Sunday Serendipity

Another NPR Tiny Desk concert, this time with Yo-Yo Ma and his cello. Click on the youtube link to read NPR’s information about the video or just listen as Ma is an excellent teacher as well as cellist.

And as always, if this inspires you to think of another piece of music and you want to share please do so. Or if you think there is a better interpretation of todays music I would enjoy hearing it. Because for me this is about exploration and learning.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. from last of last thread:

    craig,  Bloomberg needs to stay in to continue his anti-trump ads.  he helps Joe Biden (or lizzie) better with those  ads and puts a lot more $$ joe’s way that way then he would if he dropped out and had to adhere to a donr contributor limit.  staying in also gives him room on the debate stage to bugger Bernie.   he also rattles IMpotus by staying in until the convention at which time he can throw all his behind the scenes weight to whomever is the anti-Bernie left standing. 

  2. jack, sorry to jump straight to politics and silliness, but couldn’t have topped your selection with a better one anyway.  love any thing yo-yo ma.  thanks.

  3. PatD – I hope Mike stays in,  too.   He has the best-produced ads.   Until we actually see how he fares on a ballot, we don’t know if they are making impact in Mike’s favor or just against Trump.       

  4. “Add Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina popular votes all together and Biden is beating Sanders by at least 14,000 votes. Can we please rethink the myth of Bernie Sanders as frontrunner? 236k votes for Biden vs 222k Sanders in the first four states”

    craig, amen.  just hope media talking heads read and heed what you said.

  5. Craig:  Jamie, so sorry, think Amy has run her course, but certainly raised her profile. Going further will damage that. 

    Craig, I agree so much that I marked the family ballots for Biden.  They won’t count until March 10, but they have gone in to be counted.


  6. Didn’t bring the ear buds… so I can’t really hear the music enough to appreciate it.  But I’m sure it’s great, Jack… Yo Yo the best!
    I voted for Amy knowing she wouldn’t be the nominee.  I feel no shame in that.  She can now be the great senator that she is… so can Liz.

  7. RR

    Washington has a large Sanders contingent left over from 2016 when we were still a caucus instead of a primary.  Not taking any chances.


  8. All of this shows the need for changing the Democratic Party method of choosing presidential nominees.  The current method is a waste of massive amounts of money and time.  Perhaps a everybody in ballot in late Februaryfor a national vote and the top three or four from that have a vote in may in another national vote.  The winner of that is the Dem candidate.  There are many other ideas, but we have to get away from a system where millions of dollars are spent on a tiny handful of delegates instead of a lot of delegates.

  9. BB

    Right now Biden has more actual votes but fewer delegates, so some change needs to be made.  At present, the “super delegates” are still needed.  Many voters don’t understand who they are. Bernie didn’t like them in 2016 because they favored Hillary, and they were reduced to only second ballot in the rules he helped write.  Now he doesn’t like them because the new system he wanted isn’t to his advantage.

  10. one thing I enjoy with YouTube is being able to watch different performers do the  same piece and observe how they approach their music and instrument.  Yo-Yo Ma looks as if he is making love to his cello compared to this performance by Mischa Maisky where he is doing an intricate dance. Same musical score but a subtle difference determined by the musician. It is what makes music live.

  11. I’m not sure why the one link imbedded and the other didn’t. They are both the same link  and go to the same video.

  12.  BB – I would also like to see a ranked ballot.   Joe sure seems peppier this morning.  Bernie talking about a multi-generational movement…if Joe puts Warren on the ticket, that’ll work much better.    Bernie changing his tune on delegate count v popular vote.  I hope Mike and Liz can take down Bernie on Tuesday.    

  13. jack – That brings back memories of a sweet, little movie called “A Little Romance, “ or, at least that’s what comes to mind from that tune.
    If y’all haven’t heard a band called Lucky Chops, check ‘em out.   Love the videos of them playing in the NYC subway.  They’d blow the walls out at NPR, so I can’t imagine a Tiny Desk concert for them.  

  14. Does Trump realize that the more he babbles, the bigger Dem turnout against him will be in November.
    “A Czar” is doubling down on the TrumPence narrative about cofevee. 

  15. The parties need to take back control of the vetting and screening process. Right now anybody with money can hijack a party. It happened to the Republican party with Trump and is happening to the Democratic party this go around. A lot of the primaries are controlled by the states and would take legislative changes. But there are some minor fixes on the party level could help. While they can’t determine who runs in a state primary they can determine who is an officially recognized candidate. Some simple rules, you have to be a party member and  for a major office  like the president I don’t think it is too much to ask that you have won an election as a declared party member. Just that last would eliminate the dilatants like Steyer and Trump.

