35 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity, Spring Please?”

  1. Copland.  Guy was a modern genius. I hear Copland, I think America.
    Except for people in XR’s neck of the woods and North of 495 it’s pretty spring-like in the lower 48, 

  2. Pat, Pogo
    Early spring? That must be an east coast problem. Around here it has been an average winter with days like the end of this week where Xrep sends us a bit of his world. Got down to 4 degrees Friday morning.  Then like today it will tempt us with something close to 50 then jerk the rug out  with the rest of the week being highs in the mid 30s. 

  3. Thank you Jack.  Love Copeland

    This part of the world we are getting non stop rain except up in the mountains where the rain is interrupted by snow.


  4. While looking at one of the family recipes I realized that what we grew up with is quite foreign for our children and grandchildren.  An example is “oleo or butter”.

  5. BB
    except for thanks giving and then those old 1950’s recipes come back to life. Aunt Max’s lime jello with cottage cheese and shredded carrots for color, Aunt Bobbie’s canned pineapple, coconut  and fluff. 
    But it is always that way, my grandmother grew up on a farm where they ate what they grew and this time of year it was damn boring.  My breakfast with asparagus and other out of season veggies in a scramble, a gingered pear  and my coffee spiked with booze from france and mexico would have been the food millionaires ate.
    The world changes , the world moves on and for all you naysayers out there, it is a better world. 

  6. One thing Grandma wouldn’t understand is how come the porkchop I ate cost me 1/3 the price of fatback and sowbelly. Even I have problems with that one but am willing to take advantage of a crazy world.

  7. Barr should resign.  What he said was an admission of what’s been going on behind closed doors; it was a stupid thing to say, just like SFB’s tweets.
    “The first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club.”
    Early voting starts here on Feb 18th.   As much as I think Warren would make an amazing CIC, I think I’m voting for Klobuchar.   She’s the one who can take down Trumpsky on the debate stage.   He’ll be reduced to a spitting, slurring pile of goo.
    Is SFB really going to take a victory lap at a NASCAR rally?    Disgusting if they let him do that.  

  8. I thought it was just my grandma who made lime jello with cottage cheese.   She called margarine, oleo and said that it used to come with a capsule of yellow dye to make it look more like butter.    She was thrifty, washing bread bags and tin foil to be reused.  We grew much of our own food, and, we drive to a potato farm to buy huge bags of spuds for the winter.  We kept them in the root cellar, which is where she kept the stuff from the garden that she canned.   We didn’t have hot water or a flush toilet until 1978, and, we never had central heat or AC.   

  9. for those fluent in Spanish on the trail how does he come across in this new ad?  does it sound to you sincere or like  he’s just reading a script?  how do you place it accent-wise – actually speaks it, colloquially, or learned only by books and in class? 

  10. he’s reading it and sounds like every white American guy that speaks Spanish they studied in school
    funny- even in Spanish, he only speaks in platitudes.

  11. I don’t speak Spanish but I live in a world where Spanish is common. The rhythm is wrong, he is speaking slowly and loudly. He will never be confused with a native, just sayin’.
    As Bink said HS Spanish
    But I suspect he will get points for trying.

  12. “Sorry it’s a bunch of white people, again, from which you have to choose your leaders, but hey, some of them speak other languages, oooh!” 

  13. bink, latinos are now the major minority, soon will be more than 1/3 of population.  it will behoove politicians to learn the language at least out of respect for more than a third of their constituency.

  14. BiD – the coloring was a legal thing.  The oleo margarine could not pretend to be butter yellow.  It was that way in Canada even in the sixties.
    I am getting the feeling the greedy old perverts are doing as much as they can as fast as they can thinking they will no longer be around next year at this time.  Like the bank robbers hearing the alarm bell trying to shove as much money and jewelry into their shirts as possible before running out the door.  Only the gop are destroying their own homes.  Perhaps Putin has called them and told them to repay everything his oligarchs gave them otherwise they might find a touch of radioactivity in their future.

  15. Pete isn’t trying to fool anyone. He’s not trying to sound like a native speaker of a language; he’s just trying to communicate.  

  16. I’d say he speak pretty good español but it’s just not the Mexican I’m usedtohearing.   The Mexico’s speak mas rápido.

  17. Platitude Pete has my mom fooled.
    ”I like his ideas”
    ”OK, mom, like what specifically?”
    ”I’m not having a political discussion with you.”

  18. When it comes to language there is no such thing as Mexican any more than there is a ‘Merican.  They are just as diverse in their dialects as we are.  
    And then there is Spanish as it is spoken by the rest of the world.
    Pastor Murillo is from Northern Mexico and speaks with a slow drawl (think stereo type movie Mexicans)  He  invited Sherry and I to listen to a Preacher from Cuba. Totally different rhythm, more like a machine gun. Even though I couldn’t understand most of it it was fun to listen to. 

  19. Jack, I enjoyed the Copland-conducted play of his masterpiece. It’s too bad that we couldn’t have been part of the live audience. The most wonderful performance that I’ve found done to current recording standards is the one conducted by the Slatkin-conducted Detroit Symphony.

  20. In my office, there are people from Mexico, Central America, and, South America.   The Spanish speakers all sound different, just as English speakers from different areas sound different.   Those from the US who grew up in a bilingual household sound  nothing like native speakers of Spanish from other countries.  One coworker had relatives in a rural area of Mexico; she said they spoke so slowly that she wanted to drag the words out of them.  Another friend of mine has in-laws from Cuba; they speak so quickly that she has a hard time understanding them, even though she grew up speaking Spanish. 
    It’s funny, I grew up in a town that was a Danish settlement.  My great-grandmother’s generation refused to speak the language from the old country.  She would not teach her children Danish.  My grandpa didn’t understand a word of it.   Language can be lost very quickly.  

  21. Pete is patterning himself after Obama.  He sounds a certain way, even if there’s no there there…yet.    Can he energize voters to show up?  I don’t know.   Amy has the momentum and the substance.  

  22. yeah, have friends fluent in Spanish who say the rapidity spoken by Cubans is a drawl compared to Argentines.


    my guess is the slower delivery of the political ad is intentional to add gravity and clarity and somehow communicate compassion.

    the rest of the developed world snickers at Americans’ lack of linguistic facility me thinks.

  23. Well then, damn nascar all to hell. 
    Old racist rapist russophile rode in “The Beast.” Every alleged Christian nascariote should recognize the significance of that name, The Beast, especially the Ceiling Scratchers and Snake Handlers, acuz they dwell on the Book of Revelations

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