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  1. tonight, come 11:50 p.m.EDT according to the farmer’s almanac, this will be the earliest spring in 100 years

    and speaking of nuts and childishness 

  2. bi-partisanship in House at last


    Two members of Congress said Wednesday they had tested positive for the coronavirus — the first lawmakers to contract the deadly disease — forcing other lawmakers who came into contact with them to announce they were self-quarantining.
    Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) and Ben McAdams (D-Utah) said they began developing symptoms on Saturday evening, less than 24 hours after they had stood on the crowded House floor and voted for the coronavirus relief package.

  3. If you can, go with the alcohol based hand sanitizers. There is some anti-viral test tube studies for witch hazel, but its anti viral and anti bacterial are not well established. It won’t hurt, but it might be better than nothing if isopropyl alcohol isn’t available. Its primary effect is as astringent. 

    “Thousands and thousands” of ventilators are on the way… many people are saying…things. War President.  What bullshit. 

  4. Thanks, PatD.  A good start to the morning!    
    I’ve started tracking my temperature on my phone every day, since I always run low (96.6-97)  so  if it’s 100 and I feel like crap, I can show the doc why.
      Another rainy day at home, but at least it’s a paid vacation day. 

  5. Some guy (in Italy, I think) used a 3D printer to make a bunch of valves for respirators.   

  6. Did you see the news clip from the ventilator company?   Rich folks have been trying to buy directing from the manufacturer, at any price.   They said no.   

  7. Young basketball players who test positive but who are asymptomatic need to stop getting on social media and saying they feel great & could lace up abs go play.    A few, high profile millennials will have to get really sick or die before the rest of them get it.   It will be too late.   Never trust anyone under 30.

  8. the future of America is in their hands.  that is if they still are around. 

    their 15 minutes of TV fame may become a lifetime of regret and derision 

  9. from the silver lining file

    the hill:

    Environmental experts say the planet is getting a breather from the constant output of pollution by humans as the coronavirus puts many activities by individuals and businesses on hold.
    Smog levels in China were reduced after factories shuttered during the outbreak there, and satellite images show a significant drop in air pollution in Italy while the country remains in a nationwide lockdown.
    Similar declines are soon expected in the U.S., where half of all car trips are to and from work or school.

  10. I almost suspect Marcus Aurelius knew Donald Trump

    A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires.


  11. Two men looked out thru prison bars, one looked down and saw the mud; the other, up, and saw the stars.
    —Dale Carnegie

  12. My niece’s husband has had a bad flu since last week.  He had carbon monoxide poisoning as a kid and his lungs were compromised…  hence he catches everything that goes around.  He was sent to the hospital Tuesday night and was tested for covid-19.  We are all anxiously awaiting the results… which could come as early as tomorrow or as late as Monday.  Until then, my niece and her 3 yr old daughter are quarantined in their house (it’s Rick’s parent’s old house in the town next door).  Rick is collecting their mail at the post office and delivering it to the porch.  If they run out of food (unlikely) we will go shopping for them.
    They both work in the largest manufacturing plant around here…  it employs over 2,000 people.  Luckily (or maybe not) for them, the plant manufactures medical filters…  they are going crazy and trying to hire more people.  They’ve been told not to report to work until Damon is better…  but their jobs are safe.

  13. mass live:

    As Massachusetts residents contend with the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic impacts, Sens. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren have asked the largest banks and credit unions in the state to waive a host of fees to provide relief for customers.
    The senators sent letters to 19 financial institutions and urged each to grant a moratorium on ATM fees, overdraft fees, minimum balance mandates, late fees for credit card payments and “any other fees that could increase the financial burden on consumers,” the pair said in a statement Thursday morning.


  14. also this morning re lizzie, concluding paragraphs from


    In such times, all the petty complaints about Warren’s “schoolmarmish” demeanor or wonkiness seem vastly less relevant than her unquestioned mastery of the federal government and the levers of power that must be utilized in this crisis. And at a time when said government is throwing hundreds of billions of dollars in the direction of corporate America, it might be handy for Democrats to hand a megaphone and a magnifying glass to a “capitalist to my bones” with a jeweler’s eye for corruption and exploitation of the vulnerable.
    Yes, Warren is a woman, and some Democrats think so little of their fellow citizens that they fear a woman on the ticket will hurt them. But Biden has mooted that issue by pledging to choose some woman to be his running mate. Yes, he and the Democratic Party can speculate over his choice for months, and get down in the weeds with polls and focus groups to see which veep prospect would move a handful of crucial votes here and there on the electoral map. The most dramatic and impressive choice isn’t likely to change, however, and Uncle Joe ought to pick up the phone and call her up for a meaningful chat before another day of fear and crisis passes.

