Latest bulletin

To:       Our Fellow Americans
From: Trump Task Force

Re:       COVID19

When in danger
When in doubt
Run in circles
Scream and shout


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  1. tiptoe last night said: “Turns out my son’s the medical director for parts of pulmonary units in 2 NYC hospitals. His concern is daycare for medical personnel. I suggested that their foundation do the leg work to set up an in house  daycare for their medical people. There would be details to work out.  Probably someone will say no, anyhow.”

    TT, heard here in KY that one of the churches has made their sanctuary available for child care of all the healthcare workers in that community.  they have many volunteers helping.   hope this kind of thing becomes widespread.

  2. Somehow I missed another “debate”.  Yesterday was a very nice early spring afternoon to enjoy at London Town.  Walking through the gardens, isolated from the handful of others doing the same, distancing ourselves by hundreds of feet of fresh open air.  The gardenias were beautiful.  That exercise was followed by a walk on the docks of Liberty Marina, also on the South River.  Again, almost alone.
    Staying cooped up in a house when there is open fresh air to breathe makes good sense healthwise.  It was fun to walk where my ancestors walked back in the 1600’s.  I felt refreshed and spirits revived, ready to take on another week in a world scared of the trump plague. 

  3. BBronc: “open fresh air to breathe makes good sense healthwise”

    yeah, a turn or two on a porch rocking chair watching the world go by is better healthwise than cooped up listening to our trail friend ping’s smerconish (curiously touted several times last thread. must be related to him or have stock in the show?) or mojo.   good time to prepare gardens, walk dogs, etc

  4. Pong, 4 more years?  From CNN:

    Among his tweets on coronavirus Sunday, Trump suggested that his entire focus was not on the national emergency: He tweeted that he was thinking about a full pardon for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who admitted lying to the FBI.

    You think 50% 1 will think this is responsible leadership over the weekend that COVID19 cases in the US doubled?  I bet not. 

  5. pogo, that genius of the stable needs to muck out some of the horsesh*t therein before the pros come with the requisite pitchforks to do the job.

  6. Paris is closing its parks & gardens.  Michigan is closing its bars.   It’s like a bad M. Night Shsmylan movie.
    WS is dying.   There goes retirement.   Will my company survive?  If it does, will I still have a job?       The year of the rat sucks. 

  7. Well, as of this morning when trading was stopped by a circuit breaker 4 minutes into trading all stock market gains under SFB have been wiped out. The market is now at the level it was in February, 2017. ~~~Wonderful ~~~Wait for SFB to say he doesn’t pay attention to the stock market…again. 

  8. Yates as Biden’s VP would be a nice F U to Trump.  I think he picks Klobuchar.      If ever we needed universal healthcare and a basic income, it’s now.    The health insurance companies don’t necessarily mean folks will receive care; some policies are full of hoops to jump through and obstacles to trip up folks.    Trump’s plague is already destroying lives.  

  9. Patd,  Thank you very much for asking. Yes I’m doing well. I start physical therapy today. The knee is stiff and sore, but hey go figure. Aside from that I don’t have any ambient pain or anything like that and all I’m taking for pain medication is Celebrex. So I’ve got absolutely no complaints.

  10. BiD, Very interesting thought. I like it.  “Yates as Biden’s VP would be a nice F U to Trump.”

  11. J. Shaheen and M. Hassan can’t be VP.  NH has a republican governor.. although, I predict not for much longer.

  12. I talked with my sister, the nurse,  She is a  cardiac care nurse in a hospital at Columbia MO.  Her hospital is requiring all employees who travel out of state to call in before they come to work for screening. Depending on the area they traveled to they may find themselves doing anything from staying home 2 weeks to wearing a face mask. But yeah, if you happened to visit Washington, California, New York City and certain other counties in different states they are requiring you to stay home for 2 weeks.
    She expects it to get crazy as they have staff shortages. But she said she is really glad that she doesn’t have to sit in ER and make decisions on whether people live or die.

  13. I’m not certain how good our local numbers are. Last week about this time there was a Covid-19 death in a nursing home and so far wyndotte county and  the state of Kansas haven’t reported any other cases from contact with the patient. I don’t believe that is possible……

  14. My niece and her mom will be flying back to the KC airport from NYC later this week, because…stubborn, spoiled and clueless.  The mom, not my niece. 

