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  1. need more ads like this, small bites that juxtapose IMpotus lies and real reality rather than his un-reality TV show

  2. whither AIPAC et al if mike is the nominee?  

    a quote in jewishinsider last month:

    “There are those who will cite the embassy move [to Jerusalem] as a reason to support the president. And to that I say very clearly: If I am elected you will never have to choose between supporting Israel and supporting our values here at home,” he stated. “I will defend both — because unlike this president, you and I know they are inextricably linked… When Moses descended from Mount Sinai, he smashed the golden calf and raised high a tablet of laws — of rules — and of norms — instead. And when they fail, tragedy occurs. We know that because we’ve seen it far too many times.” 

  3. big dog balloon better than a big baby one.

    from Iowa Starting Line about the Iowa liberty & justice celebration:

    …the multi-foot-tall inflatable Golden Retriever — a nod to her beloved dog Bailey — waiting by her rally space. The dog’s collar displayed two pennies, a show of support for her 2-cent tax plan on America’s wealthiest citizens.

  4. Trumpsky’s telling his hateful, clueless followers to jack with the Dem primary.   Sue can now say he did learn something from impeachment.   He didn’t go to a foreign state for help.   Yet.
    The Republican Party is so far right (or some other crazy direction) that the Dems will win by voting for an actual Republican, Mike Bloomberg.  

  5. Just got back.  Rick and I went to the polls…  voted for Amy…  and then did what many New Englanders did today…   we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a breakfast sandwich.
    ps….   LOVE how Bloomberg is trolling trumpty with his ads!

  6. So one of Bernie Kerik’s old buddies has bee indicted for sex trafficking at Sarah Lawrence College. From NYT:

    A Brooklyn man has been charged with targeting a group of college students at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, N.Y., and other victims for indoctrination and exploitation, engaging in sex trafficking, extortion and forced labor, according to an indictment released on Tuesday.
    The indictment said that over the course of nearly a decade, the man, Lawrence V. Ray, “subjected his victims to sexual and psychological manipulation and physical abuse.”
    Mr. Ray once traveled in circles with figures like Bernard B. Kerik, the disgraced former police commissioner of New York, and was best man at his wedding and paid for much of the event, according to news reports. He played a central role in the state and federal prosecutions of Mr. Kerik and acted as an informant for the F.B.I., law enforcement officials said.

    Lovely bunch that were among Rudy’s buds.

  7. This is kinda weird: Michael Douglas, campaigning for Bloomberg in Wisconsin

    When Bloomberg announced he was running for president, Douglas said his father was excited about his prospects.

    “I don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not, but one of the last words he said in the hospital … he asked me to lean close to him,” Douglas said. “And I leaned close to him and he looked at me and said, ‘Mike can get it done.’”

  8. Craig….  yeah, there were a good number of people there.  But we have lots of voting booths…  so no problem there.  Luckily…  instead of ice we are getting mostly rain today.  The turnout should be good all over the state.

  9. Yep this is starting to remind me of Clinton’s ’92 “comeback kid” moment when he actually lost but got away with declaring victory. If Amy makes it to second place, that’ll be the big story, since Bernie (like Tsongas) expected to win.

  10. Renee, I was delighted when we had 2 Dunkins open in East Bumfuck (well actually in the town on the other side of I-79).  They are both in  Gas station/convenience store/DD, but the coffee is DD and the menu is like every other DD.  I’ve become fond of the iced coffee, which I never drank until they opened the stores here.

  11. Sunny was not easy on her.  No softballs and she didn’t get defensive or back down.  Amy has great people skills. 

  12. Pogo…  I LOVE DD iced coffee.  This morning had a large with 2 creams, one sugar, and the french vanilla flavor shots.  I’ve been drinking it at DDs all winter long.  Usually switch to hot coffee at this time of year….  but this winter it constantly feels like spring has sprung.
    ps… this is the worst winter for skiing that Rick has ever seen in his 68 yrs.

  13. Gee, Renee, down here the daffodils are beautiful and the buds are on our Korean cherry tree, and the dogwood etc., etc. Forgot to mention, the temp is 72 under hazy skies. We’ve had 11.11-in of rain since the beginning of the year–a record.

  14. Renee, when I was up there we never had a year when there was no snow to speak of and there was insufficient freezing weather to blow snow.  Worst years for skiing were when the January thaw hit and snow didn’t come for a couple weeks – even with snow making it was like skiing on boilerplate by mid afternoon. Now down here in West by God, we have had more than a few crappy snow years where there was virtually no natural snow and the blown snow was iffy at best – this is one of those years from what I’m told.  They had pics from the resort over in Canaan Valley and there was a lot of brown in the snow.

  15. Flatus,
    Daffodils in February – sounds like a good name for a novel, or a song, or a climate change version of Silent Spring.

