So it’s Tuesday, one week before St. Patty’s day (Thanks, BiD) so that means … wait for it … another round of primaries. Today there are six – Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota and Washington, and the votes from Democrats abroad are also queued up.

Don’t forget to vote early and often if you’re in one of those states – or an exotic destination abroad.


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  1. Exit polls from Michigan tonight only include in-person voters, not absentee voters. With absentee voting way up in Michigan this year (perhaps around half the vote?) that basically makes them unusable.

  2. Good title Pogo.
    Well the Trump bounce is back.
    You know, where something happens that panics the market because in their heart they know Trump is an idiot. Then the next day they look around and say to themselves that was stupid. 
    I put enough change in my pocket that I think I can buy me one of those discounted cruises that everybody is talking about.

  3. At Kaiser again.  No change from last week.   They ask about travel and there is lots of signage

  4. Biden prevails in trust to handle a major crisis in exit poll results, leading Bernie Sanders on the question by 34 points among voters in Missouri and 19 points in Washington state.

  5. It is interesting to see Pence handling the press conference.  Obviously they all know that Trump is totally incapable of doing it.


  6. I was just listening to vice President pence and Larry Kudlow shoveling bullshit like there was no tomorrow regarding the coronavirus.

  7. Mr Pogo, We could also interpret it as
    Crypto-pagan kudlow and ultra-Christian pence team up to divine the Will of the Animal Spirits of the Market and update the Full-Gospel, End Times Plague prophecies.

  8. XR

    Those tax cuts that have made the deficit skyrocket now leave us too broke to actually do anything for people injured by the current circumstances.


  9. By the time tonight is over, I expect the men of MSNBC to all be wearing black armbands tomorrow in mourning for the Bernie trouncing. 

  10. Kornacki and Hayes will be sobbing in their beer.  Sanders was practically a co-host for Hayes.

    Joe & Mika have never apologized for the way they treated Hillary.  They couldn’t get through the A Block of any broadcast without screaming “EMAIL”.



  11. Jamie, I’d be very inclined to agree with you on all counts. I tend to think that Lawrence O’Donnell it is a Joe guy and I would guess without much fear of contradiction that Rachel is a Bernie supporter.

  12. Warren’s 2 cent tax on billionaires can go to pay for Covid-care/medical leave.   They don’t hire folks full time to avoid the benefit trap, and, they underpay at that, so it’s time for them to pony up.  

  13. Pogo

    Unfortunately, it is the one area where I do disagree with Rachel.  Still I think many love the policies without looking that deeply into the man.  I really do believe he is a misogynistic fraud who spins a tale but never delivers.


  14. Well, MSNBC and CNN may not call Missouri, but Washington post has and it is called it for Joe. Bernie is now getting into the Trumpian “where is my black supporter?” realm.

  15. Howell Raines is one of my favorites from way back. Course he’s from my hometown and he’s not that much older than I am. Smart guy. And quite frankly, I can’t recall how I came to be aware of him, but it was when I was in college, and my impression of him was very favorable at the time.

  16. I was listening to a radio station from Philly a few nights ago. The DJ said, “It’s all about winning.” Basically, get behind Biden because it’s all about beating Trump right now.

  17. I know I’m happy tonight!
    And…. once Sanders drops out… he’s done… for good!
    bye… bye…

  18. I just went and googled Howell Raines and figured out how I became aware of him. He was getting his masters degree in English at the University of Alabama while I was getting my undergrad degree. I am guessing that he probably was a graduate assistant for one of my professors. And he then Went to work for the Birmingham Post Herald, which I read every morning and went to work for WBRC in Birmingham, which I watched every day, it being one of the at that time five TV stations available in Tuscaloosa while he was in Birmingham.

  19. Only question about Biden winning Michigan is whether the early votes will be more than the same day votes and whether they will be enough to overcome the same day votes. So far it looks very good fo rJoe.  Bernie will not eat into Joe’s delegate lead tonight unless lightning strikes from the clear blue sky.

  20. Well MSNBC CNN and Washington post may not be willing to call Michigan, but Pogo is. Pogo calls Michigan for Biden.

  21. My question for Steve Kornacki is how did the number of voters in Michigan tonight overall compare with the numbers in Michigan overall in 2016?

