Quo Vadis COVID-19

X-R, am thinking you’re tight about “Maybe COVID-19 will take out all the antique candidates” in that it’s hard to be a political candidate and not shake a few hands, hold babies, hug grannies and eat whatever local grub is handed to you UN-gloved – plus the constant stress and not getting enough sleep which weakens your immune system.

For an example seen last night on news clip: Joe Biden shakes a bunch of hands and moments later scratches his nose.
Another example what if this NH contagion had gone to Bernie’s rally when he was in Vermont:


Also consider our trail friend BiD’s query:  what if IMpotus declares a health national emergency and cancels the election?


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  1. George, the former worst president ever, bush II, floated cancelling the 2006 election.  He was smart enogh not to.  SFB is stupid enough to try it.


    Surprisingly the media is surprised by a Biden grab of all sorts of wins.  This was not what the talking heads planned on happening.  They are trying to set up the scenario for Dems shooting themselves and letting SFB get another term.   A boring president does not make for readership, nor hours on talking head tv programs promoting their latest book.


    Breakthroughs are happening in power storage.  The hold back on getting away from fossil fuels has always been storing power,  This has applications away from vehicles too.

  2. I just don’t know what would happen if, heaven forbid, the eventual nominee or all of the top tier candidates succumbed to the virus.   Do we end up with the runner-up in American  Samoa, Tulsi G-why-is-she-in-the-race because she managed to snatch delegate(s)?     Does the DNC have rules for such a scenario?

  3. Anyway, I did my hoarding of water, canned goods, meds and disinfectant last weekend.  If you haven’t done so, I suggest to you contribute to emptying of store shelves while you can.    I’ve always kept a bit more than I need since I had a back injury 9 years ago.  I had no back-up supply of anything, grocery stores didn’t deliver then, and, my last, close friend at work moved.   Being in the same unsupportive situation, I try to stay prepared, although everything can now be delivered…if it’s in stock.

  4. What does Chinese “medicine” use the scales for?  Did you read the link yesterday, about the loopholed to the exotic meat trade.   They still allow fur, etc., so then there’s the carcass of some poor critter just waiting to be BBQ’d.

  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/03/05/coronavirus-officials-touch-faces/

    To prevent catching the novel coronavirus, do as public health officials say, not as they do. That means not touching your face. The advice is simple but the task is herculean, even for those dispensing it.
    Sara Cody, the public health director for Santa Clara County, Calif., slipped up at a news conference Friday, for example. “Start working on not touching your face,” she said.
    Less than a minute later, she raised hand to mouth and licked her finger to turn a page in her notes. As of early Thursday, almost 4.5 million people had watched the clip shared on Twitter.

  6. So Joe just got the endorsement of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.  We’ll see if he can do what Hillary couldn’t – beat Bernie in Michigan.

    Coronoavirus? Alfred E. exemplifies the SFB admin’s feckless management of it in the US. What me Worry?

  7. That “Don’t touch your face”  advice is almost impossible to follow.  I wake up, rub my eyes to get the crusties out of the corners, probably wipe tears out of the corners 50 times a day, do the same thing Sara Cody did in her news conference, and that’s just a start. I am going to NYC next week and will be in a cab or Uber and will be on the subway to get around.  I can’t remember going into the subway without touching a handrail, and there is no way to avoid contact with other people in it if you ride during times when the cars are crowded. And cabs and Ubers – fugetaboutit.  AND, I’m going to one of the places that you are almost sure to be exposed to illnesses you can’t imagine are in the environment – a hospital.  If COVID-19 is after me, I’m giving it every opportunity to find me.

  8. An email passed down from our Community police folks and now bouncing through that universe.  I will pass it on to my neighborhood email list and  I expect to get it 4 or 5 more times from others doing the same. What it basically tells me is I’m on my own.


    COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Prevention and Information
    From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
    There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as a reminder, CDC always recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including:

    Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

    Stay home when you are sick.

    Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

    Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

    Follow CDC’s recommendations for using a facemask.

    CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.
    Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others. The use of facemasks is also crucial for health workers and people who are taking care of someone in close settings (at home or in a health care facility).

    Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

    If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.


  9. Here’s a bit from Wapo about the spread of the virus in NYC.

    NEW YORK — First, a lawyer who commutes between the suburbs and his midtown Manhattan office was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Then, his wife and two children tested positive, along with a neighbor who drove him to the hospital.

    By Wednesday afternoon, another friend, his wife and three of their children were also infected.

