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  1. Interesting buzz about the Sistine jury foreperson. Trumpites claiming bias because she has a Twitter account and dislikes trump. The only bias I’ve seen any indication of is bias against a black female. So if they are righ we should expect judge Jackson will hail her into court and hold her in contempt?  Her anti- trump tweets won’t be a basis for a mistrial unless they show a bias against Roger Stone that she lied about in voir dire. Stone’s lawyers undoubtedly did juror research before the striking process began. Surely they did in depth research that would extend to social media platforms. Join the real world. 

  2. at least some are speaking out against rash slimeball’s nastiness
    Elizabeth Warren

    These homophobic attacks against @PeteButtigieg are hateful and offensive. We will not tolerate this in the Democratic presidential race, and we will fight together against the hate and bigotry that Donald Trump promotes and rewards. https://apnews.com/117be4fd845592a09fe8bd16f0e8112f 


    and from the hill:
    Former Vice President Joe Biden also came to Buttigieg’s defense this week, saying that it reflected “the depravity of this administration.”
    “Pete and I are competitors, but this guy has honor, he has courage, he’s smart as hell,” Biden added.

  3. excerpts from above:

    In response to Amanpour quoting a Fox News interview from November in which Trump claimed that Ukraine is known to be the third-most corrupt country in the world, Zelensky pushed back and said Kiev fights corruption every day.
    “That’s not true. When I had a meeting with President Trump, and he said that in previous years (Ukraine) was such a corrupt country, I told him very honestly and I was very open with him, I told him that we fight with corruption, we fight each day,” Zelensky told Amanpour during the town hall interview.
    “Please, please, stop saying that Ukraine is a corrupt country, because from now, it’s not true. We want to change this image,” he added.


    “I want to thank the President, and the USA, and ordinary American people for supporting Ukraine, especially now when we have war. Thank you for your help… We feel it, we feel it with our hearts, with our body,” Zelensky said.


    Zelensky quipped that he always wanted to be popular in the US. “In my previous profession, when I was a producer, scriptwriter and actor, I wanted to get an Oscar, I wanted to be popular in the USA… Now I am very popular in the USA,” Zelensky told Amanpour.
    “If this way will help Ukraine, I am ready for the next call with Mr. Trump,” he added.

  4. Sturg…   wow…  busy beaver!
    Didn’t bother to watch Bill Maher last night.  It was advertised last week that one of this week’s guest would be Alan Dershowitz. Didn’t want to watch the bullshit that would follow.  Guess he was a no-show.  Will have to watch it later On Demand.

  5.  ”since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state… Developing..“ -drudge
    What the hell does that mean?  A real wordsmith, that Drudge…

  6. hmmm…  both the right and the left have been pounding on Bloomberg over his former “stop and frisk” policy as NYC mayor.  All of a sudden…  a whisper…  about Hillary may be his running mate.
    Touche…  Mike…   you play the media like a fiddle! 

  7. not so fast crediting mike with the distraction ploy.  IMO it’s IMpotus-ites just adding to damage him on basis that mention of their favorite hate obj would do in Bloomberg.

  8. patd…  IMO, it’s more than just a distraction.  It keeps the media talking about Bloomberg… only now he’s controlling the message.
    ps… added benefit… it makes Trump’s head explode.  Trump is too stupid to realize that every time he tweets about Bloomberg he keeps Mike in the news cycle.  Watch how this news and any back and forth tweeting become the Sunday morning news shows main topic.

  9. Yep, busier than a one legged man in a 3 -Legged race.   Only a small kitchen but there’s two of em.

  10. “Matt Drudge”
    Ok, Stop right there. 
    god you folks are so easy to own,
    Drudge is a troll, what do you do with trolls? You ignore them.  And absolutely don’t promote their craziness.

  11. xrep – You May get your wish about TX, since half of California has moved her.  At least, it feels that way.  Soooo many people.
    Gotta love Mike.  He took to social media, showed a pic of SFB hauling his giant, tightly-whitey clad behind into Marine 1 and captioned it: “We are going to vote you out in November.” 

  12. Jamie, the Times article is heart wrenching. Then I got to the final couple of lines and put the thing in the perspective of KumCho and my 1966 exploration into emigration to that country (I had just returned from Vietnam and she was a freshly sworn American.)
    In any case the article says, when the recommendation of foreign help on the ground is suggested, “…Mr. Gallagher listened without interrupting. “I hadn’t thought of that,” he said. “I could support that.” In 1966 Mr Gallagher would have added, but don’t send any Orientals.
    Those cruel words ended any thoughts of our emigration. For years I’ve tried reconciling that policy with the history of their earliest Brit immigrants and of their bravery in the wars in which they were our allies. I failed.

  13. Actually when Drudge does a rare exclusive of his own they’re usually correct. He broke the Monica story after all. And he’s only saying it’s being “considered” – – Bloomies probably playing him but don’t think he made it up. 

    Trumpco should be nervous Drudge is listening to Bloomberg sources, they’ve already been complaining Drudge site not favorable enough to them.

  14. OMG!  Bloomberg has an ad of Donald John Trump making crude, bullying comments, interspersed with clips from movies; the bully from “A Christmas Story,” “Mean Girls,” etc.     Mike is fighting fire with fire…and this will drive SFB crazy, not that he isn’t already BSC.

  15. Craig , a blind sow will find an acorn once in a while  too. He is a troll. The times he is correct is usually a piece of dirt that the opposition wants to get out that real  folks won’t touch. 
    Jamie, as in this silliness with HRC, not worth the time to check him out.
    But you all do what you want to do. I’m back to housework.

  16. And he’s only saying it’s being “considered”

    There you go, troll bait. 
    Now I really am out of here. 

  17. people talk politics on a politics forum🤷‍♂️

    Isn’t floating possible VP-picks to the media to gauge popular sentiment a rather common practice?

    Also, concerning media-manipulation by the Bloomberg camp, yeah sure, but there’s already new dirt on him, today. He can’t pass the liberal purity test so he needs to appease the base, somehow.

  18. Hillary is not going to be veep.  Mike may not even be the nominee.  The Clinton’s have too much baggage (yes, they are politically-conjoined twins) ,  and, if you wanna see Bernie’s folks vote for anyone else, it will not happen with Hillary on the ticket.      It’s doubtful that Mike’s folks floated her name as anything other than something to screw with SFB.   Klobuchar, Mike, Warren, Yang, Pete, Biden, Booker, Harris, Bernie…pick any two for Nov.  

  19. BiD, was that Bloomberg ad about bullies that you saw & told us about like the one from Hillary’s old tweet above  or was it better, updated & with more commentary?     

  20. patD – Mike’s is much better produced, and, it’s not touchy-feely at the end.  It isn’t about Mike in comparison, like that one was about Hillary; it’s just about Trump.  Mike’s ad may possibly be just to enrage Trump.
    Plus, Mike has the advantage of footage of Prez T vs just footage of candidate T.
    I think Drudge made up the whole Hillary thing to sew division.   She’s not relevant right now.  This is about the half dozen still running.  
    A ballot that ranks candidates will help Warren, as Bernie folks will likely pick her as their second choice.   Warren folks, I believe, are more likely to choose Klobuchar as their second choice.  
    The good thing is, they have to pick three or their vote won’t count.   I think they can have one choice as uncommitted, so they still have to pick at least one person other than the candidate they are backing. I really like that idea.  

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