  22. James Carville on MSNBC: “Let’s shut this puppy down and move on and worry about November. This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going, not even a day longer.” 

  23. Rep. Clyburn on NPR just now: “I think when the night is over, Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination… If the night ends the way it has begun” it’s time to “shut this primary down,” meaning the DNC should “step in” and cancel future debates.

  24. A friend of mine who is a Bernie supporter in Michigan already wondering “How many republicans/Trump supporters in Michigan voted for Biden?”

  25. Andrew Yang endorses Joe Biden on CNN. “The math says Joe is our prohibitive nominee. We need to bring the party together. We need to start working on defeating Donald Trump in the fall,” Yang says.

  26. It is starting to feel like the 2020 election is our political coronavirus. There is no escaping that Biden and Trump are the respiratory illness that we will get exposed to and get very ill from. Just think about this for one moment… We have two candidates who many people believe suffer from dementia or some cognitive problems – and one of them is going to run the country for 4 years. Are people REALLY excited about this? Or are we just focused on replacing on an old guy with dementia who exhibits erratic and inappropriate behavior with another old guy with dementia who exhibits erratic and inappropriate behavior but Tweets less? 
    In reading the thread, I do want to clarify one thing… The $1 trillion dollar deficit is NOT the result of the tax cuts. Revenue from taxes (income, corporate, etc) has set a new high each year since 2013. In fact, 2019 to 2020 was the largest increase in tax revenue since the 2012 to 2013 fiscal years. While corporate tax revenue was down, it was not down by $1 trillion dollars – not even close. And we still had a net increase in overall revenue collection. So, no… the deficit exists because spending has increased across the board. And remember… These are bipartisan deficits. So, let’s not have a short-term memory here and complain about the deficit and how the spending is not helping America when a) the Obama-Biden administration ran deficits over $1 trillion for 4 YEARS and never had a deficit under $400 billion… And b) Senator Schumer said in passing the budget for FY2019, “This spending agreement brings the era of austerity to an unceremonious end and represents one of the most significant investments in the middle class in recent history.” Hmmm… What happened to that? What I think people should stop and consider is are we better off with huge deficits or with balanced budgets? I would argue that the Clinton surplus years created a much stronger economy than the one we had under Obama or have under Trump. Under Clinton we had 4 straight years of 4% growth including a year of 4.75%. Best year under Obama? 2.8%. Best year under Trump thus far? 2.6%. Something to consider…

  27. Van Jones on CNN: Bernie “has to look into his heart and make a decision: ‘Do I want to be the divider or the uniter’ … That’s a character question for Bernie Sanders, not just political.” 

  28. @craigcrawford… I have watched Biden throughout this campaign. I see lots of little things, and I see the big things. I don’t need Putin, MSNBC or Fox News to tell me what time it is when I look at a clock. And I certainly don’t need them to interpret what I saw with Biden’s reaction today or any of the other times I’ve listened to him. The man is not fit for the Presidency. That does not mean I think Trump is fit or that Trump is a good president. Hence, the reason why my assessment is that we have two very old men who have problems thinking and one of them will be in charge for 4 years unless we do something…

  29. Michael, I’ve known Joe since covering his presidential campaign in 1988. He’s always been so full of thoughts they sometimes seem jumbled because he thinks on several tracks at once. Actually see him getting more focused and disciplined these days than he used to be. 

  30. KGC, you’re right about Joe’s slogan.  You know Joe somehow reminds me of Joe the plumber in some other race – Palin?

  31. Michael Moore, Bernie supporter on MSNBC: “Asking people to do two things, get rid of Trump and get rid of the political and economic system that gave us Trump. I think that was too much to ask probably for people who were just like ‘can we just get rid of Trump.’ I understand that.” 

  32. Michael,

    we have two very old men who have problems thinking and one of them will be in charge for 4 years unless we do something…


  33. I agree with Mr C, the right thing to do is to invite the revolutionaries, including bernie ! rather than to push them around. They have energy, some good ideas, and quite a few voters. Encourage them to be useful.

  34. Mr Crawford,
    I have deposited a controversial topic in the Trail Mix Quick Draft box.

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