Telling it like it is

“The system is not really geared to what we need right now — what you are asking for. This is a failing. It is a failing. Let’s admit it,” Fauci said. “The idea of anybody getting it easily the way people in other countries are doing it, we’re not set up for that. Do I think we should be? Yes. But we’re not.”


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  1. Once on a time, the ancient legends tell,
    Truth, rising from the bottom of her well,
    Looked on the world, but, hearing how it lied,
    Returned to her seclusion horrified.
    There she abode, so conscious of her worth,
    Not even Pilate’s Question called her forth,
    Nor Galileo, kneeling to deny
    The Laws that hold our Planet ‘neath the sky.
    Meantime, her kindlier sister, whom men call
    Fiction, did all her work and more than all,
    With so much zeal, devotion, tact, and care,
    That no one noticed Truth was otherwhere.


    above 1st stanza of “A Legend of Truth”

  2. Well I can only point out that the numbers for both CDC and US public health conducted tests fell dramatically over the last week reported in the graph Michael posted. That the decline in the numbers of tests followed SFB’s comments last week- Mar 6 to be exact) that he liked the numbers then. That was the last day of CDC labs tests and the first day of the PHS labs decline from 1300test to 8, 4 days later. That also followed the announcement by Pence on Mar 2 that 1 million tests were either out or available and that 8 million would be out or available within the week.

    But wait,  CDC has changed its counting methodology and it is reported that tests peaked at 1438 and dipped into the 1100s over the weekend and were back at 1389 Monday. Those numbers are of number of tests collected, and comparing the new numbers to those MH reported, there appears to be about a 2 day lag for the numbers to hit CDC’s charts. 

    What is inexplicable to me is why those numbers are not riding. It could be lab capacity I guess, but the message from our “leader” was clear on 3/6. He liked the numbers where they were then.
    That said, the numbers of reported cases continue to rise. As of today the number is 1663 in the US. But SFB says the testing has gone ver smooth. From his perspective I’m sure it has. Fuck him. 

  3. I flew to DC in October, 2009, at the beginning of the H1N1 wave.  I had a bottle of hand sanitizer on a keychain that they didn’t take away from me at security. Received a hard hit in the back with somebody’s overhead luggage, and, American  tried to reroute me through Kentucky with a 4 hour layover in lieu  of my direct flight home, but the flu never appeared. (There were about 800 people (or more) at Craig’s book signing, but we all just breathed freely.)

    tiptoe- How did you find out you had fluB? You said you didn’t know you were sick, right?

  4. warren:

    We need to show that we have a government that understands the scale of coronavirus’s threat to the economy and public health. The way to tackle both is to get money into the hands of the people so they can stay home if sick, but still support this economy from the ground up.

  5. My granddaughter is due to deliver towards the end of this month and the schools have closed, so the two normally in school are home with the other two still at home.

    Five girls one of which is a new born could make her April very interesting.

  6. as COVID19 spreads events like these will become common in flyover country

    CYNTHIANA, Ky. — On a typical weekday, the restaurants that are just a quick walk from the white-columned county courthouse at the center of town would be serving a lively lunch crowd.
    But the booths are empty this week, the bar stools vacant. The culprit is the novel coronavirus — a single case on Friday, followed quickly by four more. Almost overnight, they wiped out business here and made Harrison County an unlikely epicenter for the outbreak in Kentucky.

  7. moral dilemma for some of my elderly friends:  when does prudent and sensible stocking up become greedy selfish hoarding?


    they remember the rationing and sacrificing on a nationwide basis during WWII and the communal disgust for the hoarder.

  8. Hoard away.  It seems like supply is meeting demand, so far, the economic stimulus is needed, and people won’t stock-up twice.

  9. On our trip over to NYC we stopped to pee in a dipshit little town in and I told Mrs P wtf – I’m going to run through CVS and see if they have hand sanitizer- they got a shipment in the day before. They had 2 gel sanitizers – I bought both. One for us and one for LP. Hoarder?  Nah. And I’ll make it next time. 2-1 isopropyl alcohol to aloe gel.

