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  1. sturge, the new desk sign on the Resolute has been updated with an “F” in place of the “B”


    BTW, loved your 2 doe hedge story.  with a rack like that, it’s a wonder he even makes it thru the woods.  just tho’t up a song (or variation of pin-tail-on-donkey game) title:  snag the stag

  2. After reading this last week’s comments I am happy to see thinking minds working the odds, or in my world risk, of contact or infections (of self or others).  It is very nice to be around people who think.  Every now and then some yo-yo gets a stupid right wing (alternate reality) post up on FB.  What a waste of electrons.  The rw conspiracy crap is deep and dark.  Idiots.

  3. That’s a different deer from the one I wrote about yesterday…..this one was in no hurry and actually posed for me.  They’re thick as rats down there.

  4. We opened for The First Edition once in 1970 before it became KR and the First Edition, Kenny was kind of anonymous at that point….just the bass player, and any time they weren’t  on stage Kenny would be in the lobby, hawking merchandise, T-shirts, star-spangled sneakers etc He was a nice feller.

  5. Needed something and got to the store at 6am.  It’s closed until 7 for extra cleaning & stocking.  It opens in 10 minutes and there are roughly a dozen folks huddled together in front of the door instead of staying in their cars where it is warmer and AWAY from others.   Humans! 

  6. I didn’t count the points when I took the pic, so I can’t be sure….looks like 6 but could well be two more not easily seen

  7. Enlarge it enough and it’s pretty clearly a 6 pointer. I am not sure what that vertical thing by the left horns is. Resolution isn’t high enough to tell. 

    In the category of picture this, SFB has been saying for days no one could have predicted this. From the Washington Post today:


    March 20, 2020 at 8:10 p.m. EDT

    U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen, according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.

    The intelligence reports didn’t predict when the virus might land on U.S. shores or recommend particular steps that public health officials should take, issues outside the purview of the intelligence agencies. But they did track the spread of the virus in China, and later in other countries, and warned that Chinese officials appeared to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak.

    Taken together, the reports and warnings painted an early picture of a virus that showed the characteristics of a globe-encircling pandemic that could require governments to take swift actions to contain it. But despite that constant flow of reporting, Trump continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus posed to Americans. Lawmakers, too, did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month, as officials scrambled to keep citizens in their homes and hospitals braced for a surge in patients suffering from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

    So it seems his administration could, and did. Asshole. 

    Sorry for the pasted link – it was too long to embed on my phone.

  8. We’ve had many deer in our backyard this past winter.  Digging around and trying to eat on dead vines from our garden.  We’re not sure we will even try to plant one this year.  We’d probably have to buy an expensive electric fence to keep them out.  There are several wonderful veggie stands close by… even stocked with locally grown meat and honey.  We don’t mind becoming their customers.
    Although the thought of not going into our garden for fresh off the vine tomatoes kinda kills me.

  9. I think there could be a Coronavirus 15.  Everyone I know is staying home and eating!

  10. Yep, nervous eating all of the unhealthy, long-shelf life, apocalypse supplies.   Sleep, eat, repeat.
    I think it’s time for folks to plant victory gardens.  Remember that show on PBS?  Loved watching victory garden with my grandma.     
    rr – Maybe tie aluminum pie tins or old AOL CDs to your tomato cages to scare off the deer.  

  11. “The greatest economy in the history of the world.”   Seriously what is the matter with that fat fuck

  12. Sturgeone:
    The buck looks like 8, or possibly 7 points.   
    I know a few guys in Maine who would trade you their brand new $65,000 pick-up truck for a shot at that.
    It would be illegal to shoot it on someone’s lawn but they wouldn’t care.

  13. A nurse who lives in my apartment complex is collecting cotton garments and towels and making face masks for her hospital.  I cleaned out my closets of unneeded “extras”, filled a large trash bag with cotton items, and gave them to her. 
    I hear that this is happening all over the USA – women (and a few men) with sewing machines have become front line troops in the battle against Covid-19 infection.   It’s not much but it made me feel like I was doing something useful while I “self-isolate.”

  14. nash, you’re very welcome.  did you sing-a-long?

    I prescribe a daily dose of muppets for whatever ails a body. 
    or take 2 smiles and wash them down with a hearty laugh.   a shot of bourbon can be substituted for the laugh depending on the ailment.

  15. Trump presser on his company seeking government assistance for his hotels: “I have to do what everyone else is doing.” Says he doesn’t know what the govt assistance will be.

  16. From Washington Post
    Health officials in New York, California and other hard-hit parts of the country are restricting coronavirus testing to health care workers and people who are hospitalized, saying the battle to contain the virus is lost and the country is moving into a new phase of the pandemic response. 
    As cases spike sharply in those places, they are hunkering down for an onslaught, and directing scarce resources where they are needed most to save people’s lives. Instead of encouraging broad testing of the public, they’re focused on conserving masks, ventilators, intensive care beds — and on getting still-limited tests to health care workers and the most vulnerable. The shift is further evidence that rising levels of infection and illness have begun to overwhelm the health care system.

  17. And then he said he donates his presidential salary to the opioid crisis. Do you think he meant he buys drug company stocks

  18. Hey don’t blame the shipping clerk but who hired a shipping clerk to be president
    it must have the greedy grasping goopers were are happy to trade the lives of their fellow Americans for a tax break 

  19. This is supposed to make us feel better? Americans with actual symptoms told to stay home, can’t get tested. But Pence today: “While the WH doctor has no reason to believe I was exposed, given the unique position I have as vice president both I and my wife will be tested for the coronavirus.” 

  20. Either we’ll loose 20 lbs., clean the house, car, RV,and complete all craft projects.  Or we’ll gain 20 lbs & be alcoholics.

