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  1. sturge, hope that’s not a seat on that trailer. unless it was meant to be towed behind a bike,  anyone sitting there will surely get exhausted.  in-fumed so to speak.

  2. today in our COVID19 changing world

    per FL Bar email, FL Supreme Court is issuing orders that “will limit most face-to-face legal proceedings and suspend all grand jury proceedings, jury selection proceedings, and criminal and civil jury trials for a minimum of two weeks beginning Monday, March 16. The order authorizes local judges to use remote electronic means whenever possible and will be extended or modified as needed.” 

  3. dreamt last night that IMpotus in midst speech/rant had a stroke.


    no need for doc Freud to interpret that one.

  4. bringing back terrible memories of another time of fear and panic for me personally (cared for and lost a close relative), bill maher  last night said:

    “The only analogy I could think about this time was when AIDS hit—which is not exactly analogous, but people were panicked. And I do remember a period where we didn’t know much about it, and people were saying, ‘Maybe it could go airborne,’ and that made people freak out.”

  5. Bill performs his Real Time monologue with only his staff in the audience and reacts to the latest fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. wapo:

    Acting Brazilian Ambassador Nestor Forster, who sat at President Trump’s table Saturday night during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago, has tested positive for the coronavirus, the embassy said Friday night. Forster is the third person who visited the president’s South Florida resort last weekend to test positive for the novel virus.

    Pat, that is definitely a seat on that trailer. The angle of the photo is awkward but it looks just like this one.

  8. also from same wapo link:

    • The House overwhelmingly passed an economic relief bill early Saturday for the coronavirus, dedicating tens of billions of dollars for paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, free testing and other measures to help Americans impacted by the crisis.
    • […]
    • Scientists have found that the coronavirus can stay infectious for days on some surfaces. They also discovered that the coronavirus can be shed by people before they develop symptoms and can linger in the body for many weeks.
  9. Patd and I have tandem brain this AM.   My first reaction to Picture This was 

    You don’t have to stay indoors to  get your carbon monoxide


  10. Don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure but the Gravely “two-wheel mule” was an essential fixture on a small farm 50’s and 60’s.   Mow, plow, bushhog, tow a trailer, till…..the Gravely did it all.

  11. Nash!!!  So wonderful to see you again.  Hope all is on the mend now.
    Sturg…  I’d love to see CBob back on here.  Do you know his whereabouts?

  12. Just did some “what does it cost?” peeking at flying in a couple of weeks from now.   Thinking something will be evident on the COVID-19 front by then so a few cheap flights reserved might be worth having in the wallet would be good.  Cheap is not even the word for what I found.  Nutso. Crazy. Beyond anything dreamed of start to get there.  A fifth of a good gin is more expensive than some of the round trip prices I saw.  And those are on real airlines, not the discount types.  Time to do some thinking about risk versus fun. 

  13. Nash! Missed you & your morning cafe!  
    Sturg – Is that seat street-legal?  Ha!
    I needed Benadryl and I wanted fresh flowers, so I went to the grocery store at 6am…and found a half-full parking lot.    The shelves look like they have been ransacked, although they were trying to restock canned veg.   Some shelves have out-of-stock signs on them.   It was interesting to see what folks found to be essential.   A case of ramen noodles & gadorade;  6 large bags of green grapes, cut up fruit and Bud Light;   5 enormous bottles of laundry soap and nothing else.   Well, I got a few cans of pineapple and more applesauce and bananas.      The cashier must be in his 80s and he has balance issues turning from the counter to the register.   There he is, being exposed all day; standing for hours.       SFB now days that seeking medical help for cofeve won’t impact green cards.     He such an F-ing moron.

  14. bbronc,  for that discount trip you’re planning, try to get 1st class ticket so there’ll be more “social distancing” and maybe free gloves and masks along with the free drinks.

  15. PBS aired a Rick Steves show about WWI/WWII/Hitler/Mussolini. Repetitive, big lies; simplistic answers; gibberish;  dumbed-down language; might is right; initially partnering with conservatives, then taking over.      Insert clips of Trumpsky, BananaNazi, Yertle, Hucksters, etc.,  and it would make a good  anti-Repug ad. 

