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  1. “too soon?” as trevor Noah would say when a sick joke gets groans.
    monty python’s dark humor might be a bit much at the moment.  and then again… there are those who would rather die laughing than not

  2. Not sure if this was a local or national story, but seamstresses (or crafters with swing machines) are making mask covers out of surgical sheeting.   The docs can wear the same mask, put on one of these covers over it for each new patient, but keep using the same N95 mask.  The mask covers can be laundered. 
    Also, Klobuchar says Mayo is working on a test that will also tell if you have had it already/antibodies, so you can go back to work or donate blood.

  3. I am getting settled in for a day at the office in a few minutes.  It feels so good to be here.
    When I went into my garage this morning (which is not in the same building as my apartment), stuff was scattered about and I though someone had broken into my apocalypse supplies.    Had to laugh when I figured it out, as I knew it wasn’t a break-in or my toilet paper and paper towels would’ve been gone.     I had three boxes of canned goods topped with an Insta-Pot.   It’s been really rainy, so the humidity plus the weight of canned goods caused the bottom box to collapse and everything tumbled down.    

  4. BiD, good thing to have had that happen with your survival stash now before any damage/loss so that you can find more suitable storage container.  looking on bright side of things as the python song goes. 

  5. in case you missed this when it ran march 12. worth a replay.

    With Jimmy out hosting ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ the recently unemployed Mayor Pete Buttigieg steps in as guest host. Due to public health concerns over the Coronavirus, we cancelled our studio audience, but a few staffers and some friends sat in the crowd at the CDC-recommended distance apart.

  6. this is their blurb that ran with the above video:

    The first responsibility of government is, as the Constitution says, “to provide for the common defense.” President Trump has now rightly compared the coronavirus pandemic to a war. But he was still minimizing the threat as recently as three days ago.

    In a crisis, there are three rules that must be followed when communicating with the public: Be first. Be right. Be credible. President Trump has often been first but he has seldom been right and he has never been credible. In early February, 72% of Republicans agreed that coronavirus was a serious threat. Today, that number is 40%. President Trump bears responsibility misleading his supporters.

    Accurate and timely information is America’s most potent defense against the pandemic we now face. The 60% of Republicans who have been misled by the president’s self-serving coronavirus lies are our families, our friends, and our neighbors. We urge them, and all Americans, to get their coronavirus information from the CDC and other reliable sources. This isn’t about politics. It’s about saving hundreds of thousands of American lives.

  7. patd – I think the continuation of SFB and his minions refusal to do what a nation is supposed to do in major disasters or emergencies is the most despicable action.  No moral conscious at all, even in his staff.  The weird thing is that he states he will activate the 1949 war emergency actions and then states that it is up to local governments to do anything.  He continues to stick the Chinese with his idiotic word play, resulting in the Chinese doing a few slow steps on manufacturing for the U.S.  He is so f*(&d up and not one of his cult will step in to minimize the problems.  Now bobble head is spouting lies rather than try and blend in to the floor.
    We need a real president, vice-president and staff.

  8. creative (and maybe humorous) ideas contest on how private sector manufacturing can help in fastest way to replenish needed med supplies


    my 1st entry:  victoria secret and all makers of bras (especially padded ones) by cutting in two peces current inventory and  retooling strap placement.  because they come in various sizes & colors – be better than masks now in use one size fits all and boringly blue.  🙂

  9. Jamie, thanks for that Hurwitz piece.  good line of many was his :

    With coronavirus, the pipes have burst. That’s where we are right now, sitting in the filth of our failure, partly because one side chose self-destructiveness to spite everyone and the other side was more interested in signaling moral superiority than in embodying the actual morals they spoke about.

  10. re med supply contest

    on a more serious note, could cpap machines used for apnea be also employed to help home bound covid19 victims and more of them be cranked out fast by their manufacturers?

    on less serious note, since they’re thinking malaria drug might help, how about reintroducing the brit’s fav liquid prophylactic gin & tonic…made with the heavy on quinine original tonic

  11. PA governor ordered non-life sustaining businesses closed starting 8 PM last night. Luckily, beer stores are still allowed to be open so I can keep making bread for the neighborhood. Fabric stores are shut down here but i have plenty of cotton fabric to make face masks (hope folks don’t mind masks with wacked-out aboriginal prints) while flannel and elastic are available online. Projects to keep busy with.