  16. If we are going to go the delegate route and the 15% cut off then we need ranked choice. Other wise we need to go to one man one vote,  get rid of the delegate system, hold a primary/caucus in each state and total up the votes.

  17. TX – Biden & Bernie 24% each -Mike 17% (siphoning votes from Joe, but that was before Joe’s win in SC, so that may change minds)  -Warren at 14% (just 1% away from the threshold for delegates)

    From Politico

    People in Super Tuesday states and California, in particular, are not returning their ballots yet,” Danielle Cendejas, a Democratic strategist in California whose firm did campaign mail for both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. “They’re waiting for a signal, and I think this is a signal. If you were debating between which of the Democrats who aren’t Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren to throw your hat behind, you’re probably going Joe Biden’s way.”

  19. Bid
    what it also does is let you have a diverse ticket and  create a process where you have an agreed upon majority candidate. Win/win

  20. This election IS war… we are fighting to save our republic.  No more choices of the heart. ( I was lucky that Amy was surging in the polls… if it had been Joe, I would have voted for him).  You think a progressive will win in the states that matter… bullshit!  You think you are woke and know what matters… bullshit!  The only thing that matters is the electoral college map.  If the Democratic nominee doesn’t win those handful of states that need to be won …. and you all know which states I’m talking about… we will lose the America we love.  Like it or not… A socialist Democrat and/or progressive doesn’t get it done.  But Biden does.
    Give up your naive fantasies!  They always bite Democrats in the ass…  think Hillary.
    You can now go back to your pretend regular programming.

  21. Given the one party nature of our current world, I support nonpartisan elections with ranked choice voting. Here in Kansas city we do nonpartisan elections but without ranked choice the fringe candidates seem to do better. So each election is a crap shoot. We have idiot mayors and we have had good ones. Fortunately for us we do a mayor/manager form of government so there is only so much damage the idiots can do. But ranked choice on the first round would at least get the most popular candidates to the forefront.

  22. BTW, can we get some snow in New Hampshire so we can have some peace and quiet around here?
    grin duck and run

  23. 3 or 4 Super-Tuesday-esque blocks of primaries (no more caucuses) with roughly equal delegate proportion from each block would be an improvement imo

    So, a Super-Tuesday in February with 20 primaries, another in March with 20 primaries, and a final in April with 20 or so primaries.

  24. the hot new indie band “Big Thief” is very Neil Young-sounding, with a female vocalist.  i’ve posted them a bunch, so i won’t now, but point is there is a lot of great new “classic rock/folk” music being produced, now.  

  25. the guardian reports about the above:
    Mike Bloomberg has bought three minutes of primetime TV on Sunday night, in order to address the US about the coronavirus outbreak and Donald Trump’s response.

  26. here’s more from the guardian about it:

    In the ad which will air on CBS and NBC around 8.30pm ET on Sunday – and which is entitled “Leadership in Crisis” – Bloomberg appears in suit and tie and American flag pin, in front of a background which thanks to more flags and a sunlit window looks not unlike the Oval Office.
    “At times like this it is the job of the president to reassure the public that he or she is taking all the necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of every citizen,” Bloomberg says.
    “The public wants to know their leader is trained, informed and respected. When a problem arises, they want someone in charge who can marshal facts and expertise to confront the problem.”


  27. Today, after the coronavirus has been on the radar for two months, Trump announces they are going to start screening folks arriving from places like Italy.   Too late to close the barn door now, dingus.   Trump cut funding. Trump denied the problem.  Trump blamed Dems & the media for informing the public.  Trump put Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force, but only to act as a clearinghouse got intel, not to deal with it properly.   Ain’t Mother Nature a kick in the pants?  

  28. Tom Steyer’s ads are still running here.  Of course, he bought ad time before SC, but I hope voters are aware that he’s out.   Local show this morning stated the early voting for Republicans exceeded Dems in TX.   Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that Dem turnout will be low, but they are just waiting to make up their minds.   

  29. Rain is expected over much of TX on Tuesday, including Austin, El Paso, and, Houston, where  Bernie has been working to turn out the Hispanic vote.   
    Some Republican on the local show said they are working the suburbs to take back any territory Beto gained during his senatorial run.   Think they are scrambling to keep TX from turning purple. 