    In the span of 48 hours, what began as one family’s medical crisis had spiraled well beyond their Westchester County home, shuttering Jewish schools and synagogues and crystallizing the virus’s power to propel anxiety across a region that is among the nation’s most densely populated.

    Not sure I like that lawyer bit…

  10. The don’t worry campaign seems to be working, or at least with most folks I talk to about it. That would mostly be retail folks at the checkout. Now there is a place to pass the virus around.

    As to the previous CDC advise, they worry about me washing my hands leaving the bathroom how about when I enter the bathroom and how about all those good citizens who know they are sick diligently washing their hands spreading their germy death all over the faucet handles, hand dryers, door knobs……….

    umm, maybe  the most dangerous thing I can do is wash my hands.


  11. patd, you have the best cartoons/memes!

    LOLOL@ “Coronavirus: Revenge of the Pangolins”  As in dark humor. Or if you’re British, humour.


    Someone said the point of the mask is to keep folks from touching their faces.

    Humor last night somewhere for greeting others,  touching feet not hands.

    I have a friend who’s absolutely neurotic about Covid-19. She has to stop watching the news to save herself. Twenty minutes of number of increased cases and deaths and then “don’t panic”.  She’s thoroughly panicked. As for me, I just got over Influenza B, bought a few things like BiD said, and am waiting for the wave of  Covid- 19 to pass on by.  There’s only so much you can do. You can make your own hand sanitizer with aloe vera and rubbing alcohol, in a pinch.

    About the wonders of delivery to your door step.  Forty years ago we not only had just a land line phone, before the plug in jacks even there was a loud bell attached to the basement rafters. The baby was new & hardly slept, forget the permanent basement bell. Had to get Ma Bell to remove the damnable thing. The TV had no remote.  I watched a lot of whatever holding said newborn. And there was no delivery. It would have been a God send.  I remember many heavily snow bound days with another new born and a 4 year old and needed something from the store. These young folks just don’t know. They never walked to school 15 miles barefoot in the snow uphill both ways.  :^)





  12. Democrat mission statement. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.”

    Rinse and repeat.

  13. Poobah, I’ve got to say I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting to see who Liz will endorse.  Next round of contests on 3/10 should reveal the shape of the race.

  14. Given that Warrens advisors are split as to what she should do. I suspect it doesn’t matter. I expect to see as many of her followers migrate to Biden as to Bernie. I suspect a large number of her supporters were Clinton diehards too.


  15. Well… I guess it was to be expected considering Liz’s lack luster performance on Tuesday.  But it’s still sad.  I do think she would have made a very good president.  Methinks she might not make an endorsement…. unless she does.

  16. A new poll out of Florida has Bernie at 12%

    He may not even get a delegate out of Florida.

    Looks like Michigan is a must win for Bernie


  17. Renee

    She is so much better working outside the system. She basically did all the heavy lifting in getting the consumer protection bill passed. And that was as a private citizen. She has found it much more difficult to work within the system.


  18. pogo, re that NYC trip, one word GLOVES

    while you’re there pick up a nice deerskin cashmere lined pair at brooks brothers  for just $198-  (comes in brown or gray).

    with those you can shake all the hands and grasp all the door handles you want

  19. My old man down in Alabam used to trap possums and sell the skins to Sears and Roebuck for fur lined gloves

  20. The Modern Hiawatha
    (Excerpt from “Song of Milkanwatha”)
    by Marc Antony Henderson (Rev. George A. Strong, 1832–1912) 

    He killed the noble Mudjokivis.

    Of the skin he made him mittens,

    Made them with the fur side inside,

    Made them with the skin side outside.

    He, to get the warm side inside,

    Put the inside skin side outside.

    He, to get the cold side outside,

    Put the warm side fur side inside.

    That’s why he put the fur side inside,

    Why he put the skin side outside,

    Why he turned them inside outside.

  21. those disposable latex food handling ones might be more practical

    KGC, gloves are better than nothing

  22. We have turned off all political coverage because it is so shallow and sheep like

    Biden ran a terrible campaign and was saved by fear.  He is a terrible candidate.
    and continues to ignore facts to make himself look good.

    four more years of the worst of gooper land



  23. Gee Liz might have done better in the system if Obama had appointed her as promised but he chickened out

  24. The Brits have written a number of articles on the efficacy of gloves   And there is no value.   It started because of the queen wearing gloves.  Which she does all the time

  25. Yeah… you bet Democratic voters are afraid.  Any Democrat who isn’t afraid at the prospect of 4more years of trump is a fucking fool…  IMO… of course.