  12. (CNN)Americans will have an additional three months to file their taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic, the US Treasury Secretary said on Friday.

    “We are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15,” Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote on Twitter. “All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties.”


  13. Just drove into NYC from Western PA. No traffic on 1 95 north between Lincoln tunnel and the GW Bridge. Light traffic at best on the Henry Hudson parkway. Light traffic everywhere. There were masks for sale at the food truck around the corner from the hospital. Great news on the recovery. Staples out, PT and activity as I can tolerate. 

  14. Can we get that beer bread recipe, heddy?

    My next “expired food(?) test” will be three-year-old beer i have laying around.

  15. Heddycariad,

    Would love to see the masks you make.  One of my favorite artists is aboriginal, and above is a recent painting.


  16. pogo, do as flatus says. STAT!  Cuomo effectively gave a sunday night deadline for all who want out which means the exodus traffic is going to be at a snails pace starting now. 

  17. Rick was just on a conference call with our representative, Annie Kuster.  She was doing a Q & A session on coronavirus.  The subject of that medication being hailed as a cure, chloroquine, was brought up.  A doctor from Dartmouth who was on the call to give information said that medication was produced in small batches and that it was absolutely necessary for anyone who had lupus.
    Rick said a woman piped up….  I’m afraid of getting coronavirus and now I’m afraid of not getting my lupus medication.  The media needs to do a better job of not spreading crap.

  18. irish times:

    An Irish project to develop easy-to-assemble mechanically operated ventilators that could be used in the treatment of patients with Covid-19 is progressing well. It now has prototypes ready that may be validated for use by the Health Service Executive from as early as next week.
    The Open Source Ventilator project is the brainchild of Colin Keogh, a 3D printing expert from UCD’s school of engineering who has previously appeared on Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” ranking of leading innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. The project is seeking to develop a working ventilator that can be built using 3D printers and off-the-shelf components.

  19. Done- NYC is 2 hrs behind me. And yes, Bink,  and glad I didn’t have to make that noise with my feet. 
    listened to dumbass on my way through NJ. Talk about a double doozy 

  20. There is a Blood shortage everywhere due to recent cancellation of blood drives.
    The Red Cross has started blood drives again, with new safety procedures to protect donors.
    I am donating blood today.  I am “sheltering in place” but I will make an exception for this.
    I also want the free cookies they give you.
    That’s what we all need in a time of crisis … cookies.

  21. patd:
    When I first read about the epidemic in China, back in January, I thought “Bring out your dead!”
    Thanks for the clip.  

  22. Nash… one of the last things I did as something normal was to go to a local Dunkin’ Donuts in order to buy Girl Scout cookies from a troop selling them on an outside table.  I bought 10 boxes that are now in my freezer.

  23. Reported US coronavirus cases and deaths via @CNN:
    3 weeks ago: 61 cases, 0 deaths
    2 weeks ago: 227 cases, 14 deaths
    1 week ago: 1,666 cases, 41 deaths
    Right now: 13,479 cases, 195 deaths

    Jack’s observation.
    With the death numbers Notice the acceleration, from week 2 to week 3 was a 3 fold increase, then the next week saw a 5 fold increase, what next a 7? which would make the total for next Friday at 1400 deaths, 9 fold increase the next week  12,600 deaths and so on to infinity?

  24. You really should consider yourself infected after a trip to NYC, Pogo, if you hadn’t, already.

  25. …that’s why they call it “exponential growth”, Jack.

    Yes, infinity (i.e. 7 billion)

    Everyone can stop quoting statistics, they’re meaningless at this point.

  26. The fact that Pogo was allowed to enter, and then leave NYC means we’ve failed.
    Parents think it’s ok for kids from different households to play together.  It’s not.  

  27. Bink, yep and the number can get big real quick.
    But this seems to be ExG with a kicker and we don’t know if the kicker is constant or not.  but the number is growing crazy. 
    The thing we have to remember is all of these numbers are from people infected 2 to 3 weeks ago and are just showing up. Hopefully everything we are doing will slow things down.

  28. it won’t. “Everything we’re doing” isn’t enough.
    South Korea has had the best success against this.  They sterilize the streets and sidewalks.  Were the streets and sidewalks of your American town sterilized, today?   How about two weeks ago?

