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  1. We are not “done” until Biden has enough delegates to win on the first round of voting in the convention.
    Sanders should not withdraw from the race unless he hears a solid public commitments from Biden on Medicare for all. 
    If Biden still will not support that, why should Sanders concede?  He should keep in the race until the convention.  He needs to keep the pressure up on Biden to move to the left.
    There is no justifiable reason why this nation can’t have universal government financed health care system like EVERY other developed nation.   The Democratic party has been controlled for too long by financial conservatives in Congress.  They all have government financed health care but they want to deny it too millions of low income people in the USA.  It is despicable. 

  2. Nash, despicable, yes. But it would be a gargantuan undertaking that has not gotten enough support to lift either candidate endorsing it to the head of the ticket among Democrats. That’s not the sword to die on in 2020, unless you like the president we have now. Public option has always seemed to be popular. I’d think a commitment to that is as far as Joe might go. Bernie’s run has ended, and further extending it will diminish what leverage he has to shape the platform of a party he’s not a member of. At least that’s the way I see it. 

  3. remember this from 2008.  should be co-opted by a biden PAC, updated (sans sarah) with a more positive bent including covid19 and IMpotus idiocy. good project for Bloomberg’s ad guys.

  4. nash & pogo,   joe can adopt wholehearted a universal healthcare stance without using the M4A label and without abandoning the pragmatic Obamacare baby steps.  they need to come up with better name, medicare terminology reeks of old folks  so title it “everybody in the pool” or something really humorous for the campaign trail.  goal is same eventually as Bernie’s and lizzie’s.  

  5. Watching a few minutes of news this morning gave a unified response to why people voted for Biden, he is stable.  At some point the SFB cult will peak through the orange-brown fog and see that their savior is out of his mind and the garbage he has been spewing is killing them.

  6. would like to see more talk of moratoria being declared by gov. such as megen mccardle reiterated yesterday in wapo:

    In this unprecedented situation, the government will need novel, creative policymaking to minimize the damage — and not just the same old predigested ideological programs. The first priority should be laid-off workers, who need secure access to what financial guru Dave Ramsey has dubbed the “four walls”: food, transportation, rent or mortgage, and utilities. That will mean, in part, putting cash into the hands of individuals who have been laid off or quarantined, first through checks, then through unusually generous unemployment insurance and some sort of federal sick-leave program. It will also mean declaring a moratorium on evictions and utility shutoffs, like the one Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has already put into place. Vehicle repossessions and residential mortgage foreclosures should be added to the list.


    I would add to that moratorium on medical/insurance bills, student loans, rent & car payments.  need for people to be able to concentrate on just the basics during the pandemic – food, housing & way to get back and forth.

  7. The ONLY thing that matters in the upcoming national election is getting rid of trump.  Well…  and hopefully flipping the Senate.  Democrats need to stay focused.  Republicans do… that’s why they win so much.  No more fucking purity tests!
    Go, Joe….  GO!

  8. My coworker has a relative in the military who has said to get what you need now, it’s about to get bad.   Another one went to shooting range to renew concealed carry & there were 17 others there.   

  9. Nash

    UNIVERSAL health care is a great objective.  Medicare for All is probably one of the worst ways to achieve it in a country of our size and population.  You are right that the majority of developed nations to have a healthcare system to service all of the population as a right, but they are complicated systems that combine the Beveridge and Bismark systems ideas with insurance and various levels of control.  ALL involve MANDATED involvement by everyone in the pool and that involves high tax levels.

    Five Countries – Health Care


  10. RR, damn Skippy. WADR to KC & Nash, Bernie’s quest for a revolution is being rejected by voters who supported it 4 years ago.  Starting on Super Tuesday he’s drawing about 60% of the support he got against Hillary in 2016.  

    I can’t see Joe agreeing to seek universal healthcare that involves significant tax increases. Public option is the only concession I expect to see as an olive branch, and it needs to be extended now, and if it’s  not accepted Joe needs to say OK, you won’t get this offer again.  

  11. BiD

    If we had a currently sane government, I wouldn’t agree with you, but we have Trump and company.  Currently they are mumbling about some sort of replacement funds getting out somewhere near the end of April if at all.  Many thousands of people live paycheck to paycheck.  Most of those have less than $500 in reserve for emergencies.  

    Scared and hungry people do dangerous and stupid things.  I would hope that your gun toting buddies would concentrate less on self defense and more on helping people in need who might go off the rails if they get desperate.


  12. Have you ever noticed that in times of crisis, the workers we describe as “low skill” are the ones we seem to need the most?  

    The ones making the most money are often the most totally useless to others.