  16. A friend who is traveling on southwest(a company long known for packing them in tight) sent out a picture. Most people on the plane had the isle to themselves. The social distancing was way greater then the crowds and lines at Costco/Samsclub. 

  17. jack – That clip is brilliant and hilarious.   Laughter is the only universal healthcare we have here.  

  18. Jack…  ROFLMAO!
    BiD…  When I saw the first joke meme show up on FB last week posted by a friend…  I said to myself, “that’s not really funny”.  But now…   fuck it.  My mood and response is the only thing I can control…  so laugh I will!

  19. Well given all the hand shaking Trump did yesterday, it sort of gives a knew spin on the ETTD (everything Trump touches dies) meme. 
    It seems that Trumps recent trip to Mal-a-Lago  was a hotbed of  Covid-19 activity. 
    From the New York Times

    It was a lavish, festive, carefree evening at Mar-a-Lago a week ago Saturday in what in hindsight now seems like a last hurrah for the end of one era and the beginning of another. In the days since then, the presidential estate in Florida has become something of a coronavirus hot zone. At least four Mar-a-Lago guests from last weekend have said they are infected and others have put themselves into quarantine.
    So far, neither the president nor his family has reported feeling sick or is known to have isolated themselves. The White House physician said late Friday night that there was no need for Mr. Trump to be tested since he had exhibited no symptoms of the virus and the chances of transmission were low, even though the president had said hours earlier that he “most likely” would get tested. His son and Ms. Guilfoyle checked with medical experts and were told that they did not need to be tested either.

  20. BTW, I don’t know about the rest of you but I seem to mumble a lot of black humor that never gets posted or even said out loud when someone else is in the room.
    And yes Ms Boo, where are you?  Now that the government has released Nash from where ever they keep their worst subversives, it is safe to come back. (I hope)

  21. OK, one more, then I need to get some pants on and face the world. This “social distancing” could be habit forming, just sayin’

  22. Bid, a good one.
    Just one problem, it makes me want to find a bar with cheap whiskey and crazy women to dance with. And I’m really trying hard here to social distance. Doing my part ya know.

  23. Ms Bethyboo !  Come home !
    Mr Flatus, are you isolating pleasantly ? Just as your Lady Gamecocks were about to take over the ncaa, pffft. This panic just isn’t fair.

  24. Jack the dance comment made me remember the “Fun Girls” dancing with Andy and Barney.      lol

  25. Is it possible to smell cigarette smoke from an old, TV clip?   Her voice! What a growl.      Did you know the pretty nurse on TAGS was Tatum O’Neal’s mother?

  26. jack, ETTD for sure.  the coronavirus carnival with its viral vector (varmint and bloodsucker) host at mal an ego spreading the plague.

  27. speaking of plague segues to the horsemen of the apocalypse, the ghost riders in the sky ergo…

  28. Nice guitar……looks like mine. I mean it would look like mine had I not belt sanded the finish off it.

  29. from TMZ:

    Not too long after the President spoke to the media in the Press Room, Veep Mike Pence introduced Dr. Ben Carson to talk about the effects the coronavirus is having in his world — Housing and Urban Development — and things immediately went south.
    BC coughed into his hand, touched the podium … and no more than 5 seconds later, reached up and scratched his face — all things Trump’s administration and scientists at large are telling people NOT to do at any cost. Apparently, old Ben here didn’t get the memo.

  30. But, he has god-given magical hands ! ! !  I dunno which god gave him the magic, but probably a god of hands.

    Maybe it’s a god called Hans by his followers. 

    I’m sure bennie is as sterile as a mule, right down to his finger tips. I mean, this isn’t BRAIN surgery for Hans’ sake.

  31. patd – you are so right.  I failed to look outside of the steerage section for bargins.  Perhaps a few high falootin seats, with  booze, would be better.

  32. XR, the Gamecock Women are a magnificent group of totally committed players. That they are not able to play in the NCAA tournament is a shame; I believe there was a better than even chance that they would have been our national champs. Next year, let’s see if we can’t make them SEC champs with a new group of freshmen then, on to the NCAA with a new president as well!

  33. Mr Flatus,
    They certainly seem like national champs. And yes, it is too bad that their glory moment has been cancelled.