  30. Twitter rumor has corvid19 being spread from Iran to Syria by way of Hezbollah fighters being trained in Iran. If so then it is a perfect incubator.  Also read that Turkey was pushing refugees toward the Greek border.  So far nothing to indicate it is more than a bad flu with the usual populations vulnerable.

  31. Apparently the covid19 is slightly skewed to attack us old geezers rather than to attack the whippersnappers. Lucky Mr Bink !

  32. Gotta be one of those bernie! boy plots.  It’d be okay, if I could take him with me. nyuck, nyuck, nyuck

  33. Well, after yesterday I’m taking all polls with a large grain of salt.  The polls had Biden up from 4 to 20% in the last 3 days leading up to the SC primary.  Ended up a 30 point advantage.  And Joe now has 60,000 more votes in the 1st 4 contests than Bernie! By Bernie!’s assessment following Iowa, Joe is ahead.  Let’s see how consistent Bernie! is following SC.  I’m guessing I can predict that.   

  34. Xrep
    something I said on another forum about Covid19, was talking to a millennial/late genX. 
    “And look on the bright side, it kills off the old folks, think of all the nursing home money us old farts have stashed away that will be passed on to the younger generation, might even cure the social security problem”
    I think that is when I started whistling the Monty Python song, “always look on the bright side of life”

  35. Bernie was already backtracking with George Stef this morning.   Somebody needs to win big in the rest of the states so he doesn’t make a nuisance of himself.  

  36. Looks like more Democrats are getting off the fence and endorsing Biden. I don’t look for Obama to do it. He has always been above that sort of thing.

  37. jack – If that’s true, then like they said on SNL, Mayor Pete will be the last one standing.   My plan (since we’re on our own) :  Get some sunshine (or take D3 & K),  take lysine, eat garlic and onions,  drink tea, and, get a lot of sleep to help the immune system.    When I do get a fever, I always wrap up and turn in the heat to help my body kill the virus, which is the purpose of a fever.  Of course, if it gets too high, then it’s time for a fever-reducer.   

  38. I do think Obama will get involved after we have a nominee, though.  He and Michelle will push hard to get out the vote.  

  39. “…attack us old geezers rather than to attack the whippersnappers.”
    i’m playing the same game as everyone else.  Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em🤷‍♂️

  40. …super easy to avoid people, now, by the way, you just have to shrug and say “sorry, coronavirus”, and go about enjoying the day!

  41. BiD, ya got a point, Mayor Pete it is.  And don’t forget the Vitamin C, Best way to take it is naturally from lime juice. Doesn’t hurt to mix it with your favorite orally administered sterilizing solution. Hmmm, rum or tequila? wtf, looks like a trip to the store to stock up.

  42. WHO says my pneumonia shot isn’t protective, but I wasn’t trying to find out about that shot with regard to coronavirus.  Since it seems to be a secondary infection that takes folks down, I was wondering if that vaccine would have any impact.   IDK.

  43. Oh, yes. I bought a bottle of Ester-C yesterday.   I am hoping that although this needs to be taken seriously, folks will figure out the new normal of prevention (self-care and avoidance)/hygiene (should not be new, but to some…) and it’ll be OK.
    The Pope had a runny nose. The man only has one lung.  It someone with a high profile goes down, there will be chaos.

  44. If you saw David Byrne on SNL last night, there is a live version of the “American Utopia” album (on Broadway).   Listening to “Toe Jam” is a cure to poor spirits, at least. 

  45. Boy, Dick Clark sure looked young in that clip.  He could’ve been in his 30s but he looked about 18.    

  46. AHA, ’twas you, Mr Jack !  You’re the guy who taught me that this new virus would prefer me to Mr Bink. I been scratching my head trying to remember who. Belated thanks.
    I won’t lose any sleep over cov19. No matter how late I stay up, I can’t lose sleep. It always catches up to me. That last one though will be a duesie. 

  47. Nooners.    Way past her sell by date
    The person who believes in magic dolphins and tried to throw herself into Raygun’s grave

  48. SC is not representative of anything except Jim Clyburn andvis desperate plea for the loser Biden

  49. Sorry Suckabee Sanders (oooh, another Sanders) was in Dallas at a Baptist Church  with the most horrifically Un-Christian pastor, Jeffers.   It just makes me cringe.

  50. I’ve been wondering who I’d vote for. I like the two women best. However, Sweetie announced this afternoon that she will vote for Amy. Therefore, I shall vote for Liz. Also, I’m wishing Joe well and mike & bernie not so well. As for donald, I’m wishing him covid19, so that we can all blame president pence for the death of the racist russophile rapist.