  13. Faiz Shakir, Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager: “The next primary contest is at least three weeks away. Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign. In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak.”

  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/finance/markets/elizabeth-warren-just-laid-out-8-conditions-that-companies-should-accept-for-government-bailout-money-during-the-coronavirus-crisis/ar-BB11kCBR

    “Let me be clear: We’re not doing no-strings-attached bailouts that enrich shareholders or pay CEO bonuses. Period,” Warren said on Twitter.
    Here are Warren’s eight conditions:
    Companies must maintain payrolls and use federal funds to keep people working.
    Businesses must provide $15 an hour minimum wage quickly but no later than a year from the end
    Companies would be permanently banned from engaging in stock buybacks.
    Companies would be barred from paying out dividends or executive bonuses while they receive federal funds and the ban would be in place for three years.
    Businesses would have to provide at least one seat to workers on their board of directors, though it could be more depending on size of the rescue package.
    Collective bargaining agreements must remain in place.
    Corporate boards must get shareholder approval for all political spending.
    CEOs must certify their companies are complying with the rules and face criminal penalties for violating them.

  15. Ha, I love the Warren and Sanders statements. They go right in in the same box as the statements from my jr senator Hawley and Rand Paul, just powerless senators pumping wind to sound important.
    Nancy Pelosi on the other hand, has played things to perfection.

  16. Just got back from grocery shopping…  lots of empty shelves.  But we did manage to get everything on our list with a few substitutions.  For instance…  got plenty of crackers, but no low-sodium….  got Teddy peanut butter, had to take the organic jar…  wanted a 2 stick butter carton, had to take a 4 stick one instead.  Wasn’t too crazy… but we went early.  We told every worker we encountered that they were doing a good job.

  17. Yesterday Mitch told his bunch to shut up and vote for Pelosi’s house bill. Why because the Republicans have caught their tit in the wringer and  Pelosi’s bill offers their only means to escape.  And it will cost them. Right now Pelosi is the most powerful person in DC because only she has the power and ability to drive the conversation in the direction she wants it.
    The Senate has shown it is a bunch of bumbling idiots and SFB and his bunch are clueless in the ways of governing.
    That leaves Madam Speaker.

  18. Nash…  I’m sure that everyone here agrees that our current healthcare system is a travesty.  I, for one, would LOVE to see a system where everyone is covered…  including nursing home stays.  But… and you knew that was coming 🙂 …  we must overturn this republican administration to get anything done no matter the issue.  If Bernie stays in the race, I predict he will keep getting more irrelevant.

  19. Renee
    That is much what I encountered. I told people I was lucky I eat weird stuff so it was still on the shelf. 
    One thing I did notice,  people seemed  more in a mood for extended conversations. Part of it is that I was feeling chatty myself but usually when that happens they just smile and nod then go on with what they were doing. But yesterday people seemed to stop and talk. Kinda like we were all at the scene of this disaster and we needed to talk to make sure we were all connected.

  20. Single-payer or GTFO
    i’m trying to stay chatty, but continually find myself backing away from those to whom i’m speaking.   “6 feet, buddy!”

    Oh, and Warren’s statement, posted above, is great, Jack. Don’t understand your disdain for her.

  21. TT
    If all this had occurred a year ago we would be talking about President Cuomo. 
    But he isn’t the only Governor showing leadership, seems to be bipartisan as DeWine gov of Ohio is too, It may be a product of the office, as governor you are expected to solve problems and you are closer to the people you serve, so it is harder to ignore their needs.

  22. Those never Trumper Republicans at the Lincoln Project have a new ad out. They love it because they are all nostalgic about the Reagan years.  I’m not sure it works that well. 

  23. “Let me be clear: We’re not doing no-strings-attached bailouts that enrich shareholders or pay CEO bonuses. Period,”
    Bink, because in this statement, she is just pumping air.  She can’t deliver on that statement and everybody knows it. That is why I put her in that group. And that is where she will stay until she starts building coalitions.
    Her predecessor, Ted Kennedy was much the same for the first half of his career.  But he changed and doing so was able to accomplish some of his goals. But it took Bill Clinton to show him the way. By the time the Nineties were over Kennedy was every bit   as good a triangulator as Clinton. Both moved the progressive agenda farther than it has moved in the last 20 years since. Or the 20 years prior for that matter.

  24. BTW, Bink  thanks for showing me the trick with getting youtube commercial free. No doubt a hole they will plug if it becomes too common. 

  25. Change your paradigm; Covid-19 will change it for you should you be reticent to do so.
    You call it “hot air”, i call it “the way forward”.