  15. First segment was about Coronavirus.   She may endorse in the next segment, I hope.  I also hope I can hear it, as the leaf blowers are outside.    It sounds like there are 10 of them.   Grrr

  16. Today lardbutt spewing nonsense.  Sort of “would you buy a vaccine from this guy”

  17. ABCnews

    When pressed on a possible endorsement by the hosts of “The View” on Thursday, Warren — who suspended her own presidential campaign earlier this month — skirted the question, saying her focus as a lawmaker is right now on the novel coronavirus.
    “I think Bernie needs space to decide what he wants to do next, and he should be given the space to do that,” she told the hosts. “Right now, I’m focused on what we’re going to do next in this crisis around the coronavirus.”
    Warren praised Biden on the show, applauding his promise to partner with a woman as vice president on his ticket.
    “I really was heartened to see the vice president say it’s time to have a woman at least somewhat close to the White House,” she said. “He understands we are a changing electorate, and we are changing what we see as leadership… I was glad to see it.”
    However, she said, so far “no one has asked” if she would accept the job.

  18. My census form was in the mail box this morning. I followed directions by filing online. I felt short-changed by the lack of substance depth/breadth to the questions. Like, where are the other people that lived in your home ten years ago? Are you content with your existence? Do you realize that today is the first day of Spring? That the temperature in Columbia will be 82-deg today? Oh, well ours’ is not to reason why…

  19. yep, got mine also yesterday.  they didn’t forget us-uns in the boonies after all.  nice to know we count too. 

  20. Well, PatD, you got to hear more of Warren than did I, this morning.   My ABC affiliate cut her off, mid-sentence.   She still sounds like the smartest person in the room.  

  21. if we can all keep our wits (unlikely), so much good can come of this crisis, the most obvious being a temporary check on growth and consumption.
    i do have to laugh at American racists that are belittling Chinese culture, as a whole, for the actions of some within it, for eating things like “bats, dogs, and snakes”, considering we’ll all be on that diet in about 9 months. 

  22. Actually, eating animals has caused many outbreaks, as well as  chronic illnesses  like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  The animals Americans prefer to eat also create a lot of pollution.  

  23. BiD, the view must have been pre-taped for ABCnews to report the 2nd part of lizzie’s visit as the show on my local channel was also preempted by IMpotus.  don’t know whether they resumed at later time.

  24. Jennifer, too bad IMpotus can’t/won’t read you today


    There is, however, another way in which Trump might be able to able to garner a tiny bit of credit and also avoid the further humiliation of a Herbert Hoover-type defeat. (In the 1932 election, the president who presided over the Wall Street crash lost the electoral college to Franklin D. Roosevelt 59-472.) He might even be able to lift the spirits of the country and give the markets a shot of adrenaline and announce he will not run for reelection.
    Before you dismiss this out of hand, consider that Trump uses the presidency to enrich himself and his family, but most of all to feed his insatiable ego. Confronted with a debacle he is unable to solve, a second term would surely be misery for him. His properties might lose even more of their value as his name becomes associated with catastrophe. (Imagine staying in the Herbert Hoover International Hotel.)
    Without admitting defeat or failure — he’s a 10 out of 10! — he can announce he is going to devote himself full-time to the crisis for the remainder of his term, which will allow no time to campaign. (He cannot even hold rallies, the one thing that tends to satisfy the narcissist, at least temporarily.) He’s being heroic, forfeiting a second term to save the country!
    And bluntly, his promise to leave might restore confidence to the markets.
    Oh, and there is one more benefit to forgoing a second term: Either president-elect Pence or acting president Pence (should Trump decide to skip out after the election but before the inauguration) could pardon him. Surely he does not want to rely on the victim of his smear, Biden, to pardon him.


  25. So, there’s another positive consequence: increased adoption of vegetarian/vegan lifestyles and the proliferation of improved products to support them!

