69 thoughts on “Almost Forgot It’s Primary Day”

  1. If Biden has a blowout tonight then Warren needs to show the leadership all of her supporters here believe she has and come out in support of Biden and call for unity. Is she a leader or is she just a scold, the next 24 hrs will tell.
    Bernie should too but Bernie will be Bernie…..

  2. If Bernie really cared about the little people as he claims he does, he’d concede the race to Biden so that no one feels they have to take a chance and go to the polls.  I wouldn’t hold my breathe that he’d do it though.

  3. Craig the Florida polls don’t close until 8pm.  What they are reporting is exit polls.

  4. If Bernie cared … about anyone but Bernie … frogs would have wings instead of sore assholes. 
    FL 55% in, Biden 60%, Bernie 22%. What’s that translate to in pledged delegates?  Sounds like it should be a bunch. 

  5. Bernie will NOT step aside, unless he gets something in return.
    To get his endorsement, Biden will have to make major commitments to things like Medicare for all. 
    Without that there is no reason for Bernie to drop out.  The longer he stays in, the more influence he has over the future direction of the party.

  6. My bad…  the polls in the panhandle of Florida don’t close until 8pm…  MSNBC won’t call it until then.

  7. Why do people want/expect Bernie to step out of character? Why do _real_ Democrats keep kissing his Socialist ass? Stop punching his ticket

  8. All right, lamb stew, soda bread, for supper and now another shot of Jamisons
    Life is good, At least today. 

  9. Bernie has nothing to trade,  After all his support is white intelligentsia types and they all want to be at the party and the party ain’t at Bernies house. If they pull a Susan Saradon they will be shunned  by anybody who is anybody. So let Bernie do as he wants from now on he is Bidens’ “Sista Solja”. 

  10. I just cracked open my bottle of Vermont Maple Cream liquor.  I wanted Baileys with caramel… but couldn’t find it.  I love the idea of celebrating the stomping of Bernie with a liquor made in his state.

  11. Illinois too early to call for MSNBC?  I’ll call it. Biden by 15%+. It’s at 24% with 8% in. Bernie’s fireworks from 2016 were not stored properly and now are damp and aren’t making any heat and light. GTFO. 

  12. I forgot.  Forgot there was a primary. Some people around here seem to think they’r invulnerable. Can’t believe how they’re out and about.

  13. We are having colcannon. The bacon version.  Maple Cream liquor sound great
    A local creamery makes a maple cream ice cream pretty darn good   My niece made maple cream and almond butter sandwiches today

  14. I think it is a mistake to force Bernie out.  He is only making people like Byedon more.  

  15. Now MSNBC stepped out and called Illinois for Biden, by 21% with 36% in. I was too conservative. 
    So SFB is meeting with a dozen or so nursing organizations tomorrow no doubt to tell them how wonderful he is. 

  16. tiptoe – My office is business as usual.  However, most of the folks at my apt complex were home today.  Then, again, so was I.   Many are probably home because their kids are out of school.   Back to the petrie dish tomorrow.  

  17. KC, really?  Like his dogged insistence to stay in the last time helped Hillary build her support?  I disagree. He needs to take his diminishing dignity and get out and start trying to negotiate his speaking position at the convention. Let Joe start running against SFB. THAT is where the focus needs to be. 

  18. He was more popular against Clinton
    Biden needs all the help he can get and comparing and contrasting helps
    Forcing him out is unnecessary and will only annoy people who like him

  19. “I will personally lead a march to the Capitol and the White House if our politicians ever made that decision” – Mr Hackmer
    You’d walk down Hwy 7 from Ashburn to Arlington & then across to D.C. ?

  20. I don’t know that it is a mistake because I think it is irrelevant what he does. But as I said above it is not for Warren.  She needs to decide if she is going to step out and be someone or just go home. There are a lot of ambitious politicos in her state ready to push her to the side. 

  21. BiD, too bad you have to go in.  No chance of tele work?  Even dance studios are teaching online.

  22. bernie! is damned lucky that dewine illegally cancelled the Ohio Primary, ‘cuz otherwise it would be 4 simultaneous Biden landslides. 
    Biden should make sure that Bernie doesn’t campaign for him in Florida: Yikes.

  23. Hell, i’ll go with him.  What a pair we would make!
    (…contingent on guaranteed Sec. of State appt.)

  24. Have Bernie do college tours. But be sure to send along a handler and for Gods sake  keep him away from the local media.

  25. KGC… the only people being forced to do anything are the people going to the polls in the middle of a pandemic in order to have their voices heard.  I’m saying that Bernie should do the right thing and drop out of his own accord.  And if he doesn’t, I hope that Biden refuses to debate him and act like the nominee and campaign against trumpty.

  26. A good song to end the night on a Covid-19 St Patrick’s day.  From the Drop kick Murphys, Goin’ out in Style

  27. Ya know, the Celts reputation for hard drinking go way back, it was already well established back  when Julius  Caesar  campaigning against them.
    Once you are labeled a drunk…….

  28. Bink
    That is just bad genetics. 
    When I was a kid we had a neighbor who was 103 when he died and is said to have drank a quart of whiskey a day. Of course he could also cut a cord of wood with a cross cut saw and ax. He was a Sutton. 

  29. Ancient romans used livers to discover the future. 
    Ironically, Julius Caesar was stabbed in the liver. And, probably more than half of the emperors were, too. We know what brought down the roman empire. It was liver failure.

  30. Army Corps of Engineers statement: “The US Army Corps of Engineers is prepared to assist the nation in a time of crisis…However, at this time, we have not been assigned a mission.” 

  31. Walked away from CV and Dem primary coverage and watched “David Crosby: Remember my Name”. Nice little autobio documentary. 

  32. Me ole mates. I must be in the crowd somewhere. BIG fat guy w/ grey mustache & beard.


  33. Craig, that is where experience counts. People who have worked in government know these things and know how to fastest access them. A 26 yr old newby, son of a donor doesn’t, even if he has a brain. He doesn’t have the knowledge.

  34. so you click on the top right icon that looks like 3 horizontal bars and it will play the whole playlist within this webpage, no ads (shhh dont tell youtube)

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