  26. shhhhhh you’re welcome shhhhhh

    ^Here’s a whole day’s worth of blugrass/newgrass👍, can listen to the entirety right from this page

  27. Done, thanks,
    I did open up a new window for commenting and reading, now if I can just remember to not use the old one.

  28. Jack, we are of the same mind on Liz. Great heart, great wonk, very little power to deliver. After all, she’s in the minority and has one tool to bring to bear – delay. 
    Watching the daily delusion. What a fucking moron. And I’m sure the Chinese tchotchke makers are watching to model their Pence bobble heads. 

  29. I’m lucky I have vacation to take (will take another day tomorrow), as those without are already being asked to cut hours.  I wish my company manufactured needs instead of wants. 

  30. Bink
    I think they are on to us. I accidently shut down my browser and your stuff disappeared. BTW it was good stuff. 
    oh well,

  31. The WayBack has now traveled back to the2nd week of December, 2016, 6 weeks before SFB took office. Great job President Dumbass. And stupid shit says that in addition to the airline Industry, arguably essential to our economy, that the cruise ship and entertainment (a.k.a. Disney and Universal, and that would include the Wynn and Adelson gambling operations) industries, arguably not essential or even desirable sectors, are prime bailout candidates. Oy vey. 

  32. Maybe the stock market should shut down for 3 weeks & everyone should stay inside for 3 weeks.  Essential personnel only on the streets.   Give the virus a chance to fizzle out.  Don’t lose more money.  Fifteen minute shut-downs on WS and lower staffing at offices isn’t doing the job.

  33. So now trump claims he thought it was a pandemic from the beginning (of yesterday). Gone is the “like a cold”, the “hoax, the “15 cases now and none in a few days,” all shoved down the memory hole. 

  34. Worth repeating :
    Have you ever noticed that in times of crisis, the workers we describe as “low skill” are the ones we seem to need the most?  
    The ones making the most money are often the most totally useless to others.  – Jamie
    F’rinstance, mnuchin & ross would make better birdfeeders. trump, pompeo & barr would make fine suet cakes. rant pol would be okay as an alarm clock, and moscow mitch could play a terrific russian mole. However, you wanna ask youself, are they really worth all the perfectly good air they pollute ?

  35. Medicare for all is cheaper than Biden’s plan.  Kaiser Family Foundation has done several studies.  Once you eliminate the pirates in the insurance industry. Actual dollars for health care way less than the profits of the insurance industry.  But I guess some would rather pay extra then be called.  A socialist.   People in England are happy with their healthcare regardless of the lies others wish to tell.  

  36. “I just ordered…”

    Awesome, thanks for supporting the artists.  Glad i waited to dig into the Avett Brothers, enjoying them, now.

  37. KGC

    The problem may be calling it Medicare for All and insisting on that being a one and only plan.  Kaiser is already one of the outlets for the ACA as is Multicare and Community Health care here in WA.  It is more a question of who pays the bills and through what mechanism.  The goal is Universal Healthcare.  How you get there is the important part.  

  38. Your kids are part of NatPlan 6-months before they’re born. And they’ll be covered, as are you, until the day they pass. No strings attached.
    NatPlan— Life-long healthcare for Americans. No Strings Attached!

  39. Single payer, universal healthcare. Call it whatever. Just don’t call it more expensive.

  40. what was behind NOT doing this a month ago?  a week ago?  even yesterday? 

    seems to me the wanna be dictator would have grabbed at the chance to look magnanimous and all powerful.


    The president said at a White House briefing that he would invoke the Defense Production Act, a Korean War-era law that authorizes presidents to take extraordinary action to force American industry to ramp up production of equipment needed for national security “just in case we need it.”
    While the law is typically thought of applying to military equipment, the administration could use it to force factories to ramp up production of desperately-needed medical supplies like ventilators, respirators and other protective gear for health care workers.


  41. also at NYT


    And while the acute shortages are global, not just in the United States, some European governments are deploying wartime-mobilization tactics to get factories churning out more ventilators — and to stop domestic companies from exporting them.
    The United States, by contrast, has been slow to develop a national strategy for accelerating the production of ventilators….
    Hospitals in the United States have roughly 160,000 ventilators. There are a further 12,700 in the National Strategic Stockpile, a cache of medical supplies maintained by the federal government to respond to national emergencies.

  42. jack, looks like maybe IMpotus read lizzie’s 8 pt list (or one of the minions lifted it from our trail suggestions)


  43. “I hereby announce that I am suspending my candidacy for President of the United States, effective immediately,
    “I am immensely grateful to all the patriotic women and men who have stood with me during the past eleven months in our effort to bring better government to Washington, D.C.”

    bill weld

  44. After 30 minutes of messing around on WordPress, I finally got the avatar I wanted: Karl Marx.
    Actually, I consider myself a “Groucho” Marxist. 
    I am slightly to the left of Bernie.

