Sunday Jazz

You Tube’s algo takes serendipity to new heights. I was busy all day Saturday and was slow finding a selection for Sunday. Clicked on You tube and this was at the top of the list.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. “Rain on a tin roof sounds like a drum. We’re marching for freedom today, hey. So, turn on your headlights and honk your horns when people get in the way.” -Monty Python’s Flying Circus

  2. That sounded like softer rain than the sideways stuff we usually get in Texas.
    Mayor Pete is going after Bernie harrrrd! Here’s the problem with going after Bernie.  If he is the eventual nominee, it makes it more difficult for everyone to support him, if only to oppose Trumpsky, the Russians, and the Republican-Russian  lackeys who support SFB.  Our best hope is that Bernie’s health craps out this week, he drops out and goes home to rest, and, his support goes elsewhere.   
    I guess we’ll see what the next debate holds.  

  3. I do not like seeing storm clouds on the horizon, but I see them. I see 2 houses of congress and the WH being in repug hands for the next 4 years and the federal judiciary being lost to the RW for a generation.  We aren’t at that point quite yet, but NV puts us a step closer.  

  4. The next 4 years?  They are grooming Invanker!   We must rid ourselves of the entire Trumpsky clan. That only happens if we get rid of SFB this November and get as many Dems  in place as possible; get the full truth about Pooh-tin, Moscow Mitch, Nunes, Dana Rhorbbbbkr, Lindsey, and the rest; let sunlight  burn the Republican vampires who are sucking the life out of our democracy.     This all starts with getting Bernie out of the way. In the meantime, I continue to look for that errant lightning bolt during a publicly-funded golf outing.   

  5. If Bernie is the nominee, I guess we need to make Trumpsky’s supporters realize that Jesus was a socialist and hope some  are Christian in more than just name, hiding behind the Bible. 

  6. all I can say is at this point in the 2008 primaries I had no faith Obama could win the general election. So here’s hoping I’m wrong again if Sanders is the nominee.

    This is worrisome to me because most of my neighbors are from India.  I assumed that those who vote would be Democrats.  I hoped that the Californians who have moved here would move North Texas counties toward the blue end of the spectrum.    What is SFB doing by wooing India? Is he trying to get votes from the large Indian population in the US? Oh, it’s about our wanna-be dictator and India’s fascist jerk finding common ground. Bird of a feather poop in the nest.

  8. Yea – and you watch Trump go sideways on us!  He doesn’t do what we expect – he does the odd and weird in order to get a rise out of people and, of course, attention to himself.
    For discussion sake – let’s say he dumps Pence and chooses Ivanka?  How will that effect the right wing . . .?

  9. Craig
    In February 2008 Obama wasn’t electable.
    But 8 and 1/2 months later after the DOW dropped a third of its value with half of that drop in the last 4 weeks before the election and days where we weren’t even sure if any of us would have any pension, savings or assets in the coming days, yea, he was electable. 

  10. Craig
    I remember dealing with my Father in laws  assets at the time, he had all of his savings tied up in life insurance policies through AIG and they were going bankrupt. It was kind of a “oh fuck” moment.

  11. He can’t choose Ivanka.  The Bobby Kennedy rule.   She is, however, being set up for a run of her own in the future. 

  12. another day, another poll. the hill reports:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) led the Democratic field in a Sunday CBS News/YouGov poll that also saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) rise to second place following a strong debate performance last week.
    Sanders led with 28 percent followed by Warren with 19 percent, former Vice President Joe Biden with 17 percent and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with 13 percent. Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) rounded out the field with 10 percent and 5 percent, respectively.


  13. lizzie’s pot plan.  

    from wapo:

    Warren rolled out a plan Sunday for a “just and equitable cannabis industry,” aimed at not only legalizing recreational marijuana but also putting regulations in place so that tax revenue from subsequent cannabis sales benefits communities of color unfairly targeted by old marijuana laws.
    “Legalizing marijuana is about more than just allowing recreational use, or the potential medicinal benefit, or the money that can be made from this new market,” Warren wrote. “It’s about undoing a century of racist policy that disproportionately targeted Black and Latino communities. It’s about rebuilding the communities that have suffered the most harm. And it’s about ensuring that everyone has access to the opportunities that the new cannabis market provides.”
    Under her plan, Warren vowed to use presidential executive authority if Congress refused to take action to legalize marijuana.

  14. Bernie Sanders.. $60 trillion agenda that’ll never happen, passed only 7 bills (mostly renaming post offices), voted against Brady Bill five times, once praised Nicaragua, Cuba and Soviet Union regimes. This beats Trump? 

  15. A M!LL!ON vladimirs each giving $199.99. After a while you’re talking real money. 
    That’s odd . . . all these vladimirs have the same last name. 

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