    South Korea should be put in charge of the global response, YESTERDAY, by the way, and deference to their advice should be mandatory for every UN member-state. If we really want to “beat this”.

    ok, i’ll return with only happy thoughts, i’m in the red, today✌️❤️🇺🇸

  29. If Pogo were working at Boone County regional where my sister works he would be told to stay home for 2 weeks. All personnel who travel out of state are required to call in and be evaluated as to risk. NYC, Washington state and parts of California were being treated as quarantine worthy.  The girl who visited Texas was just required to wear a mask all day.
    If we do lick this viruas it will be because of the prompt actions of people at the local level. Because our national response sucks.

  30. Jamie
    I’ll pass
    I saw a picture on twitter of this morning of people going to work in London on public transportation. They were packed in tight. Perfect for quick spread of disease.
    Pretty words don’t create policy.

  31. Mexico is so glad that we put up new wall for them, right now😆

    They’re like, “we didn’t even have to pay for it!”

  32. Someone, fetch me a pen.
    Ooh, they sent a reply!

  33. So I’m driving on the backside of Kiawah Island. This particular part has hedges 6 feet high on both sides of the road. I’m toodling along, rounding a curve, and coming In my direction are two does running full tilt followed by buck just a’gettin’ it.  I stopped to watch as they came toward me on the left and then right before they got to me, the two does, at full speed, just cut into the hedge and disappeared.  The buck, right behind,  when he got to that point, just as graceful as anything you’ve ever seen, just leapt that tall hedge in a single bound.
    Cutting thru hedges was not an option with that rack he had on him.

  34. My little doggie, Poupon d’Fleur, used to clear the 4 foot chain link fence down in Florider looking just like that. As she sailed over she’d reach down with one of her hind legs and just “touch” the fence.  

  35. I thought the idea of wider testing is to find “carriers” and id clusters

  36. the whole country is already a cluster.  Americans are really dumb, can’t believe what i’m seeing people doing.
    Sharing gifts with neighbors just spreads the disease.  WTF people?  i wanna shake everyone by their collective shoulders, maybe a few face slaps.
    i mean it with love

    C-19 lasts longest on polypropylene. That’s what plastic bags and tupperware containers are made of.

    “Thanks for this delicious casserole in a C-19 contaminated container!”

    You have to wipe down everything that enters the house.

  37. It felt so good to be at work today.   It was weird, though, and only 6 of us on the office side.  No traffic. 

  38. They’re even saying to put take-out in your own dish & microwave it, even if it’s still hot.  Disinfect anything the paper bag touched.   I don’t eat out or do take-out.   The virus lasts longest in stainless steel, which is plentiful in commercial kitchens.

  39. Someone set off an alarm at the office & a policeman came to check it out.  He had in one, black, rubber glove.   He stood a little closer to me than I wanted, but probably 3-4’ away.   

  40. “ They’re even saying to put take-out in your own dish & microwave it, even if it’s still hot. ”
    I’ll say it, too.  Let that process inform everything else you do.
    No shoes in my house, ever again, and your shoes get disinfected on the stoop, or see you in 9 months.  Love ya, sorry.

  41. I must say that the monkey house book made it to Book of the Week status on the pure strength of the title alone.   Ice-9?  Yo.

  42. i’ll continue, because nobody fucking “gets it”.  

    The first members of your immediate community (neighborhood, apartment building, trailer-park, whatever) to get infected need to be supported by the other members (give them casseroles all day, they’ll already be sick), and once those first-infected recover, they need to step-up, with their enhanced immunity, and support the others starting to get sick.
    i’m not trying to be a know-it-all, i’m not trying to look smart, i’m not trying to win blog points- i’m trying to keep you alive.


  43. Well, if I’ve got to worry that much Bink then never mind, time to check out. The problem is I’m not suicidal, which some folks would say is a good thing but opinions may vary. It may be the year I’ve been dealing with but I’m mostly ambivalent about this whole thing it either happens or it doesn’t.  I just hate stupid and that describes this nations leadership except for one or two out there. 

  44. Number One Human of the Twentieth Century:
    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  
     He was there, at the firebombing of Dresden…..and spent his life trying to tell about it. The Children’s Crusade.

