. They need to do separate bills.  First, for the real Americans.   Then they can write a bill for the 1%-ers.    REPUBLICANS!  STOP HOLDING PAYMENTS TO REAL AMERICANS HOSTAGE OR THERE WON’T BE AN AMERICA, YOU GREEDY, HEARTLESS, UN-CHRISTIAN JERKS!

  18. Nash…  when we go back to “normal”…  I want to go have breakfast at the diner that we have met friends at almost every Thursday for 5 years.  I want to chat with the waitresses that feel like friends.
    Yeah…  the same as BiD said in her 1:50 comment.

  19. So the Republicans are protecting their corporate buddies and the Democrats are protecting the airline unions and the rest of us just get screwed.
    I’m sorry, there is nothing special about an airline employee, they aren’t any more deserving than my barber and they can go down to the unemployment office and collect their check just like everybody else.  It is fricking tough all over.

  20. Oh and as far as the cruise ships. If you are registered and flagged here then we will talk about it. If it is Panama the ask Panama for help and so on. 

  21. What Bid said. If a corporation is so poorly run that it can’t survive a couple of months as we sort this out then the best thing is expedited bankruptcy that brings in new management and owners.

  22. Yesterday, I started to have a runny nose, bit of a scratchy throat and a whole lot of worry. 
    Today it is all gone. The difference. Yesterday I was outside half the day, today is cold and rainy and I have been indoors all day. 
    Spring allergies, gotta love em.

  23. So typical of goops speed over effectiveness
    I guess they think speed gives them cover for their creepy behavior
    so in Sonoma County we’ve gone from 11 virus patients to24 in a week. we’ve been in lockdown for a week so not enough time to impact contact. So why the big difference in growth rates between states

  24. Gotta give a shout out to Medicaid. A nurse, a case manager and a social worker with the agency separately called me today to brief their visits with Dad to assure me he is doing well and discuss protective measures. Impressive! 

  25. Not a cent to entities that hide their tax & banking records behind a claimed ‘right to privacy’ or executive privilege. Fifty percent extra for persons in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. 

  26. So disappointed with Biden video today standing at a podium in his rec room talking to camera. Got little coverage. Useless. Go on shows, take questions, get into the damn conversation!

  27. BiD can do one that says, “Calling her ‘Killary’…”
    ”…got me killed”
    (enjoy that we’ve bonded somewhat, since, BiD)

  28. …don’t be too hard on yourself.  i suppose i could have done more in 2016, but i’ve never mastered ‘tact’.  My mistakes include, but are not limited to, interacting disrespectfully and not learning how to persuade effectively without alienating. i just want the fucker gone, like you do.
    i wish people with such regrets could make a case to the public such as “hey, i was wrong, here’s why, here’s what i thought that was wrong, and here’s what i’ve learned that will inform me, going forward so i don’t repeat mistakes”.
    Oh, well🤷‍♂️

  29. Everybody makes mistakes- stupid people repeat them.
    Don’t be stupid.
    (not directed at anyone, in particular.  Surely, we must all hang together…)

  30. i respect the heck out of you for owning up, Mr. Crawford.  Takes a dignified human to do so✌️❤️🇺🇸
    …pardon me.  Gotta go sterilize everything i own.

  31. Dallas country has the largest, uninsured population in the nation.  We’re number one!
    Layoffs at the office today, but I ain’t one of them…so far.  
    Trump is slurring, again.  He seems extra stupefied.  

  32. So, TX didn’t take the Medicaid expansion and now we have uninsured folks in the shadows who won’t seek help & wont stay home unless mandated to do so.    

  33. Good point about cruise ships sailing under the flags of other countries.  And, for the most part, they are sailing to Mexico, Belize, the Caribbean, etc., and those tourist dollars aren’t being spent here, so why bail them out?

  34. A z-pack, which most of us have had, I’d guess.  NPR said docs are right hydroxychloroquine scripts for themselves and their families, so that folks with lupus and RA can’t get their meds!