  15. Interesting.  I live in an old complex which is fine since I’m old. They’ve closed the puny exercise room & now will not accept packages in the office.  They say until this is over. But I bet it’ll become permanent. 

  16. My sister had called her son , who lives in NYC to see how they were. A friend of my nephew lives in a small town in Italy, about 800 people. So far they have had 25 deaths from Covid-19. That is a big impact for a small rural community.

  17. I am calling it the Trump Plague!  Impeached and the plague and the stock market crashed, couldn’t happen to a nicer…….LOLOLOL

  18. It’s things like this that Show exactly how inapt shit for brains is. Not sure whether he’s using Flynn to try to distract from the coronavirus problem or the freefall of the stock market. Hint shit for brains, it ain’t working.

  19. Yup. This HORRIBLE flynn problem is a YUUUUUJ national priority. Even if I never knew him, which I don’t, believe me. – donald jesus trump, March 15, 2020

  20. Pogo – stock market? Dow? Don’t know them must be coffee boys.
    The U.S. is not testing like other countries.  They do ten thousand a day, U.S. does ten. The administration does not want numbers.

  21. Yes, demographics trump geography, but 1. the chief demographic is female; 2. swinging a big purple state out of trump’s reach is worth the effort. If Lujan Grisham can do that with TX or FL, she’s obviously the one. However, can she ? 
    Also, she’s a relatively untested governor of a small blue state, which rippers will fault, as we faulted the escaped Alaskan governor. Of course, Lujan Grisham is not a ditsy flibbertigibbet like palin was/is; she’s merely green & from a state smaller than Miami.

  22. They refused the WHO test kits so they themselves could get into the money from providing tests.
    its like getting the blankets to the Indians contract, or beef to the union soldiers.  There’s money to be had, thar’s gold in them thar hills.

  23. Reviewing the polls in advance of little Super Tuesday or whatever it’s called, Biden is up 20-40 points in each state and up by almost 30 in the. Latest national polls.  My what a difference a couple of weeks makes.  Bernie may feel he has the broadest most diverse coalition to defeat SFB as he proclaimed last night, but one thing is becoming clear – he does not have the most numerous one.  That belongs to Joe.  I think Bernie blew his chance to significantly influence the platform by staying in once the tide turned.  His bros aren’t likely to vote for either Joe or SFB, so I don’t see where there’s a huge incentive to woo him now.  Poobah, your thoughts on this?

  24. Mr Sturgeone, trump’s need for corona virus money is more important than American lives.
    After all, he already has a reputation as being pro-life. No sense in wasting any money on actually being pro-life. 

  25. wow, so korea really rocks re testing


    From drive-through tests, hospitals and local clinics, the tests are largely free and readily available. Now, the Associated Press reports, the Yang Ji General Hospital in Seoul is adding another layer of testing for South Koreans.
    Testing booths installed in the parking lot are designed to eliminate direct contact between medical workers and patients with symptoms.
    Patients entering the booth are separated by plastic from the medical workers standing outside, who are then able to use gloves attached to the booth to interact with the patients.

  26. excerpt from wapo editorial board editorial:

    One of the more revealing — and disturbing — details to emerge from reporting on this matter by ProPublica centered on the difference in the room rate charged to Secret Service agents and to an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The non-Secret Service government employee — unlike the Secret Service — had to adhere to government limits on hotel rates and paid less than half of what was charged to the Secret Service. For the same night.
    Previous presidents have not charged the Secret Service to use space on their properties, but then none of them similarly owned or benefited from commercial enterprises while in office. That puts Mr. Trump in a special category. The decent thing would be to accommodate — not to take advantage of — the officers who protect him, and the citizens who pay their way.

  27. When there was a major flu epidemic in the mid sixties, my pediatrician told me not to take my daughter to the hospital because “there are babies dying in the halls”.  We spent the night keeping cold compresses on pulse points to keep her temp low enough to prevent convulsions but still high enough to deal with the virus.  I got her through that and then naturally came down with the last flu I’ve had since.  It was a miserable bug.