  34. Here in Oregon (I moved here from Maine 2 years ago) things were perfectly normal three days ago.  Today, it is like an episode from the “Twilight Zone.”   As Bill Maher said in the clip above, everything changed that fast.
    I went to the grocery store to “stock up.”  So did everyone else.  ALL of the checkout lines were open…I’ve never seen that before, even on the day before Thanksgiving.  People in the store were all keeping a “social distance” of 3-6 feet.  Many were wearing masks and no one thought this was odd.  People seemed to be nervous and worried, but not panicky.  That will probably come later.  The shelves were not empty, but there was no toilet paper.  That seemed to be the only commodity that was sold out.  But it is “early days.”  A friend of mine predicted that food riots would probably occur at Wal-Mart in about a week.  By the way, Oregon is an open carry and concealed carry state.  Anyone over 21, with no felony convictions, can carry a concealed weapon.  We shall see how that social experiment plays out in the near future.
    I’ve been stocking up for weeks, and today was my last trip out.  In the future, I am not leaving my apartment.  I have several months supply of food.  I also bought a set of Shakespeare’s ten best plays on DVD from the BBC.  My plan is to watch each one a dozen times and maybe then I can understand what’s going on because I will have plenty of time to look up all the obscure words and phrases on wiki-dictionary.   I also bought a (used) 1,344 page “Complete works of William Shakespeare” for $6.00 from  Goodwill Industries, through Amazon.  I guess that means I’ll have the read the sonnets also.  (Groan.)  The book was described as “used and slightly damaged.”  Since I am also “used and slightly damaged” that seemed appropriate.  
    All the schools and colleges in Oregon are closed, all public events have been cancelled.  The YMCA, the public library, all are shut down.  And get this … the police have announced that they will not respond to “non-emergency” situations.  I’m not sure what that means … possibly “Complaints about noisy dogs (no response) but gunfights in the parking lot of Wal-Mart (we’ll be there as soon as we can figure out how to put on these hazmat suits.)”

  35. I shop for the specials, and always maintain emergency supplies. Regarding tp and paper towels, I buy Bounty and Charmin.
    I will not buy brawny or northern, which are georgia-pacific products, georgia-pacific being owned by the satanic koch family. 

  36. You all can hole up if you want, I think I’m going to get out in the world.
    After dealing with Mrs Jacks cancer for a year Covid-19 really doesn’t scare me. There are worse ways to exit this world.
    So I’m going to get my socks on , Brewster agrees with me it time to get out of the house. 
    See ya all later.

  37. Nash – There was no distancing at the store this morning.   Shopping cart to shopping cart.   It took longer to check out than shop.   Somber.  Not giddy like when folks stock up for the potential of three snowflakes falling.  The woman next to me said 8 weeks before we might be out of the woods.   

  38. ”You all can hole up if you want, I think I’m going to get out in the world… Covid-19 really doesn’t scare me. ”
    it’s not about being scared, it’s about trying to prevent the spread of disease.  i’m personally more afraid of infecting a vulnerable person than getting it, myself

  39. patd – for the price of a case of good gin the world of first class travel is available for those routes that a fifth of good gin cover. 
    Just traveled to the Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE) to pick up some fuel for the truck and a hefty bag of chicken from Royal Farms store.  I am ready to survive at least a week without going anywhere.  But, that is not to be, I shall travel.

  40. Just got back from the grocery store. The meat department and the paper products aisle were pretty much wiped out. There were packages of hamburger, but all the chicken was gone.

  41. With everyone stuck inside, tomorrow night’s debate might have a huge audience, even though it’s really not as interesting now.

  42. So the toilet paper buying populace did not fall for the old “democratic hoax” gambit. 

  43. Just drove home from NYC. Mrs. P, scared shitless of driving in snow had me drive the last couple hours when we ran into snow showers in Maryland. Driving’s no problem but the getting into and out of the car is a bit of a challenge. Glad I didn’t take the Percocet this morning before the trip. I’d say stiff and soreu isn’t so bad on the 2nd day post surgery. Looking forward to ice and the couch. 

