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  1. sturge, all I could think of when seeing those 2 tanks and that heater hood near wood was a very big explosion about to happen.

  2. “Bernie is Elmer Gantry not St. Francis”

    Jamie, continuing with your clever insight, another comparison could be made of trumpence – the tammy faye & jim baker duo.

  3. The big red tank in back is an air compressor so no explosion there. “Mr. Heater” is made to go ‘pon  top de propane…..never heard of an explosion there, either.  So, unless you turn the heater directly on the wood it’s fairly safe.    

  4. Got me one of those lp radiant heaters a few years back. Mine has 2 elements so it uses up lp twice as fast. Damn thing puts out a shitload of heat. 

  5. sturge, mine is just an unhealthy fear of anything under pressure that looks like a bomb including kitchen pressure cookers and coleman camp LP lanterns.   wonder if in childhood i witnessed some kind of home canning catastrophe.  

  6. Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the Trump administration’s response to the public health crisis posed by the coronavirus.

  7. also worthy watching from bill’s show last night is the 12 minute segment of

    Field epidemiologist and UCLA professor Anne Rimoin joins Bill to discuss the public health threat posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    which you can click on at end of above video.  among other things fascinating,  she brings up the bat bbq our trail friend BiD warned us about yesterday.


  8. I was voter 162 at my precinct at about 0945. They have a wonderful system going from the ID verification and sign-in, to the issuance of a blank sheet of paper that becomes a printed ballot. I inserted the paper in the slot of the voting machine. a video ballot was presented, I chose Pete, verified, and the voting machine returned a fully printed ballot (on my sheet of paper), with the ‘X’ next to Pete. I was then directed to carry the ballot to a fancy copy machine where I inserted my ballot face-up, the screen zapped the picture of it and captured the paper for posterity. I was/am impressed. I saw no signs of hanky-panky by the opposition. Every time I appear at the door to the precinct, the ladies managing the site jump up and down in joy; it’s a happening for all of us.

  9. Flatus… how wonderful the ladies love you.
    We’re leaving shortly.  Taking my new iPad and Amazon Fire tablet…  plus I have an iPhone.  Won’t get caught without electronics.  I’ll watch the primary returns up there.   See you all later tonight from the wild and wooly north country of NH.

  10. Kristen Chenowith is trying to produce, “Tammy Faye, The Musical.”
    A relative just told me the media is responsible for the coronavirus hype ruining his retirement fund…and in the next breath said he doesn’t trust China.  

  11. Flatus – That sounds like our new system here, except the guy said it didn’t matter which way the ballot faced in the scanner. I don’t remember if I put in up or down.    Well, I’m taking Super Tuesday off as a holiday.    Happy Leap Day, Y’all! 

  12. Reminds me of Hank Hill; propane and propane accessories.   I loved “King of the Hill,” as the characters were all recognizable IRL North TX. 

  13. BiD, I suspect you are correct about a 2-sided reader. My guess is, on this particular election there will be no 2-sided ballots so to save wear-and-tear on the scanners, switch the double scan off.

  14. I’m sorry to hear that, Jamie. You and all the people you love follow the common sense precautions that I know you will stress to them. For years I’ve kept those small bottles of alcohol-based hand disinfectant in our cars. And I use the stuff when I get back in the car after pumping petrol or pushing a cart around the supermarket.

  15. “She was a wonderful woman.”  OK, Donald.  Not that you actually know anything about her except that she died from Coronavirus, but I’ll give you a pass for saying something decent.

  16. Flatus – I hope you are correct and that my vote was actually counted.  I look like a hoarder; I have 3 boxes of canned green beans, pears and the like in my garage, plus water and water filters.   I also bought snack foods that I don’t normally buy anymore, but since they don’t expire until 2021…just in case it’s better to avoid crowds for awhile.  

  17. I have folks in my office every week who travel internationally on a regular basis.  I wish I could work from home.  If the market keeps up, I won’t be retiring (voluntarily) anyway.   

  18. KGC, glad to hear mr C is staying in.  hopefully those of us on the trail who are over 80 or diabetic or pregnant or have any other conditions that lessen the immune system which put us in the riskiest category will heed his wise advice.


  19. Bink, yep. CO is a definite risk with LP. Says so right  on the warning label. Wouldn’t want to use it in any tightly closed space.  

  20. the hill reports:

    A super PAC supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) presidential bid unleashed a seven-figure digital ad buy Saturday targeting black voters in nine Super Tuesday states.
    The ads represent the latest salvo in a blitz by Persist PAC, which has spent over $14 million since its founding earlier this month. The ads are intended to boost Warren ahead of Super Tuesday, where polls show her lagging in many of the 14 states that will cast ballots on March 3.



  21. The incubation period for Corvid 19 is 10 to 14 days. So the woman who died has been carrying around the virus for 2 weeks. and contagious for the last week.
    Given the crazy response by our president, I am glad that the health system is mostly local. 

  22. Thanks, Pogo
    Flu almost killed me a few years, ago, and electrolyte-drink saved my life.  There are non-sugary options available.
    Best advice i have for you fine people.

  23. Pat
    I was reading where Warren has the backing of liberal black activists but that hasn’t translated to any support in the black community.

  24. I have a natural gas furnace and my emergency generator is LPG fueled. In addition to smoke monitors I have a CO alarm in the Kitchen not far from my electric range.

    Doesn’t look like we’re going to get any more rain this month. So, we had 8.05-in in January and 6.19 for February. A whopping 14.24 inches total for those two months–more than twice the total since I started logging results in 2016.

  25. KGC, I think having a CO-alarm somewhere inside would be prudent. They look like a smoke detector but cost slightly more. CO is insidious as it is colorless and odorless. It is the result of incomplete combustion of any carbon based substance including LPG or natural gas. For outside LPG tanks, brush a little soapy water around the valves and connectors making sure there are no bubbles forming around where you painted. Bubbles mean leaks that should be looked into.

  26. Katrina.  Katrina.  Katrina
    heck of a job mikey
    I wonder if Dr Faucci choked when Pence bragged about his hiv work

  27. SC exit poll turnout:

    10% 18 to 29 year olds

    Can we please get over this myth that Sanders is turning out a miracle youth vote that compensates for him losing swing voters to Trump?

  28. Just saw Warren ads twice!  It used a clip of Obama praising her work.  The voiceover is too subdued.  Mike has a better ad team.   Everyone should take notes.
    jamie – The cat cafe sounds like so much fun & the pictures on their website really suck me in.   I hope you have a great time!

  29. Tanks….My old man was a welder at the shipyard in 48…..he put the torch to some kind of tank which was tagged to be cut, but a plug blew out and caught him in the thigh.  He wound up with the gangrene in his foot and they wound up amputating below the knee.   Tank wary over here.

  30. Hello from the White Mts of NH.  Lots of people up here this weekend.  Can’t wait til they go home tomorrow.  Restaurants are really crowded… we’re doing takeout cuz it’s easier.
    Not gonna join the live blog tonight… watching a Celtics game.  I’ll check the results during commercials.  Everyone have fun!

  31. Rachel Maddie not so much.  Yesterday ay she spewed misinformation about the brakes on cable cars to make some lame point
    main brakes on cable cars are Not traditional brakes. They are pine blocks .
    She is a shallow loser

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