  28. example of what’s happening at one of your nearby institutes of higher learning, here’s part of email to their peeps:

    During the coming two weeks, please work alone and attend meetings virtually. Avoid working or meeting together, even in pairs or small groups in your homes or elsewhere. And do not ask colleagues to meet with you in-person or to bring materials to your homes or elsewhere.
    These restrictions apply to nearly all staff members, faculty members, and fellows at the Kennedy School. However, we recognize that a very small number of staff members do work that requires them to be on campus, and that there may be a very small number of special circumstances in which an in-person or small group meeting becomes necessary….

  29. XR, you can bet the farm SFB Jr. Is working overtime trying to profiteer off this crisis – and getting info from his Bro-in-law the reptile to enable him to do that.  

  30. Thanks for answering my Q, last night, Mr. C.
    Never in my life had i coughed into my elbow, but i’ve gotten into the habit, this week, so there is hope for humanity.

  31. …so fascinating how self-deputized Trumpistani internet foot-soldiers (like Ping Pong) are still fully committed to spreading lies and misinformation to protect their fuhrer.  

    Remember in November those who lied to you in March.

  32. but are they standing 6 ft apart in those lines?

    and why are they buying AKs instead of hunting guns? not much left to eat of a rabbit killed with an AK 

    the guardian:

    Sales of guns and ammunition are soaring across the US as fears of possible social unrest amid the coronavirus crisis are prompting some Americans to turn to firearms as a form of self-protection.
    On the west coast, long lines of customers were queueing up outside gun stores to stock up on deadly materials. At the Martin B Retting gun shop in Culver City, California, the queues stretched round the block throughout the weekend.
    Asked why he thought the spike was happening, Hyatt replied: “Financial meltdown, pandemic, crime, politics … you throw it all into the pot, and you have one hell of a mess.”

  33. something to think about that was reported by AP on KOAT in 2018 – hint to a likely veep?

    SANTA FE, N.M. —

    Former Vice President Joe Biden is endorsing the Democratic contender in New Mexico’s gubernatorial race.

    Congresswoman and candidate for governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Wednesday announced Biden’s endorsement and said she is proud to protect the legacy of the administration of President Barack Obama.
    In a statement, Biden says Lujan Grisham “has been on the front lines of making health care accessible and affordable.”
    The third-term congresswoman is competing in the governor race against Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce. GOP Gov. Susana Martinez cannot run for a third consecutive term.Lujan Grisham previously led health-related state agencies under three New Mexico governors. Lujan Grisham says she also helped ensure health care access to vulnerable residents through a small business before divesting last year.

  34. Why are a certain set of Americans more concerned with killing each other rather than helping each other?

  35. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of toilet paper. 
    Some kids like to build treehouses and other kids like to tear them down. 

  36. Klobuchar is working on something to g’tee elections go through in 2020.
    Daycare is different than school?  There’s no curriculum, but it’s rooms full of young humans.    The Y in NYC cancelled after school programs since the schools shut down.
    No more than 10 in one place?  So, I shouldn’t go to work? 
    My chiropractor’s office has not shut down operations for adjustments or massages.  Folks are canceling and they are closing the office for one day, on Wednesday.   Office staff is gone and it’s now the owner, the chiro and one or two massage therapists.    The landscape is going to look very different in a few months, with small businesses gone. 

  37. Just got an email from VA in Orlando saying they are shifting all non emergency appointments to telecare or video conferencing. Also closing their cafeteria. 

  38. The dictator WILL get IT!  It’s just a matter of time, IMO.
    Craig, the dictator will nevah resign.  He’the stable, genius narcissist. 
    Again, he was useless today after I watched Govs. Cuomo & Murray talk at different times.  They clearly are leading unlike the dictator who just blathers on. If the word “things” was not in the vocabulary, he’d have nothing to say.
    Yes, it will ALWAYS be The Trump Plague – when he crashed the stock market, Craig. And we must do like the repubes do, repeat it over and over. Just imagine if this happened under Obama’s watch. 
    The local Fox affiliate had a stock market counter in the corner. As the press conference or update or whatever it was went on, the number and percent went down. It ended at a little over -13%.

  39. Avoid places with groups of more than 10 people? Ha! Like I’m ever gonna go to a Trump rally!

  40. Notified by my Insurance company that a nurse is available 24 hours by telephone as well as contact numbers for other medical services in the area.  State of WA is doing well, but one thing came as a surprise.  The Indian businesses still seem to all be open.  They are under control of Reservations not State government.  Not sure how long this may last.


