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  1. short article worthy of reading for some COVID19 background.

    here’s a helpful quote from within by W.Ian Lipkin who they note is “one of the world’s leading infectious-disease epidemiologists” 


    Though not a germaphobe by nature, he’d been converted by the job. At 9 a.m., he set out for work wearing a pair of light-brown gloves. “I call them subway condoms,” he said. “I use gloves everywhere. I don’t touch my face. If I see someone coughing or sneezing, I keep my distance. On airplanes, I wipe everything down. I stay away from bowls of mixed nuts or candy.”

  2. It was so good to see Warren on SNL, but I would rather it have been under different circumstances.

  3. jack – Beautiful!   My phone would ignite if I played the whole hour at once, but the start was beautiful.

  4. sounds like something someday that might catch on here


    MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s women are going on strike.
    In what could be the boldest women’s rights action since the #MeToo campaign, many of Mexico’s 21 million registered female workers are expected to stay home from work or school on Monday to protest gender violence.

  5. “Spring” by William Shakespeare


    When daisies pied and violets blue
       And lady-smocks all silver-white
    And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue
       Do paint the meadows with delight,
    The cuckoo then, on every tree,
    Mocks married men; for thus sings he,
    Cuckoo, cuckoo: Oh word of fear,
    Unpleasing to a married ear!
    When shepherds pipe on oaten straws,
       And merry larks are plowmen’s clocks,
    When turtles tread, and rooks, and daws,
       And maidens bleach their summer smocks,
    The cuckoo then, on every tree,
    Mocks married men; for thus sings he,
    Cuckoo, cuckoo: Oh word of fear,
    Unpleasing to a married ear!


  6. I echo the thanks for the musical selection and SNL cold open, which like Poobah I slid off before it aired. Woke up this morning, looked at the clock and saw 7:20 and thought, good I slept in. Went downstairs started channel surfing and was looking at 8:30 shows and wondered if I took another nap for an hour. Mrs. P wandered through and reminded me to set the clocks. I had no idea that it was DST weekend.  I’ve done that with the fall weekend once before – before Walmart set the open all the time standard. Was like being in a ghost town – nothing open, no one running around except this idiot.

  7. ahhhhh….  one of the good things about being home is that I can listen to Jack’s selection with my  Bose headphones….  thanks!

  8. more snl

    “between Bernie, Biden and Trump. I think the next debate should be on that cruise ship and whichever one can beat the coronavirus will become our next president”

  9. doc fauci this morning on fox quoted by the hill:

    “We have to be realistic. I don’t think it would be as draconian as nobody in or nobody out. But if we continue to get cases like this, particularly at the community level, there will be what we call ‘mitigation,’ where we have to essentially do social distancing, keep people out of crowded places, take a look at seriousness, do you really need to travel, and I think it’s particularly important among the most vulnerable,” Fauci said on “Fox News Sunday.”
    “You don’t want to alarm people, but given the spread we’ve seen anything is possible and that’s why we’ve got to be prepared to take whatever action is appropriate to contain and mitigate the outbreak,” he added.
    Fauci also addressed reports that health experts on the White House’s coronavirus task force had been overruled on the recommendation that elderly people refrain from air travel.
    “Here’s the deal- no one overruled anybody about saying this so let me say it loud and clear now,” Fauci said. “Right now I’m telling the American people based on everything that’s agreed upon in the task force if you are an individual with an underlying condition, particularly an elderly person with an underlying condition, you should start to distance yourself from the risk and above all don’t get on a cruise ship.”

  10. Sleepy Ben Carson says to shake hands and go to rallies if you are healthy.  So, go out and get sick and then after you’re sick, stay home.   What an F-ing idiot!!!

  11. Kamala endorses Joe.

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Sunday endorsed Joe Biden for president, the latest of his former rivalsto give a nod to the former vice president’s candidacy.

    In a statement, Harris said she felt that Biden was best prepared to “steer America through these turbulent times.”

    “When I started my run for president, I said America needs a president who reflects the decency and dignity of the American people; a president who speaks the truth; and a president who fights for those whose voices are too often overlooked or ignored,” Harris said in a statement released Sunday morning.

    Harris is the sixth former rival to endorse Biden since his commanding victory in the South Carolina primary. Former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke endorsed Biden in advance of the pivotal slate of Super Tuesday states.

    But Jesse Jackson endorsed Bernie, setting up a Jesse v. John & Elijah fight for the black vote.  Jesse must like having SFB in the WH.  