  45. Pat
    What do the 2 have in common?
    Suspending HUD foreclosures for the duration of the epidemic is cheap (if the epidemic doesn’t go into next year). From the most current HUD info on google Foreclosure rates run at around 1%.  

  46. I happen to work on the Tesla line at work. Elon’s stance of “Tesla is essential!” was news to all of us. We are now going to be the one department that is still building parts after the big 3’s announcement today. Our line isn’t exactly the most sought after line to work on (because of the people), but suddenly, we’re quite attractive to a lot of people. Go figure!

  47. Shopping report, earlier today I went over to the Naval Academy commissary and exchange.  There was the familiar sight of all paper products, except for paper plates, being gone.  The same for chicken and beef.  There was a decent supply of lamb and pork.  All freezers were empty as was the butter and most of the yogurt.  I got everything on my shopping list except for hand sanitizer, which I need because it is difficult to wash my hand in a cast.
    Now that SFB has declared war on something else he cannot see (at least the virus can be seen as opposed to marauding brown people) he needs some sort of uniform.  Suitable for combat with viruses and useful in luring in cult members.

  48. It’s not me saying M4A is more expensive, in fact from a monetary perspective it should be close to just as you say, KC, although Medicare payments do not cover the cost of medical care, but that’s another discussion that requires more information than I have at my disposal.  I’m looking at what I believe Joe will agree to support. 

    I’m curious- what prompted the Bloomberg comment?

  49. 3/18/2020 : The 30th Anniversary of the Gardner Museum Heist !
    Also, Happy Birthday to Grover Cleveland, Charley Pride and Queen Latifah.

  50. Corey -I got to ride in a Tesla in January.   It’s as close to riding in a spaceship as I’ll ever get.   Very cool!

  51. For any opera lovers out there, the Met is streaming old performances.   @MetOpera for details.      Think I’ll just have Dwight Yoakam CD night.   I had a nice nap at the Met during Don Juan about a dozen years ago.   Not my thing.  

  52. McMertle needs to institute Shut Rand Paul the Fuck Up rule, forbidding him from blocking votes on any legislation. 

  53. Commander In Chief Bone Spurs.   
     I hope Republicans take this seriously now that one of their own has the cofeve.
    Doc Cassidy, R-Louisiana, was on PBS.   He knows the score; he told the truth.  

  54. We are under lockdown until 4/5 Allowed out for essentials only.
    I went into Guerneville the nearest town  InGuerneville the5& dime is open.  All the liquor and wine bars. All the restaurants have big take only sign and all the pot dispensaries are open. I had to get propane at the hardware store.  

  55. So, it’s the classic “the check is in the mail” lie.   Free testing and paid sick leave and paid FMLA.   This does nothing to blunt the economic impact to 95% of Americans…and it will be that many when this ripples through in a few weeks, as business after business cuts employees or just go out of business.   

  56. Ok, i like it, BiD.  Try not to get too negative, please.  
    i propose a 1:1 happy thought to negative thought in all forums, henceforth!

  57. here’s one:
    i’m kinda stoked about eating all this yummy, juvenile canned food i have that i swore i’d never eat, again.

    Chicken ‘N Stars for days!🇺🇸

  58. The ex-half governor of AK infected the Repugz with the Tea Party, which led to the fanaticism the gave us SFB.     I stand by my caption:  If Coronavirus were a person. 

  59. Defeat them all. Republican senators who voted today against coronavirus relief:









  60. …dance like nobody is watching (they’re all too scared shitless to watch)

    (it’s time for all you mixers who swore you’d never comment again because of past equivocations to drop it and come hang)

  61. Well, the dictator said he didn’t want to give money to .coms that had stock buy backs and then he said he’d help the airlines, didn’t he?

  62. Old Friends –
    Just spent 90 mins. on the phone with a very old dear friend.  This may be our silver lining . 
    Young Crawford , thanks for letting me sit once again at your campfire. 

  63. 90 Min. on the phone  –
    I know Bill Graham’s secretary when they were working at Allis Chalmers, Long before Winter Land . 
    This woman is the most wonderful  talking  Sequoia tree, I ever met .
    This virus  drove me to seek her out. 
    Our tonic was wonderful. 

  64. If there was ever a time to reach out to ones you have wronged  it is now, if there was ever a time  to reach out to ones you love it is now.
    It is one of those cracks in time, Grab it by the throat, 

  65. What to invest in –
    Clorox  Beach
    Campbell’s Soup
    Pot is the leader by a wide margin.

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