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  1. seth tells about IMpotus’ obsession with badgers starting at 4:10 in on vid.  so maybe that’s not an orange rug on his head but a desiccated badger who died trying to eat his toxic brain.

  2. on deadline white house yesterday, Andrew Weissmann said something to the effect that prosecutors resignations understandable because they were told to change facts listed in their recommendation in order to lower the sentencing from the 7-9 they initially recommended.   he also chastised media for saying their recommendation was excessive when in truth they had suggested alternatives for the judge in addition to the guidelines’ 7-9 yrs the conviction facts required.


    hope we hear more of what really happened

  3. a wise wag this a.m. on mojo opined that barr’s gripe to IMpotus about tweets making his job impossible really meant they were making it very difficult for him to do his job without being found out how corruptly he was doing it.   IOWs, Donald, to do sneaky stuff, one must do it sneakily and not tweet or boast about it.

  4. Tip,  first time I’ve heard anyone mention Bloomberg’s age.  Funny, but that didn’t even occur to me.  He doesn’t strike me as an old guy.

  5. Pogo…   same here….  I thought he was 10 yrs younger than that.
    Trump’s life would have been a lot easier if he hadn’t done the ego thing and ran for president.

  6. Renee, LOL – exactly – want an easy life?  Being president prolly ain’t it, although the ego thing he obviously relishes and his copious doses of golf and resort life probably ease the pain a bit.

  7. SFB wanted someone he thought he could easily control.  He likes folks who will lie for him, take illegal orders from him, take the fall for him.   I can’t wait for the end of this movie when the creepy, frat rat meets justice and can’t get out of it. Looking forward to Klobuchar in the next debate!  Mayor Pete won’t have a million flags behind him to try to make him look presidential.  Amy will have her words to just that.  
    Let all PATRIOTS send a love letter to America this year and VOTE DEM.

  8. It’s best not too peak to early, as Warren did.  i had that worry at that time but resisted expression of such so as not to jinx it, but alas, jinxed it has become.
    Amy’s got my vote.

    (unless the race shifts again based on some development that bolsters Warren’s campaign)

  9. IMpotus won’t like this either

    army secretary McCarthy quoted by politico:

    McCarthy on Friday downplayed Vindman’s return to the Army, saying he simply returned to the service a few months earlier than planned and would have a “bridging assignment” for a couple of months in the Army’s headquarters office in Washington.
    “Then he will be heading to a senior service college this summer. There’s no investigation into him,” McCarthy said at a National Press Club luncheon.


  10. I’m amazed that there is what appears to be some “The old man is crazy, tell him to fuck off” push back from DoJ and DoD.  Anyone know when Stone’ sentencing hearing is?  Love to make sure I don’t miss that.

  11. “…when Stone’ sentencing hearing is?  Love to make sure I don’t miss that.”
    Pogo, be careful what you say–DOJ is frantically searching for a Stone stand-in.

  12. Roger Stone IS “the Man with the Douche-y Specs”, in theaters, this Fall!
    Rudy Giuliani IS “the Man with the Radioactive Teeth”, in theaters, soon after that!

  13. I truly want a Democratic candidate who can last for two terms: As of election day: Biden: 78; Sanders: 79; Warren: 71; Bloomberg: 78; Klobuchar: 60; Butigieg: 39. That pretty well narrows it down to Klobuchar/Butigieg. Looks like a good team to me.

    Offer Kamala AG to clean up the Barr mess.  

  14. I’m marginally older than any of the 70-somethings in the hunt. The only one I would put in charge of my world’s affairs for the next almost nine years would be Liz and that would be with trepidation. I’m with Jamie; Amy and Pete are the best team.

  15. OK, because I wanted to know – Stone sentencing WAS 2/20 – until he filed his sealed Motion for a New Trial – on the heels of SFB’s insane tweet about the jury forewoman being biased. Goddammit the orange bastard is a furking blight on the country.  DoJ has until Tuesday to reply to the sealed filing.

  16. I like the offer to Kamala for AG – regardless of who wins this thing.  Obama as 1st choice for 1st SCOTUS opening.  
    I hope Jackson tells Stone to screw off – oh, and report to FCI whatever within 7 days for a vacation of 7-9 years.

  17. Klobuchar/Booker ticks a lot of those boxes you fine people prefer filled, just sayin’
    (plus they’re not actively trying to undermine each other in a primary battle)

  18. …posting this one more time because it’s Friday and it’s too good to miss (no offensive content)

    apologize if you did listen and this seems redundant✌️

  19. I like Klobuchar/Booker a lot.
    Also, Klobuchar/Patrick and Klobuchar/Allred (Colin) and Klobuchar/Jeffries (Hakeem)

    Allred helps w/Texas. Played fb at Baylor.

  20. It would be nice to see Klobuchar joined with a POC such as Harris, Castro, or Booker but I was going for amassing as much of the current voting base as possible with Butigieg.


  21. Re Obama, I disagree. He’s 58 – got an easy 25 years in him, 30 if he emulates Notorious RBG. Biggest issue is whether he’d want a real job. 

  22. I was talking with a friend, and it dawned on me that I have to decide on whom to vote for soon.  On the one hand there’s this nice debate and on the other hand Bloomberg has started a bar fight or food fight with the dictator.
    I’m still pondering…

  23. ….an instrumental new jazz love song, the video is a staring contest between you and the band members 

    (the internet at its best❤️)

  24. Bloomberg will keep poking SFB even if he’s not the nominee.  He’ll help the nominee.   Gotta save America from every Republican except Mitt. 

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