  35. I am living in the D.C. region.  Which includes most of the East Coast of the U.S. when you look at life and travel patterns,  Today the governor of Maryland Hogan (R) did the shutdown non-essential thing.  An extension to the shut down bars, restaurants, and gym thing from last week (all of which made people empty the liquor stores).  What it means is as soon as I heard it on the radio I become concerned for my neighbor’s job.  It turns out her job is good and under the essential category.
    I have a new video up on YouTube about my escape from the COVID protection pod.

  36. We’re all questioning just how “essential” our business is at this time.  Legal says it’s not clear, so we can keep operating in the usual manner.  I’m grateful to have a job, but I’d like to use some vacation days, quite frankly.   I had to briefly interact with two non-employees today.  Immediately went to scrub my hands just from exchanging documents.   

  37. BiD
    Much the same here I had 2 shipments from amazon, brought the in sprayed the package down with bleach water and opened it a sprayed the item with sanitizer and sanitized my hands. Nice thing about using straight alcohol is that is evaporates quick.

  38. …good job, Jack, you’re crushin’ it💪
    i also realized i don’t have to sterilize anything i don’t plan on touching again within 7 days*, so i put that stuff in “product quarantine” and just wash and sterilize my hands when done with that chore.

    *does not apply to frozen things, the freezer just preserves the virus.  Sterilize frozen items before storing.

    Control what you can, don’t worry about what you can’t

  39. Trump’s impatience with the Chiner virus is going to cause more deaths.    God, what a moron.  God, save us all from this moron. 

  40. I didn’t (couldn’t)bring myself t watch the entire babblefest today.  Listened to pieces of FF Barr rolling through SFB then into Pence and I had enough.  Watched. A little of SFB adlibbing answers and said fuck it – shifted over to Motortrend TV for a while.  That Foose fella builds some pretty cars. That Trump fella, Jesus god deliver us.
    Found out today that the homemade hand sanitizer of 1 part aloe to 2 parts isopropyl alcohol might look good in theory, but mixing the two – now that’s a challenge.

  41. CC,
    …any possibility/procedure, no matter how remote, that might make an emerging star/leader like Cuomo or Bashear the 2020 Dem nominee?

  42. …just use the alcohol.  Aloe is for better times than these. Moisturize your hands before bed.

  43. So many thought on you’alls posts.  Old man yesterday had some good ones.  bueBronc nice video. BiD, I thought it was tatting.The dictator is gonna get us all killed just so he can look good.  Seems like an oxymoron.’
    A friend’s husband with all kinds of intestinal problems, had them removed, etc., has a presumptive case of the virus. It’s mild. He didn’t get tested or have any treatment.  Lasted a week. He’s in California by himself and as self quarantined. 
    I seem to have existential fatigue. Kinda blah all day…

  44. Ms Cariad, We should call our Dem Sens,Reps, AND the Biden campaign to demand that they demand the networks provide equal time for rebuttal of trump’s bullshit. If one doesn’t have a Dem rep, one can still call the Biden campaign.  
    Listen up, all you lurkers, don’t just read here, take control.
    Not you, Mr Pong. You’re excused. 

  45. trump acts and speaks like he’s really sick. The slowness, more than usual repetition, slurred words, and bent over, often looking down, and forgetting his thread. No, he’s not just insane, he’s got something else going on. It’s a little hard to tell, because he stuccos himself with that orange makeup. Maybe he has something like michael jackson’s skin disease. Also, he could be hallucinating, or at least hallucinating more than the usual. 


  46. I just dilute the alcohol to about 75% put some in a little spray bottle and some in a couple of perfume spritzer bottles. Just spray the hell out of everything when I remember it. The spritzer bottles fit just right in the coat pocket. 
    I use lotion morning and evening on my feet for diabetes anyway so my hands aren’t  too dried out. 

  47. It’s such a hugely positive thing that people are becoming comfortable discussing their personal anxiety, openly.

  48. …among our First-Line Responders are our cashiers, customer-service associates, shelf-stockers, and other retail workers.  They are exposing themselves to everyone in the community, they’re all going to get infected, and we all need to support them and make sure they’re protected, financially, for sticking their necks out, for us.
    …not an original thought, but worth repeating.

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