  26. When you go downstairs in the subway, pull the sleeve of your hoody down over your hand.  No need to touch it or wear gloves.   I once saw a toddler licking a subway wall. Her mom pulled her away, but she went back for a second taste.   It was near The Natural History Museum, so it was one of the cleaner stops.  That kid is probably immune to everything now.

  27. Pat

    Gloves only work if you are in a full haz-mat  suit with a respirator.
    And it only works if you have a place to spray disinfectant(bleach) all over you before you take it off.

    Hmm, I may have one of those down in the basement.

    The advantage of being and marrying a packrat type person.


  28. If Warren  doesn’t endorse Joe or Bernie, what happens to her delegates?  Does she release them to do whatever they want?   I’m sad that she’s out, but now Bernie can’t say that Liz pulling votes from him is the reason for a loss.     Elizabeth Warren was the best of the best thus season.  Glad I got to vote for her.

  29. ‘Trigger finger mittens’ are the gloves of choice during this epidemic. Also, pay with debit/credit cards at the automated terminals available at most stores. No more cash hand-to-hand.

  30. Biden should recognize he didn’t get where he is because of anything he did except be an old white man.    Nothing to brag about

  31. Last line of this Biden tweet suggests no running mate discussions:

    “Senator @EWarren is the fiercest of  for middle class families. Her work in Washington, in Massachusetts, and on the campaign trail has made a real difference in people’s lives. We needed her voice in this race, and we need her continued work in the Senate.”

  32. KGC

    An old white man who got it done.  It was an amazing election last Tuesday and all your grumbling can’t take it away from him. He spent less money and got more votes. The Democratic party spoke, loud and clear.



  33. https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2020/03/05/coronavirus-dogs-cats/

    A pet dog in Hong Kong has a “low-level” infection of the coronavirus that causes covid-19 in people, in what may be the first known human-to-animal transmission of the novel coronavirus that has sickened more than 90,000 people worldwide.
    Weese said he is less concerned about the possibility of dogs becoming widely infected with the novel coronavirus than he is about cats, which, along with ferrets, were shown to be susceptible to infection with the SARS virus in laboratory experiments. A study published in late January in the Journal of Virology, he noted, predicts the virus that causes covid-19 can attach to receptor cells present in cats, pigs, ferrets and some primates — meaning those species might be at greater risk of being infected.
    “The big question for me is: Is it exclusively a human virus, or is it predominantly a human virus right now?” Weese said. “What we don’t want to do is get an animal reservoir,” that could spread the virus, he added, such as feral cats. “But that’s probably unlikely.”
    Most important for now is that people who are infected with or have been exposed to covid-19 think about their pets, too, Weese said — because of the unknowns about their vulnerability to infection, and because a pet can host the virus on its fur or skin, just as cash or a doorknob might.
    “If I’m self-isolating at home and living in my basement, away from other people, but my cat comes to sit on my lap, and I cough on it and pet it, and it runs upstairs and rubs against my kid and goes outside, then we’ve maybe got a little bit of a problem,” Weese said. “Consider your cat just like your kid.”

  34. Biden is doing everything he can to alienate Bernie supporters. So he can feed his overinflated ego.  Not a good look for someone who is supposed to unite the party

  35. imo, he needs to look for a vp outside of the Senate. Getting control of the senate will be hard and we don’t need to then have a seat contested and maybe lose it.  Ideal choice, someone one 20 years younger, looks presidential as if he/she can take over anytime, And takes an important group off his plate.


  36. Jack

    baloney.  It only happened because he is the pity candidate and all the old white men got scared.   Nothing to be impressed with at all and dooming the rest of to 4 more years of trump

    who will you blame then

  37. KGC

    Might be a good strategy, after all Clinton bent over backwards to kiss their butts and where did that get her?

    Personally I’m tired of the whinny little darlings. But that is probably from too much twitter on my part. Way too much “I’ll take my ball and go home, if you don’t respect me” zipping around twitter.


  38. Biden’s job is to unite the party not make the split bigger and that is what he is doing now


  39. KGC

    He is the last Democrat standing and others with just as good  resources are gone.

    That is all that counts. If he is so bad then the others must really suck.


  40. He is not he last man standing

    when cal is final sanders will be ahead does that make him the last man standing

    Biden acting like he did something special

    ism’t a good look considering until people thought Sanders would win were ready to dump Biden in the garbage




  41. I think Jack makes a lot of sense; but then I’m not the most stable genius here on the trail so consider the source.

  42. “runny nose, fatigue, sore joints…”


    …that describes how i feel every day, how will i know if i get infected?