  10. This is another reason I’m glad not to be rambling around the country with a bunch of other hooligans playing music in dark, crowded, and smoky places.

  11. Bink…   your 1:31 am comment from the other thread….  hilarious!

    Yeah…  I expect to go grocery shopping on my usual day next week and everything will be normal.

     Yup… I along with everyone else here… including Craig…  hates trump.  Democrats aren’t saints… but I ain’t buying into any false equivalences.

  12. Just caught up with the last thread.

    This advise from Bink is well worth the read.

    It was motherly and Mr Rodgers like which caused me some concern as I never think of his lordship as being either motherly or Mr Rodgers like. But reading his sarcastic back and forth from the end of yesterdays thread, I see he has recovered this morning.

    One particular bit of advise he gave that strikes close to home is to make sure you keep in contact with someone.  This winter There were several days in a row where I never saw anyone or even ventured out. But my sister called me and told me to be sure to let her know if I was to get sick.  Not for sure what she could do 200 miles away but I’m sure she would figure out something.

    I ran out of coffee and had to make a trip to Sams Club. It was crazy.  Fortunately the store was filled with not too bright shoppers so that the check out lanes closest to the main isles backups of 20 to 25 people but in the center I found a checkout with only 4 people in it,

    So I got my usual 2 bags of coffee, Some of Preacher Craigs finest sipping whisky and a jug of sterilizing solution, AKA, Jim Beam. So that should last me until the real epidemic starts, when I will again risk life and limb to acquire the necessities.



  13. tiptoe, thanks for telling us last night about the rep. porter doc redfield exchange yesterday.  very worthy of a repost in case some didn’t see it:

    Katie Porter, D-Ca, got something done in the House today.
    She got  Dr. Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC … 42 CFR 71.30, reading aloud the statute, which states that the CDC “director may authorize payment for the care and treatment of individuals subject to medical exam(ination), quarantine, isolation and conditional release.”
    “Excellent! Everybody in America hear that — you are eligible to go get tested for coronavirus and have that covered, regardless of insurance,” Porter said. “Please — if you believe you have the illness, follow precautions, call first, do everything the CDC and Dr. Fauci — God bless you for guiding Americans in this time — but do not let a lack of insurance worsen this crisis.”

  14. Pat

    If there are no test kits available it cost nothing to make them free.

    Political theater imo.


  15. I have been thinking of cutting back at work- fewer hours, fewer days, but after watching The coronavirus coverage I’m not going to do that. A daily diet of this would make me crazy(er).

  16. tt – Ha! Yep.
    pogo – They’re out of rubbing alcohol here, so DIY-ers can’t make hand sanitizer here.
    I feel like I have everything I need except a full tank of gas.  It’s cheap and folks aren’t going anywhere, even though it’s spring break.  That’s the one thing I don’t see there being a run on.   I still might pop into the produce section this weekend.  Otherwise, I’m looking at a lot of canned pears and green beans in my future.

  17. My company’s directive: no business travel (because a sales manager came here this week because he does it every month), limit meetings, stay home if you’re sick & they will figure out how to get you paid.

  18. Some (apparently lower percentage) vodka company put a disclaimer on their website.   Make sure you get the strongest stuff, I guess.

  19. Just received a very proactive call from the VA with the common-sense steps to follow and a number to call should I need on-site medical help and support at home.

  20. cbs news;

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a statement Friday afternoon touting a legislative package to respond to the spread of the coronavirus which “puts families first,” with measures including free testing, paid emergency sick leave, and increasing funds for food security programs and Medicaid.
    “The American people expect and deserve a coordinated, science-based and whole of government response,” Pelosi said, adding that the legislation is “focused directly on providing support for America’s families who must be our first priority.”
    Pelosi emphasized the package’s provision to provide tests free of cost, saying: “The three most important parts of this bill are testing, testing, testing.”
    The speaker also called for unity in the government to address the crisis.
    “Working together, we will once again prevail, and we will come out stronger than before,” Pelosi concluded.