  26. There can be no pardon without a crime, and no crime without a conviction. In other words,  gerry ford screwed up. nixon could still have been prosecuted for embezzlement at the very least – the theft of ‘national security*’ pillows, purchased for the ‘Florida White House’ at a cost of $10,000. If as president trump can’t be charged with a crime, then he isn’t convicted. People can’t be pardoned for merely theoretical crimes, despite john newton mitchell’s pronouncement to the contrary.

  27. Saw a meme: 
    So, after Humpty Dumpty had his great fall, you’re saying that all the King’s Men agreed to give the horses a shot at it.

  28. Fearless Leader’s list of snotters (all pro-death republicans) who voted against corona virus relief includes only two who are up for re-election in 2020 : inhofe and sasse.
    We’ll have to use the trump plague and republican crash to crush the others 2 years and 4 years from now. 

  29. Lol, Mr Bink !
    If I have to, I’ll take my bat and snake fermented. Maybe at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal.

  30. romans put garam on all their food. They didn’t have peppers, tomatoes, coffee, chocolate, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc, so they used garam to dress up their otherwise bland diet.
    Garam : take a mess of fish. Squash them on flat rocks in the sun.
    Leave the fish the rocks (collecting flies & fly droppings) to ferment.
    Drain off the liquid into bottles.
    Put bottles wherever food is made. Use like catsup.

  31. The timing was too close for comfort. If the virus had hit in September last year, the country would have been ready for a revolution this spring and bernie! would have almost all the delegates.
    No matter how bad it gets, it can always be worse. 

    United States : infected :10,781;                dead :160;       survived :108                
     3/19/2020 5:50 pm GMT

  33. i was just about to input “garam” into my search-bar, but you’re feeling generous today, so thank you.

  34. Dolphins are swimming in the Venice Canals.

    Looks like a great reason to never allow motorized boats ever again.

    What would a world without humans look like? As countries go under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID–19, photos on social media suggest it might be a lot cleaner, for a start. As one observer put it, “Nature just hit the reset button.”

  35. Jamie, perhaps just as a low level preventive treatment., but I’m not a gin fan, so make mine a vodka tonic, with lime. Vitamin C ya know to build the immune system. 

  36. Fish sauce? 
    OK sounds good, time for a Vietnamese  stir fry. I haven’t done one in a while

  37. I wonder if there will be a corona virus divorce boom.  A month at home??!  Mr C may be lucky to make it two weeks

  38. Yeah if my loved-ones murder me out of frustration about my fastidiousness does that count as a C-19 related death?

  39. Listened to the daily SFB blow job today. Absolutely insane.  Pattern – Pence gets him to the edge and SFB finishes himself off.  I hope Karen has given him permission to stand between two women before fellating SFB.  This bit of porn is getting very boring very quickly. Post BJ question by the MSNBC. Guys & Gals – Where’s Tony?  

  40. Between Dateline, Cannon, Mannix, Columbo, Highway Patrol, Barnaby Jones, NCIS, and Law and Order,  I’ve been seeing an ASS of murders lately. Every time those shows come on, somebody gets murdered, and then everybody is running around trying to ferret out the killer.  

  41. The malaria med is approved, not approved for this use, has promise, may not have promise…like, every 30 seconds the message was a little bit different, and a little less hopeful.    

  42. US trump Plague : 13,671 infected; 187 dead; 108 survived.

    At the present rate we shall will reach 1,000 dead on Tuesday, March 24th, 2,000 on Thursday the 26th, 4,000 on Saturday the 28th, 8,000 on Monday the 30th, and 16,000 on Wednesday, April 1st.

    I want to be wrong, but we are a big country and we have several ‘centers’ of the epidemic, unlike the Chinese and Italian epidemics that each began in one discrete and small area.

  43. BiD
    I suspect we will see Chlorquine  cure covid-19 on the same day Elon Musk  produces his first respirator.
    Would love to be proven wrong in both cases but I know which side of the bet I’m taking.

  44. jack – They don’t think it’s a cure, but that it will alleviate symptoms…or that it won’t do anything.

  45. The chloroquine scam is SFB trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat.  If it has some marginal curative or palliative effect he’ll claim he discovered it and will try to plant his flag on the miracle cure for C-19.  Prick.  

  46. helpful tip:
    my family has nightly skype conferences where we kinda just “hang out” with each other and it helps a lot.  Obviously, this can be done with groups of friends, also.

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