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  1. speaking of the WH “action zone” last night from WAPO:

    President Trump announced Friday that he has selected outgoing Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) as his next White House chief of staff, tapping one of his most stalwart congressional allies to run the White House as he navigates a global health crisis in a reelection year.
    “I have long known and worked with Mark, and the relationship is a very good one,” Trump tweeted shortly after arriving at his South Florida resort, where he is spending the weekend.
    Meadows replaces acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who is being appointed the U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland, Trump said in a follow-up tweet. The president thanked Mulvaney for “having served the administration so well.” The envoy position has been vacant under the Trump presidency.

  2. Once upon a time in the deep dark 60s, there was a radio commercials whose voice over was an obviously shapely, golden haired female with at least a double D sighing:

    “Macadamia Nuts, The big blond ecstasy pill.”


  3. From WaPo re The Discreet Insanity of the IMPOTUS:

    Pence’s announcement at the White House seemed at odds with the wishes of President Trump, who said during a visit Friday afternoon at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta that he would prefer to keep passengers on the Grand Princess for the moment.

    “I don’t need to have the [infection] numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault, and wasn’t the fault of the people on the ship either,” he said. “I can live either way with it. I’d rather have the people stay on, personally.”

    21 of 46 people tested on the ship we’re positive for COVID.  19 were crew members. SFB wants to force the other 3479 to get it.

  4. pogo, given the WHO estimated COVID19 mortality rate, wouldn’t that be about 117 deaths on his hands if all 3479 contract it because of the forced proximity?     but then as he said “I can live either way with it. I’d rather have the people stay on, personally.”

  5. As the pathetic American response to the swine SARS Flu A Flu B flu Corona beer flu continues the question is why hoard toilet paper?  Corona beer has to explain drinking beer does not give you any viruses.  Idiots.  The  people within the U.S. border should be following information provided by any other country than that of the SFB propaganda department.  The world tells older people to avoid public gatherings, SFB says go to work.  The funny will be if kushie (or any of the other grifters) comes down with a case of Covid-19, “don’t know him, must be coffee boy”.

  6. Thank you Patd

    I think she may be getting more pissed off by the second.  It truly is at the base of everything, and I do mean everything, that is wrong with the world.

    Human beings do not play nice with others except in fairly small groups when it is mutually beneficial

    They definitely don’t play nice with other animals

    Given the growth in medicine, technology, and AI – at least half of them are totally unnecessary to the work of the world and wouldn’t be missed except by their loving relatives.  

    The trick will be getting the numbers down without some catastrophic and/or horrific event that would send us back to the dark ages.  


  7. Jamie, your at least half of them are totally unnecessary to the work of the world and wouldn’t be missed except by their loving relatives” certainly looks to be what Mother Nature meant COVID19 to accomplish by weeding out the elderly and immune-compromised,  making room for the fittest to survive.    

  8. The US is just starting to feel it, unlike other places on the globe.  With the middle class being hollowed out, the economics between the have and have nots is becoming much clearer.  The majority of the jobs exist to service consumers not to actually create or advance anything.


  9. I’m not sure what part of that ad is my favorite.  The action zone, the snack sack, or, use of the word “perchance.”   Fantastic!
    patd – Never having been a public figure, I’ve never felt particularly relevant to anything, really. Until you mentioned it, I had forgotten anyone else beyond those with whom I interact here could read my thoughts.  

  10. A woman sneezed behind me at the grocery store this morning.   She then walked around a corner and I heard the beep of a time-clock.   Folks can’t stay home unless they physically can’t manage it at all.   Jeez, I hope she had allergies ‘cuz I don’t want her cold, either.   (They were out of hand sanitizer.)

  11. Maybe this will be a wake-up call to not outsource production of meds.   I’m sure they are cheaper to produce in China & India, but…   And, there have been safety/quality problems with med facilities in India.   They only clean up if they know company is coming (inspectors).          
    Andrew Yang was the only one running with the foresight to see how to exist with the changing (unnecessary) parts of the workforce, and, that human value goes beyond earning/tax paying potential.  

  12. Covid-19 was just up the road in Seattle and then we got 1 in Oregon.  Now Tacoma has had its first identified case.  I probably should not go to the store since it might terrify everyone.

    Most people have a nose.  I have a barometer.  Every time the weather goes from wet to dry or dry to wet, it starts rounds of leaking and sneezing.  Right now this has become a one day on one day off existence.



