Let’s Watch SFB’s Head Explode

It was a wild ride on Wall Street last week, and by the time they turned the power off at 11 Wall Street the DJIA Wayback machine had taken us back to the first week of January, 2017.  Ready to see SFB’s head explode? 

Under Obama the DJIA went from 7550 to 19827 – or an increase of 148.3 percent over 8 years, or 18.5% per year. *

So far the DJIA has gone from 19827 to 25409 under SFB or an increase of 28% over 3 years or an average of 9.38% per year.

That means that the Dow has experienced half of the growth per year so far under Trump than it did under Obama.  Great job on the economy, SFB – as far as growth in my indexed investments, I’ll take Obama’s market thank you very much.

*The dates are approximate due to the scale of the DJIA graph I have access to.


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  1. on another note,  a heartfelt “happy” birthday song for Jamie.  at least it’s happier than the one posted last of last thread

  2. Reading the title I immediately thought of something else which has to be making SFB head explode.  The guy is all sorts of bad things as we know, but one in particular might be in play now – germaphobe.  He must be itching deep in his gut because of the new virus.  His cult members must be spending great amounts of effort lying to him about how there is no danger to him.  He is being shielded and is too stupid to realize it.  

  3. Bbronc, you’re right.  germ phobia most likely outweighs fear of stock market drop or even loss of personal wealth (look how many times he’s been bankrupt)

  4. That you for the kind felicitations.  Since I leave the bad years in the past where they belong, it has a very good life.

    As to viral spread, WA just had its second death.  So far only effects is that my son is worrying about Sakura-Con being cancelled or diminished because it is an annual father/sons event.  

  5. In case anyone amongst the lurkers were tempted by Jim Bakker’s Silver Solution

    Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually permanent. … The FDA also warned in 1999 that colloidal silver isn’t safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.


  6. Happy Birthday, Jamie!  Hope you have many more.
    Glad to read of the good time at the cat cafe.  It makes me miss my little buggers.  The kittens are almost 10 months old and this is the first time we’ve left them in care of our cat sitter ( our neighbor).  Can’t wait to see what they’ve done to the house when we return home ☺️

  7. Pogo… I’m of 2 minds.  I love to see trumpty’s head explode… but hate to think of our lost hard earned money.  We’ll see what happens at the beginning of this week in a few minutes.
    BTW… just dropped Rick off at the ski area.  He’s meeting 3 friends there.  They will be over to our condo later this afternoon for crackers, cheese, pepperonis, and lots of beer.

  8. I was absent yesterday so I just listened to Jack’s wonderful cello solos from yesterday. Here’s a trio to add to his mix:

  9. I canceled a routine appointment with my dermatologist scheduled for late Thursday morning. Her clinic is on the third floor of a medical building bustling with multi-disciplinary practices. The elevator is usually full of ‘sick’ people. Her waiting room is shared with another doc and is usually teeming with agitated people. Not me during this pandemic.

  10. I’m not happy about the Stock market fall from last week, but it was inevitable. The only happiness I get from it is that if confronted with the fact that his management of the economy isn’t what he has been claiming and that Obama’s stock market did twice as well as his it would reduce the Orange Clown to sputtering and lies.  At some point at least some of his below top 10% voters who have their retirement accounts tied up in Dow or S&P indexed 401K funds that took a big hit last week might actually consider an alternative – and if that alternative is staying home in November, that works for me.
    Following the SC results over the weekend Joe got a 3 point bump in national polls, a 7 point bump in CA, 4 pts in TX. Nothing much to draw from this other than a general uptick for Joe that may put him above the 15% threshold in CA & TX, preventing a Bernie blowout.  Hard to predict the future and last week’s polls wren’t accurate for shit, and none of the polls reflect Pete’s or Steyer’s withdrawals, although Tom’s won’t really move the needle.    Looks to me like it’s inevitable that this is going to boil down to a Bernie! Biden race and unless there is a third candidate still in when the convention rolls around, it could be a first ballot decision.  Not sure about the rules for the convention and how delegates won by candidates who have dropped out figure in during the 1st ballot, but I assume the magic number is still 1991 for a majority of pledged delegates, but I assume they go where those delegates want them to go.  Poobah, got insight?  

  11. Maybe this market is only a correction, but maybe it will lag and sputter through election day. Global warming, the progress of hate groups and the regress of international relations are probably more important than leaving Sweetie a rich-ish (sorta) widow. They are much more important than leaving me a rich-ish (sorta) widower. So, let it sputter and cause disillusion in the trump camp up until the first week of November.