  45. The first members of your immediate community (neighborhood, apartment building, trailer-park, whatever) to get infected need to be supported by the other members (give them casseroles all day, they’ll already be sick), and once those first-infected recover, they need to step-up, with their enhanced immunity, and support the others starting to get sick.

    Good points!

  46. What can go wrong ? 
    to save a buck, the bush WH eliminates the emergency response coordination team. Then 9/11 and a wave of anthrax scares. Emergency response coordination has to be rebuilt as an emergency response. 
    to save a buck, trump eliminates the emergency response coordination team.
    Surprise ! 

  47. We are on a 20 acre plot and no one comes to see us
    Here you can leave to take care of essentials although you aren’t allowed to leave the county.  

  48. BTW, I’m kind of treating this as a challenge to see if I can be as OCD about cleanliness as my  brother in law. lol
    Ya see I’ve never worried about dirty hands, they can be damn near black and I will just grab a sandwich and eat it. Now if the food I had been eating had been healthier I wouldn’t have these  degenerative health problems and still have a super strong immune system.
    Oh well, As I learn last year, shit happens and sometimes there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

  49. I’m just re-reading Marcus Aurelius “Meditations”.  Basically, if something bad happens, I’ll deal with it when it happens.  Until then no use wasting time worrying about what might be coming down the road.

    Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.

  50. Vanilla  ice cream, we all like it around here and since it is the end of the world I bought the good stuff. Funny, Walmart didn’t have a roll of toilet paper but they had this ice-cream. Ya know I can wet any old rag and wipe my self but good ice cream……

  51. I learned while working at the shipyard as a pipe fitter 66 67 how to grab the sandwich just so and eat it down to the part you’re holding and then toss the corner for the seagulls.   I still look askance at the last corner.

  52. I had to buy extra ice-cream because the bird, the dog and both cats expect me to share.

  53. Sturg, I’ve heard of that trick, but why waste good food? As I said it keeps the immune system strong.

  54. I always thought of Marc Aurelius as “Thank you Mr Obvious”.  But for an Emperor, he did ok in the deep thoughts game.

  55. Jack it wasn’t something I thought out, it’s just that I would rather be eating my sandwich than waiting in line to wash my hands.  lol

  56. And if you’re twisting pipes down in the bilge of some destroyer, you got some funky shit on your hands…..rag it off and share with the gulls—that’s my motto….

  57. Just bought 5 year worth of analog Scifi magazines from 1965 to 1970. Which for me was the golden age of Science fiction as I was 11 years old  on January 1 1965… 
    I look forward to see just how crappy the writing was. Our world is way better educated and we are surrounded by high quality writers. Problem is none of them can make a living at it.

  58. Drove to Lehigh Valley (1 confirmed case at LVMC as of yesterday) and stayed there last night in a sparsely occupied hotel. No interaction w/6 ft. other than to sign checkin form. Got up & drove to the clinic this morning. 2 people in the waiting room, 6 foot social separation observed, everyone masked. Left clinic and drove to LP’s apt,  picked him up and left. No social interaction with anyone – even the parking guy. Could i have been exposed? If so it would likely be from LP. I’ll take that risk. I’m not going to the office for at least a week, maybe 2 because of the postop stuff, and our clerk has an autoimmune disorder and I’m not going to risk exposing her. Aside from my PT appointments, we’re (LP & me) self isolating at home per NYC. Guidelines – 1 week w/out symptoms. It’s a fool’s paradise. Go to the grocery store – whether you’re in NYC, LA or even East Bumfuck – or wherever, and best of fucking luck. 

  59. Just to balance it out, I also bought a box of old westerns at least a third of them were guaranteed to be Louis LaMore books. I may have to spray these twice as the seller apologized for being slow do to illness. He wasn’t slow but his brain didn’t realize that I was the new order. 
    Any, shut the world down, I don’t care I’ve got junk reading material

  60. BTW, the numbers are bullshit. Want to change them?  Add or subtract a criterion for testing – that’ll change them. I heard it called the Trump Virus. I like that. Fuck him. He’s worse than even I thought. And I didn’t believe that was possible. 

  61. Pogo
    That is why I used  “dead” numbers as they are more accurate. Yea we ain’t got a clue as to how many are infected.
    The increase in dead should have any politico shaking in his boots.