  21. i’m about to start my new-ish Dance Pop playlist, will be good for cleaning.  It will be just one panel, in one post, that will continually update itself as i add to it.  if you hate my Dance music, don’t click on it.
    Ok, don’t let me interrupt political discussion…

    (none of those are mutually exclusive, tiptoe😜)

  22. Sent this to some media exec pals – – Trump’s propaganda shit shows in WH briefing room not worth broadcasting live. Just substitutes for his idiot rallies. Even worse, experts like Fauci should be able to do their jobs instead of standing there for nearly 2 hours listening to him endanger us with misleading crap.

  23. Agreed, Craig.  Fauci is 79!  I hope they don’t wear him out, or that he catches it from those idiots, or that he drops dead from the dictator’s stress!

  24. First, they say they’ll stop testing and now they’ve developed a test that takes only 45 minutes for a response.      Huh?    I like what Klobuchar said better.  Mayo Clinic working on a test that finds anti-bodies, too.  Maybe you’ve already have it and can give blood.   

  25. i feel like i’m lost at sea with a drunk at the helm of a listing ship.
    get the asshole out, yesterday, before he gets you killed, America

  26. this will be the best dance playlist ever (not responsible for any content, all official videos, enjoy or avoid❤️)

  27. Live broadcasting daily Trump press conferences is 2016 all over again, unwittingly giving him a platform to spread lies. He’s turning these spectacles into rallies he can no longer do, bashing reporters. Run newsworthy clips if any but don’t give him 2hrs of free daily media. 

  28. Follow it up with how many times he contradicts the experts and/or himself (LIES) during the presser.   

  29. Instead of live crap, the media should just pop a dashboard with the results once the reality s^#t show is over.  Maybe a BS meter pegged over, along with a set of totals, perhaps total statements with totals of BS, sort of BS and out right in an alternative reality.  I don’t think he has stated a truth so there is no need for that.

  30. Poobah, your words to the media’s ears.  These spectacles are abhorrent. Pence should be ashamed, but then again, he knows no shame. 
    Learned today that my best friend from Bama had a knee replacement 2 years ago. Chapter 8 in our 50 year conversation. We chatted for over an hour about joint replacement, life, bicycles, bourbon, cheap wine, getting old not being for pussies and the like. It was more than pleasant. 

  31. Dallas county mandating max purchase of TP is 12 rolls.  Yes, that’s our press conference right now.   There’s a black market for TP & they are trying to squash it.

  32. Now they are telling folks not to flush Kleenex and causing issues with the pipes.   Weirdest presser ever.
    Folks will be ticketed for less than 6’ distancing outside.    
    The free range child in the next apt building was playing with some other kids I know.    The parents don’t get it. 

  33. BID, Well the tissue warning is legit, but no, they don’t get it. That starts with the WH and flows down through Faux Snooze to the idiots (including I hate to admit, my beloved 93 year old uncle who believes SFB is a genius and has discovered the cure for coronavirus – chloroquine)  who think SFB is something other than the snake oil salesman we know him to be. 

  34. Dr. Fauci has to correct him, again, today.   It’s anecdotal evidence, not clinical.    The Man Who Came To Dinner is on.   

  35. Bink good music, thanks
    If nothing else it will give the YouTube algo a nervous break down.

  36. I encountered a Trump vs. Socialist poll ad on YouTube today. It was 7 questions long. Really a piece of crap poll as expected.  I went out for a walk in the woods tonight and then I stopped at the beach near Lake Michigan. But, I got uncomfortable with the amount of people there, so I left early.

  37. “… went out for a walk in the woods tonight and then I stopped at the beach near Lake Michigan. But, I got uncomfortable with the amount of people there, so I left early.” -Corey

    …perfect description of a new American evening, good job👍💪🇺🇸

  38. Corey – Elon said Tesla could make ventilators.    Is this so?  Is this happening (if you can say)?  
    The point about the loss of taste/smell story I linked is that many folks don’t seem to have been sick, but Covid recoverers have this symptom, as well as those who didn’t have other symptoms.   If you feel fine but have lost your sense of smell, you may be shedding virus.

  39. All I know is that the Tesla line I work on is down next week. I will be at home next week. Hopefully, going back to work on the 30th. Elon finally complied with the California order to shut down because they are re-starting the Tesla plant in China on Monday.

  40. i’m up to 65 established bangerz.  Greatest playlist ever.  i made it for you, even if you hate that kind of music (don’t blame you).
    i’m danced-out, g’nite.

  41. I hope all the execs, script writers, performers and sound engineers at faux news, news corp and sinclair badcasting all get the virus bigtime, simultaneously, and terminally. Throw in breitbart, drudge, gatewaypundit, pajama, rt, tass, chinhua, and the rest of the professional disinformation manure spreaders. 
    Traitors and enemies should to be shot.  

  42. Kenny Rogers had a beautiful voice, and I understand that he was also a nice guy. However, I was never able to love him. I don’t know why, I just don’t.
    I hope all of you who do/did love Kenny Rogers are comforted by his memory and his music, and the knowledge that he is beyond pain and misery. May he rest in peace. He was unique.

  43. I’m for nationwide municipal mosquito control, too. We (Minnesota) are one of the USA’s greatest incubators for mosquitoes, along with Kauai, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Florida. From June to September, Minnesotans lose more blood to mosquitoes than New Englanders store in their veins. 
    Also, can mosquitoes, midges, punkies, black flies, red bugs, horse flies, deer flies, bot flies, leeches, diving beetles, ticks or mites spread the virus ?  
    Sweet dreams. HAHAHAHAHA

  44. bink & E-R,  but what about the birds, bees and the rest of spray’s unintended  victims –  collateral damage eventually is us more than the bloodsuckers.

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