  12. Remember the racist rapist boasting each time the Dow hit 25K ?
    On Friday it hit 25K 8 times, and the reptilian reprobate was mute about it. 

  13. The media made the economy Trump’s “wheelhouse”.   How stupid is that.  No facts there. Pogo makes the point but you won’t see that from the slovenly reporting. and losers like Carville. 

  14. Happy Birthday sweet Jamie. 

    I’ve been absent working on taxes. Very grumpy confronting the capital gains tax on our Orlando house sale. I even have to pay DC, which doesn’t seem fair to me. 

    Anyway, I’m still enjoying a Joe Biden sugar high. Just watched his SC victory speech again after listening to Jack’s excellent yo yo yesterday.

    Love this place, like an Island in the storm. Thanks to everyone who plays in our little corner of the internets.

  15. Pogo, your post today led me to another thought: what has been the impact of raising the minimum wage in big blue States? How much does that account for the rising middle class incomes that Trump brags about so much? Is he taking credit for something he actually opposes?

  16. Flatus, thankyou great music.
    Don’t blame you for being cautious given your many health issues. 
    Back when MrsJack and I first got together I came down with Mono. According to the health experts a man over 50  doesn’t get mono. At the time I didn’t have insurance so I would have to go to the poorfolks clinic and sit around a crowded waiting room to see a doctor. They would misdiagnose me give me some antibiotics and send me home. The antibiotics would clear up the bacterial infections do to my weakened immune system and I would improve for a few days only to get sicker from the bugs I picked up from my clinic visit. This went on for 2 or three visits until I ended up in the hospital with several types of pneumonia on top of the mono. 
    So yeah, hospitals and Doc. offices are the worst place to be.

  17. Last year, mrs jack and I decided to put most of her 401k into her company stock It is a private employee owned company so the value is determine on how  well they do rather than speculation. So unless the company goes bankrupt it is fairly stable.  There is little downside risk and when business is good like last year an attractive upside. However, under company rules I had to sell this year so I have a bunch of cash setting in the 401K.  Last Friday I took advantage of the drop to move some of it into the market. So I’m happy today, feeling really smart.

  18. News: Senator Amy Klobuchar will suspend her campaign Monday night and endorse Joe Biden, an aide to the senator tells CNN. 

    Klobuchar is flying to Dallas to join Vice President Biden at his rally tonight where she will endorse the former Vice President.

  19. Just saw on CNN that Klobuchar is ending her campaign and endorsing Biden.

  20. Wapo report on Amy ending her campaign.  
    I may be thinking wrong, but I think Lizzie should stay in the race.  Her support draws from Bernie! and her continued presence should draw enough support (assuming she hits 15% in a few states) to prevent BS from reaching 1991 before July. Not that she’d stay in to benefit Joe, but she doesn’t strike me as the type pragmatist to get out to benefit Bernie! – unless he offers the VP slot.  They still have that problem of having little support among black voters.  (Like Joe has limited support among Latino voters).  Some conundrum we’re in.  

  21. Poobah, you think Bernie! collapses tomorrow?  I don’t see that, but, Popcorn, monsieur, s’il vous plait.

  22. Between the unexplainable poor showing and the idiots protesting her over putting a murderer in jail, to hell with the victim, (thanks for the details on the retrial/is BLM aware of that/is cranky Sunny from The View aware of that) I’m not surprised Amy is pulling down the blinds.   I think she will make an excellent POTUS one day.     I’m really curious to see how Bloomberg fares on a ballot.   Fingers crossed that Warren gets to 15% (she was at 14% in TX) tomorrow.
    Happy (official) Birthday to Jamie!
    Front row for SFB’s exploding melon. We’ll wear ponchos like at a Gallagher show. 

  23. Yes, Warren is polling better.  Stay in!  She does draw from Bernie, and, her presence is a reminder as to who Bloomberg really is,  in addition to him having no debate skills. 

  24. At least Amy is endorsing Joe right away. Mayor Pete is being coy.  Actually, I think he’d like to wait to see how Mike does, because he’d probably rather endorse a Republican billionaire than endorse an actual Democrat.  

  25. Word is Amy pollsters predicted she’d lose her home state Minnesota  tomorrow, better to get out now and not suffer that humiliation. Warren faces this in her birth state Oklahoma and home state Massachusetts tomorrow. Not gonna be pretty for her. 

  26. Harry Reid endorses Biden: “Joe Biden’s strength of character and deep experience stand in the starkest contrast to Trump’s amorality, corruption and utter incompetence.”

  27. i wouldn’t be too embarrassed losing to these people.  Thanks for running, Liz, was nice to vote for someone i feel good about, for a change! 