  43. Jack, KC, at present Joe has 904,233 more votes than Bernie!. (and 65 more delegates).  Unless Bernie! pulls a rabbit out of his hat, Joe may walk away with big totals from the next 2 Tuesdays.  The polling isn’t current for most of the states, but even with old polling – some after the 1st debates and before the last debate where he woke up and before ST – it favors Biden in 6 of 10 (of a total of 13) and we can assume he’ll romp in Mississippi (no polling) like he did in AL.  4 of the states he leads in have 100+ delegates at  stake, and he has double digit leads in 3 states (+37 in FL, +18 in GA, +32 in MO), with Bernie! having a double digit lead in none. Probably why the RCP betting odds have Biden  at 85.4 and Bernie! at 16.1.


    In other good electoral news, Collins and McSally are both trailing their Dem challengers.


    Gloves – even if I wore surgical gloves and a mask I’d still touch my face, so a lot of good that would do.  I’m just glad the reported infected folks in NYC didn’t go to the hospital I’ll be in.


    And in late breaking news from WaPo,

    A major Orlando conference set to feature President Trump as a keynote speaker was canceled Thursday because of concern over the coronavirus.

    Organizers of the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, a health-care event that drew 42,500 registered attendees last year, said it was “clearly necessary” to cancel. They said that understanding of the virus’s potential reach had “changed significantly in the past 24 hours.“

    “Based on evaluation of evolving circumstances and coordination with an external advisory panel of medical professionals … it is clear that it would be an unacceptable risk to bring so many thousands of people together in Orlando next week,” HIMSS president and chief executive Hal Wolf said in a statement posted on the event’s website.

    Oh, and “Based on evaluation of evolving circumstances and coordination with an external advisory panel of medical professionals … it is clear that Trump knows less than nothing about health related issues and the last thing we need to do is let him lie to our attendees about coronavirus and the US response to it.”  Ok, I made the italicized part up, but Hal Wolf could have said the same thing.

  44. KC, Jack said he’s the last Democrat standing.  Unless you know of some 3rd man out there, Jack is right.

  45. Pogo… what?!… I thought trump said the virus was no big deal… just like the common cold.


    I want to vote for a real Democrat in November.  Go, Joe, GO!

  46. Lindsay Graham has opened an investigation into Hunter Biden.   Hunter Biden also worked for the bank mbna. What’s worse. Accused of being a socialist or being accused of being corrupt

  47. The race for president is going to get extremely nasty no matter who is the Democratic  nominee.  Of course Hunter Biden will be brought up if it’s Joe.  If it’s Bernie, expect him to be painted red and referred to as Comrade.

  48. Super Tuesday marked the end of being able to discuss politics in good faith.

    We all get to be real humans again on Nov. 4

  49. I got no problem with going after Ms Vocal Fry and her creepy spouse.  I’d like to know why she has some patent inChina for voting machines. They are the last people who should be near them

  50. All the members of the Gold Plated Tower Trash Nepotism Squad should be fair game.

    Don jr., Eric, Ivanka, Jared, and daddy dearest need to go down for theft and money laundering at the tax payers expense.

  51. No better proof Sanders would be an incompetent nominee than spending the week after impressive Nevada win defending Castro instead of calling Jim Clyburn.

  52. The Kushners work in the government  They should not be exempt because they are related to SFB

  53. Well did have a choice until all the old people in the party decided that they still wanted to be in control

  54. CNN’s Jake Tapper on Jared Kushner cashing in on GOP tax bill: ‘How’s that swamp looking today?’

    “After months of Trump railing against Joe Biden’s son Hunter for using his father’s position for financial gain, allegedly, Kushner’s windfall is raising conflict of interest concerns, to say nothing of the hypocrisy,” reported Tapper.
    The provision in the GOP tax bill that Tapper and CNN reporter Kara Scannell explained, means Kushner scored a $25-50 million profit. That’s more than four times what Republicans have claimed Hunter Biden got from being on the board of a gas company in Ukraine.

  55. I would like for one person somewhere sometime to explain, backed up with one fact, any fact, that the “Democratic establishment” or the “Corporate establishment” has is backing Biden and has done anything that has provided any advantage to Biden or any disadvantage to Bernie!.  The angry old man keeps saying that and then does that absolutely annoying thing he does with his lips after he makes a questionable assertion.  To this date I have not seen a single fact that backs that assertion up.  I will give him credit for one thing he said in his interview with Rachel the other night – that if Biden carries a plurality of votes into the convention he should be the nominee.