  21. This morning was a trip to the VA to get stitches out and a cast put on the repaired wrist.  There was a one hundred percent check at the doors for symptoms and possible vectors of COVID-19 of people entering the building.  The wrist looks so good my doctor was joking and having a laugh, I do like him.


    I stopped by the office to say “HI” to anyone there.  One person.  The others were doing telework.  The department and agencies are working out possible reactions if it is necessary to handle COVID-19, mostly by telework.  Right now those with children out of school, Maryland Virginia and D.C. are closed, can telework.  Consideration for telework for those over sixty and/or people with health issues is also ongoing.


    Spring is here.  Time to dig a hole and plant something.

  22. Yeah…  our dear leader is going back on teevee at 3pm eastern time.  Probably gonna declare a state of emergency.  The sports world and lots of other things are waaaay out in front on this one.  I mean….  like…  even senior lunches are being cancelled around here….   ya know.

  23. “Time to dig a hole and plant something.”

    bbronc, was that a veiled threat about you-know-who?

  24. At this point, the simplest thing to do is…if you have a high fever & cough assume you have IT. Stay at home until you can’t breathe…then get thee to the hospital.

  25. It’s interesting how states & local  communities and other groups:  sports, entertainment, schools, et al., are taking the bull by the horns.  They’re doing what the repubes want anyhow, no federal involvement.

  26. To show how jittery the markets are when Trump announced his news conference this morning, the Dow dropped 500pts.


  27. So why did Trump pick an hour before the market closes to make his announcement. Nothing like going into the weekend with a panic locked in.

    And yes I’m assuming he will fuck up this time just like all the others.


  28. Just plain old birch, except if you put two pieces of 3/4” together it comes out to exactly 1/16” shy of 1 1/2”.

  29. Vietnamese are probably worried they’ll get covid-19 from our products since we have no frigging testing


    i’ll have to make a new account, Mr. S, zero clue how to access that one🤷‍♂️

  30. which brings up the subject of how long does the virus live on non-human objects one touches that were touched recently (but not immediately right after) by a multitude of others?    such as mail?  magazines/newspapers?  gas pumps? retail store merchandise?

  31. That fact can lead to a overall shortage of 3/8” in a six cabinet run if you haven’t discovered it.

  32. B…….tell Johnny not to sweat it…..I might can adopt it onto my channel and add it then or something like that

  33. yeah, the playlist function on youtube is handy, Mr. S, plus i noticed an exploit in that if you embed the playlist, here, there are no ads shhhhhhh dont tell anyone

  34. Trump will be speaking on coronavirus extemporaneously, without teleprompters.

    What could go wrong…

  35. hope no one has mentioned martial law to him or that holding elections too risky during pandemic.


    bink, oh yes, please pretty please announce his resignation

  36. We hit Target for sundries last week and Fry’s for groceries this week. I don’t think we’re classified as hoarders yet. Typically when we do Target we buy one extra of certain items to go in our disaster kits. So in theory we’ve always got enough extra stuff if we’re forced to hunker down. Doing it that way is also less expensive.

    At Fry’s, we doubled what we normally buy. Had no issues with supplies on the shelves. People were calm and gracious. Didn’t look at hand sanitizer or TP because we’re well supplied for the next month.

    When we got home, we washed our hands thoroughly. Then put stuff away. Then washed again. In fact, I kind of irrationally kept washing my hands and face throughout the evening. I guess it was one of those mini-obsessive moments. 🙂

    There are 5 cases in Pinal County, which is where we are. No deaths so far. There have been 143 people tested in Arizona. Got all this from

  37. My thought on Trumps presser. Ya know given Trumps exposure to Covid-19 when he was in Florida, We may see a whole turnover of corporate America.

    Now if he would just do a presser with Republican Senators……..


  38. Listening to dumb fuck Pence. Is he stupid or what? duh duh duh duh duh Mr. president, duh duh duh duh duh mr. President. As Mr. president said, Duh duh duh duh duh. Keeping SFB comments to a minimum. That’s smart.