  28. Happy Birthday, Jamie!

    (Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be pointing at you and saying “You’re Awesome” in the non-functional animated .gif, above, but WordPress. Thought that counts.)

  29. I imagine that Lizzie will get some of the Klobuchar votes and maybe even some of Pete’s, but I do not believe they will get the bulk of the 17% they collectively hold or that that Bernie will get many, if any, of those votes. This is settling into a horse race.

  30. My delegate math for tomorrow comes up with Biden best case scenario around 520, Bernie 590. Bloomberg, Warren and others about 250. If Joe can do that he’ll eventually win nomination.

  31. Jamie happy birthday1
    Sigh. Amy on hold.  Hello Sen Warren.
    Damn hoax keeps killing Americans.  I tend to think he has no comprehension of what is happening except in a picture story book way, at the third grade level.  I happened to hear a few seconds of some blathering he made a couple days ago and it was incomprehensible.   It was like a toddler telling a story using a couple of words she overheard adults saying.  The guy is bonkers.

  32. techie experts on trail, I need help.  stupidly inserted SD card upside down in my neighbor’s wild game camera and it’s stuck.  can’t pull it out. don’t want to break his camera by doing  another stupid wrong thing.  how do I fix this other than having to buy another camera?  is there a simple way to fix it?  HELP!


    borrowed camera in order to catch whatever critter is lurking around the chicken coop.  betsy, the boss chicken was attacked the other day.   comb was torn but she’s okay,  just a bit wary of her realm being invaded and taken aback that someone was audacious enough to do something so dastardly.  

  33. …give it to the handiest person you know to fix.  i’d prolly use needlenose pliers and risk damaging the card to save the camera

  34. BTW, nothing in the manual addresses the problem. so don’t tell me ” look in the manual under trouble shooting, dummy!”

  35. pat, I’ve pulled an SD card out with tweezers before when pushing the little hole with a paperclip didn’t work. Don’t know what’s around you, but depending on the value of the camera you might consider sending it to B&H in NYC.  Those people have technical magicians in the house.
    Poobah, Joe gets to round 2 at the convention and he gets the nomination I suspect.  If he comes away from tomorrow within a couple hundred delegates of Bernie I think his chances get better as the ensuing contests unfold.

  36. I just looked at my game camera and there isn’t enough room for pliers and tweezers don’t get a grip but I did take the sharp point of my pocket knife and  on the edge of the card there was enough room to get the point in and slowly pry it out. Any thing with a sharp point,  should work. just be slow and careful.

  37. thanks, guys. 

    I did see the suggestion about inserting a thin knife in to help take the card out.  I may try that, but will probably just call the neighbor and fess up.  he and his wife are very savvy when it comes to technology, in their forties so it’s 2nd nature to them and use it extensively in their work places.  plus he’s a retired 5 ME tour marine capt. qtr master type.  am sure he & she will know what to do with it.  I was hoping though that my goof could be ungoofed before fessing up to them.

  38. Be a Democrat.  Tell the truth. 🙂
    We’re into triple digits of coronavirus cases.   Are rallies & selfie lines a good idea in Dallas or anywhere else?

  39. Forecast has changed for tomorrow.  The big rain is holding off until Wednesday.

  40. So again they’re trying to make sure that Bernie doesn’t get the nomination??  I sure hope that Joe can win if he gets the bid!!  

  41. It’s my contention that the 50’s automobiles were the epitome of vehicle design for mass consumption. I had 6 of em. 
    56 Chevy convertible red and white
    58 olds 88 green
    58 Olds 98 white with all the chrome
    54 Olds 88 green and white
    56 Rambler
    Bonus Round: 60 Olds 98

  42. In the sixties they tried but just had run out of ideas, as mandatory safety features ate into their budgets.

  43. l’m sorry Amy is getting out but glad I voted for Liz
    Bernie will do fineBiden will lose to SFB. and people will try to blame Bernie but it won’t be Bernie’s fault it will be because Biden is a terrible old tired candidate and will be a worse president  I’m not going to be deleting anything
    You think painting Bernie as socialist is bad wait until Biden is painted as corrupt

  44. Tip, yep, I’d be beat if I tries to do that kind of schedule.
    KC you are nothing if not predictable. Bernie’s a frigging nightmare. If Biden gets the nom he won’t blame Bernie if SFB wins.  I might if Bernie pulls one of his I hate the Dem party acts like the last time, but Biden won’t.  I gotta agree with Pete – it’s a good idea to have a democrat as the democratic presidential nominee. BTW, I’m glad you voted for Liz, too. Dilutes Bernie’s vote and makes it more likely to lessen the difference between the various candidates’ delegates from CA.
    Jamie,  spoke with my BIL today – 4 more Covir19 deaths there.  Sad – Dumbass’ “Now there are 15, they’ll be down to 2 in a couple of weeks…” WTF was he thinking (I use the term thinking advisedly).