  41. Mass murder at a Springfield, Mo gas station called Kum & Go. Sounds like a drive through brothel.

  42. Talking to my retired friend in Boston.  We may do a Golden Girls thing and pool resources to move to small town somewhere in between here and there, when my job goes south.    It’s doubtful that Trump was tested.  Pence admits he has not been tested.   The best thing that could happen is if both were incapacitated and Pelosi was sworn in, so she had executive privilege.       The brains behind the lying mouth are SIL Jarred and blonde-spawn Ivanker.  They all need to be run out of town in a rail.       The nest eggs are gone, the economy is in a shambles, we are in a recession even if Mnuchin denied it;  the people are coming with torches and pitchforks.   

  43. It’s Trump’s plague on these shores, because he and his team refused to acknowledge it.  They refused to get out ahead of it.  Denying and lying caused it to spread.   They caused panic in the markets (WS and grocery stores).    The damage could have been mitigated if there had been an intelligent, truthful administration in place.       

  44. The entire mess, however, wouldn’t exist without humans thinking animals are meant as human food.   Placing blame, however, is only useful as to how it modifies future behavior.    Don’t eat animals.  Do wash your hands.   Don’t  touch your face.  Don’t vote  for Republicans. 

  45. …did my final grocery shopping before i do my bit to “flatten the curve”.  Wore a mask and gloves to drive home the reality to my Rethuglican community members- they all snickered and sneered at me, taking no notice of all the other people coughing.  This is going to hit science-denying populations so hard, they think it can’t happen to them.

    I even wiped down every single item i bought before putting it away. Also, i’m trying to stock-up without hoarding- i never buy all that’s left of a single product and make sure to leave some for the next person.

  46. Bink – Did you hear Trump mention how things aren’t bad in Oklahoma?  That’s where the Repug Gov took his family out to a packed restaurant and flaunted it; things are good there.   Trump was watching.   Dumb-asses.   Excuse me.  Governor Dumb-Ass.   President Dumb-Ass.

  47. One more time, I offer a woman as candidate for Democrat Veep. The lady is the person that I totally opposed when she ran for governor of my state, South Carolina. She ran and was elected as a republican. Her name is Nikki Haley. By the time she departed office, she was a civil rights hero. Her efforts within my state were largely responsible for the Confederate Battle Flag being removed from display throughout the Old South.
    Later, as ambassador to the U.N., I believe she earned the respect of both allies and people that traditionally oppose us. She was removed from that post because some folks in DC believed she was supplanting the role of our Sec’y of State. Is she a staunch Republican?
    Or is she someone who is a staunch American who can do good under either party’s umbrella? I believe she is a staunch American born of immigrant parents who is determined to do her best for their adopted country.

  48. “. . . he’ll resign and claim he would have won.” – Mr CC
    jesse (james janos) ventura didn’t run for a second term, but claimed that he would have won. After four loooooong years even the Major Burns would have been more popular.

  49. …missed the Oklahoma story, BiD, thank you.  Too many news-articles on which to comment so i’m trying to avoid doing so, at all.  i like your “Golden Girls”, sounds much more fun than living alone in luxury.

  50. There is no shortage of qualified, capable, tested, loyal and moral women in the Democratic Party.

  51. …relatively🤷‍♂️

    The first time i saw the signage for that particular gas-station , in person, xrep, i thought to myself “where the **** did i move to???”

  52. There is no way that Joe Biden…  a lifelong Democrat…   will ask any republican to be his VP.  Why should they get to have the presidency back in 4 yrs?  If they can’t earn it back by themselves…   fuck ’em!

  53. Every commercial I see makes me shake my head.  Ain’t nobody buying non-essentials right now.   Can you imagine if it’s had happened last October or November?  No Christmas sales.   Will we be back to anywhere near that before the next Black Friday?   

  54. If Nikki Haley is smart, she would decline an offer to be VP lest she be covered in the Trump stench for eternity.  

  55. All restaurants and bars in Michigan had to close at 3:00 today. Will be closed for 2 weeks. Only carryout allowed. Drive-thru and curbside pickup allowed as well.
    “I do not choose to run.” – Calvin Coolidge

  56. Folks here can close down the bar at midnight.  Anti -Irish conspiracy!  shutting it down the very second St.Pat’s Day begins.