  12. Folks here are talking about what to do about people who are out of work due to virus scares.  Most businesses are committing to pay people and hopefully the state will step in too

  13. Bernie Sanders on ABC: “I’m not a masochist who wants to stay in a race that can’t be won.” 

    Then why did he and the cult keep messing around with 2016 with the constant GOP and Russian talking points long after Hillary had the delegates even without the supers?



  14. I’m watching/listening to circa 1960’s Julia Child.  She messes up, doesn’t apologize, fixes it, and carries on.  Refreshing. 

  15. The spokeswoman for the flight attendants union just said the best plan for handling the current healthcare crisis was presented by Elizabeth Warren
    not Biden

  16. kgc,  did that union specifically say “not Biden” and if so did they also mean to say “not Bernie” either?


    lizzie has a good plan for about all of our current woes – too bad media didn’t/doesb’t give her credit for them.

  17. Liz got plenty of media coverage.  Misogynistic, low-information voters are to blame for her exit, not the media.  

  18. them too, bink, but the media seemed to dwell mostly on Bernie’s m4a idea without forcing him like they did her to show in detail how to pay for it.  they let him skate by and pilloried her.

    or should that read hillaryed her

  19. Yes Pat
    not Biden 
    Because he is opposed toUniversal Healthcare
    More favorable to Bernie but Liz the best

  20. Kaiser family foundation has new study showing Biden’s claims about cost are baloney and that it would save money and lives

  21. He debated having a heart attack.  He hasn’t released his medical records.   Bernie will have to lose everything on Tuesday before he even considers dropping out.       Think Warren is right to hold back her endorsement of anyone.   
    …since TrumPence had exposure to cofeve at CPAC, Peolosi is better off without their presence at St. Pat’s Day luncheon.     In fact, if they are both incapacitated (or worse) by the virus, she may be taking the reigns.    

  22. BiD – Jackson is a politician left on the wayside decades ago.  At a conference I was scheduled for a 10 minute interview, live.  JJ shows up and demands my time slot, which he was given and he rambled on in his usual manner.  If you have a name in politics you win. 
    Does this mean much for Sanders?  I tend to think it matters less now than it would have in the eighties.

  23. …rented “Knives Out” from RedBox- the trailer for “Bombshell” (fauxnews sexual harassment movie) does look good.

  24. Joe’s team doing something, um, interesting with his campaign merch.   Mugs, pins, and tees that feature a very, very, young pic of Joe.
    BB – Good to hear, and as I figured; JJ wants to be relevant, but is not.

  25. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/08/asia/north-korea-launch/index.html
    Looks like Lil Kim is jealous of all the attention Covid-19 is getting.    If North Korea has/had any cases of the virus, they probably just killed them  on site.   Since TrumPence can’t come up with a clear answer/plan for the virus, maybe the fat, little creep just wants to see if he can slow down the response and infect/kill even more Americans.   SFB has a short attention span and can not multitask.  He’s surrounded himself with inept, yes-men.    Fasten your chinstraps, as C’Bob would say. 

  26. Bernie spoke at the University of Michigan today. They said there were 10,000 people there. One of my friends went to the rally.

  27. i got so mad at a Pro-Bernie relative that claims they will refuse to vote for Biden.   Ok, cut off your nose to spite your face, it’s your fuckin’ funeral.

  28. Whoooo boy, Trouble in the oil patch. Oil futures have dropped 25% today. Seems the Russians and Saudis are starting a price war.  It could play hell with one leg of the Texas economic miracle and Trump has already screwed with the NAFTA component. 
    Hang on to your hats.

  29. The dictator and Pence go down with the virus and Nancy’s in charge?  Love it!  Found out that the 19 in Covid-19 is for 2019.  They didn’t wanna be political and call it Wuhan.

  30. It’s time for bernie & bros, the trumputin international crime syndicate, pence, and msb and his 10,000 closest relatives to all collapse from cofeve19A. Throw in erdogan, the Iranian ayatollah & mullahs, moti and the entire bjp, xi and the central committee and red army, the entire kim crime family, netanyahu and the crooks of likud and the ‘religious’ parties, bolsonaro & his racist party, the crooked ruling argentine party, all the neo-nazi, kkk, white nationalist and white supremacists in the US, Canada, ‘Stralia, the UK, the EU, South Africa and russia, the Aussie, Brit, and Canadian conservative parties, the nra, the ripper senators, governors, and reps, and all the oil barons, earls, counts, marquees, and dukes not already mentioned above, plus the communications personnel & armies of the various forms and clients of qaeda, quds, isil, Grrrr.
    Oh, yeah, and all the preachers who run so much of the South, Midwest, and Mountain states and who have sold out to the Orange Satan.  

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