    I can assure you, KC, I will not have buyer’s remorse over favoring Biden where the alternative was Bernie!.  Others may, so you could be right, but I won’t be second guessing that choice.

    Renee, you’re right – why should I be concerned – I’m sure that if I’m exposed I’ll be one of the thousands of people who recover while going to work – if I recover quickly enough from the knee surgery to return to work before I recover from the virus. What a goddam idiot.

  56. crackers – You said Biden needed to unite the party.  That’s what he will try to do.   Trump/Putin, on the other hand, will try to keep our family squabble going.
    I mean, I didn’t love the last line if I use the filter ‘you’re not gonna be VP’  vs ‘we need you in the Senate.’    And, I think Joe knows how lucky is to have Clybern helping him (and Obama helping behind the scenes).     He’ll be damned site better than Trump.   And, yeah, if the go after Joe’s kid, Trump’s kids have plenty of dirt.   So, Ronan Farrow, start digging! People seem to tell him stuff…IDK…magic touch.    Actually, start on Invanker, Jarred & Junior now because you know we’ll need it.

    It will be interesting to see if Yang can implement the ideas he proposed in a private setting as a test to show how they can work.  I hope he isn’t overestimating human beings.  I tend to think worse of ‘em as years go by.


  57. Do you think Bernie! is trying to realign the base of the Dem Party (as if he gives a shit about the Dem party) because he believes there are enough Bernie! SA/CA Hispanic voters and young voters in this election cycle to overcome the black voters he’s blowing off?  He’s already way under water in FL since apparently he didn’t factor in the snowbirds and Cubans he alienated with his stupid comments. I really just don’t get it.  I thought he was going to try and expand the Dem base by bringing in new voters (which so far hasn’t appeared to be the case) rather than cater to them and ignore the traditional base.

  58. I don’t think Bernie is any better but others would have been better then either of the evil of the two lessors we are now picking from

  59. Margaret Carlson on MSNBC: “Biden doesn’t need Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement and Bernie doesn’t deserve it. He treated her like gum on his shoe much of the time. He never paid any attention to her. He only agreed with her when she was agreeing with him.”

  60. KGC… There’s one small thing that you are conveniently  forgetting….  old people vote…. younger people… not so much.

    When they break down voters by age in exit polls… The percentage of those over 45 is large.

  61. I hope Liz doesn’t endorse Bernie. As she said, there was Bernie’s lane or the Joe (Pete/Amy) lane.    A unicorn like Warren doesn’t fit, exactly, into either lane.    Joe doesn’t excite me, but we must get rid of Trump.     Bernie can go F himself.

  62. A doc at Stanford designed a unit for contagious folks.  It looks like a giant incubator. He said haz mat suits don’t work.  Too hot and people get infected when they take them off

  63. OMG… I just turned on the Bruins hockey game being played Sunrise Florida… and the stadium is two thirds empty.  It’s eerie.

  64. No need to worry about pandemic. Melania is building herself a tennis court:

    Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) tweeted at 0:20 PM on Thu, Mar 05, 2020:

    I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at @WhiteHouse. Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication. https://t.co/Wzown2ho26

  65. So Warren isn’t so happy about the Bernie Bros. I wonder why…

    Sounds like the 2 things Warren really hates is Bloomberg and Bernie Bros.


  66. The appointment of Jared Kushner to a high office in The White House along with Ivanka’s overseas investments are criminal, and not in a generic way , but these are serious felonies.  To get his office, Jared Kushner had to forego family business activity profiteering, which he agreed to, and immediately broke that commitment.  NPR and msnbc were all over this yesterday.   If we get a kind-of McCain/Palin surprise , meaning a picking of a surprise VP, what about the brilliant Kathy Porter of California? And now my essay:  I remember stuff, so here’s what was happening in 1960 after the conventions: Much debate was over Rome. Not the 1960 Rome Olympiad, but the scare that was if JFK was elected, il Papa would then control US affairs through a robotic young Kennedy. Oh yes, this is what was going on, filling up all three networks’ pol-shows. Other angles too, like what percentage of women would get all ga-ga over the youthful JFK and vote for him based on that. That shallow thread was what filtered through the mass media: the skirts ain’t all that politically sophisticated, see? ( I also include this in tribute to Warren’s statements on misogyny today on Maddow’s show. In 1960, the thought of a future woman President seemed as impossible as a manned moon rocket. Right.)

    So my point is, I am so grateful no idiots have been able to force-feed us that the Democratic nomination fight is really a battle of horn-headed Jew versus a Pope-feet-kissing old Catholic. Thank …uh…God. 

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