  13. Oh my.  Trump says Liz is mean that’s why she didn’t make it.  But he went on to say he himself is not mean
    What is wrong with people that they let this pass 

  14. @TimOBrien, Bloomberg adviser on MSNBC @JoyAnnReid today: “If the Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden there is going to be a scorched Earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is unlike anything they’ve thus far experienced.”

  15. The Trump spawn all have their beady, little evil eyes on the WH.   Take ‘em down now!  
    Hotel in China used to quarantine folks has collapsed.  Man, they can’t catch a break.
    Jack – Covid-19 has been in Omaha for weeks because that’s where they are sending folks to the medical center.  That’s where they sent our Ebola patients, too.  They do have one actual Nebraskan who caught it while traveling, though, so it has made it to your part of the country through transmission.

  16. Sturge love the picture, fun start to a good day, thanks.
    Here is what I’m listening to
    a little Eric Clapton great stuff for a beautiful spring Saturday

  17. Joe says he’s running on unity and not negativity.  He’s gonna need surrogates to do the dirty work.    Really would like to see Warren eviscerate that tiny-handed, Oompah Loompah in the WH.  Mike can take down the bratty bunch.  

  18. My cousin is coming home from Stanford, as they have two, possible cases there.   Some profs holding online classes, but not sure all will do so.  

  19. what impact will there be on rest of primary elections with all the latest advice to elders (60 ) to not go where crowds are?   will it hurt biden?

    not just affecting the crowds at rallies but also at the polling places themselves.
    remember, Bernie’s supporters are mostly the younger set.

  20. Rick and I are back home.  Now there’s a mountain of laundry and the frig is almost empty.  My cats didn’t mess up the house too badly.  One of the kittens likes to knead my chest in the middle of the night and sometimes licks my face…    I’m sure she’ll be doing it as if she’s on steroids tonight.
    Sturg….   funny pic…  I’m glad the 60s are over too!

  21. Even if they don’t go after Hunter Biden. They should still go after the SFB scrot

    Trump said Jerrod could do whatever he wants cuz he works for free. Well hardly he got 25 million for supporting legislation that he benefits from

  22. Parody ad from 2010 blog post
    How to be a dapper gent
    Really snack sack?????

  23. How’s your 401k?
    If it’s still worth a million (lucky you), trump has spent 150 times its value (and counting) to go golfing on your tax-dollars.

  24. Tax season is upon us- don’t forget to file early so trump can enrich his friends and family with your money.

  25. Watching the end of “Hillary” and she just said, “Okey Dokey Artichokie”.  I thought I was the only one left who still said that.  


  26. Jamie, yeah spring allergy season is here too and the voice of the schnozz can be heard throughout the land. at the grocery store ’tis disconcerting where abound sniffling stock boys and coughing cashiers  as well as suspiciously ill  shoppers.

    the guardian recaps some helpful info today:

     What are the symptoms this coronavirus causes?

    The virus can cause pneumonia. Those who have fallen ill are reported to suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. In severe cases there can be organ failure. As this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use. The antiviral drugs we have against flu will not work. Recovery depends on the strength of the immune system. Many of those who have died were already in poor health.

  27. this was also in that guardian article

    Coronavirus and pets: can my dog or cat spread the disease?

  28. Washington Primary coming up on Tuesday.  Last time around the Bernie cult invaded the Caucus.  This year  only the primary will count.  The picture tells the tale of why the Caucus should be forbidden.


  29. trump’s getting very fat- he must be a stress-eater.  i wonder what he is so stressed out about, hmmmm

  30. He washed his hands in muddy water and he’s in too deep, cause his bucket’s got a hole in it and his mojo ain’t workin.

  31. Maybe that’s why Melanoma is putting in a tennis court 
    I can’t see her playing. Must be for Barron

  32. the hill:

    The American Conservative Union (ACU) announced Saturday that an attendee at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 
    ACU assured that the patient did not make contact with President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, and never attended the events in the main hall. However, the organization did not provide any other details about the patient or what events at the conference they attended. 

  33. I got flu and pneumonia shots on the 3d – both in the right shoulder. I got sick that evening. I had pain like an infected stab wound in my shoulder; intermittent fever; intermittent chills; intermittent sweats; the stinging from my neuropathy ramped up to 11 almost all over my body, but not my scalp or bottom-my pain stew of gabapentin, duloxetine, acetominephen & ibuprophen didn’t work, only oxycodone gave some relief; extreme lassitude, sleeping 16 hours per day.
    IF you get a flu and pneumo shot the same day, please, please have them in different spots.  Apparently having them in the same place can do terrible things to you, for up to 3 weeks, and has been known to cause death. I couldn’t die, because I have to vote in November and see the new president inaugurated on January 20th. 