  51. I think Pete’s team was caught off guard by his departure from the race.  Local news was supposed to meet him at a sound stage and an aide was called outside to take a call.  He’s not showing; campaign is suspended.   I think there was some shock that things seemed normal and there was to be a rally here, then the plugged was pulled. 

  52. Officially 76 tomorrow which obviously gives me “old coot” status.  Not quite sure why I still feel 40 years younger.  

  53. A close friend of ours labored long and hard to put together a Buttigieg event in St Pl’s Af Am community this afternoon. The National Policy Advisor was supposed to speak. Sometimes life hands out turds, and the only thing you can do is fertilize the roses.  

  54. All these old white people endorsing Biden
    Barbara Boxer check bouncer thinks people who voted for her based on her say so will vote for Biden.    Too bad Babs. Everyone has already voted

  55. How was the cat cafe, Jamie?    I hope you have a great day tomorrow, too.  Happy Birthday! 🎉 

  56. Dad will be 106 on the 4th, but he’ll be too dead to enjoy it. Wish he were here. Lordy, how he would cuss trump out if he only knew ! 

  57. Out of California, rohrbacher, dornan, dannemeyer, cox, gallegly and packard, all rip up licans also wrote bad checks. cox denied it. Packard hunkered down. duncan hunter was tops with 160 bad checks, and he refused to apologize.
    Boxer apologized.
    Two MN reps were caught, only the Dem lost his seat. The evil lying jerk vin weber kept his seat. 

  58. Never admit liability.  The truth will sink you.  That’s the Republican  stance and, sadly, it works in this world.   If any of them claim to be Christian, I’d take it with a grain of salt. 

  59. I received 2 things in the mail this week from Bloomberg asking for my support. Plus, I also received something that was postmarked from NY. When I opened it up it was a “letter” from a woman whose husband was a NYC firefighter on 9/11. She was urging me to vote for Bloomberg.

  60. My younger son’s first word(s) was Yo Yo Ma as we were sitting on the floor watching Mr. Rogers. He REALLY tried to say Purple Panda but just couldn’t. He was about 2.

  61. Bid

    It was fun and should any of our four cats depart, we know where to go.  A half hour is more than enough with felines that don’t know you.  They are a suspicious lot.  The lunch at Engine 9 was great as I can get real fish and chips.  When it comes to fish, I may be part cat.



  62. I had a Moroccan style fish dinner on Friday, and it was pretty good. But, I don’t think the salmon was actually, exactly, really, truly, precisely, authentic Moroccan. 
    ’twas good anyway.

  63. The local Black Lives Matter is protesting Amy Klobuchar for being the State Attorney General during the trial and conviction of a murderous gangster named myon burrell, who on Nov 22, 2002 accidentally shot and killed during a drive-by shooting, 11 year old Tyesha Edwards while she was doing her homework.
    The real crux of the matter was the prosecutor’s admission of Spreigl Evidence (evidence of past criminous behavior to demonstrate character, intention, etc) w/o first advising the accused that Spreigl Evidence would be presented. It seems to me that the error in the alleged ‘failing to advise’ lies with the defense, for not questioning the prosecution’s plans, but the way the Spreigl, Gomez, Kennedy, and Ness decisions affect each other is a complex business.
    burrell did the deed; the jury found him guilty and the judge gave him life plus 12 months on the murder charge and a consecutive term of 16 1/2 years on the attempted murder charge. The convict appealed and the court ordered retrial. This time burrell chose a bench trial before a black judge, who gave found burrell guilty again and gave him life plus 60 months and a consecutive term of 15 1/2 years on the second conviction.
    A second appeal found that the Holmes decision prevents the judge at the second trial from adding to the original sentence. So, the murderous bastard is still guilty, but there’s a matter of 4 extra years he shouldn’t have to serve after he’s dead and buried beneath the prison floor.
    So, BLM is blaming Amy for the ‘injustice’ done to myon burrell, and they want him freed. The life of sweet, well-behaved, innocent Tyesha Edwards is entirely erased, and it doesn’t matter to BLM. f’umall. I’m outraged.

  64. XR – The last time I checked, there were few Salmon swimming in the sands of Morocco.

    Tyesha Edwards didn’t receive any kind of a warning either –  Echoing your  Grrrrrrrr


  65. Jamie, for your special day




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