  44. That “God is my Co-Pilot” bumper sticker got scraped away when I glanced off that oak tree.

  45. Haha that science stuff is always interesting.
    n larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation. Synonyms: chigger, harvest mite, jigger Type of: trombiculid. mite that as nymph and adult feeds on early stages of small arthropods but whose larvae are parasitic on terrestrial vertebrates

  46. …because the BBC’s 1979 version of “Julius Caesar” , which i enjoyed when Jamie posted it a few years, ago, got pulled from Youtube (unless you speak Polish), here’s the best i can do:


  47. An elderly man here, who was on a cruise and who is now symptomatic, was sent back home without being tested.  WTF!?!

  48. Book of the Week:
    Caesar’s Letters to the Roman Senate about the war in Gaul.
    Boy could talk a dog down off a meat wagon.

  49. He tells the story of these two soldiers who were great friends and were always trying to out-do each other in Valor and Daring. The fort was surrounded and besieged until Caesar could get there….at some point these two, like they were leading a charge, burst out in a two man sortie and beating back the foe find themselves surrounded. Caesar wrote, “Their only hope of salvation  lay in valor.”
    The fort soldiers couldn’t risk coming out to get them so they was on they own. And, accordion to Julius, the two fought their way back to the fort. I think Winston quoted that to great effect one time. 

  50. And a tip o the hat to the kids in THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE who talked the teacher into calling on this one kid to recite cause they all knew that the kid was off and that the kid’s every other word was “phriggin”.  

  51. Tip, I think that’s one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever made, for reasons which go way beyond common sense

  52. When I was a teen-ager there would have been some fool sitting on that seat just like that going 50mph down a dirt road.

  53. Just got word that all schools in Monroe County (Rochester), NY are closed until further notice.  Their spring break isn’t until April even. 
    Schools are closed here, too.  I wonder how this will affect seniors who graduate in May – June.

  54. “When I whipped into the lumber yard I seen right off that Buford was no longer on the trailer; and naturally I began to wonder just where it was that Buford might’ve rolled off at”.

  55. Meme:  To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC recommends that all Republicans wash their faces after kissing Trump’s Ass.
    Especially Pence after his  worshipping in the Rose Garden. *gag*

  56. Tiptoe – There is something in place from hurricane Harvey to make allowances for unusual circumstances.   Tarrant county is closed at least until the end of the month. My niece and her schoolteacher mom should be back from NYC mid-week, hopefully uninfected.  What a dumb-ass place to haul your kid at a time like this.  

  57. BiD, I just heard about graduation for seniors.  They’re doing their work online.  So that takes care of that.

  58. Tip, what a goddam retch worthy event. There’s not enough soap in the world to wash the brown off Pence’s nose… well, more like his head. He kissed SFB’s ass from the inside. 

  59. Maybe pence will die of it, embarrassing trump’s campaign. Then trump can say he never knew pence. 

  60. HBO’s show “Rome” made those two guys the main characters of the show, Sturge- Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo.  1st season is amazing.

    Spoiler alert- Titus Pullo raises Caesarion- clever ending👍

    (Caesarion is Caesar’s fabled bastard with Cleopatra, if you, dear reader, didn’t know, although you probably did)

  61. Here’s part 1 of the total Maggie Smith play “the Millionairess” from which the clip i posted earlier is taken

    (the rest follows in 10 additional parts, 1972)

  62. Ms Dallas, maybe trump has the cofeve19, and we won’t be told until after Biden’s inauguration.
    Pretending that the masterful old walrus was alive was a brilliant stratagem of Takeda (Harunobu) Shingen in the 17th century ce. It worked but Shingen’s son screwed things up and the Takeda clan was annihilated. If it’s a stratagem, junior will muck it up, ‘cuz everything junior touches dies. Iow, the apple don’t fall far from the horse.

  63. BiD. Apparently you’ve forgotten RR’s flaming tildes of sarcasm. I believe this doctor as much as I’ve believed all his prior ones – starting with the unknown doctor who diagnosed him with bone spurs on a foot he can’t recall (why not just say left, who’s going to dispute it?) so he could avoid Vietnam and fight the transmission of STDs in NYC in the 60s.  Fuck no I don’t believe it. 

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