  34. xrep – A couple years ago, I had a pneumonia shot in one arm and a flu shot in the other.   The flu shot got a little hot, but the pneumonia shot, oy!   The arm swelled up and felt like there was a giant, gel pad under it; it was red all the way around my arm.  I called the teledoc and he had no idea.  I went back to my doc the next morning with a fever and feeling rotten.  He just told his nurse to tell me to take OT fever-reducer and go to bed.     The pics are frightening.      Is the pneumonia caused by Covid-19 a secondary infection or is part of that particular, viral nastiness?      I’m surprised they gave you two shots in the same arm.  My doc’s nurse had me sign a waiver for each and marked the sheets for the left and right arms.

  35. If Melania had a shred of decency or actually knew anything about DC, that Tennis Pavilion would be built in SE DC where it might do some good for the residents.


  36. CPAC plus 2 or 3 trump shout fests and the WH and cabinet all dosed with cofeve19 would be probably be fitting for the folks who down-sized our CDC and eliminated the pandemic unit. I don’t mean to wish ill on people, but . . . .

  37. Well, we have our first Covid19 case here in the area. A woman under 50 who travels. She lives out in the Kansas suburbs. There was an architecture/engineering company that was worried about 2 of there employees. don’t know if the 2 are related. 
    Need to stock up on orally administered sterilizing solution. It must work so far no cases in Scotland or Ireland. 

  38. BiD, Yes!  “Maybe this will be a wake-up call to not outsource production of meds.   I’m sure they are cheaper to produce in China & India, but…   And, there have been safety/quality problems with med facilities in India.   They only clean up if they know company is coming (inspectors).  ”
    I’d like to hear a candidate, any candidate have a healthy food/More food inspectors plank AND a make the meds in the USA plank.  Those are important for everyone!        

  39. Our wunnerful FLOTUS Ms Malanie tweeted the following:

    “I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative & question my work at the  @whitehouse to take time and contribute something good & productive in their own communities.”

    To which I replied: ” I do lady, every frickin day, now what have you done?”
    Have I been taking precautions and self medicating for the Corona virus?   As a matter of fact I have, why do you ask?

  40. So hand shaking is out and elbow bumps are in…. mmm, Hey, I may be the last person in the world who still coughs into my hand. I do so 1 because I am old and that is how we do it and 2 I have no children to have trained me to cough into my elbow. In modern America the elbow is the germiest spot on a person. Most of us wash our hands several times a day but how many times do you wash your elbow?
    OK, we are doomed

  41. KGC
    But they re doing elbow bumps and spreading the love. Not only that but they take the germy elbows home for who ever does laundry to enjoy the germs.
    We’re doomed

  42. Trump isn’t worried about the virus.  Will rallies be cancelled? No. “We’ll have tremendous rallies.”   Please, by all means, have an infection rally, like folks used to have chicken pox parties to infect their kiddos. 

  43. watching Warriors basketball and it looks like some empty seats but not too many.  I think people came out to see Stef Curry play but he is not there. Home with flu symptoms

  44. tiptoe – Every Coronavirus disease is different.  So if one did appear in 2018, a CoVid-18, it wouldn’t do help create a vaccine for this one.    
    I know they say must have mild symptoms and some may be asymptomatic, but then you hear the news that someone had mild symptoms and an hour later they are in critical condition and quickly die.   The virus must be doing more than impacting the lungs.  Sepsis?  Kidneys?    I think there will be more to the story bur nobody really knows yet.

  45. The  canceled South X Southwest gathering in Austin TX. A reporter that I follow in Texas for border issues pointed out when she was in college and waiting tables this event was 3 months worth of tips.  So as things happen it will be the regular folks who can’t work from home who get hit the worst. I sold one of my rental house and carried the note. When he came by to make the monthly payment I told him that if the shit hit the fan to not worry we would rewrite his note. We’ve got to prepare, just in case.

  46. jack – The mayor if Austin was asking folks to go out to eat a few times next week, get out and help the economy.  Huh?    
    What happened with the discussions that TrumpPence was having about financial support for folks and small businesses?   

  47. I had the old juke box cranked up this evening but for some reason every time I tried to share I was told I was posting too fast. A lot of good music

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