  57. Patd:  Thanks for the John Oliver clip.  It was excellent (and funny.)
    Oregon today: 39 cases, 1 death. 
    Not too many people buying guns here as everyone already has plenty of them, even the Democrats.
    I am “sheltering in place,” but today I went to a small local park near my apartment.  It was nice.  I plan to go there regularly to avoid “cabin fever.”  Only a few people were in the park but everyone was keeping a good social distance, except two teenage boys playing basketball.  Teenage boys fear nothing (except teenage girls) and are also rather stupid.
     News from the UK.  Experts fear that the sewers in London will get clogged by people using paper towels and wet wipes in place of toilet paper.
    In ancient Rome, in the public lavatories, they used a piece of sponge on a stick, and soaked it in vinegar to clean it.  (That’s was a job for the slaves.)  In the near future, they may be telling us how to do this, on CNN.

  58. 17 new cases here. MN is closing all bars and restaurants. Take out/delivery only. Of course, that means the Indian casinos should do well.

    Nearly inaccessible places like Grygla and The Angle probably won’t be affected until melting snows reveal all the trump plague cadavers around June 1st. 

  59. We all feel like this , Shackleton leaving Elephant Island  on the James B. Caird. 
    This is why I popped up. 

  60. We went to Kaiser again today. Now you have to wash your hands before you go into any building.  They have a pop up in a blocked off parking lot.  Soon to be drive up testing.   Also most appointments have been converted to phone appointments.  Mr C had to go in because of a deep cut on his arm.  Healing nicely.  Supposed to go next week but Mr C is reluctant and he may decide he is healed 

  61. When Craig asked me for answers , I said our cake was baked  That was before this little girl. 

  62. Asteroid Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion If It Gets Too Close
    if this happens toilet paper ain’t gonna save you. 

  63. CB, (or do you prefer OM – which aside from Bink and the women here isn’t much of a distinction) rumors of … never mind. Good to see you in the neighborhood. Your take on the idiocy we are enduring has gone missing here and is warmly welcomed back. And a gift from Frank Beard to boot. 

  64. C’Bob , Is this the part where we’re suppose to fasten our chin straps?  If not now, when?

  65. I hear street racing close by, again.   Social distancing in their cars and still being menaces to society.  

  66. The Tulip Time director said that canceling the festival this year would be a loss of $48 million to the Holland community.

  67. The testing sites they are getting ready for Dallas county are so far away and I don’t drive on highways.  

  68. i wonder if seniors will be too afraid of voting, tomorrow, and fearless bar-hopping sub-Millenials might have an opportunity to swing things Bernie’s way?  Or is that a ridiculous thought?

  69. No STAAR test, no SAT prep, no proms, no graduation ceremonies.   Maybe this will get everyone tech-ed up.  Scandinavian countries seem far ahead of us. 

  70. Bink-
    It’s a flaming clown bus ,  and everyone knows it.  You  know, the one where grabbing women’s  crotches  was overrun by Hillary’s E-mails ?
    Every Republican running for office needs to answer this question . 
    Would you let  the President of the  United States grab your mother’s crotch , just because he’s famous ?

    Would you let  the President of the  United States grab your mother’s crotch , just because he’s famous ?

  72. That’s kinda up to her🤷‍♂️

    Would i support my Mom in filing a police report if she was sexually assaulted? Yes.

    Would i physically accost the assailant if i was present for said hypothetical assault? Yes.

    Would i vote for the sexual-assaulter for President? Certainly not.

    As Pogo said recently, trump’s sexual deviancy has already been factored into the electorate’s decision-making, and didn’t move the needle appreciably, last time, so i’ll be focusing on other criticisms of him and his regime, going forward.

  73. The first confirmed Cornavirus case in the U.S. was on January 20th. Yesterday, nearly two months later, Trump said, “We have an invisible enemy. We have a problem a month ago nobody ever thought about.”

  74. red states are hoping to delay primaries so they can fix things up. William Weld and that neo-nazi twerp might start to look better than trump to the soon-to-be-Never-trumpers in LA, GA, KY, and OH. It sure would be fun to see sudden rebellion in the ripper ranks.

  75. Hi, Mr Man !
    Welcome home. There’s been a hole in the Trail since we last read you. Could you fill that sucker up for us ?

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