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  1. Wonder what effect if any on New Hampshire voters who hadn’t gotten to polls yet hearing Boss Don protecting his bud Roger Stone. Sure should focus the mind on who can stop this madness.

  2. New Hampshire men were instrumental in winning the War of the Austrian Succession for Britain, when they attacked and took Ft. Louisbourg in 1745. 

  3. So new poll out today says that Mike has the highest national poll numbers against trump.  That should throw a little dust into the wind.
    Going to be interesting to see if Amy moves up as has been reported.  If she jumps ahead of Joe – not a good sign for the Biden’s.

  4. Dunno, Pogo, I’m just texting with buds. Late rush to polls in southern NH, many Mass commuters who live there, not considered Bernie strength, older, higher educated and more centrist than Sanders folks. This ain’t gonna be a 2016-like Bernie blowout. 

  5. What’s interesting is if you add the Pete and Amy votes together, they are trouncing Bernie.

  6. Pogo,
    …type “new hampshire results” into that search engine and a live tally graphic is the above the first returned result.

  7. WADR, it’s kind of laughable to try to spin Bernie wins into Bernie losses.  
    npr.org has a similar live-tally graphic, also, current within 5 mins

  8. Then there is the small matter of the Justice Dept.  Could we see more and more resignations in other departments in protest against the criminality of Trump & Barr


  9. It was a forgone conclusion that Bernie would win NH the second he announced his 2020 bid.  I voted for Amy even though I don’t think she’ll be the eventual nominee… and I bet neither will it be Bernie.

  10. Now if only media will stop trumpeting, “Can a woman win?” nonsense meme.  Women vote and in New Hampshire, the gender gap is showing.

    In the New Hampshire primary results, per preliminary exit polls. Sanders does 9 points better with men than women; Klobuchar does 9 points better with women than men. Meanwhile, Buttigieg runs about evenly in both groups.


  11. XR, that was the height of the Cold War. Many things were going on all over the world. The most noteworthy thing that I can report, I did cross over into Maine for a lobster dinner. It was a major disappointment. Poor lobster gave its all so I shan’t blame it.

  12.  Shut up David Poofy  your full of shit and riding on your Obama experience  but you have nothing for now

  13. ”Warren is done and needs to drop-out.” -Michael
    Hi, Michael.  It’s one state.  All will become clear on Super Tuesday.

    There are too many variables, too many volunteers, and too many contributors for her to drop, now. She is also top 3-4 in national polling.

  14. Well if you are coming in under 30 in a neighboring state you have kinda lost anyway
    And for those Bernie supporters who think he might get Warrens supporters, think again, her voters were Clinton supporters last time.
    Onr thing for certain is that after tonight everything is still a Fcked up mess and looks to be so for the forseeable future. 
    I’m thinking this will get settled at the convention.

  15. Assuming the percentages stay the same, here’s my take – Tonight’s winners – Pete and Amy. Tonight’s losers – the rest. Do what? You say … Bernie! Won!  OK, here it is from my ass – Bernie! Won – WON – by 20 points in 2016  and got 60% of the vote in N.H., getting > 152,000 votes. This year he’s on track to get 27% of the vote with 66,000 votes. He will have lost 86000 votes since 2016.

    Pete and Amy, terrific night. They are the prohibitive winners tonight.  

    Joe and Lizzie – OUCH. 

    That’s the view from East Bumfuck. (And for those of you who are questioning what I say, this is an opinion. See my comments earlier on this thread about opinions and assholes).

  16. Bernie’s bloc from 2016 didn’t hold together. Amy is exultant, and rightly so. 
    Where’s Mayor Pete?  He deserves a victory lap. 

  17. Klobuchar just gave a happy warrior speech. It was positive, weaving grit, heart and hope. She was the PR winner, stomping all over the news of bernie!’s and Pete’s vote hauls. 
    Biden seemed out of phase again, speaking about Nevada in South Carolina. In contrast, Warren stayed up late to care for her supporters. 

  18. Meanwhile, the corruption today of the DoJ reminds me of the opening words of Trent’s Last Case. They will become more and more important: 

    “Chapter 1. Bad News. Between what matters and what seems to matter, how shall the world we know judge wisely?”

  19. about 248,000 in the Dem Primary – close to 2008; waay bigger than 2016.
    about 105,000 in the ripper Primary

  20. Xrepub, exit polls showed lower turnout. My experience is election officials usually exaggerate turnout, then draw it down later when we’ve stopped paying attention. No biggie, hope they’re right. 

  21. Mr C, I made a quick and rough count of the votes. It’s  +/- 1,000 in each, Dems and ripups.

  22. XR, there were 247,548 dem voters in the N.H. 2016 primary. Looks like totals will top 270k this year. I attribute the increased turnout to Pete and Amy more than anything. 

  23. OK Pogo but I’m done with NH. Diving into Nevada, seeing Pete team making inroads among unions opposed to Bernie’s Medicare for all, threatens their insurance plans. Wisely, Buttigieg folks not seeking endorsements, just angling to undermine Sanders. 

  24. 5 legitimate choices going into Super Tuesday, and a nice variety of policy-positions represented.   Staying positive.

  25. @Blink
    Warren had the benefit of connecting with voters through Boston media that extends into NH for the last few years, as well as during the campaign. She had built-in advantages that other candidates did not. And yet, over the last several days, she dropped like a stone. CNN noted in their exit polls that of the Warren voters they interviewed – none were men.
    The ripple of finishing 4th – and a low, bad 4th – will be felt throughout the rest of the country. The polls will catch-up to her reality in the next wave of states. Even before NH – in South Carolina Warren has dropped 10 PTs in 2 months. Similar in Nevada.
    She has no “big rock” campaign issue. She tried to take Bernie’s healthcare plan, but her deceptiveness around the cost played a significant role in her falling numbers. Overall, voters sensed a pattern of deceptiveness and dishonesty with her. She became Hillary Clinton-lite. The only thing that saved her in NH was that she attracted educated women who want a woman elected president. People who are “issue-centric” above all else are going to Bernie in higher numbers. Whereas people who want to win and defeat Trump are going to Pete and Amy now.
    She’s done… It may take her a few more days to realize it… Once she recognizes the political reality, she will shift into trying to maximize the value of her endorsement.

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