  45. JOE wins with WARREN as VP to pull in some lefties.    MIKE isn’t blinking yet.

  46. Crocodile tears for tweetie
    He is a sexist pig and just got away with it
    He wasn’t that good  mostly Mr Bluster

  47. Hmmm, wonder who they’ll tap to replace him?  I kinda liked watching him – gaffes and all.  

  48. He insulted female guests and staff
    won’t miss his learing
    glad you think he is just swell

  49. He may appear to have resigned but he was fired.  Not on the air for SC due to sexist behavior 

  50. Warren better off on the senate. Why would she be vp to the banksters favorite senator

  51. My dad says he is an independent, but always votes democrat as far as I know.  Tonight, he said, “Old Trump says the virus is a hoax AND that they’re working on a vaccine for it.  Maybe folks will vote for one of his personalities.”  Ha!  
    Now, if they could develop a vaccine to stop hoaxes or liars.  Eh, I guess that’s just sodium pentathol. 

  52. So long Chris Matthews. Quit going on his show years ago when he called me a racist for defending Hillary against his misogynist slurs. One less nut job on the air.

  53. Ya. It’s like a common cold. Right. 
    How’s about, Criminals For Trump 
    Easy to comprehend. 
    Abortionists For Trump (Keep Abortions Expensive and Profitable)
    A long read and difficult to think through. Propaganda has programmed us to think that the ripper party is pro-life, when it is only pro-contributions from pro-life suckers. 

  54. Maybe tweety has a bit of a health-related issue going on, too.   He doesn’t look quite himself. Hope he has time to enjoy retirement. 

  55. I’ve been expecting Tweetie to get the heave ho at some point.  He lost me with the obvious bias against Hillary.  

  56. Trump endorsed Kay Granger who calls herself a pro-choice Republican.    Wonder if he has any women that he paid off? 

  57. Harvey Weinstein made good movies but he still a rapist
    Chris Mathews may have loved politics but he is still a sexist pig
    due to the msnbc’s attempts to whitewash his leaving.  We have switched to cnn

  58. Yup… Chris Matthews denigrated Hillary… so didn’t Bill Maher… and quite frankly… so didn’t Craig during the last election.  I got over all of it.  Went back to watching Maher, Matthews… and chose to stay on this blog.  I, for one, will miss Matthews.  He could stick his foot in his mouth with the best of them.  But his love of politics always came through.

  59. I never liked tweetie. His voice I like fingernails on the blackboard. I’m sorry that I find tweetie’s slur of our gracious host humorous, but it is just too bizarre. 
    tweetie only wanted Obama to get the nomination cuz he was actually a McCain supporter, and wanted Obama would lose in a racist landslide.
    Screw tweetie. Now he can write his tell-all. 

  60. Hillary’s campaign wasn’t worthy of the candidate. And, she still got 2,816,000 more votes than the Isuzu Man.

  61. Mike has the endorsement of the Samoan Chief, so he’s got that going for him.  

  62. Maybe he promised Pete a different cabinet position.   I don’t see two, white guys as great optics for Dems.    

  63. Warren is the only VP that’s going to energize Bernie’s base to show up in Nov. You know what they say: Give me an older voter any day; they show up.  OK, millennials.   Joe’s gotta give ‘em something.   I will vote for him in November, but I am not excited at all.   Well, except at the thought of the Trumps moving out so we can fumigate the WH.  

  64. Who knows about the right choice for running mate. Just thought Biden was remarkably personal and heartfelt in what he said about Buttigieg. Seemed like he genuinely likes the guy. 

  65. This struck me as way beyond the usual politician happy talk. 

    Biden about Buttigieg: “He reminds me of my son Beau. That may not mean much to most people, but to me, it’s the highest compliment I can give any man or woman,”


  66. The optics of it, though.  I know Pete is gay, but I still just see two, white guys.  Warren could tear Trump a new one and energize us lefties.  Joe has two issues to address.   Lack of excitement over his candidacy and a more diverse ticket.   Warren ticks both of those boxes.     Pete would be better as SOS, what with his speaking in tongues and all.  

  67. Biden tonight about Trump: “The total lack of decency. He cannot stay there. The way he ridicules people. The way he demeans people. The way he demonizes people who are different. The way he is so self-absorbed he doesn’t care about anything other than himself.”