  62. Jack, you’re right. And SFB is whistling past the graveyard and yelling at Peter Alexander through him a softball he whiffed on. And TYVM for the little Feat clip. Bill Payne is now playing keyboard with the Doobie Brothers, and they’ve adopted Dixie Chicken this one of their set list songs. We saw them last year and it was just magic. Obviously Lowell ain’t back, but it was damn good.

  63. Pogo, that deal with Alexander was just weird,  if you have ever introduced somebody you have done what Alexander did. It was beyond soft ball, It was leading the speaker toward something the speaker should have wanted. It was  really a plea on Alexanders part “please reassure us” It needed to be done and nobody was doing it so he tried to force it and SFB was worse than clueless.

  64. Bink thanks for the play list the other day. It changed and expanded my youtube algo selections. As you know they keep trying to put us in these narrow marketable boxes. 

  65. Vonnegut was my fave when I was a teen.  The Sirens of Titans delves into our very reason for being; it’s a hoot and weird and sad.      Galapagos was one of my favorites.       My other fave writer as a teen was Art Buchwald.   

  66. BiD
    To be honest I’ve never read a bad Vonnegut. But if I was to pick my favorite, it is Mother Night. It caught the essence of Vonnegut’s core beliefs.

  67. OK, this gal nails this song and I’ve love John Prine’s version and Bonny’s too but this is good. It may be the best version out there.


  68. …just had one of the most fun nights i’ve ever had with my family, ON SKYPE.  Please, consider “out of the box” things.

  69. BiD, it sure is WET & humid here!  ACK!
    Congress people selling stock.  But they didn’t know anything about it.  GREED, again!
    Intelligence knew about the virus in January! Like 9/11, repubes in charge, ignored it!!!
    I’m texting today’s cartoon to my son who’s on service tonight in an ICU in NYC! Thanks, patd!

  70. Bink
    Mrs Jack tried to get me to do face time on the phone and I never liked it. I’ve never quite figured out why. The Parrot like it.
    It is just like here we interact but no matter how much we do so (and I have developed some strong friendships on line) it still doesn’t have the same effect of the chat I had with the check out girl this afternoon at Lowes. Face to face is important. I guess it is just the monkey in us. “shrug”

  71. …it takes some getting used to.  We just leave the connections open, one panel might be an empty chair while someone gets a drink or uses the bathroom.  We are scattered all over the world- even before this crisis, it was our only way to stay connected, as a family.   
    Your friends are your family, too, and internet friends JUST became real friends.  We can’t beat C-19, but we can still come out of it stronger.
    Also, don’t be too stressed about getting infected.  Odds are you’ll be fine.  We are doing what we’re doing to mitigate pressure on our health-care system so someone who might need a hospital bed more than we do has access to one.

  72. i kind of wish those whom we have lost could be around to see how well we are going to do- we’re all getting C-19, but we are going to come out of it stronger, smarter, more considerate, more loving, more frugal, more conscientious, less skeptical, less cynical, and more eager to help each other.

  73. Yeah, I’m not sure why I didn’t care for face time, I think it may have been just having to stare at the person I was talking to. Sherry did it with her female friends all the time.  What I did do Sunday was call my sister and it turned out everybody was at her house so I ended up talking to everybody all at once. It got a bit confusing at times…

  74. Bink can’t argue with the last  comment
    Bed time for me so one last bit of music, under the “if it is a good lick use it” column
    Rodger McGuin and Earl Scruggs

  75. …just poured out some really good liquor for her, and it’s THE LAST FUCKING TIME i pour perfectly good liquor out for any of YOUR (dear reader) loved-ones.
    I did it because you’re a good man, Jack, and we need you.  You, too, dear reader.  Buck up, Buttercup❤️💪🇺🇸

  76. Rachel Maddow’s giving the fed government hell!! Deriding their “happy talk”!!  She’s also laying out the nightmare in NYC and elsewhere. My son said eons ago, i.e., last week, “The party’s just starting.” as they were working out hospital beds and putting the “air born” in a different place. Wadda mess!!

  77. ok i’m about to queue up this last vid with the Byrds, make sure you look up “Bela Fleck”.

  78. oh, shit- i remember when Bowmanc12, the book-printer, posted this song, years ago.
    “oooh weee you ain’t goin’ nowhere”

    Sorry, Jesus, Lent went out the fucking window a week, ago. You can’t save me, but i can.

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