  39. My sister who works for Walmart laughs at their  Covid-19 policy. They are told to stay home if they feel sick but if you miss too many days you still get fired. So what I want to hear from Mr Walmart isn’t about letting outdoor clinics take over his parking lot but how he is going to support and protect Walmart employees when they and their families are dealing with sickness..

    Yeah, I know…


  40. A crazy market, the Dow went up 1400 pts in 25 min. Just on the fact that there is a prayer that Trump may understand reality.



  41. Oh, yeah.   Lab stock just went up.

    Bloomberg’s ad, as a reminder to folks before we’re we’re hoe many weeks and deaths into this mess was, it’ll just go away like a miracle.

    I hope TrumPence isn’t too little, too late with this.

  42. Geeeez… trump kept shaking hands with those ceos… great example of how to behave…. NOT.


  43. jack – You might get your wish, since SFB is still shaking hands.   He will not shake Pelosi’s hand (remember the SOTU), so #46 is safe.

  44. This is a coordinated response between govt and private industry, so that gave traders confidence that this isn’t just SFB flapping his gums, again.

    jack – Walmart should be publicly shamed in the news for their Covid-19 response.   Actually, why would anyone want to shop there knowing employees will come in sick for fear of losing their jobs?  Of course, WalMart has killed Main Street in so many towns, so there may not be a choice of places to shop.   Still, a good public shaming in the MSM should help them amend their policy.

  45. Yeah, not only did they shake hands but everyone of them had to handle the microphone several touched their faces..

    Talk about touching the face, That is almost impossible for me so yesterday when I went to see my kidney doctor in a building where all kinds of germy diseased people show up I divised this work around. I almost always touch my face with my right hand so what idid was open doors push buttons ect with my left hand. Seemed like a rememberable, trainable work around.


  46. Pogo, low expectations, when he beats them we are amazed. This is the first time the Trump administration has treated this as a health crises, not a stock market problem. In that regaurd maybe it is a good thing he got rewarded for that behavior. At the time it looked like the adults were putting together the Corvid-19 legislative package.  But that all fell apart after the market closed.


  47. Don’t worry, corporate America will provide us with plenty of substandard tests in weeks, maybe?  not sure of the exact timeframe they didn’t bother saying

  48. Beware the nasty left-handed cofeve19 virus. It snake* into the country from unAmerica, carried acrosst the border by ill egal unAmericans.

    *Strong irregular vb., sneak, snake, snuck.

  49. SFB can’t even get the timing right, since it’s WS he actually cares about.  Imagine if he had made this announcement earlier in the day…or last week!

  50. Pogo (and VB, if you’re out there) – Just found out my niece landed in NYC for spring break today.   Seems like a bad idea, plus, Broadway is dark, etc.    How are things in the city?

  51. They are trying to figure out how to feed kids in Dallas, with schools closed down; many depend on school meals.   Sad.   Parents don’t know what to do with their kids; latch-key if they are old enough, but if not…

  52. XR:  Beware the nasty left-handed cofeve19 virus. It snake* into the country from unAmerica, carried acrosst the border by ill egal unAmericans.

    Those ill eagles may be sick, but they flap about to spread cofeve19

  53. i must have missed hearing trump say “half a million tests by early next week”, but then read that Politico reported two hours before the conference that Jack Ma was donating 500,000 kits

  54. Wait! SFB can shut down communication and freeze our bank accounts???  Does he know that???

  55. Anyone who knows someone with mental cognitive issues knows that SFB cannot process more than a first grade level set of data.  What is happening right now requires someone with at least a graduate school IQ (at least 125), preferably a PhD level.  He is incapable of understanding what is happening.  Even with pictures this is beyond anything he can comprehend.  This is not to make fun of or denigrate anyone who has cognitive issues it is to highlight the issue with SFB as a leader.