  68. Harris, Klobuchar & Bernie back to the Senate; Pete for SOS; BETO for HUD; Warren for VP; Yang for Sec of Ed; Tom Steyer for Ambassador to somewhere.   Bloomberg is very capable, but he’s a leader, not a team player.   

  69. Yep, when Trump lowered his body behind the lectern to mock Mike’s height, well, it’s ludicrous that this infantile person is CIC.

  70. Biden: “Trump is having a corrosive impact on our children. We’re seeing reports in schools mimicking the behavior of the president, kids bullying other kids, quoting the president’s language, singling out immigrants for ridicule and harassment. Our children are listening.”

  71. Only post SC poll in a Super Tuesday state so far and Biden is killing it:

    Virginia Democratic Primary 

    Biden 45%

    Sanders 25%

    Warren 13%

    Bloomberg 10%

    Klobuchar 4%*

  72. Blue, I thought the same thing about Olberman.  
    Chris was always annoying because he constantly talked over everyone!

  73. I rise to respectfully disagree with my distinguished and beloved colleague and friend,  the learned Ms 21.
    tweetie was also annoying when he did nothing and merely smirked silently. 

  74. As black folks appear to accept Joe as one of them, I wonder if there is a necessity to bring a Black onto the ticket, although the Mses Abrams and Harris are awfully attractive. Further, as the state of California has become a bold and vibrant Blue in the last 25 years, I don’t see any candidate bringing that state to the electoral college for Mr Biden, rather the reverse is true, California drags Dems to victory.

    To fish for Senate, House and Gubernatorial seats in this year of revulsion and revolt, a VP who can present Mr Biden with the electors of Texas or Florida would be lovely. A little less courageous in this tempestuous year would be a beloved VP candidate from Ohio, Pennsylvania, or North Carolina. I’d like to go for the Grand Slam, so I’d probably pick Mr O’Rourke. He’s bouncy-lively, clever & colorful, loves crowds, is young and pleases the Hispanic crowd. Have pence talk to a big crowd of Hispanics from Shitholia, and see the difference between the two. pence might have pried away the votes of the discalced Carmelites, except that pence converted to anti-Catholicism. Mr O’Rourke would get the rest.

    When you run against a repugnant, racist, rapist russophile guy who can’t break 50% on job approval or 45 % on direction of country, you might as well play molto con largo. Or, is it largo con molto ? Anywhat, you catch my drift, I’m sure.

  75. VPs are many times a surprise.  Biden has a great list to pick from, but Bernie will select Warren.  As touching as the Joe-Pete love fest was last night, Sunday’s speech in South Bend by Pete was so Presidential he had the “2024, 2024!! ” chant going.  Biden confirmed what we all know, that being Pete is a rising superstar.  I don’t hate Joe at all, but all my life I have been waiting for a candidate just like Bernie, and my bumper stickers  proclaim I am for Bernie.  I do not disagree with anything he says or has said. I love how he again explained to the country that he is a proud Jew, then condemns Netanyahu as a racist, awful person, which I preach all the time and get called an anti-semite for doing so.  Netanyahu punishes Palestinians and Bernie calls him out on it.  Bernie strongly believes in Zionism, believes in Israel as a legitimate settler state, but is outraged at how the two-state solution has never happened.  Every American Christian who praises modern day Israel should take a look at Netanyahu’s problems, that’s all.  Netanyahu is like Putin…the people cannot get rid of him.  But we here can definitely kick Trump to the curb, so let’s do it.  Vote Blue, no matter who.  Craig, I remember and I thought of you as soon as I heard Matthews’ announcement.  I remember that night as if it was tonight.  You tempered your keystrokes, but your hurt and rage at that uncalled for bullshit resonated.  Also , I can imagine your sorrow at the loss of Imus.  Your appearances were so great , and Imus took a fascination to the career at K-Mart of your mother.  The long story about how your dad basically colonized Florida was amazing as well.  I have been around but not posting much.  I am as well as a 70 year old can be, but now I use canes and a rollator walker to get around.  Damn arthritis.  Just glad to be alive and hope to see Trump dumped.  

  76. Hi, Dexter !
    It’s good to read you again. I missed you. 
    Ya netanyahu is poison for Israelis and Palestinians both. He’s been a PM for ages, but he’s never had a majority, and in his last term he was a minority within his coalition. Maybe this time they can oust his corruption.
    Yellow dog here, I’ll vote for Warren in our primary, but after Super Tuesday, unless there’s a Warren miracle, my money and effort will go to Biden. 

    I’m sorry to read about your arthritis. Being old does have its down side. There ought to be psa warnings about it on the tube.

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