  16. It’s a breezy 24F here and 60% cloudy, 40% blue. The ground is like a bright white beach as far as I can see between the barren cherry trees.  

  17. XR, sounds like paradise.  we’re forecast for 50 degrees more or less and spotty rain for a couple more days then a brief dip below freezing for a day them back into the upper 40s, lower 50s for a week or 10 days.  Not like Februaries I remember here.  We’re dealing with lots of rain – the river below our house was within a foot or two of getting to the road – which happens maybe 3-4 times a year at best.  

  18. Mr Pogo, we enjoyed five days of weather in the 50s F ten days ago. It was warmer here than in Miami, FL. It’s your turn. Enjoy.

  19. ”The ground is like a bright white beach as far as I can see“
    Are you sure you weren’t watching a replay of the NH Dem debate?

  20. BiD. more on that roger stone pardon-in-the-making preview


    Aaron Zelinsky, one of the Justice Department prosecutors handling the US government’s case against the longtime GOP strategist Roger Stone, resigned on Tuesday just hours after a senior DOJ official told reporters that the department was “shocked” by prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for Stone.

  21. Mr Bink, 
    Is NH beachy, too ?  Out at the zoo, the polar bears and penguins are sunning themselves. 

  22. well, there goes whatever appearance of integrity was left in the DOJ.  next on the chopping block will probably be the SDNY’s case against rudy.

    looks like barr has completed his morph to become AG roy cohn

  23. XR,  zelinsky was one of Mueller’s spec counsel prosecution team.  here’s what ABCnews said about him when the team was formed:

    Aaron Zelinsky is an attorney on loan from the District of Maryland. Before Zelinsky’s appointment to the Mueller team, he worked under the man who appointed Mueller special counsel – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Zelinsky worked as an assistant U.S. attorney under Rosenstein during the latter’s time as U.S. Attorney in Maryland. While in Maryland, Zelinsky earned an award for Excellence in Prosecution of Organized Crime. Additionally, Zelinsky has clerked for retired Justice John Paul Stevens and Justice Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court. Harold Koh, formerly of the State Department, has said he brought Zelinsky in as a special assistant at the State Department, where he worked the cases of Americans held hostage abroad. Koh calls Zelinsky “an incredible team leader.”

  24. …read excepts from a Barr speech, today, where he repeatedly refers to “undocumented immigrants” as “criminal aliens”.
    This coming from a guy that looks like Jabba the Hut and who apparently doesn’t respect the Rule of Law.

  25. SFB trying to put his thumb on the scales of justice for Roger Stone.

    Two career prosecutors who handled the case against Roger Stone, a confidant of President Trump, resigned their posts Tuesday after the Justice Department signaled it planned to reduce their sentencing recommendation for the commander-in-chief’s friend.

    Jonathan Kravis, one of the prosecutors, wrote in a court filing he had resigned as an assistant U.S. attorney, leaving government entirely. Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, a former member of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team, said he was formally quitting his special assignment to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office to prosecute Stone, though a spokeswoman said he will remain an assistant U.S. attorney in Baltimore. Neither provided a reason for their decisions.

    The resignations come just hours after a senior Justice Department official told reporters that the agency’s leadership had been “shocked” by the seven-to-nine-year penalty prosecutors, including Zelinsky, asked a judge to impose on Stone and intended to ask for a lesser penalty.
    * * *

    The department’s decision to overrule frontline prosecutors and the prosecutors’ subsequent moves laid bare the tension that has roiled the Stone case in recent days — between career prosecutors and department leadership — and raises fresh concerns about the politicization of Trump’s Justice Department.

    The Justice Department’s statement came hours after Trump tweeted about the sentence prosecutors recommended, saying: “This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!”

    (Continues in  similar idiotic fashion)


  26. The Pete campaign and the Bernie campaign kept calling here for me.  I finally decided a few hours ago to answer the phone.  I told both campaigns that I’d already voted for Klobuchar but that I wished their campaigns much luck.  The Pete person was friendly and said “thank you for participating”.  The Bernie person didn’t say a word and hung up on me.

  27. Boston commuters who live in southern NH still heading to polls. They’re older, higher educated and less liberal than Bernie voters. Sanders camp might have reason to worry. Exit polls already show he’s nowhere near his 60% support in 2016.

  28. In the Stone case the other two shoes drop.

    All four career prosecutors handling the case against Roger Stone, a confidant of President Trump, asked to withdraw from the legal proceedings Tuesday — and one quit his job entirely — after the Justice Department signaled it planned to reduce their sentencing recommendation for the president’s friend.

    Jonathan Kravis, one of the prosecutors, wrote in a court filing he had resigned as an assistant U.S. attorney, leaving government altogether. Three others — Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, Adam Jed and Michael Marando — asked a judge’s permission to leave the case.

    (As we like to say, Continues)

    Think SFB will fire the ones who didn’t quit DoJ or will the pussy make Barr do it?

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