  56. His ego, though.  He’s afraid getting tested will make him look weak.  What if it’s positive? We’d never find out.   He might, possibly do it very soon?  They’re looking into it?  Trying to schedule…?   It’s a two-second, freakin’ swab.   Now, what’s going on with Nancy and Mnuchin?   Senators are just waiting for the OK from SFB to hop on board.  Until then, it’s a no from the Repugz.

  57. I went through the medicine cabinet the other day to see if I had everything, The rubbing alchohol that I would use for disinfecting things like my thermometer was almost gone and was old enough that most of the alcohol had probably evaporated leaving it useless.  When I went to the store to get some they were all out, but in the liquor department they had plenty of Everclear. It is 95% alcohol(190 proof) where the rubbing alcohol is only 70%  and besides that Everclear doesn’t have that smell that all of the disinfectants have.  It does dry out the hands a little bit but if I use some hand lotion a couple of time a day it should work it I need a temporary substitute.


  58. Jack Ma, the Chinese-commie midget, has saved trump’s feeble-ass leadership illusion and the feeble mnuchin-kudlow-schwab financial markets. bernie! should make a big point of all this dependence on commie support in this last debate. Or, Biden should !

  59. Obviously, trumputin spies monitor this Trail. As soon as I wrote that cofeve 19 is a pro-life issue, trump scheduled an address to the nation, to attempt a show of fuehrership.

  60. Hello all Trailmixers & Craig.

    I have been away for a while.  (Health problems.)

    It’s nice to be back among the same group of malcontents.

    Why don’t you all embrace very action by our “glorious leader?” (Trump)

    (That was a joke.)

    Trailmix is now self-financed?  I can get behind that.

    My bank account was recently hacked and I have to fix that.

    I will provide some funding ASAP.









  61. If you can’t get hand sanitizer, you can use rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or mouthwash with either fluoride or alcohol.

    They are all equally effective at killing viruses.




  62. Hi, Nash.  Welcome back.  i actually read that vinegar doesn’t kill this coronavirus that’s in the news.🤷‍♂️

    Are you the 3.0 version or the 2.1.1 version?

    edit: further investigation yielded conflicting info regarding the efficacy of vinegar in killing novel coronavirus

  63. NYC is eerily quiet. Mrs P & LP went to dinner at Sarabeth’s, usually jam packed on Friday night. They said there were 5 tables of diners there tonight.

  64. Nash

    Good to see you, welcome back.

    As you pointed out there are many antiseptic choices. Some better than others in different situations. I like to use bleach around the kitchen especially when I do as I did the other day and buy a 10lb bag of chicken hindquarters.  By the time they get to me those pieces of chicken have been handles 2 or three times mixed in and stirred around with god knows how many other pieces of chicken. So after I deboned and repackaged them I wiped the whole kitchen down with bleach water, about a quarter cup to a sink full of water. Doing that periodically keeps the food mold down too.

    But I was just playing with the everclear  just to see what it would do.


  65. Pogo

    A lot of restaurants are going to go out of business if this goes on into summer. They operate on a thin margin anyway.


  66. I went out last night to a “Cheers” type of place, for a burger and beer, the place was busy but not packed for happy hour. I bumped up the tip to 25%, I’ve got the money and they are going to need it.


  67. Nash, let me add to Pogo’s statement and say  not just needed but very much missed. I was thinking of you the other day in kind of a “boy we really need Nash around on this one” sort of way.



  68. Welcome home, Mr Nash !

    I hope that all of your health problems are completely cured, healed, and passed on to the trump election campaignsters, especially the russian and saudi ones.

  69. Ya know can Trump get through one presser with out a major lie? It is sad but  given our problems it is dangerous.

    So Trump says google is  rolling out a national data base and Google immediately releases a statement “what?, Who, us? I don’t think so”

  70. trump takes irresponsibility for trump administrations repeated corona virus failures.

    In other words, it’s all pence’s fault. And, Obama’s. And the media’s. And, China’s. And, Trudeau’s. And, Merkel’s. And, Pelosi’s. And Stormy’s. And, Biden’s.

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